Photo of Taquitoria in New York, NY, US
Photo of Taquitoria in New York, NY, US
Photo of Taquitoria in New York, NY, US
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Mexican Restaurant

taquitos • lower east side • fast food

168 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002, US
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  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    If the only time you’ve ever actually had a taquito is off one of those little rollers at 7-Eleven, prepare to be delighted. With these little Mexican meat roll-ups, you pick a filling, pick a cheese, eat, and repeat, as they're five for $8. Consider it a simple and delicious cheap eat.
  • Photo of Dilbert Mayhem
    2 years ago
    For a late night snack
  • Photo of Ben Ronne
    3 years ago
    Classic taquitos in a casual atmosphere with great music and an entertaining staff.
  • Photo of Citymaps
    4 years ago
    This place focuses on taquitos. Delicious ingredients, simple concept, happy customers!
  • Photo of ModestlyAmazing
    a year ago
    I came here last year, despite what my review says; this time last year I remembered being encased in Brad's welcoming arms as he provided us with what must have been the best thing I've ever had in my mouth. I signed a dollar, we stuck it on the ceiling, it was a great thing. Brad who runs the place is a work horse, I was sad to hear that they're closing down and moving elsewhere as it was a highlight of the lower east side. Love you Brad.
  • Photo of Tyler C
    2 years ago
    If you expect taquitos and not fine dining, then this place will exceed your expectations. I've been so high so many times and eaten so many taquitos when I was younger. Never did I have the genius idea of making buffalo chicken taquitos. Best spontaneous stop. Hope you like Tecate.
  • Photo of Silence_CZ
    2 years ago
    Simple concept with authentic atmosphere. Staff is extra nice and friendly. Ideal for quick snack and drink more than a lunch or dinner, but the value is perfect.
  • Photo of tallmich
    2 years ago
    A small place that was not very busy on a week day afternoon. We traveled from far away just to get a completely gluten free latin meal and this did not disappoint. Friendly service and amazing food. We both got a pile of taquitos - hot and fresh. We were in and out quickly.
  • Photo of scambu
    2 years ago
    Il cibo era veramente scarso, il locale per nulla curato (articoli per la pulizia sotto un bancone in cui sedevano i clienti), da dimenticare.
  • Photo of Alison C
    2 years ago
    This is new mine and my fiancés favorite place to go! The owner is great. The food is inexpensive and awesome. This is place didn't disappoint me and my fiancé. I found out about this place through BuzzFeed. It was definitely worth it. We go to Taquitoria's as much as we can.
  • Photo of Victoria R
    3 years ago
    love it! this is the best latino food in the city, go have a nice drink and something spicy! incredible
  • Photo of ken n
    3 years ago
    OK, I mean the best in my fairly limited experience of NY Mexican food. And the margaritas aren't bad, either. We shall return.
  • Photo of Patri P
    3 years ago
    These are literally the taquitos of my dream. Such a unique place and so delicious! My one complaint is that they didn't let you mix meats, so you only got to try one type of taquito per order. I wasn't hungry enough to place two orders--my husband and I shared 5 beef taquitos, I do recommend coming here, although this side of town is a little bit of a ghost town after dark (it was a weeknight. I'm sure the bars were full but the streets were empty). There was another couple there when we were. The service was great and the guy at the counter was really nice. I just wished for more variety.
  • Photo of Joe P
    3 years ago
    I found out that these awesome little tacos can be sent to corporate clients as a thank you/afternoon snack. I ordered a box of 60 for a client downtown and everyone loved it. So much better than tired old cookies, etc... Anyway, it's not just great drunk food anymore. The quality is the best. These guys know how to cook.
  • Photo of SteveUSA-FL
    4 years ago
    Best Taquitos I've found in NYC. Great service and tasted really fresh. I'll be back for sure .........
  • Photo of Fabio D
    4 years ago
    Cardápio simples, enxuto mas comida boa. Custo benefício bom. Mais variedade no cardápio e drinks mais elaborados seriam uma boa.
  • Photo of Toreadorable
    4 years ago
    Two visits on consecutive days, between noon and 1pm, to this recently opened specialty eatery. The menu is small, just taquitos, three for five dollars: four fillings (pork, beef, chicken, or black bean) in two styles (classic: guac sauce, lettuce, and cotija cheese; and, cheesy: nacho cheese, jalapeño relish, and sour cream). I had classic style chicken the first day, perfectly crisp and hot from the fryer, with Cholula hot sauce splashed on for more bite. The second day, the counterman suggested I try the chicken "chronic style", an off-the-menu combo of all the sauces for a few bucks more. That was a brilliant suggestion, the mix making a delightfully complex bundle of tastes. Chronic it is, every visit from here on. On both visits I was the only customer, apparently the neighborhood crowds come in the evening and late night. If you happen to be in the Lower East Side and want a quick, light, tasty lunch, I don't think you can do better. And, even if you don't happen to be in the neighborhood, it's just a short 15 minute subway ride (F train) from midtown.
  • Photo of Adam R
    4 years ago
    There's an inherent problem with Taquitoria: With pre-made taquitos that are fried to order, the fillings are already inside the semi-crispy shell. The moisture permeates the shell, and although the outside fries crisp, the inside is kind of mushy. This was true for the beef as well as the bean. For what it's worth, the beans had great texture, and the beef had good flavor. But the overall product was only okay. Service was fine. The people there were very nice and seemed to care about their product. But I left a bit disappointed.

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