Photo of The Magnolia Bakery in New York, NY, US
Photo of The Magnolia Bakery in New York, NY, US
Photo of The Magnolia Bakery in New York, NY, US
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The Magnolia Bakery

American Restaurant

The Magnolia Bakery94
banana pudding • cakes • cookies • red velvet cupcake

401 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014, US
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  • Photo of aurelie david
    2 years ago
    Cupcakes !
  • Photo of jana reese
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Ben Ronne
    2 years ago
    It doesn't matter if Carey and Miranda like this place. The line is too long and the cupcakes are garbage. Try Molly's Cupcakes instead.
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  • Photo of Virginia Steevens
    Close to bank at and bleecker at in the village
  • Photo of Hanne Tretli
    3 years ago
    Kjent cupcake sted
  • Photo of lp kluge
    4 years ago
  • Photo of Barbara Michaux
    4 years ago
    Délicieux cupcakes
  • Photo of Luca Li Cansi
    4 years ago
    Sex and the city
  • Photo of Melissa Manousos
    4 years ago
    The original.
  • Photo of Lovelda S
    5 months ago
    Pistasicio cupcake was yummy. If you are not use to American sized portions, it was a normal sized cupcake that punched with flavour. If you have a sweet tooth your like this. Reminded me somewhat of Lola's cupcakes in the UK
  • Photo of mikay94
    5 months ago
    The banana pudding is absolutely amazing! Before my boyfriend and I went we read lots of reviews on how good it was. But seriously words don't do it justice! It's that good! Definitely one of the best desserts I've had in my life. So creamy and full of flavor! We had to go back multiple times before our trip was over.
  • Photo of Ditzyredhead
    5 months ago
    I really want to like this place, I do. But the over-buttered, over-sugared same old same old just isn't worth it. The banana pudding offers heart attack assurance. The icebox cake is my favorite. But ultimately it feels a bit like the McDonalds of cupcake houses, with kitchen Mitch instead of Golden Arches. Harrumph.
  • Photo of georgia s
    5 months ago
    The Apple tart is amazing !!! not too sweet , The dough is crusty and thin , The apples is caramelized ... so this tart it's a dream when The weather it's cold . 😋✨😍
  • Photo of doris v
    5 months ago
    This place has a good vibe and following due to being made famous in Sex and The City but I also felt that I had stepped into my childhood cake shops.Fantastic selection of cup cakes and array of wonderful sweets and the banana pudding is the best.Enjoy
  • Photo of Mariane L
    5 months ago
    The cupcakes are really delicious and beautifully placed, but the place is really crowded. The service was really fast even though the place was full. If you are going just for the cakes that's the place, but if your intention is to have a cup of tea, to sit and enjoy your cake you better go somewhere else.
  • Photo of Manuel M
    5 months ago
    Such a cool thing to have visited the 1st ever magnolia bakery in the world. Having been famous for being previewed on Sex & the City, the boutique is so small yet so cozy. Smells great and u cant help but dig into their delicacies...The cupcakes taste amazing!!! If ur around, do stop over and savor the sweetness!!!!
  • Photo of Foodilicious89
    5 months ago
    When in New York, I just have to come and try the Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. I had cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery worldwide before, and it would only make sense that I also try one (or two) from the original store in New York. The selection of cupcakes are good. There are also cakes and other sweets that you can purchase if you are not a fan of cupcakes. This is a must to visit for all cupcakes lovers.
  • Photo of Petethekid
    5 months ago
    I know they're known for cupcakes, but I found the cupcakes pretty mediocre. Typical overly-sweet cupcakes, seems to me. It is a cute little shop. Cakes look amazing (but I didn't try any). The regular banana pudding is really good. Get the large (you can always have leftovers if you don't eat it all).
  • Photo of Marcela B
    5 months ago
    I heard a lot about their banana pudding and thought well... but to be honest everything I heard is true and much more. It is amazing, not too sweet, rich and creamy just heavanly !!!
  • Photo of Maria A
    6 months ago
    My daughter LOVES Cupcakes - see a sign for a bakery and we will always go in! Magnolia Bakery is filled with all sorts of goodies - Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, macaroon's, even hot and cold coffees - Hello Afternoon Latte! All the above stuff is GREAT - what isn't great is the service - UGH - the attitudes - only ONE person (my latte maker) was friendly. This is place that I'm sure mostly tourists go - not that that should be an issue..... I don't care if I'm getting a coffee, a yogurt, a cupcake....I ask nicely - try to be friendly and there is no eye contact, no 'your welcome', NO conversation - ugh - maybe Magnolia was having a bad day. If you see it, stop in - let me know if the service has improved or keep on walking and find a place where you don't care that the cupcake was overpriced because the staff gave it to you with a smile. Sugar ON!
  • Photo of KevinCruiser
    6 months ago
    What's all the hype? Freakin expensive cupcakes, yeah yeah, this is NYC... Ok. Tried em. Hooked. This is my new go-to vice. Can't believe I'm paying this much for junk food, but... there are lots of worse things to be hooked on. As Homer Simpson would say "mmmmm.... Chocolate.... hhalahhhhh...."
  • Photo of Nicole C
    6 months ago
    Bought three cupcakes and all three cakes cakes were dry, lacking moisture and flavour. The display of the cupcakes could be more appealing.
  • Photo of ZLBirchy1979
    6 months ago
    Visited here as part of the SATC tour. Due to its links with the show I was looking forward to the visit. Cakes look delicious. I had the red velvet cheesecake which was beautiful. Very sickly and better to share. My mom had the carrot cake which was to die for. However my daughter had the vanilla cake, unfortunately this wasn't so good. Cake was really dry and the icing tasted funny. When you are spending $30 on cake you expect it to be perfect.
  • Photo of R3m87
    6 months ago
    What a lovely bakery! A lot of choice for every taste and also cold and hot drinks available. I have enjoyed a bar with chocolate and coconut...absolutely delicious! Also the vanilla cup-cake was good. I have drunk a cup oh of tea for only US$ 1,95. I appreciate that on Friday is open until midnight because we had the opportunity to buy something to take home for breakfast.  My best compliments to all the staff!
  • Photo of LangStonR
    6 months ago
    Love, love, love their banana pudding. The banana cream pies are also pretty good. I've had better cupcakes but they're better than average.
  • Photo of 829sabina
    6 months ago
    Went there 2x to find the store closed. I had the wrong info but once I tasted it. OMG,.. theeee best redvelvet cheescake in the world, no! the universe!!! try it for yourself. the key lime pie is also to die for. Wide variety of cupcakes, cookies & pies/ cakes. Highly recommended!!!!!
  • Photo of MNina_10
    6 months ago
    Very small shop that sell typical American cakes and cupcakes. I brought the cake back to the hotel, just to taste the cake everybody recommend. I finished all of it.... Wow! I will be back.
  • Photo of DRB380
    6 months ago
    Smooth and moist and delicious cupcakes with delicious icing. Perhaps not worth a trip on its own but if you're in the area well worth checking it out.
  • Photo of SteveParryHK
    7 months ago
    I love to buy the odd cupcake here and pop over to the park opposite to eat it. Nice selection and definitely worth a visit!

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