Photo of Shun Lee Cafe in New York, NY, US
Photo of Shun Lee Cafe in New York, NY, US
Photo of Shun Lee Cafe in New York, NY, US
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Shun Lee Cafe

Chinese Restaurant

Shun Lee Cafe13.5
peking duck • crispy beef • spring rolls • brown rice

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  • Photo of Olivia Greer
    4 years ago
    Yummiest Chinese
  • Photo of jeviolin
    2 months ago
    We arrived late in the evening and had a very cordial reception. Special cooking for us vegan... Buddha's delight, vegetable soup and baby eggplants were excellent!
  • Photo of _adamwaddell777
    3 months ago
    We went there on a recommendation and were SO disappointed. No atmosphere and the food was awful. Was expecting lovely fresh Chinese food - came out feel ing deep-fried. Bill was $240 for 2 adults and 2 kids. Hated it. Wife was sick that night.
  • Photo of Tracey W
    3 months ago
    Visited this restaurant recently and the food was good. The restaurant has a good interior and the food is nice so there shouldn't be a problem - right?? Wrong!! There's was a problem at the end. When it came to settling the bill, the waiter said there was not enough cash put down. My husband then realised that he was being asked for a bigger tip. The waiter told us that he was expecting 15% which would of brought the tip up to $60 which is rather excessive. The English reward good service only - not throw ridiculous amounts of dollars because it is expected or in this case demanded. Our second visit to this restaurant but it will be our last. A shame but we will not be bullied by a greedy waiter.
  • Photo of Mike T
    3 months ago
    I was hankering for some old-fashioned Chinese food so dropped into ShunLee. I ordered a hot and sour soup and the Buddha Delight along with a Tsing Tao beer. For the price they charged for the soup I thought the bowl would be a lot bigger; but was a relatively small bowl. The soup had a strong taste of white pepper and was nowhere near the quality of h&s soups I've had in many other places. The Buddha Delight had the standard veggies and didn't have many of the exotic ingredients I've had in other Buddha Delights. Mainly carrots and broccoli with bamboo shoots. Not very exciting dining fare. Also the dish had a sour taste. The surroundings are exotic and the interior is huge and lush. Too bad the food didn't match the decor.
  • Photo of efeld5140
    4 months ago
    Tastefully decored restaurant with many delicious and authentic dishes. Duck is my favorite, along with Shanghai soup dumplings and spare ribs. Shrimp and other seafood prepared Szechuan style is not to be ignored. Try the eggplant in garlic sauce. A meal in itself. Round it all off with a mai tai (strong!) and you are in the garden of eden!!
  • Photo of adschlaht
    5 months ago
    Let me start by saying I'm a foodie and my food expectations are always high. This place was delicious and accompanied by attentive exceptional service. Get the crispy Beef and lobster. It won't disappoint. After these reviews I was expecting to be underwhelmed but I was so pleased. The soup dumplings were also great as was the fried rice. I'll be back for sure!
  • Photo of Josephine F
    5 months ago
    I don't know what happened to this restaurant. It used to be good. However, my friend and I didn't have a good experience last night. We ordered two simple dishes, Buddhist Delight and Bak Choy, and the food was awful--greasy and w/o taste. Even the white rice was awful--burnt and sticky, as if it was scraped from the bottom of the pot. When we spoke to the waiter, he was completely indifferent. I could have gotten better food from my local Chinese restaurant at a fraction of the price. We left and went across the street to Le Pain Quotedian for decent food.
  • Photo of AJAX6965
    6 months ago
    Always reliable, Shunlee West is larger than its east side twin but with the same reliable food--we went for the Orange Beef and Peking Duck as always. Prompt service and quiet-ish atmosphere.
  • Photo of Richard B
    7 months ago
    The only reason we consider eating here is the short distance to Lincoln Center. As indicated the dining room carpets were worn and dirty--hopefully the kitchen floors and counters were in much better shape. The menu is tired old Chinese and full of yesterday's favorites which no long make the grade. ShunLee loves its cornstarch in almost everything served. Would hate to risk eating any seafood wondering if it's been cleaned properly and farmed instead of being wild. The servers try hard but quite can't figure out how it's done properly. The food, the ambiance, and the experience just don't come together to make a pleasant dining experience. What a far cry from what we have at home in San Francisco. New York City should be ashamed.
  • Photo of Sarushkaya
    7 months ago
    It has been years since I visited Shun Lee. I was very glad I came back. Reservations are hard to get, but I was able to secure one for us within a week of the performance at The Met. We were promptly escorted to a perfect corner round table for six under a Dragon floating from the ceiling. We did a family shared meal, ordering different dishes and sharing it. Started with Pomegranate Sangria and I ordered a Ginger Mojito. Both drinks were liked. The Hinger Mojito takes a couple of sips to settle in your palate. Vegetable Steam Dumplings were savory and light and Spring Rolls to start. Main dishes were Prawns with Garlic & Scallions; Orange Beef; Sesame Chicken; Young Chow Fried Rice. The Shrimp were giant in a delicious sauce. The Beef crispy and tangy. The Chicken was a hit. The Fried Rice delicious. For dessert Cantonese Mango Pudín, velvety and melt in your mouth. Mandarin Cheese Cake, very light and fluffy. Coffee and Fortune cookies. Service was attentive and well paced. They have a Café next door with a similar menu in a less formal setting.
  • Photo of Liana C
    7 months ago
    Shun Lee, both the Lincoln Center and the Midtown location, is our favorite place for Chinese food in New York. This time, we came in late and (close to 10 pm) and only wanted to snack on their steamed dim-sum and enjoy a classic martini. We had scallop dumplings, shrimp dumplings, mushroom dumplings, and some pork shumai. Everything was delicious. To end this little meal, we had a hot and sour soup, and a steaming pot of tea. The best thing was that for the first time, the place was quiet. Usually we stop there before a concert or an opera, and it's bustling with clients and waiters.
  • Photo of DanH2030
    7 months ago
    Come for the food, be amazed and dazed by the checkerboard walls and ceiling! This place is like Alice in Wonderland meets Dim Sum at Chinese New Year! Complete with all 12 animals of the year popping out of the walls and ceiling. This review is for eating Dim Sum for lunch on a Sunday. We have eaten a lot of Dim Sum in various places and the quality definitely varies. Here at Shun Lee there was both a good variety and good quality. We appreciated the breadth that of offerings, getting the standard har gau shrimp dumplings and also scallop dumplings (something you don't see often). We were able to eat off of the carts and also special order fresh dishes that they didn't have ready. Not cheap, but good and well worth the stop.
  • Photo of Waynegourmet
    9 months ago
    The waiter spilled not one but two glasses of water on the table. When we sat down they gave us onlly one menu. The food is terrible; perhaps it was acceptable in the 1960s when we first wentt but now they should start again
  • Photo of faurecia
    9 months ago
    This restaurant is actually two in one. There is the main dinning room and the cafe which is right next door. I have been to both and I think I like the cafe better especially if you are going to Lincoln Center. The cafe is much more casual and offers dim sum which is a great option as it allows you to be in and out pretty quickly. However we were also given the option of ordering off the main dinning room's menu so our group was able to order a few favorite dishes. Given the laid back atmosphere and being able to order off the main menu I think the cafe is the way to go. I am not an expert at dim sum but there don't seem to be a large selection though what they have will allow everyone to find something they like and everything was good.
  • Photo of Jae L
    10 months ago
    In recent decades, many Chinese restaurants in New York area offering delicious traditional American-Chinese dishes have disappeared. In their places, Chinese restaurants offering Chinese buffet or fusion Chinese dishes have appeared, making many diners miss their favorite traditional American-Chinese dishes that they used to enjoy in earlier decades. Shun Lee West Restaurant is one of the small number of Chinese restaurants which have continued to offer delicious traditional American-Chinese dishes. Its dishes, including Moo Shu Pork, Orange Flavored Beef, Hot and Sour Soup, preserve tastes of delicious traditional American-Chinese dishes. The restaurant's excellent dishes and efficient service combined with its spacious and classic interior make this restaurant a very popular high-end restaurant. It's location on 65th Street near Lincoln Center makes this restaurant even more popular among concert/theater crowds. For lunch, especially during weekdays, you don't need reservation. However, reservation is strongly recommended for dinner.
  • Photo of peter k
    10 months ago
    The food here is good and it is a good option if you are going to Lincoln Center and want Chinese. That said - go downtown for better food and a far smaller tab.
  • Photo of urbanflight
    10 months ago
    They have repainted, I think. The food is excellent. They use high quality ingredients and don't mask taste with too much oil and gratuitous hot spice. We had lamb chops and shrimp, both of which were excellent. We started by splitting my favorite dish -- Ants Climbing a Tree -- which is noodles with beef in a combination that perfection itself. My daughter was a convert, immediately, to this place.
  • Photo of 793casper
    10 months ago
    This was an old haunt of my late wife. We had nice Peking Duck egg rolls. The steamed Bass was very expensive. Minimalist portions with very little dressing/vegetables. The rest of the meal was fine. Cheap over priced cabernet sauvignon out of a box at $9 a glass. Good service but perhaps a little overpriced.
  • Photo of JAnneBNYC
    a year ago
    This was absolutely terrible. I hadn't been to Shun Lee in 2-3 years and it seemed like the perfect treat for our reunion with another family. Wow--how awful. Terrible service--though our waiters seemed overwhelmed by bad kitchen. The food was awful. Peking Duck appeared as a plate of chopped up bits of meat--looking like the leftovers from someone else's meal--and then was served in pancakes that literally we all thought were flour tortillas. This for $10 per portion. My lychee martini was so awful, I couldn't tell if it was gin or vodka. Sesame noodles were linguine with a little sauce. Fish with rice wine sauce was a complete mess--a gloppy pile of battered fish with scant mushrooms. The soup arrived after the main dishes. It was just one disaster after another. And all this rushed to us--after a long wait, it took three hours to eat--while our dirty dishes sat in front of us. And the bill was crazy--with beer, two bottles of wine and one martini, so not much alcohol, we spent almost $100 per person. I used to love this restaurant and now have to say it is a empty hearted and poor quality attempt to capitalize on all the years of wonderful NY memories. Yech....
  • Photo of BRIAN B
    a year ago
    This has always been a good choice for a pre show meal for nearby Lincoln Center. If you tell the wait staff what time you need to be out by, the meal will be timed for that. The food is good whenever the restaurant is busy but can suffer when the otherwise friendly, helpful staff are nearing the end of a busy shift. The Peking Duck can be a surprisingly small bird compared to other restaurants, the Dim Sum dishes are varied and fresh and the fairly limited menu will offer something for every one.

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