Photo of The Cloisters in New York, NY, US
Photo of The Cloisters in New York, NY, US
Photo of The Cloisters in New York, NY, US
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The Cloisters


The Cloisters94.5
medieval art • unicorn tapestries • fort tryon park • hudson river

99 Margaret Corbin Dr
New York, NY 10040, US
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  • Photo of JoséLuis Santiago
  • Photo of Travel + Leisure
    2 years ago
    Set within lush Fort Tryon Park in Upper Manhattan, the Cloisters museum and garden offers visitors an in-depth look at European medieval art.
  • Photo of spoiled NYC
    2 years ago
    Located atop of Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights, the Cloisters transports you to a world of medieval art inside an old, rebuilt French monastery featuring some seriously sick unicorn tapestries.
  • Photo of Nomadic Matt
    2 years ago
    A branch of the Met devoted to medieval Europe. The building and its stunning cloistered garden are very, very far from the center of the city, but it’s peaceful and well worth the journey. Few people make it up this way. Be one of the few.
  • Photo of Samo Miller
    2 years ago
    The amount of detail in each tapestry, sculpture and stained glass is magnificent and inspiring
  • Photo of Ali Thorell
    3 years ago
    Has over 5000 works of medieval art to check out. Nice lawn to chill
  • Photo of Barbara Moon
    3 years ago
    Check it out
  • Photo of Citymaps NYC
    3 years ago
    The beautiful artifacts inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art's branch dedicated to European medieval art and architecture are certainly worth a visit but the gorgeous gardens, cloisters and views will keep you coming back for more.
  • Photo of Crystal Heller
    4 years ago
    Medieval art and beautiful gardens!
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  • Photo of Christa W
    5 months ago
    The Cloisters is a beautiful place, hidden way up at the top of Manhattan in Fort Tryon Park. It's a little convoluted to get there - take the A train up to 190th St; when you get off, you can take a bus the remainder of the way, or take a lovely 15 or so minute walk through the park (I'd recommend the latter). In the park, the gardens are beautiful & the views of the Hudson & the George Washington Bridge are fantastic. The museum itself is very nice. They have a great collection of medieval art and artifacts. It's like you're in a European castle in the middle ages. My favorite parts were the gardens and the stained glass throughout the building. Admission to the Cloisters includes the Met on 5th Ave - so we did both in the same day (took an Uber over since it would have taken us over an hour on public transportation). Compared to the hustle and bustle of the city - this was a welcome respite!! Highly recommend (though probably not for people with mobility issues or with young kids).
  • Photo of Stanley S
    5 months ago
    Used to be a regular visitor when I lived in NYC. Unparalleled display of medieval everything. Spectacular views of the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge. The neighborhood was iffy at that time. However, with so much money and time invested in this masterpiece, I sure safety will not be a concern.
  • Photo of Irish_Harry
    5 months ago
    Loved this place. We took the subway to 190th street and spent an afternoon at The Met Cloisters. The subway is definitely the cheapest and least complicated way to get there from midtown and lower Manhattan. And, yes, it’s safe!!! Read other reviews which clearly state how to exit the subway (take the elevator) and how to get to The Cloisters (follow the signs and follow the people). Walking through the park to The Cloisters is, in itself worth doing. The entrance fee is a voluntary contribution of $25 per person. We volunteered to pay $5 each. The Cloisters are a peaceful, restful getaway. Just wander around and absorb the beauty of the area, the architecture and the surrounding gardens. The cafeteria is not cheap, so perhaps bringing in a light bite might be a good idea. While not a ‘must see’ attraction for tourists with limited time, The Met Cloisters is definitely a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.
  • Photo of Ross M
    5 months ago
    This doesn't appear on the list of "must-do's" in NYC, but it should. Getting there by public transport isn't too difficult. The M4 bus from the East Side (along Madison Avenue) terminates at the entrance to the Cloisters, though it can be a long trip (took us about an hour from the Met main museum) in heavy traffic. There are two A train stops within walking distance - either 190th or Dyckman; 190th is a bit further but through the gardens. The path from Dyckman is not well signposted, so check the map or Google first. If you have been to the Met downtown, your ticket (sticker) from there gives you free entry here on the same day - and vice-versa. Otherwise, entry is a donation of your choosing, though rates are suggested ($25 for an adult) Once there, allow a couple of hours at least to absorb the beautiful medieval artefacts and the delight of the buildings, reconstructed from several European monasteries. Both the internal and external gardens are also well worth spending time in. There's one particularly lovely garden which focuses on herbs and other plants used in medieval medicine and magic. Harry Potter fans may love this one!
  • Photo of janc468
    5 months ago
    I went to the Cloisters as much to see the building as to see the art. Funded with Rockefellar money and part of the Met, it has been open to the public since 1938. I have wanted to see it for years and had never managed to go on previous visits to New York City. When you enter the building you climb steps and more steps to get to the main level. Once on the main level you are encouraged but not required to pay the suggested admission price of $25 for adults. I paid an additional $7 for the audio unit to listen to descriptions of the art and architecture. You are allowed to take pictures of everything as long as you don't use a flash. It is an incredible museum and I am very glad I took the time to go. It is located in Fort Tryon Park on the northern end of Manhattan.
  • Photo of Kissesandpie
    5 months ago
    Visited two times this summer, first to enjoy the museum and beautiful grounds and gardens and then for a Jazz concert . This is the kind of place you can enjoy alone, it's safe , clean and always inviting. .
  • Photo of Isabel Sandra M
    5 months ago
    The Cloisters is a place i never get tired of visiting. It helps me feel at peace and invites me to meditate and relax.!!! The castle transports me to the past and I feel like I am in Medieval Times. As for the art it so goes with my upbringing in a Catholic School. I love it!!!! It is one of my escapes when I need to relax and make decisions in life!!!
  • Photo of joan d
    5 months ago
    The "medieval experience" is a bit erzatz at times, but the flower-filled cloisters, of which there are several, make an enchanting getaway from the city proper. The Unicorn Tapestries have all their magic intact and there are many lovely architectural details worth focusing on. I think it should be done on a nice day, as a great part of the experience is outside, with the cloisters and a fine view of the Hudson River. We bicycled up the west side from mid-town and it was a wonderful ride.
  • Photo of sidneyta
    5 months ago
    It was really hot day but it was made bearable by walking through the Fort Tryon Park looking over the Hudson. Easy to get to from the subway and there is another quicker walking route to the Cloisters should you wish. There was lots to see and wander through. I love the architecture and gardens and some of the artifacts were fascinating and stunningly beautiful. A lovely way to spend a few hours off the beaten track in busy NYC. Beware: the snack bar is incredibly expensive.
  • Photo of JohnandJaneS
    5 months ago
    Visited for the first time (after over 50 years) this summer. Amazing architecture, art, solitude. Hard to believe its in Manhattan.
  • Photo of dorothy g
    5 months ago
    A piece of medieval Europe in New York that will just take your breath away. Plan a half day to slowly meander through this castle on the hill overlooking the Hudson River - a short drive from the George Washington Bridge (5 minutes). Free parking - small cafe - suggested admittance fee of 25.00 -
  • Photo of nayaliquezadaa
    5 months ago
    In an unexpected place in NYC. I liked that it was more peaceful than the other big museums where all the tourist go. The garden add a nice touch too.
  • Photo of Megan S
    5 months ago
    Wonderful experience from start to finish! Incredible art, beautiful grounds and extraordinary setting! We took and Uber to get here and back which streamlined the travel and was well worth the extra cash! Highly recommend!
  • Photo of Kac Y
    5 months ago
    This is a very special place to spend an afternoon. Expect to feel renewed and inspired when you leave. I am so grateful it has been maintained and cared for.
  • Photo of drudol
    5 months ago
    a fascinATING of middle ages tapestries and other items. not the usual new york experience but very interesting.
  • Photo of _vagn2011
    5 months ago
    interesting place close to Manhataan, old times in the NY is amazing. and great view to as located on the hill
  • Photo of SisBoston
    5 months ago
    A monastery in the middle of Hudson Heights New York? Yes. It’s a gem, and, based on the crowds, not such a hidden one. Part of the Metropolitan Museum, the Cloisters is made up of “elements from medieval cloisters.” The beautiful setting of four acres of gardens and Fort Tryon Park and the views across the Hudson make it a lovely place to visit. We are not all that interested in medieval art, but we enjoyed the architecture, the gardens, and people watching. One thing to consider, however, is that if you are walking through the gardens to the Cloisters, it is a rigorous walk. The staff there is very helpful and nice. One tip: This museum is part of the Bank of America first-weekend program, so we got in for no charge.
  • Photo of darlagts
    6 months ago
    An incredible collection of religious art of several centuries arrange amid fragments of real monasteries brought from Europe, it's simply amazing.
  • Photo of GPToak
    6 months ago
    I love the cloisters especially on a sunny day. If it's sunny make sure you walk through the Tryon garden between the subway stop and the entrance - a short walk really but full of flowers and very enjoyable. When there, check out the little cafe which offers a small selection of sandwiches and a cheese/fruit plate. Unfortunately no gluten free options, but the cheese plate was very tasty. A chill place!
  • Photo of babylon2505
    6 months ago
    If you visit the cloisters on the day you visit the MET you are allowed entry on the same admission ticket. After a very long bus ride to the cloisters we were rewarded with beautiful gardens. The rooms are were organized. Had to check back packs. No food or drink allowed in either.

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