Photo of The Clock Tower Bar at The Edition in New York, NY, US
Photo of The Clock Tower Bar at The Edition in New York, NY, US
Photo of The Clock Tower Bar at The Edition in New York, NY, US
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The Clock Tower Bar at The Edition

Cocktail Bar

The Clock Tower Bar at The Edition24
brunch • halibut • bread • tarte tatin

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  • Photo of RightFing Now
    2 years ago
    Sip'n Old Fashioneds & eating lamb chops in a clocktower overlooking Madison Square Park. That's what you and your date should do RFN. (2nd floor, 212-413-4300) 
  • Photo of Stephen Diamond
    2 years ago
    Scallop+Hamachi appetizer, Tuna+Daikon Radish appetizer, Roasted Salmon, Lamb are all outstanding.
  • Photo of Stephen K
    4 months ago
    Business dinner for over 30 people. The appetizers were wonderful which only made me anticipate what was to come. Even though there was a preselected menu with three entrees, I wanted to get them all but settled for steak. And, boy, did I get steak. The cut appeared to be 2"x3"x6", cooked to perfection, and way too much for me to finish. In fact of all the people at our dinner who ordered the steak, not one person said they were able to finish... But, I'm getting ahead of myself. The scallop ceviche was wonderful and the desert, of what I was able to stuff into myself, was a diet-buster. The presentation of every course was flawless and the service was perfect, anticipating my needs. I would, most happily, make another visit and knowing what I now know, fast for a day or so before sitting down for a repeat of this experience.
  • Photo of Stephen A
    4 months ago
    Five dined. Downstairs “trendy bar” does not prepare you for the tasteful grandeur of upstairs. Menu was fantastic, I took the Uni then the Halibut. Wine list full. Recommend for special occasions.
  • Photo of Simon H
    4 months ago
    We had a great excuse (not that we needed one) to try The Clocktower as we were staying in the hotel. Our first visit was for dinner, and we returned for lunch a couple of days later. The restaurant is similar to another Atherton restaurant - the Berners Tavern - not only for being in an Edition hotel, but also for the style of the décor - all wood panelling and framed prints. It even shares a dish - Mac and Cheese with slow braised ox cheek, mushrooms and parmesan - just sublime, and worth a trip just for this! For dinner, I had the m&c for a starter and my wife had the steak tartare - I think I got the best of this deal but it seemed a close thing - she loved the tartare. We followed with fillet steak and fries, with a side salad. Beautifully cooked, really tender and delicious. A couple of small gripes, one was not really the restaurants fault, one was. We were fitted in at short notice, and the restaurant was full, so we ended up in what appeared to be a room full of business diners - only one woman apart from my wife (the other two rooms were more balanced) and they were talking so loudly about this meeting or that it really made conversation difficult. This was exacerbated when - because of the closeness of the tables - every time the waiter served the table to either side I had to stop eating as I couldn't move my arms without hitting the waiter. And the closeness of their posterior to both table and plate was off-putting. For a restaurant of this price range, I'd like a bit of space. Still the food was stunning, and as I said we went back for lunch - more m&c, steak and best of all much more space as the restaurant wasn't full. Fantastic food, great discrete and friendly service, just a bit of elbow room please!
  • Photo of Rob Z
    4 months ago
    This really is a fun place to come for dinner. The bar and purple pool table were lively and fun. The Foie Gras was the best app of the group we had. The duck breast and confit was the winner for dinner. All of the desserts were great. I would highly recommend for a night out with friends. We had a blast
  • Photo of Tracie M
    4 months ago
    This is an amazing restaurant went last night to celebrate my husband's Birthday. Service and food out of this world. Staff attentive but discreet you must do this restaurant when in New York you will not be disappointed. Loved it.
  • Photo of FMLB
    5 months ago
    Nice place to go in NYC. Venue is very characteristic with wooden walls and paintings. Food is ok and prices in line with such standard. Recommended
  • Photo of Rich Y
    5 months ago
    They misinformed us about the availability of brunch. They agreed to do it anyway, but only after letting us know they were doing us a favor. Extremely long wait. Food was good. The woman who delivered coffee looked like she had just given a eulogy. Got the $200 bill for six people and noticed they had $30 worth of water on the bill. Nice atmosphere, but I won't be back.
  • Photo of Dave O
    5 months ago
    Having been to quite a few of Jason Athertons restaurants, a trip to New York, this was one not to miss. We turned up early and was shown directly to the table no offer of a drink before hand. The food was amazing as expected, once we had finished dessert we were presented with the bill, we hadn't asked and were not offered tea coffee. So we paid the bill, then I had to ask to finish our wine, which was in an ice bucket in the corner of the room. We always ask for a copy of the menu, bit of a souvenir to add to the others, this request was happily sorted but, I had to ask if we could have clean one as there were food stains on the one offered, which was the one I had ordered from. A little disappointed did not feel welcome and attention to detail just was not there.
  • Photo of David P
    5 months ago
    We couldn't have asked for anything BETTER!!!!! The food and service were BEYOND anything you would hope to have in the world!! Look forward to anything you choose to order as it's out of this world!! Hands down one of the BEST experiences we have ever enjoyed out!!!
  • Photo of expectquality1942
    6 months ago
    It was restaurant week so a spectacular three course menu was wonderful and affordable. The regular menu is expensive, but worth it. Imaginative current food; it is impressive. The space feels British and it is on the dark side, but that is intended. Service is impeccable.
  • Photo of FirstClass001
    6 months ago
    Excellent lunch but the service we received was not stellar. Two stars at the most for service while the quality of the food and drinks were five stars. Will try this place for breakfast to see if the quality is the same and hope the service this time will be better.
  • Photo of George Y
    7 months ago
    The restaurant is in a boutique hotel, I was directed to the hotel so be sure to ask for the restaurant restaurant. The ambiance is wonderful and the dining room is elegant with wood panels, like in an English library
  • Photo of ClintPage
    7 months ago
    This is a fairly new restaurant in the recently opened New York Edition Hotel near Flatiron in downtown NYC. It's inside an iconic New York City landmark that's been converted to residences and a hotel. We had a great brunch here in this really cool restaurant. The service was really good. The food was good not great but good. I'd recommend it for the setting alone.
  • Photo of stellakwongriechmann
    great restaurant location. good food. great service but a bit noisy. my daughter loved the cocktails and she is a regular there for cocktails. food was very good. our waiter extremely cutomer oriented great fun the bread was warm and wonderful. we like this restaurant. do not make early reservations. too noisy due to popularit
  • Photo of Abigail C
    7 months ago
    I visited New York in January with my mum. We were staying in The Edition and decided to try The Clocktower on our first night. The food was great, couldn't complain about a thing. The service was a little slow and felt very disjointed. We were sat by an air con unit, I'm not really sure which but it was really quite cold. When we asked them to shut it off they obliged for all of about 10 minutes until it was drafty again. The table next to us were ridiculously loud and really vulgar, not exactly what you want when you're trying to enjoy a meal with your mother. And it rather felt like we were forgotten about, maybe we weren't their standard clientele. The cocktail bar on the other hand was great, and I spent many an hour there.
  • Photo of asia6666
    8 months ago
    I grabbed an early dinner last night. First time, but I am a regular at Atherton restaurants around the world - and they are all good (way better than Gordon Ramsey). Last night , they overlooked the filet, so first they offered to change it, then in the end , they gave me the food for free. Great gesture , great service. I will be back.
  • Photo of Titleist108
    8 months ago
    I stayed here for a business trip during March and was stuck in the hotel during the blizzard, which shut down the city for the day. I had my breakfast and dinner meals here and both were fantastic experiences. Top quality food and service. The venue itself is pretty unique as well. I would recommend visiting at least one if you're in the city.
  • Photo of terj4a
    8 months ago
    This was a birthday celebration for my husband. Wow, were we delighted. I had requested a seating arrangement where we could sit next to instead of opposite each other. (I dislike banquette seating) We were shown to our table as soon as we arrived and it was exactly as I requested, a perfect corner where we could see the entire room. The space is exceptional, former executive offices of a gigantic insurance company. Each room is different with a very old New York feel. Dale, our waiter, was so accommodating and professional. Dinner was exceptional, oysters (so fresh and plump), rack of lamb (juicy and perfectly cooked) and pork chop (all we can say is WOW!) If you are looking for a special place for a special occasion, you will not be disappointed.
  • Photo of 5268Y
    8 months ago
    Located in an old (and expensively done) Executive Suite: they sure don't build them like they used to" --> check out these gorgeous rooms :) . Along with the terrific food and service, this is dining the way it used to be and still should be. Wow, wow and wow! For more details, check out the numerous favorable reviews of The Clocktower, then treat yourself to a wonderful dining experience.
  • Photo of the3hondos
    8 months ago
    Great location for good drinks and snacks.. Always packed with a typical NYC vibe.. but a seat can be found as well as great service and food- which is good considering a vodka soda will put you back 22 bucks!

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