Photo of The Cinnamon Snail in New York, NY, US
Photo of The Cinnamon Snail in New York, NY, US
Photo of The Cinnamon Snail in New York, NY, US
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The Cinnamon Snail

Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant

The Cinnamon Snail14.5
donuts • burger • maple mustard • seitan

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  • Photo of Cheryl Feig
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Ginger R
    3 months ago
    Even a year ago, the cinnamon rolls were better here. Quality was disappointing overall, and the roll was not the freshest. I can no longer recommend this place.
  • Photo of Vanessa I
    3 months ago
    I had a peanut butter cheese cake brownie here, and not to be dramatic or anything, but it changed my life. The actual food here is okay as well, but the main attraction, for me anyway, were the desserts!
  • Photo of runbritannia
    4 months ago
    Looking forward to this visit having read about it in NY mag. On recommendation of server got the Thai sandwich for a whopping $12 plus tip that I didn't have to leave and wish I hadn't. Sandwich very small and hard to eat as not even cut in half! Would not go back.
  • Photo of Kathy P
    4 months ago
    Despite their unique flavors, I purchased 3 donuts and found them all to have very little flavor. I purchased them at 11 am when the shop opened and 2 hours later when I tried each they even seemed somewhat stale. Very disappointing!
  • Photo of slk2037
    5 months ago
    As a vegetarian, I have problems finding food when I'm traveling on vacation. The Cinnamon Snail is a dream come true for me when I'm in New York. It is truly a Vegetarian / Vegan's dream. The desserts, the food, everything is just amazing. It's the best vegetarian / vegan burger I have ever had. Even meat lovers eat their food.!!! I've been there twice and it seemed to be the most popular restaurant.
  • Photo of Susan F
    5 months ago
    To be hair we only had desserts so cannot comment on the other food. It looked good but we didn't try it. We did have a couple of the donuts which were greasy and cakelike nothing like the light ones of Dunwell donuts. My daughter really liked the brownie but it hurt her stomach after eating. Sweets were good but wouldn't travel there specifically to have them. Just average.
  • Photo of Stephanie F
    8 months ago
    I visited Cinnamon Snail after seeing their food on Instagram and was not disappointed. The donuts are delicious- my pick was the cranberry cider donut. I had a maple mustard tempeh sandwich one afternoon for lunch and it was so good I went back for seconds!
  • Photo of LisaPunk01
    8 months ago
    My husband, daughter, and I stopped at Cinnamon Snail after arriving in NYC on the train. It was SO YUMMY, I was so psyched to find great vegan food right after we got off the train. I had an amazing red curry tofu sandwich on a pretzel bun. My husband really enjoyed his sandwich too and we had some pastries. We went again on our way home. Yum!! I cant wait til we're back in NYC again so we can go again.
  • Photo of NickDanger38
    8 months ago
    This place is awesome (wow). Whenever I train it to NYC, I leave Penn Station and head right to the Pennsy/Cinnamon Snail. On my most recent visit, after getting the Breakfast Burrito (omg), I sat and watched about 95% of anyone walking into the Pennsy going to the Cinnamon Snail for their food. After eating the breakfast burrito (at 2pm) I didn't need anymore food for the rest of the day!! This is a must go to food experience in NYC.
  • Photo of mieleinmente
    9 months ago
    I came across a post on instagram about vegan doughnuts at cinnamon snail. So my boyfriend and I made our way to the Pennsy for dessert. I'm allergic to eggs and dairy and hence vegan desserts are my only option. We shared a hulk hogan doughnut and a cinnamon snail and we were both in heaven. They said, they have some gluten free options as well. No matter if you're vegan or not, you won't be disappointed. I'll definitely come back for doughnuts and try some of their savoury dishes as well!
  • Photo of dnvpaul
    9 months ago
    The food here is amazing. I've gone back 4 times. Their sandwiches are inventive, combining ingredients I would not normally consider. The desserts are delicious. The fact that this place is vegetarian/vegan is hard to believe. Highly recommend this place, and definitely have a pastry!
  • Photo of Nikkichikk
    9 months ago
    If you are looking for quick but delicious vegan food, The Cinnamon Snail is the place. It's located in The Pennsy by Madison Square Garden, which is like an upscale food court. The food is absolutely delicious and so full of flavor. It's almost hard to believe it's vegan. You will be too stuffed for dessert, so make sure to bring a couple donuts home for me you won't regret it!!!
  • Photo of NickDanger38
    10 months ago
    that this was now available right outside of Penn Station! This stationary food truck gem is right up our culinary alley and it was so good, we ate there twice in one day. and...vegan, GF donuts..whaaat!! Seating area can get a bit crowded and loud during an MSG event time, but who cares, the food you are eating is so good that you are in your own food paradise (or you can get it to go). Sandwiches can be customized to be GF, either w/GF bread or served on greens. Good and fast service, area is clean, staff is friendly. The Pennsy's choice of foods, especially Cinnamon Snail, has altered my midtown NYC eating experience from poor to excellent. I do have to give Penn Station a lot of credit for renovating & upgrading it's on the go food choices on the station level and on the street level - at this point, street level rules.
  • Photo of erikorion
    a year ago
    "Vegan" is deceiving when describing this New York favorite, since you'd be hard-pressed to find carnivorous food of equal flavor. Enjoy a hearty lunch and decadent dessert a stone's throwaway from Penn Station. Gluten free options available.
  • Photo of Priyanka47
    a year ago
    Close to pennstation , amazing taste . Need to stand in line though as its pretty famous and near by to the train station. its Nice to sit and eat in # pen Plaza building .
  • Photo of gloriataylormi
    a year ago
    We thought it would be to fancy for us girls, but these are actually very down to earth donuts. I'd come back and would bring grandma too. Charmed!
  • Photo of Robert R
    a year ago
    My wife & I ate here on two separate occasions over the MLK weekend. I had the Gouchujang Burger and it was the best Vegan food I have ever had. My wife had the Lemongrass 5 Spice Seitan and really liked it. We went back another time to have chocolate donuts and the namesake Cinnamon Snail (which is out of this world). Do yourself a favor and stop in and eat this delicious food.
  • Photo of milril44
    a year ago
    I am a lacto-ovo Vegetarian that found myself at Pennsy (food hall near Penn Station) for the first time recently for lunch. Used to see the Cinnamon Snail food truck around town, but wasn't into doughnuts. I was torn between trying the Korean Barbecue Seitan sandwich $10.33, but the server told me that the Beastmode Burger Deluxe $11.02 - an ancho chili seitan burger grilled in maple hickory barbecue sauce with jalapeño Mac and cheese, arugula, smoked chili coconut bacon and roasted garlic aioli on a toasted pretzel bun -- would be the less spicy of the two. I found the Beastmode to be plenty spicy!! I can't imagine how spicy the Korean Barbecue must be! Glad I bought a bottle of water $2.07 because each bite was plenty spicy and had my mouth on fire. It was tasty, but I might try something a little milder next time! It certainly wasn't a cheap lunch for the portion size, but if I found myself in the area again, I might try something else or try the Italian restaurant at Pennsy.
  • Photo of Tracy C
    a year ago
    I live 3 hours from the city and i would always visit and one of my first stops would be the cinnamon snail food truck. We were so sad when we found out it was going to close down. However when we heard they would be moving to a more convenient location we were of course excited. I visited the Snail in the Pennsy a handful of times and each time the food was ok but i was disappointed in the doughnuts. The staff were always amazing in the truck and i feel like at the Pennsy they dont care as much. The doughnuts felt heavy and very bready....dry if you will. We were so sad because the Snail used to be our go to spot and not because we are vegan (we are not) but we used to love it! We no longer put it on our must do list because it just isn't the same since it moved. :-( I am giving it 4 stars because i truly loved the snail i just feel like since the truck is gone i dont feel the same "love" in the food that i used to.
  • Photo of Brooklynite718
    a year ago
    The Beastmode Burger is indescribably delicious - it's on a pretzel bread roll, has a tangy sauce, the vegan burger is smokey and charred nicely. It's just the best vegan burger I've ever had! And the donuts - you can go fancy like the pear cardamom, but my favorite is the zebra which is simply a vanilla/chocolate glazed. Everything I've had here is AMAZING!!!

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