Photo of Sticky's Finger Joint in New York, NY, US
Photo of Sticky's Finger Joint in New York, NY, US
Photo of Sticky's Finger Joint in New York, NY, US
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Sticky's Finger Joint

American Restaurant

Sticky's Finger Joint14
fried chicken • fries • salted caramel pretzel • great chicken

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  • Photo of Madeleine Lacehsnez
    salted caramel chicken fingers
  • Photo of sem2048
    3 months ago
    Stopped here twice while in NYC, food was great and the strawberry lemonade was delicious! Prices were reasonable, my only complaint was that on our 2nd visit, one of the two members of staff working was sitting down screaming down the other end of his mobile phone. After a short while, he slammed the phone down and stormed into the back of the restaurant swearing ruining what would of been an enjoyable meal for us.
  • Photo of SpinePA
    7 months ago
    My friends and I recently visited Stickys for the first time about a week ago. I was excited to try their food since it looked so good on their Instagram account. I was a bit disappointed by the service and the food though. The cashier was not interested in helping us and she had one of her friends hanging out at the register. She ignored us for about 30 seconds before she reluctantly offered to take our order. The food was at best "meh". Definitely not worth the trip.
  • Photo of sueylt
    8 months ago
    The 5 piece chicken fingers with fries was over $15 and the quality was awful. The chicken tasted as if it was cooked in old grease and it was over cooked. The fries were ok.
  • Photo of bphisher
    10 months ago
    All around this is a decent spot for French Fried and chicken fingers. Better than fast food if you're in the area.
  • Photo of R R
    a year ago
    Chicken fingers are OK, not great. But the staff is just a bunch of kids hanging around listening to loud music. They don't particularly care about you or want to help; they're just there in case you pester them enough to get some service. And then double-check everything you tell them so they can get it right. If the food were unbelievable it wouldn't matter so much, but the food is just OK. And the sauces are actually not that good.
  • Photo of kawh
    a year ago
    Loved this place when they first opened. WHY did they stop having veggies on the menu?? This made it a lunch worth having-- less guilt! Returned these years later and the chicken is still very good. But I see it's operated more like a fast food joint (but with the higher prices)... chicken sitting around a while before being served. French fries too. No more carrots. Messy space. Sorry to see them slip. Won't hurry back on my next NYC visit.
  • Photo of bphisher
    a year ago
    Great fingers and fries and really good sauces - get the jalapeño Mac cheese sauce. Real good for a reasonable unhealthy meal when you wanna veg out
  • Photo of Ali G
    a year ago
    So I went there just randomly one night and have been going back since then. The food is great. I know it's just chicken and fries but it doesn't feel like that when you are eating it. I only get the Popper basket with the Thai Chili sauce and the Cheese sauce. Aww! Talk about awesome. They have lots of other flavor combos that you can try but it's really good food when you just want something not to heavy. My only issue with this joint is on of the workers. She was extremely rude and literally stood up arguing with some of us over. But I won't let her ruin my experience. The place is really small so it's better to take your food to go. It takes like three minutes from order to check out. Try it. You should be able to find something that you like there. The do sell more than fries and chicken.
  • Photo of ianshamshey
    2 years ago
    I had been watching for the opening of Sticky's Finger Joint and when I passed the other day, I realized that it was already in full swing. I got a copy of the take out menu just to see what was available and to make an educated choice when i got to the counter. After perusing the menu, I ordered the poppers without fries and I had the choice of one sauce so i got the sassy BBQ. [it could have been a little more tangy!] I was hungry but not too much but did not realize how much food I would be getting. They were delicious. The staff was very helpful and the food arrived quickly. It is a fairly small place but there is adequate seating and there is also a counter along one wall. I would recommend and return.
  • Photo of Dennishulse
    2 years ago
    I read a lot of rave reviews about this place so I was excited to finally try it. It has a limited menu and while the french fries with gravy and bacon was interesting on the menu it was kind of bland and goopy in reality. The chicken was not as crispy as I would have liked.
  • Photo of GeeC5
    2 years ago
    Typing this with sticky fingers (haha), but it's as good as the reviews say. Super tender white-meat chicken that is only further enhanced by their sauces. The original Sticky sauce is pretty darn good. Guilty pleasure guaranteed. One dude walked in and ordered a salad... Seriously? Load up, but 5 pieces/"Large" is a big serving - 3 or "Regular" would be heaps for most peeps (?reduces guilt somewhat?).
  • Photo of Vicki M
    2 years ago
    Juicy white-meat chicken, crackling crispy, without being either dry OR greasy, and they offer a good variety of toppings. We tried the fries, too, which also stayed crisp, even though it was 20 minutes or so before we got them home to eat.
  • Photo of jmemrick
    2 years ago
    I heard about Sticky's Finger joint from a friend who had tried it and LOVED it and I was not disappointed. The girl who rang us up was super friendly and made us feel like regulars. They have a huge selection of interesting topping combinations to try, with fun flavors like salted caramel pretzel and thai fiesta! If you don't want to try one of their more daring flavors, you can always go with the original tenders and dip them in one of the many DELICIOUS sauces. The restaurant itself is pretty small and offers a few indoor seats (not recommended if it's summertime! Take it to the park instead) and is decorated with photos, art, and funky designs. The food is reasonably priced. If you want to try the best fried chicken of your life, you have to try Sticky's.
  • Photo of Spencer S
    2 years ago
    Wow, I was not expecting that a chicken fingers "joint" could be so delicious. I ordered honey mustard fingers with bacon and truffle parm fries. Both were out of this world, and the flavor lasted me for hours :)
  • Photo of NZMarty
    2 years ago
    Heard about this from a Village resident and the actual store does not reflect the delicious decadent chicken and fries done in a number of ways. Forget the diet and stuff yourself with it!!
  • Photo of bryan377
    2 years ago
    Had blown into town to catch a concert at Webster Hall on New Years Eve and had just checked into the Washington Square Hotel. Time was short and we didn't want to spend a lot of money on food. Took a quick glance online and the name of this place caught my eye. The hotel staff hadn't heard of it, but we literally ducked out the front door and down MacDougal and there it was. It's a narrow store front, you could easily miss the place if you weren't looking for it. The inside is simple, a raised table and chairs on one end, fixed low tables and chairs toward the storefront entrance. The girl at the counter appeared to be new and in training. Seemed that the cook was coaching her from nearby; but it worked. This is a fried chicken joint, the menu is fairly limited. I would direct you toward the signature meals and/or baskets. I opted for a "Vampire Killer" chicken finger basket which came with medium fries. We sat and waited for what seemed like kind of a long time; but we were pressed for time, so it may have just seemed longer. On entry we were the only one's there. As we waited there was a steady stream of customers and incoming staff. The other customers were families and students (probably NYU). During our wait we were able to collect our thoughts. Being Central New Yorkers, I always feel like I enter the city in a frantic mode trying to get to destinations on time. In those few minutes, I was able to chill out and realized we were in a good place. Many of the other customers were regulars, knowing what they wanted when they stepped to the counter. They were relaxed and it made me feel that much more comfortable. It made for good shelter to collect my thoughts and think through the rest of the nights plans. The white walls were adorned with dollar bills and black magic marker graffiti that kept me entertained while we waited for our food. The décor is simple, predominately stainless steel. The food was brought by a pleasant waitress. My basket was simple but well presented. Three sizable fingers with a dollop of garlic sauce and small pieces of garlic in it on each finger. Fries were plentiful. This was not an expensive meal and I immediately realized I'd gotten my money's worth. The wait was well worth it. My chicken was fried to perfection and thoroughly cooked through. The garlic proportion was just right and guess what, not one vampire approached me for the rest of the night. It must've worked! The fingers were huge, tasty and meaty. I can usually take or leave fries. These were great. They had a full bodied taste, but were very light. (Not like the greasy, heavy fries I often encounter elsewhere). I was barely able to finish everything and my hunger was perfectly satiated. Before long we were back into the night to continue our adventure. We had a great trip, but that meal is still on my mind. Hope to get back there again...
  • Photo of Svein222
    2 years ago
    Perfect fried chicken with perfect choice of sauces! Try the truffle fries and go crazy on the best fried chicken in NYC!
  • Photo of Sarah186317
    2 years ago
    This place isn't much to look at from the outside but the chicken and sauces are amazing!! Really fresh chicken and delicious skin-on fries – plus great value for money. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of PTycz
    2 years ago
    Loved the thick juicy chicken fingers and the selection of different sauces for dipping. The fries are very crunchy and also go well with the sauces. I would definitely come again.
  • Photo of Howard A H
    2 years ago
    Although a big fan of fried chicken I would recomend you go elsewhere It is $12 you will never get back and a meal that is forgetable

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