Photo of Queen Of Sheba in New York, NY, US
Photo of Queen Of Sheba in New York, NY, US
Photo of Queen Of Sheba in New York, NY, US
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Queen Of Sheba

African Restaurant

Queen Of Sheba24
injera • bread • vegetarian sampler • lamb

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  • Photo of Valerie Petrov
    2 years ago
    Bozena shiro and kitfo have been the go to order for my BFF and me, going 10+ yes now
  • Photo of Maureen Sweet
    4 years ago
    Excellent spot for my first Ethiopian food experience.
  • Photo of Kurt F
    5 months ago
    Our family loved Queen of Sheba! We were stuck by the generous portions! Often times we order Ethiopian and struggle to feed all 7 of us. Not here! Great food The lamb and chicken were awesome. I ordered the kitfo. Not the best I have ever had, same with the doro watts but still very good. You will enjoy your visit here! And the cocktails were generous as well! Great experience!
  • Photo of Mike G
    6 months ago
    My friends and I always have a meal at Queen of Sheba when I'm in town, and it never disappoints. My favorite is the ground beef dish, as it's very tasty and perfectly spiced. We usually get two meat dishes and a vegetarian platter, and it's enough for three or four people.
  • Photo of DarnGoodPatron
    6 months ago
    We usually like to go to Meske only a block away at 47th and 10th before or after a show. We thought we'd try this place this time since the reviews on here seemed promising. What a disappointment! Not only was the service poor and the restaurant extremely dirty, but the food was awful. We found chunks of bone in dishes that weren't even supposed to have meat in them. Not one of the 10 dishes (we got both the meat and veggie combos) was good. We are Ethiopian foodies and it was the worst Ethiopian we ever had. We couldn't even stomach to eat what we ordered. The food, even the injera, and, the restaurant was nothing short of disgusting. We couldn't even stomach to talk about it after because it nauseated us so much. I expect better from trip advisor reviewers. This restaurant is in now way a place anyone should eat. I'm surprised it's not shut down or allowed to be open. It is by far the most deteriorated, dilapidated and disgusting restaurant I have been to. I wouldn't even dare to visit the restroom. It nauseates me to even recall it for this review.
  • Photo of terrapinfan2
    6 months ago
    My wife and I ate here recently. The food (Doro Wat and Vegetable Wat) were both very good, although the spices did not taste very authentic since we had lived in Ethiopia for two years. The service was excellent! I would recommend this restaurant for Ethiopian food.
  • Photo of pamelaruban
    7 months ago
    I was recommended this place to eat at as a good option for vegans and this restaurant did not disappoint! I got the vegetarian sampler platter with my friend to share. The vegetarian platter happened to be all vegan. It came with five deliciously spice spiced breads and a special very flat and spongy bread to eat them with. Be sure to get extra bread! It was interesting to see a bit of Ethiopian culture and read about the Queen of Sheba on the menu. The spice tea complimented the food perfectly and was very good. The atmosphere was cool and interesting and the server was very helpful and sweet. I didn't try any desserts, but will next time. I would highly recommend this place for vegan, vegetarians and meat eaters a like.
  • Photo of jayanti_dj
    8 months ago
    Plenty of options for vegetarians(no egg). Veggie sampler was good. Injera was nice and they kept bringing it constantly, Would like to visit again.
  • Photo of JLotz
    8 months ago
    We were like looking for a good but affordable restaurant after a Broadway show and stumbled upon Queen of Sheba and because 3 of us have never eaten Ethiopian, we decided we must try it. Omg!!! It was much, much better than any of the Ethiopian restaurants I've been to in Canada. Again, this is another have to eatery when in New York. The food is amazing,the service great and I'll definitely be back.
  • Photo of Knabebug
    8 months ago
    As a lover of Ethiopian food, I miss access to this cuisine on the Central California Coast. So whenever we get a chance, we take it. We have now been here three times. The prior times were when we lived in CT and took weekend stints down. The atmosphere and service is typical. Overall friendly, not hovering, not "American". If you expect constant checking on how you are, forget it. Also the food is freshly made. It takes time. All this is normal. Now to the food. The meat dishes were fantastic. The best was the Awaze Yebeg tibs, a spicy lamb stir fry. The kitfo ("Ethiopian Steak Tartare") was also great as were the chicken doro tibs . We had the veggie combo also. The greens (Gomen wat) and most of the other veggie dishes were good. What I thought was the misir wat was somewhat bland, not uncommon in some restaurants. My biggest disappointment was the azifa, a sort of "lentil hummus". (I may be the first gringo to describe it like this.) It usually is anything from that to a lentil salad with a mustardy taste. This one was dry, lacking acid and salt. Overall we really like this place. Obviously. Otherwise we would not have returned a few times. Try it!
  • Photo of milenabezrukova
    9 months ago
    Everything was way better than what I expected. The food was pretty awesome, the ambient was really welcoming (and I loved the ethiopian songs), and I will come back as soon as I have the chance.
  • Photo of Wilde_Thingy
    9 months ago
    Really nice restaurant in Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately we chose one of the sharing dishes which was a bit underwhelming. We were assured the other dishes would have been better but by this time we were full. So top tip, if you're there try the Tibbs or Kitfo rather than the sharing dish.
  • Photo of KARENnSEAN
    10 months ago
    I have had Ephiopian before but didn't think much of it. Ran into work friends and told me they were going here for lunch. It was a nice change for all the othwr places I have been to in the area. Nice mellow atmosphere with traditional music playing. Thw lunch special was delicious and I would definately return when I'm not feeling a burger or Chinese
  • Photo of Guzel16
    10 months ago
    It was my first time trying Ethiopian cuisine,I loved it.the spongy bread was so soft and delicious .its a perfect pre Broadway show dinner place !!!
  • Photo of matty-os
    a year ago
    this is heaven for a vegetarian (try the sampler which has lots of different dishes), and also for a meat eater. food is unusual but superbly excecuted. The anjera that some of the dishes are served on is to die for....huge portions as well which is just what we needed - the Mahr spritzer (honey wine with a vodka and soda) was 9$ which was a bargain. Love this place.
  • Photo of dana_christian
    a year ago
    We tried this restaurant as we felt like trying something new. The Location is nice and service is good. The staff gave us good indications of what to order. Overall the food was ok, but not as good as we expected. It will remain an interesting experience, but that's it.
  • Photo of Eric S
    a year ago
    While wandering and looking for something new, we found this tasty suprise. Very authentic food and plating. Attentive servers and good atmosphere (yes it is crowded, but we had no issues ) Looking forward to next trip to NYC so we can come here earlier.
  • Photo of Linsey H
    a year ago
    A vegetarian's dream! The food is healthy and delicious. The ambiance is nice. It's a very cozy, romantic place.
  • Photo of Reservationless
    a year ago
    Based on other Trip Advisor reviews giving this place less than perfect reviews under "Service", we made our reservation for a Tuesday night hoping to avoid the weekend crowd. But even tho we made a reservation a month in advance, they were nowhere near ready for us when we arrived. Our server was friendly, but none of the basics in service came through. Not enough water glasses, food came out way too late, they forgot to even put out napkins until after the appetizers arrived. Table next to us got their entrees 10 minutes before we did, even though they arrived 15 minutes after we did, etc. Then they made a mistake on the check, and gave us free dessert as sort of an apology. The food was excellent as other reviewers have noted, and yes, we actually will be back again. Maybe just caught them on a bad night - like they were missing a staff member somewhere.
  • Photo of Deborah C
    a year ago
    We were just wandering around and stumbled upon the restaurant. I really like Ethiopian food and the restaurant delivered a really good meal. We ordered a meat and a veggie and it was delicious. The "spongy bread" just soaked up the flavors and we wobbled out, feeling like our day had been made. This is not a fancy restaurant. The prices are good as is the food. The atmosphere is basic but hey, we were there for good food.
  • Photo of MugoH
    a year ago
    We were curious to try Ethiopian food and when we discovered the Queen of Sheba a few steps from our hotel decided to give it a try. We ordered a selection of vegetable wats (a stew or curry) and one beef variety. All were delicious. The meat was beautifully tender and the sauces full of flavour and spice. The wats are eaten with a tasty flat bread (Injera) which you use to scoop up the sauce (you get no cutlery, though I'm sure they would provide some if asked) The Ethiopian beer was good too! It was our most memorable meal during a week in NY, partly because it was a new experience but also because the flavours were so good. I would highly recommend it.
  • Photo of HGBPink
    a year ago
    My husband surprised me with a date night! Dinner and a show! - We had both never tried Ethiopian food before and wasn't sure what to expect but this place was GORGEOUS. I'm literally salivating remembering the food! We both can't wait to go back. As long as you don't mind eating without cutlery you will be fine! One word... YUMMY

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