Photo of Takahachi in New York, NY, US
Photo of Takahachi in New York, NY, US
Photo of Takahachi in New York, NY, US
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Japanese Restaurant

sashimi • east village • skewers • shrimp

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  • Photo of monsieur-hibou
    5 months ago
    My favorite sushi place of all-time (aside from that place in Tribeca that is super pricey and where I once ate roe with gold slivers). The rolls are great. The chirashi is bountiful.
  • Photo of mike_e_pl
    6 months ago
    Friendly, attentive service. Solid sushi (although some bites are a bit on the large size for my mouth) with a few unique twists. It's a local favorite and is usually buzzing throughout the week.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    We ate great sushi and sashimi. Greatly recommended. We sat a the bar and seeing the cooks work is amazing
  • Photo of JacqConn
    a year ago
    Casual place, but super delicious. Be prepared to wait for a table, but it's worth it! Spicy tuna tartare was incredible.
  • Photo of MBenzinger
    a year ago
    The quality of the sushi here is very good. The sushi is so fresh and the price is reasonable. With the exception of the price it reminded me of eating sushi in Japan.
  • Photo of ChiaraCamerada
    2 years ago
    I came here thanks to a friend living locally. Apparently good and fresh sushi can be much more expensive in NY, so I take that $90, including 20% tips is a good deal. Waiting time without reservation on Friday night was 10 minutes. The food was abundant and delicious. Very fresh and tasty fish. Staff was reasonably kind and attentive considering that they work at very fast pace due to turning tables. Not good if you want a romantic or peaceful environment for dinner. But otherwise I loved it and recommend it!
  • Photo of Quigcentral
    2 years ago
    It's always a good sign when a restaurant is heaving with locals. Takahachi on Avenue A in LES just north of East Houston is such a place. Couples, hipsters, families mix comfortably. The atmosphere is noisy and buzzing with action as the chefs prepare sushi, sashimi and home cooked popular Jspanese basics. The menu is limited but they do it well. Beware, they don't take bookings and it's not big, so be prepared for a wait. In our case, 45 minutes. But there were 7 of us in our party and once they got us in it was well worth it. I recommend the beef teriyaki and ribs. I recommend the (very large) glasses of clear sake (lots of different choices) which aren't like anything I've ever had before. Great for a fun night out with friends or family.
  • Photo of robyn h
    2 years ago
    My husband and I ate at this restaurant last week and had an excellent experience. We sat at the bar and received excellent service throughout. The food was very good and great value. The head chef was very chatty which really made our evening. We would highly recommend a visit!
  • Photo of nm2149
    2 years ago
    Loved it! Try the Dragon roll. Another must try is the tuna sushi with jalapeno. We had the hot and cold sake with our meal (yes! we love Sake!). Just about everything on the menu is good - can't really go wrong with any choice. The staff is courteous and the service is prompt.
  • Photo of AkosiaNYC
    2 years ago
    I enjoyed my visit to Takahachi this week. My dinner partner who is more of a sushi aficionado than I gave Takahachi her seal of approval. The food was fresh and the staff was welcoming & attentive. We arrived around 6:00pm. Only three tables were taken in the small location, although it was packed around the time that we left at a little after 8pm. Service was quick. It began to pick-up around 7pm. By arriving at the time that we did, we made it in time for the 'early bird special' from 5-7pm. The two of us ordered one special and an additional entree (seafood/vegetable tempura), both which we shared. The special included miso soup , salad (with ginger dressing), 9 piece sushi, 4 skewers (meat skewers and okra skewers), 4 small appetizers, and ice cream (we chose green tea). The tempura included items such as shrimp, squid, and sweet potato. There is an additional specials menu if the 'Early Bird' is not your thing. The specials menu is pretty extensive. The food came to our table in a steady flow. We did not have to wait for anything long. The food was very fresh and tasty. The tempura was crunchy, yet not oily. Our meal was affordable. We ate for under $43 total. Service came with a smile. You could tell they had regulars, because the staff seemed to always get hugs from patrons and promises of return. Takahachi is also family friendly. The staff went out of their way to accommodate families with small children. I appreciate that the menu, even with the additional specials menu, was not too overwhelming. The amount of items available was just enough to satisfy any palate. I would definitely return. Word of advice, keep a good eye out when looking for the restaurant because it is easy to miss on a dark rainy night. It is right above what looks like a club. Also, the space is a tight squeeze, but not hard to manage.
  • Photo of LifesShort99
    2 years ago
    This is my favorite Japanese Restaurant in Manhattan. I've had the sushi and cooked food here. The prices are reasonable and they do take out. Every time I go they are busy but service is very good. The Una Don is my fav. The sushi is fresh and prepared beautifully.
  • Photo of Griffin u
    2 years ago
    Cute little Japanese joint in the east village, its been there forever and its really a classic. The food is yummy and is traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Photo of CG-H-77
    2 years ago
    It was my first time at this restaurant and I was impressed by the quality of the food. We had a mix of sushi and sashimi, the fish was so fresh we ended up ordering a few more (yellowtail was the best)! We also had crab shumai and mushrooms for starters, they were delicious and light. The staff is very efficient and friendly. The restaurant is a bit small and they don't take reservations but we only had to wait 10 minutes to be seated on a Saturday night, which is great for East Village / Alphabet City standards (we were 3).
  • Photo of Wendy D
    2 years ago
    Nice food at reasonable prices. The tofu steak & mushroom was bliss. Also loved the skewers - shrimp, fish cake, eggplant. Many skewers to choose from. Salad dressing so yummy! Hubby loved the eel dragon rolls & my tofu. Very fresh. Gets really busy so go early if you do not wish to wait. There is also an early bird special with a good selection that hubby had because we were there about 6pm. Its packed by 7pm midweek.
  • Photo of seb h
    2 years ago
    I've been there a couple of times and have never been disappointed. The place proposes a good mix of Sushi (like their appetizer sashimi, usually based on what they got during the day are really good) and other dishes like my definite favorite the grilled codfish, which is fantastic. Definitely a good value for your food in NYC. Service is not always the best, but it's NYC experience.
  • Photo of Jon L
    3 years ago
    Having been to nearly every sushi joint in the city from the finest, to the lowliest, Takahachi takes the prize for best overall value. The only places I have been to with better quality ingredients will charge you three times the price. Be aware, this is not a fancy spot. It's almost a dive, and I mean that in the best way possible. Get there early since tables fill up quickly and the only way to reserve is in-person. Absolutely go for the baby yellowtail, the Otokayama sake, and be sure to order at least a few things off the specials menu.
  • Photo of JohnSB3
    3 years ago
    Five of us ate there last night. Great food, just loved the steamed crab dumplings and the seared duck. The udon is pretty good too as was the miso soup, often the measure of how much attention Japanese restaurants pay to their traditions. After all cutting up and serving raw products is not that hard, provided it’s fresh and handled well. Here you can have the bento box (if you really want to), or get things in batter, but why? The sashimi is excellent, and the sushi rolls come in a serving of six small pieces, enough to be an apertiser, with 2/3 plates being enough for a meal. There's other stuff too.The place offers both tables and sit at the bar, (but there’s no sushi train). There’s an extensive list of sake (although we didn’t indulge), beers and teas. Not the cheapest place in the Village, but certainly one of the best.
  • Photo of mondodelmundo
    3 years ago
    I used to love this place and go regularly for the past 13 years. It was like an East Village Nobu. Japanese with a subtle creative Latin American flare. But last night's visit was a huge disappointment and I think the whole operation has changed for the worse. The crowd was suburban and provincial (welcome to the new New York) and looked like they were revelling in their first sushi experience. All of my old faves somehow tasted different. Less fresh. No wow yum factor. The roll we ordered looked like it had been under a heat lamp. Maybe it had just been sitting at the sushi bar for 10 minutes. Everything just seemed ordinary, or even slightly less. Not just one dish. The whole experience. And why do sushi restaurants think it they have to have all Asian staff? Like i'm supposed to be impressed by the authenticity of the experience by having a Thai woman (as lovely as she is) serve me. Seems so 1950s. Anyway, too many other great sushi experiences in this city to take a chance on Takahachi. Sayonara, old friend.
  • Photo of Timothy K
    3 years ago
    I know that I have probably misspelled the word of Takahachi's most wonderful dish, and I sincerely apologize for disrespecting the ultimate flavor and taste of this rich, buttery, meal, but I have to say the 'Hamachi Kama' is one of the best foods I have had while in New York City! "Delicious..." "Spectacular..." Is what diners would say of this meal. It is only available in limited amounts, so I recommend getting there early to try some of this food. The sake is very good, too. Especially the Kurosawa, it was presented in a small wooden square cup, which added to the experience that Takahachi is. As opposed to the usual glass cup, Takahachi brings a unique dining experience along with it, too. Other appetizers finished out me and my partner's concept of dinner. It included, among other things, beef and asparagus skewers. The asparagus was roasted to dryness, but done so in a way that the asparagus was still tasty. The food was great, and the service was, too. Our server was patient in answering our questions about what ingredients were in which dish, and took the time to check with the chef to make sure our food was perfect. Takahachi has the appeal of a foodie, and its laid back atmosphere welcomes people in. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.
  • Photo of Remoulade
    3 years ago
    Our favorite neighborhood place for Japanese food, Takahachi is always welcoming, always consistent and very very good- by that we mean super fresh and well prepared by a team of chefs that have been working together in harmony for many years. Try the kanuta maki appetizer, either a sushi or sashimi deluxe, any tempura, or any special and you will be very pleased.

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