Photo of The Mud Truck in New York, NY, US
Photo of The Mud Truck in New York, NY, US
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The Mud Truck


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  • Photo of Kelly White
    4 years ago
    Mmm chai
  • Photo of Aubrey Sabala
    4 years ago
    Open by 8am and dog-friendly, I always start my Saturdays with a walk to the mobile location of Mud Coffee in Astor Place. Bonus for hot baristas who always give a treat for my dog, Lila Belle.
  • Photo of vyugue
    4 years ago
    Frequentado pelos novaiorquinos, mas principalmente o restaurante que serve um Brunch típico de Nova York, na rua 9, na Astor Place. Vale a pena para comer uma boa comida, a preço justo e ver os descolados que frequentam o local. Bacana!
  • Photo of Brian P
    4 years ago
    A much better caffeine pitstop than that Star...whatever-it's-called. Get delicious coffee quickly and expertly made to order within the friendly confines of an orange truck. Rich taste, cheap price.
  • Photo of Jill v
    4 years ago
    Stopped by the truck for an iced coffee before I got on the subway. The coffee was so smooth. Loved it. Tried to buy some beans but they only had ground available. If I lived in NYC- I'd be stopping by every afternoon in the summer!
  • Photo of 1100PlumGrove
    5 years ago
    The coffee was not fantastic as my expectation. I had cappucino double, and it was dark and strong enough, but it tasted too much acidity for me. I should have had chosen the caffe latte as usual. Then I went to 30th street to stroll the high line.
  • Photo of NYC_Traveler064
    5 years ago
    If you're a coffee fanatic and haven't had Mud Coffee, you're missing out. For comparison, the smoothness and rich flavor of their house blend blows away Starbucks. The truck is usually parked in front of K-Mart at Astor Place in NYC.
  • Photo of Suk Yee N
    6 years ago
    The coffee is far better than Starbucks without the bitter undertones. Their baked goods are delicious and very well priced.
  • Photo of Mat R
    6 years ago
    Mud truck makes good coffee. Definitely better than Starbucks and way better than the morning murky water in the wagons around town. The only problem with Mudtruck is that there's not enough around town. I'd trek an extra few blocks for it for sure. Anyway, the coffee is very good, straight out of Mudshop in the East Village - and has that villagey hipster feel without being ostentatious or snobby. And the cups are much more well designed (the caps especially) than most take-out shops - smooth and non-drip.

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