Photo of Robataya in New York, NY, US
Photo of Robataya in New York, NY, US
Photo of Robataya in New York, NY, US
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Asian Restaurant

sashimi • rice • grilled fish • sea bream

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  • Photo of Gael Greene
    3 years ago
    My parents live in Hong Kong and are terribly fussy. Where dare I take them? - They’ll love Robataya in the Village because it’s cheaper than the Robataya back home.
  • Photo of Samo Miller
    4 years ago
    Grilled fish
  • Photo of ytmelb
    5 months ago
    Fantastic 70$ set course menu, immaculate presentation . Strongly recommend phone booking to be at the chef counter . Wonderfully prepared. See photos , great wine list and sake . We had just. Had a holiday in Japan and I found the food its equal
  • Photo of Jeff T
    10 months ago
    Abusively expensive mediocre food served in a clownishly contrived atmosphere by a grumpy waiter who mercifully took only occasional breaks from staring at himself in the reflection of the window, doubtless contemplating what poor choices had brought him to this point in life, to waft by our table and mumble another excuse for why our tiny yet artfully stacked nibbles hadn't yet arrived. Three hours, 400 dollars and eleven bites of food later, we went for tacos.
  • Photo of lazoffb
    a year ago
    If you do not have the time to go to Japan, come to Robataya and sit at the grill up front. What you see in front of you is what you can order and will be grilled by expert grill masters in traditional old school technique. Sake (cold pls) is a must. Service is impecable. A real Japanese treasure in NYC right off NYU
  • Photo of ayseozkaya
    a year ago
    I went one of the my friends. We choose monu 2. Which was 80 $. That was a good idea choosing monu. Especially meat was so delicious and soft. Other nice things cooks. There are 2 cooks and you can see all details how tehy cook it. When you want to bill they gice chopstick as a present.
  • Photo of Miriam R
    a year ago
    Fantastic food and service. Our kids (and us) were entranced by the skillful chefs who cook in front of you, gathering and sharing plates using giant oars. Elegant atmosphere, great flavours. Not a budget restaurant but we felt it was well worth it for the lovely food and memorable experience. Thanks to our kind waiter, Jeremie, for looking after us so well. This place would also be a huge hit if it were in London ....fingers crossed!
  • Photo of KaiserBrit
    a year ago
    Returned to NYC recently to savour old neighbourhood haunts. Robataya is excellent. Sushi Sashimi Grilled Veg/Seafood/Meats - everything on-display prior to choosing. Super-Fresh. We always sit at the bar to provide an unobstructed view of the chefs grilling-away. The Tokyo sister Resto is also good but is full of ExPats. NYC has a great mixed crew w many Asians - a good sign!
  • Photo of Martin S
    a year ago
    we spent a frieday evening at the robataya and will surely come back. we chose the large menue with a selecti n of fish and meat, sahimi and sushi, soup and vegetables. the sake wine to go along with it was of great quality. it is a place suited bothfor a casual dinner with friends as well as business. a great experience.
  • Photo of Mali0788
    2 years ago
    We went to this restaurant with our Japanese friend. We sat at the counter which is a very good experience as you can see the chefs preparing the food for you and you can even pick from the fresh products in front of you, eg. the fish or vegetables you like. It is all really authentic and a great atmosphere. The food is great and diverse. The Sashimi was great, but in fact also all other dishes were delicious. The staff is really friendly. I would go back any time.
  • Photo of fleurentina87
    2 years ago
    love this restaurant because you get to see they have truly traditional japanese food.. We shared some dishes and the food is delicious! I strongly recommend the Aspara bou (asparagus), the crab kamameshi and the ginger ice cream fabulous place! ♥
  • Photo of Scott C
    2 years ago
    It's well worth it. There you can watch your meal cooked to perfection ... no gimmicks. The food is fresh and the flavor is amazing. They don't rely on spices or garnish. it's real food prepared very well. And a great social experience.
  • Photo of JJGRome
    2 years ago
    There are so many excellent japanese restaurants for sashimi in NY. So, if you are interested in more traditional cooking in a true Japanese atmosphere, try this one. If you are two , or alone , ask a seat at the counter. For 4 or more you should sit a the tables . At the counter you will have the fun of two cooks in front of you preparing grilled vegetables, meat or fish, etc...The rice in pots ( kama/kinoko for example ) will come from the kitchen. The waiter was most helpful in recommending an excellent sake ( i had Shichida ) that was a perfect choice for grilled fish. The fish is flown fresh directly from Japan . My seabream was from Nagasaki. Prices are very reasonable, $ 140 for two ( with tip ). Not the usual Japanese restaurant in NY. Try it.
  • Photo of Kate J
    2 years ago
    My Japanese stepmother introduced me to this place years ago and I have visited numerous times since then. Great ramen and soba, delicious bento box options. Fantastic service and casual ambiance. Big local presence. If you are in the East Village, give it a try.
  • Photo of Mabel S
    2 years ago
    Went there for my birthday, cause I only spurge on an expensive meal on a special occasion. The sashimi was really fresh. We had the blue fin tuna, yellow tail and sea bass. I love that we didn't have salmon even that's one of my favorite sashimi but I feel like I can have that anywhere. The grill meat and grill fish is their specialty. I feel that it's not outstanding and more like a show and entertainment. I would recommend any grill fish then the grill steak.
  • Photo of Limoncelloh
    3 years ago
    As you walk in, you see baskets of fresh vegetables and whole fish on ice. You select your food and it is cooked as you watch, if you are seated at the bar in the front of the restaurant. Great fun. I had a cornetfish. It was thin and round and about two and a half feet long. It had a delicate flavor and I enjoyed it. We also had some vegetables, which were grilled alongside the fish. We ordered the asparagus, pumpkin, potatoes and eggplant, all good. Friendly service. Convivial atmosphere.
  • Photo of Karen P
    3 years ago
    Specialty of this restaurant is the grilled items. Reserve a spot at the grilling area and see the chefs cook in front of you. All the fresh ingredients are laid out in front of you. Food was excellent. We ordered the whole fish, steak, various vegetables and the King Crab from the grilling section and the Kamameshi, rice with eel on top. The rice was not thoroughly cooked so we had to send it back and they made a new one for us. All in all, food was good but a bit pricey.
  • Photo of bellastroh
    3 years ago
    Lovely Restaurant, very unique décor and food. I would have loved to know that you have to ask to be seated at the bar to actually get the table front cooking experience. Our experience was great never the less, while we waited for out table we got to see a few minutes how they prepared the food. I would recommend eating just the small plates/appetizers, those were the best and great fun to share. Great food. We went with out kids and they liked it as well.
  • Photo of LightFeather51
    3 years ago
    Friendly service, everyone greeted in Japanese the minute we walked in and when we left the restaurant. It has a lively vibe. The first room, is bar seatings where you can see the chef preparing the food on the grill, the second room behind is more private with table seating. The fish are all very fresh, beautifully presented and perfectly grilled, maintaining the tenderness of the flesh, the juiciness, and the crunchy skin. The other vegetables, sweet potatoes, taro and mushroom plates are also very balance in the taste and the texture. Portions are small, and for sharing.
  • Photo of skb71
    3 years ago
    To have your good meal here is really entertainment. Very good service and atmosphere. Food is very good. Price is a bit high.
  • Photo of Giovanni D
    3 years ago
    I was with my girlfriend in this Japanese restaurant "TRUE" for the second time, I have to go there when I'm in NYC, they are very professional and the food is absolutely perfect if you love the real sushi. Carefully prepared before your eyes, go for a truly unique experience. One thing to point out the time, the restaurant closes at 22:45, so get there early.
  • Photo of tywo
    3 years ago
    We loved you when we could have a beautiful Japanese meal with friends in a convivial setting where we could talk and laugh and hear ourselves. Then you renovated and took out the panels separating the front and back rooms and let all the noise drown out our conversation. Worst of all, what have you done with the cooking??? The chawanmushi was divine as usual and the edamame (who can ruin that?) was tasty. But the salmon & salmon roe kamameshi which was so stellar now has no flavor. The chicken supposedly teriyaki was dry & uninteresting. The seared beef was raw with light brown edging. Also with little flavor. The tsukune was overwhelmed by shiso (not bad if you like shiso but awful if you don't). The sake recommendation was excellent. For an expensive meal (almost $100 per person), we expect superb food preparation and a saner noise level. We got neither. We have been coming once a year for some time now but no more.

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