Photo of Sweet Chick in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Sweet Chick in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Sweet Chick in New York City, NY, US
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Sweet Chick

American Restaurant

Sweet Chick84.5
brunch • fried chicken • mac and cheese • hush puppies

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  • Photo of lisa J
    8 months ago
    Loveing the pic im most definitely trying this spot out ASAP
  • Photo of Raja H
    a year ago
    Was looking for comfort food on a particularly brutal snow day. They have a cool selection of waffles. I went with the dried cherry and paid a little more for the (disappointly) not-spicy Mike's Hot Honey. You get two very tiny pieces of fried chicken which are decent, but it's a bizarre feeling when you're finished with the meal and are still hungry. Seems like this place gets high marks mostly for being hip, not for its food.
  • Photo of Blaire Massaroni
    Chicken and waffles !! Soul food.
  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    They are generous with portions! Also, they serve French Press coffee which is awesome. The eggs Benedict is a mass of mouth watering chicken, poached eggs, and love on biscuits.
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  • Photo of Emily Gillotte
    2 years ago
    Yummy fried chicken and waffles
  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Pumpkin Spice White Chocolate Chip Cookies with candied pumpkin seeds. The cookies are dusted with powdered sugar and served warm for dessert or brunch.
  • Photo of James Falconer
    2 years ago
    Buffalo chicken with waffles was next level!!!
  • Photo of Callum York
    3 years ago
    Chicken and waffles
  • Photo of Jadevirgo
    5 months ago
    We visited this place on a Saturday evening and the place had no AC. We were going to leave but since we had come from New Jersey to meet family who came from Brooklyn to eat here, we decided to stay. Initially, the waiter was pleasant but you realized in the first 5 minutes, don't ask questions just order. There were only 4 items in the menu. When we asked if they had cornbread, he said "yes on the dinner menu which starts at 6pm" (it was 5:50p) and since he had brought us our lukewarm water with 2 pieces of ice that melted before we took the first sip, he wanted to get the orders placed. There were 5 of us, so we ordered the chicken and waffles (pretty good), mac & cheese (small portion but ok) and shrimp & grits (have had better). The guy (different from the waiter) who bought out the food brought out the 3 dishes of chicken & waffles and put them all at the same side of the table for us to distribute. We had to move our glasses off to an area next to our table to make room for the food. Once we finished, they took our plates and forks but we had ordered some collard greens (with craisins!!), cornbread (ok) and crawfish fritters (ok) and when we said we needed some forks, they brought us one. By this time, we were done with this place. Bottomline, I don't know if the employees were fried with no AC but they say it's not what you say or do that people remember, but how you make them feel and this place left us feeling like there's enough good places in NYC to choose from that we will not be coming back.
  • Photo of Lita B
    5 months ago
    With this being trip #3 to NYC I wanted some soul food. Due to time constraints of the trip, Harlem was not on the I chose Sweet Chick- I needed to try chicken and waffles! Going in the evening was a nice affair, if you've been to hipster-speakeasy type places you'll be familiar with the shabby-chic interiors/low lighting. This was good as I feared it was going to be a more casual diner-type place. Downsides for me? Loud music and slow service. Upsides...what I went for! You won't find coke on the menu, so i opted for the house lemonade and went for salted caramel chicken and waffles (what can i say i love my sugar). The pieces of chicken were really juicy and their fried coating was amazing! Waffles were perfectly light so i could just about still breathe after eating most of it (waffles typically wind me!). Definately worth if it you're into that kind of vibe (up and coming hip-area etc).
  • Photo of O&Msmom
    5 months ago
    Spread the love is their motto, and they do so with their incredible menu. We went to the downtown Ludlow location and though we were early for the dinner menu, their in between fried chicken and mac and cheese kept our hunger at bay. Dinner was an amazing shrimp and grits for my husband, fried chicken and waffles bathed in a delicious salty caramel for me. I think the best was the ambiance. It's definitely a neighborhood place and the music was just right. I also need to give a shout out to the insane donut dessert, we had the pecan bourbon donut with the pecan bourbon ice cream (what!!).
  • Photo of SaW43
    6 months ago
    The salted caramel chicken with waffles was very tasty, the crawfish hush puppies were okay, the lobster boil special was not. The lobster and clams were tough and overcooked. The service was exceptionally slow and the noise was deafening.The chicken was four star, the rest not.
  • Photo of jordykar
    6 months ago
    Sweet Chick is amazing, the chicken and waffles are to die for! I would go back anytime! Service was good as well.
  • Photo of MRidley
    6 months ago
    Brunch done friend and I had to wait about 20 minutes for a table. The place is small, but you don't feel cramped. Waiters were very courteous and accommodating. No snobbish brunch waiters here. For the price, you get a lot of food. I had the chicken and waffles. Two large pieces of delicious fried chicken and 4 huge waffles with powdered sugar...yum... My friend had the Eggs Benedict with a side of grits. The grits had pieces of onion in it, so she wasn't too fond of that. Food was delicious other than the grits. We both had OJ and coffee and with tax & tip, $60 for both of us. Everyone around us, it seemed, was ordering the Chicken & Waffles. When my friend and I meet up every 2-3 months for brunch, we end up staying and catching up for at least 2 hours. You can always tell when the waiters are trying to hurry you out the door. Even though it was a busy Sunday brunch day, there was never any feeling of being rushed. We had to actually ask for our bill, which is a good sign.
  • Photo of Angela H
    6 months ago
    Aaaahhh. After arriving back at my hotel I was so hungry and ventured next door to Sweet Chick for take out. Salted caramel chicken and waffles. Amazingly tasty, lots of sauce and soft waffles. Didn't have to wait long either and it was quite busy. Service was great. Vibe was good and staff friendly.
  • Photo of kaiaschroder88
    6 months ago
    Enjoyed eating here. The waffles are amazing. Nice vibe. Packed. Drinks are good. Bit pricey but worth it.
  • Photo of J-M-Lyonsx
    7 months ago
    Hands down, without doubt the finest fried chicken I have ever EVER eaten. The coating is crisp, perfect crunch and properly spiced - the meat was perfect. And that was before we even get onto the sides. All of which were outstanding. Staff were friendly and helpful and the bar was well stocked. 10/10 would definitely visit again when in NYC
  • Photo of Rachel U
    7 months ago
    I live in the south where chicken and biscuits are a thing. Trust, this place does a phenomenal job taking the classic recipe and bumping it up a notch. All the food I tried was so delicious; the sliders, the mac and cheese, the roasted brussel sprouts special... They even have vegetarian chicken and waffles! My vegetarian friends said they were tasty. We sat at the bar and the bartender was nice and attentive. Atmosphere was fun and relaxed. Definitely worth the trip!
  • Photo of Larush62
    7 months ago
    Came here for brunch with a friend. We were told a 35 min wait, but got seated after only 10 min.Nice! I got a hard cider and friend got a Bellini. All good. I ordered the Benny and my friend ordered the chicken and waffles. We also got a side of the mac and cheese. Disappointed in the mac and cheese. Creamy, but not very flavorful or cheesy. I find this in a lot of restaurants. A handful of some shredded sharp cheddar in there would have solved the problem easily. We didn't finish it. Oh well. I tasted my friend's waffles and they were good. She enjoyed the chicken, as well. A few flavored butters are served with it, which is nice, but the waffles weren't very warm, so the butter didn't melt. My Benny was completely cold. And the food came out strangely fast, which was odd. I asked for them to heat it up, worried, of course, that the yolks would be overcooked and the sauce would separate. Luckily, that didn't happen, though the potatoes were a bit dry and over crispy. The dish was tasty and filling. Service was fine. Chairs aren't terribly comfortable. Overall, a few mis-steps, but I'd say it was ok.
  • Photo of k B
    7 months ago
    We stopped in later in the evening before heading back to the hotel. Chicken sliders are very good mix of sweet and savory with a hint of spice. The creamy mac and cheese is oh Ssp yummy. Will definitely boost again. War Ming this is a very popular location and there tends to be line ups top get in..... Well worth the wait!
  • Photo of AMM1997
    7 months ago
    Sweet Chick is a cute little spot on the LES. It has a very causal feel to it with picnic tables to sit at inside. The chicken and waffles were excellent, and it is neat how you can pick from a variety of waffle flavors. If you're craving some Southern/ comfort food, I don't think you can go wrong here!
  • Photo of mstalbott
    7 months ago
    Went to this restaurant with friends as both of them had been to other locations. I noticed that the location was small but at least it wasn't loud and noisy. I had the peach lemonade and the chicken and waffles. My friends also ordered the chicken and waffles, one ordering the special for the day made with sweet buns. We also ordered breakfast potatoes, macaroni and cheese and grits as sides. All the food was fabulous and I took the leftovers on my train ride home. I will definitely go back to this restaurant and even try other locations in the near future. I recommend reservations as everyone loves this place as much as I did 😊
  • Photo of Lefever78
    7 months ago
    After seeing the beautiful city at night from the Brooklyn bridge, we were a bit hungry and we decided to go try this place as we heard so much about it. It was after midnight, crowd is much more louder and music was even much louder. Fried chicken and spicy pecan waffle were good but nothing exceptional. Because everything was so loud we just wanted to get out of there quickly. Maybe we were chick!
  • Photo of Sarah W
    7 months ago
    We were staying at the Indigo Hotel so this place was right across from us. We had brunch our first morning and really enjoyed ourselves. We were sat at the most adorable tiny table by the window. The service was good, the food was timely and delicious and at reasonable prices. They had lots of different breakfast options too, and our waffles came with three different flavoured butters! YUM.
  • Photo of mjonesdj2
    8 months ago
    The food was great. The service was friendly. I really enjoyed this place. I highly recommend the brunch on weekend.
  • Photo of Hung V
    8 months ago
    I worry about exaggerating things but this has been one of the best places I've ever been to for comfort food. My partner had the Chicken and Waffles and I had the Fried Chicken Burger. While it was almost exhausting to get through, the burger was succulent and tasty. A moment in time simply enjoyed by the pleasures of having a tasty burger with perfect fried chicken. The staff were friendly and were accommodating when I asked for a Canadian Club and Dry. They were definitely generous with their alcohol! A definite recommendation to try this place out.
  • Photo of Cindy W
    8 months ago
    I've never had chicken and waffles before so I have nothing to compare this to but I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience. I had a special for the day - BBQ Chicken with pineapple waffles and it was excellent! The rest of our party had other variations and everyone was pleased with their selections. The service was great and the atmosphere was as well. I'm going back next time I'm in NYC.
  • Photo of McStrokin
    8 months ago
    I heard Rapper/entrepreneur Nas was a partial owner of Sweet Chick so that compelled me to check this establishment out. Located on the Lower Eastside not far from the Williamsburg Bridge it's a great place to eat and go see some of NYC's greatest attractions. The food at Sweet Chick was pretty good. The Chicken & Waffles were very flavorful. The Lemon butter really compliments everything. Chicken was crispy and juicy with a hint of rosemary flavor. The ambiance is Hip Hop influenced. You can hear old school Hip Hop playing in the background as you dine. Mos Def, the Roots, Third Base etc etc. If you're familiar with the genre you already know. I'll definitely be back to try a few more dishes...

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