Photo of Supreme in New York, NY, US
Photo of Supreme in New York, NY, US
Photo of Supreme in New York, NY, US
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  • Photo of Jose Carlos Muoio
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  • Photo of APNYC111
    5 months ago
    Review regarding the Lafayette store: Truthfully, I’ve never seen such poor management when it comes to conducting business. Over the course of ONE WEEK, my fiance and I ATTEMPTED to visit this store FOUR times. The first was Monday, Sept. 11 and we were not let in because it was too late and the store would be closing in 15 minutes. The 2nd was Thursday, September 14th but a special event was going on; therefore, one needed to make reservations in advance. The 3rd was Saturday, September 16th. Get this, I call ahead (by now I should know better, correct?). I am told that the store closes at 7 PM even though it is listed as 7:30 PM online!! Additionally, I was told that I would have to be in line by 6 PM in order to get into the store. Alright, so we make sure to get there ‘in time’. Guess what? Still not allowed to enter the line. The last straw was Sunday when we went with ample time to spare and the line was around the block. I could care less.. seriously I don’t care for the store, the brand or its contents but it meant something to my fiancé which is why we attempted to visit this store 4x. How can you possibly run a business this way? The bouncers… eh hem.. excuse me RUDE security guards will let in a tall blonde but hey a 5’3 Asian girl can’t possibly sweet talk her way in. I’d much rather invest in a Chanel bag. At least they know how treat their customers. It’s downright appalling to have to waste the time, energy or effort (and where I come from time is $$$$$) on a store, which not only filters its customers but cannot accommodate them either. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN. Chanel.. here I come! As for my fiancé, trust me, I’ll find an alternative.
  • Photo of Ben M
    6 months ago
    We visited on a Thursday to find no line or security guards. We just wandered on in. No caps, no t-shirts. Mostly non supreme branded clothing. My son purchased a 4 pack of socks with a price tag of ¥3900. The shop overcharged us massively - charging us ¥7900 instead. When we realised (while leaving) - the shop assistant just shrugged his shoulders, played with his calculator and handed back the difference. If visiting Tokyo and looking for desirable brands - avoid the Supreme store and instead visit one of many 2nd hand shops for high end brands in the immediate vicinity in Harajuku. Most stock genuine Supreme items with little to no wear.
  • Photo of Ourania C
    7 months ago
    Bouncers have power trips, like someone in the line is gonna act up. They are tweens and teenagers, get a life. Overpriced and understocked.
  • Photo of alundeberg
    7 months ago
    My 15 year old son wanted to go here. We made a special trip to the store and what a waste of time it was. First of all there really wasn't anything in the store, the music was loud and horrendous, merchandise overpriced for what it was. My son said they didn't even sell Supreme items. The worst was while sitting at the only bench in the store, my daughter was snap chatting a friend, unrelated to the store. She was told by a store security guard that pictures were not aloud. REALLY!!! It's a store, not a museum and an awful store at that. Happy to say we walked out empty handed.
  • Photo of WINEandTRAVEL
    8 months ago
    Had to check this place out as my son is an avid collector of Supreme and he wanted to stop by. Even though there's really nothing to buy, as everything they sell sells out in a matter of minutes, it was still cool to check out the shop. There were a lot of people swirling about in and in front of the shop.
  • Photo of Karen Z
    a year ago
    We took our teenagers to the Supreme Store in Paris. The staff scolded my son for touching their merchandise and we were told to hurry and purchase (there were people waiting outside). The quality was mediocre but the prices were steep. Lousy product and service was disturbing. Stay away would be our advice.
  • Photo of Cantstandbadhotels
    My 16 year old goddaughter and I went here and there was a big lineup. We were told new merchandise is dropped every Thursday but to get in line for it, you needed a ticket. To get a ticket, you had to get an email from Supreme on the Monday before that told you where to go to pick up the ticket. Complicated enough?? My goddaughter got an email that sent us to Corlears Park where the Supreme security guy(s) would have a ticket. It was a $50 taxi ride there and back, and surprise, surprise, no one was at the park. We were both upset and when I called the store, they said that the security guys must have finished. But the email stated they would be there until 5 pm and we were there at 3 pm. I'm disgusted at the whole process that sends us miles from the store to pick up a non-existent ticket for the thrill of lining up to buy their merchandise three days later. Unbelievable! Amazing marketing but, as it doesn't work very well, I wonder how long thiscompany will last.
  • Photo of Anne D
    a year ago
    My 15 year old son was excited to go and buy a piece of clothing from Supreme. Well, the selection was so limited he had to settle for a backpack for $160!
  • Photo of debsdebomb
    a year ago
    Showed up righ before closing, so I totally get it. I would get it if someone said sorry we can't let anyone else in with 15 min before close. I was of course stuck in traffic, with my 13 year old brothers who wanted nothing more than a trip to Supreme. It just didn't happen, then door man/ security/ some one with too much power or zero purpose just waved us away, kinda like you'd swat a fly. Look I was will and very prepared to do some panic grab and go shopping and spend whatever. I'm happy I didn't have too, I am also happy that the boys got to see what happens when people think there stuff is so amazing hat they don need to be nice or even pretend. Sucked or the boys, saved me a ton money. Good luck
  • Photo of LisaV1213
    a year ago
    After much anticipation we finally made it to Supreme. My boys had it as one of their top three stores to visit while we were in New York. We went on New Year's Day and they were closed and while we were standing there at least 40 to 50 people congregating outside thinking it was going to be open as well. Since we were in the city we went back the next day and when I walked in I was totally shocked at the limited amount of merchandise. We were prepared for the high prices because we saw it online. The staff was very friendly and helpful and did not treat us different-I explained we were just coming in to buy something with the supreme name on it. It was successful as both my kids ended up with merchandise. For the ultimate label shopper it's perfect - I think it was a one time trip to that store for us.
  • Photo of Kathryn B
    a year ago
    I did a special trip to this store to buy some things for my teenage son. There was such a weird vibe in the shop. Lots of guys just standing around, looking staunch, and doing a superb job of ignoring customers. I took some items up to the counter and mentioned my son was a big fan, which was met with a barely audible grunt. Wow... really? I left the shop, telling the security guard they had just provided the worst service I had experienced in NYC. Fortunately I found a store a couple of blocks away that stocked clothing from PlasmaLab. Cool clothing produced by four very clever graphic designers, plus great, attentive service. I really hope they do well. They deserve it.
  • Photo of GeoRoadWarriors
    a year ago
    Arrived at Supreme early on a release day to be told that we had to have come by on Monday to meet in a secret location to sign a piece of paper to get a ticket for the chance of lining up on the release day. So if you have traveled thousands of miles to get there, forget it unless you book a whole week. The hype is at the point of ridiculous - the brand it hot, the prices are high, the atmosphere with the security folks and the lineups is unpleasant. The system pretty much ensures it is the resale guys who get the merchandise, not the fans who really want to support the brand. They end up buying it resale and supporting the resale people. The 17 year old who we visited for said that this is the last time and he has lost interest in the whole circus. For balance, we have also visited the store in LA - totally different atmosphere and tone to the visit. Felt welcome and energized - not the feeling in NYC. Amazing that a brand that is selling you something makes it almost impossible to purchase the product and makes you feel like they are doing you a favour letting you stand in line for hours. Never again!
  • Photo of Paul W
    a year ago
    Traveled 100000s of miles to get here to be treated like crap don't think the staff even looked up Stop surportinf these guys and they will fold
  • Photo of ladypizz
    a year ago
    We really wanted to have lunch at Buvette around the corner, but due to time constraints, ended up here... They were down to one server, so it was quite slow and the food was good, but it didn't have the quaint and charming vibe we really wanted. If you're just needing a decent meal while out and about, I would suggest it, but if you want something special, then wait for Buvette!
  • Photo of panster
    a year ago
    Went here to buy things for. 14 year old. Bought several items. Staff helpful. Prices high but apparently this stuff is very cool. Got in without waiting in line.
  • Photo of Eric L
    2 years ago
    Not a Supreme fan but had to visit since its a world famous and exclusive brand! The staff service was bad and rude too! The season drops were over when I arrived, so all I got was some stickers and water flask. This place is all hype and always crowded. Nothing much unless there are new releases, but other than this, its just a very simple laid out store. Must see if you're a trendsetter and street wear enthusiast.
  • Photo of Minkyung S
    2 years ago
    wehn you get here you will be guided to stay in the line. had no idea why people waited so long to buy clothes and bags... it was quite an experience.
  • Photo of Sagacious_Reviewer
    The store will never have any of the products you actually want. It will just have stickers and thrasher products. You also have to wait to get in, but I recommend stopping by just for the experience. Though don't be suprised if you leave empty handed because it's not going to have anything you want unless you go on Thursday morning and wait in a long line.
  • Photo of BillySalts
    2 years ago
    Wow. Lotsa hate for the NYC Supreme store. Take it from the guy who's seen trends come and go, the brand is here to stay and the NYC store is their flagship store. Supreme stores are only in a few locations, LA, NYC, London and Tokyo. Don't hate on the brand, you aren't going into Zumiez or Macys to pick up Supreme clothing. It's Hats, Coats, Shirts or Sneakers. Its a brand when you see someone wearing the logo, you know it took some work to get. I've been into sneakers since the 70s. When I was a kid, Converse Chuck Taylor all stars in Brooklyn was standard gear. (I have a fresh new pair to this day) When I moved to Long Island is where the suburban kids were all about Pumas and Adidas. Sneakers are integrated into the American culture. It's who we are! As I got older, I never lost my love for the sneaker. I bought a cool looking John Varvatos leather sneaker in SOHO a few years back. You can wear them with nice looking jeans and a sports coat, shorts and a tee shirt, I can go on and on. To have a Supreme store in NYC is very cool. Everyone wants Supreme, its branding isn't diluted with second tier resellers. You want them? Wait in line or go online. Don't like it? Too bad. Supreme makes some crazy sneakers, look online for Supreme Jordan 5's. They sell for a few hundred but online they'll go for over $800 bucks easy. I like Vans. My sons on fathers day bought me a pair of Supreme Vans! Its a very limited sneaker. People have stopped me on the street saying very cool shoes. What Supreme does well is great collaborations. Their seasonal clothing line, they've made a few custom jackets with Northface. Very cool and very $$. This store is perfect for SOHO. Inside its a little chaotic but they have up to date clothing. The lines, even in the winter are long. (I suggest going early in the spring, still long but you'll be warm) Supreme, thanks for making me a baller. If someone tries to jack me for my sneakers, I will fight you to the death
  • Photo of 108anttis
    2 years ago
    A shop was cool and the people was friendly but there were potheads/skaters hanging around. Prices are pretty high and if you are looking for something special item prepare that it can be propably out of stock.

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