Photo of Prohibition Bakery  in New York, NY, US
Photo of Prohibition Bakery  in New York, NY, US
Photo of Prohibition Bakery  in New York, NY, US
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Prohibition Bakery


Prohibition Bakery 34.5
mini cupcakes • pretzels • bite size • beer

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  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Saucy Pumpkin Cupcake: After a pumpkin-packed meal, there’s nothing more satisfying than a boozy cupcake made with pumpkin ale.
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  • Photo of Samo Miller
    4 years ago
    Leslie's boozy cupcakes
  • Photo of Citymaps
    4 years ago
    The Prohibition Bakery specializes in boozy cupcakes and sweets--from Margaritas to Old Fashioned-style cupcakes, this bakery is doin' it speakeasy style.
  • Photo of SnappleSpice
    a year ago
    I'm a fan of cupcakes and this place puts an interesting spin on them. I could really taste the alcohol in the cupcakes, which is good because its what one might expect from such a place. I personally wasn't the biggest fan (I actually felt the taste was TOO strong in some flavors), but I could see why this place might draw a crowd. They had 6 flavors available when we stopped by on a Saturday, so we tried all of them. Even though I don't drink beer, the beer and pretzel flavor was actually my favorite. I wish there was seating in this place, because it would have been nice to enjoy these mini cupcakes in the shop!
  • Photo of Presi Cositas M
    a year ago
    Local muy muy pequeñito,en un sótano de la calle. Hay que ir bastante atento para dar con el. Los cupcakes son más pequeños que los habituales,pero tremendamente sabrosos y con sabores sorprendentes. Nosotros probamos el de cerveza y pretzel que era el más conocido,y la verdad qué superó las expectativas. La mezcla de sabores en boca deja una sensación espectacular y con ganas de probar más,por lo que si final probamos dos más que nos aconsejo la dueña del local.
  • Photo of Mari M
    2 years ago
    O lugar é meio escondidinho. No balcão tem uma listinha com os cupcakes servidos na casa, e num quadro negro os especiais do dia. Do agridoce pretzel-com-cerveja a sangria bem docinho. Não pode perder
  • Photo of Shelean F
    2 years ago
    We definitely went out of our way to find this place but to my daughter that loves to bake it was worth the trek. We got a dozen and they were all gone within 15 minutes....they are bite size and our family of 5 were sharing them to sample them all😂 Cute title place!
  • Photo of Mr_CONCIERGE_NYC
    2 years ago
    If you're looking for a fix to satisfy your sweet tooth and your love for mixology drinks this is the best place to go to in New York City! Friendly staff & A great selection of alcoholic beverages in bite-size cupcakes! Get there early if you like the bacon cupcake I can't recall the name of the cupcake, but the day we went it wasn't available. But there were at least seven other cupcakes available!
  • Photo of colleendiane
    2 years ago
    This cupcake shop has a great atmosphere, and the fact that it's so easy to miss from the street absolutely plays into the whole prohibition theme. Make sure you're on the lookout as you head down the street, as they are not located at street level (if you or someone in your party has some mobility issues, the stairs to get down to the bakery might be an issue). There was only one person working in the bakery when we stopped in during a recent excursion to the lower east side, but there was also only one other customer in the shop while we were there, so there was no customer service issue. It's an in-and-out sort of place, so I don't imagine it's ever very crowded (don't plan to eat your treats there). In terms of the cupcakes, they are what you'd expect given the name: fun, boozy, and miniature. The toppings are put on when you order them, so they're not sitting out all day - no dried out cucumbers or stale pretzels on these little sweets! The fact that they're mini cupcakes can be a disappointment when you find a flavor you really love, but it also allows you to order several flavors at once to try them out...okay, fine, I bought all the flavors they had in store the day I went. Don't judge me. Which brings me to the only part of the review most people care about - the cupcakes themselves! Don't let the phrase "mini cupcakes" deter you. They're small, yes, but we're not talking Baked by Melissa tiny either, just your standard mini cupcake size. The cake itself was moist and had a good texture, while each of the cupcakes had just the right amount of frosting. Still, not all the flavors were home-runs either. The beer-and-pretzels flavor is outstanding, but birthday cake and Pimm's cup were a bit blah. I think a bit of revamping on a few of the flavors to add a bit more, well, flavor, and this would easily be a five star stop. Overall, this shop is definitely worth a visit - and with treats of this size, don't be shy about trying them all to find a favorite!
  • Photo of Dawn S
    2 years ago
    Walked passed this little place one day and had to stop in because of the name. Great branding/idea/location (very fitting due to its name) and perfect atmosphere but the staff was less than courteous and the cake was dry and cold. The cupcakes have very unique recipes but lose their appeal at the first bite.
  • Photo of Logan K
    2 years ago
    This place is a hidden gem! They only offer mini cupcakes and it seems like you have to get there early because they sell out quickly. The flavored we had were car bomb, margarita, birthday cake and beer and pretzel. Beer and pretzel was my favorite but they were all good.
  • Photo of Brooke S
    2 years ago
    This place is such a gem. I'm not a big cupcake person, or really a sweets person, but I love booze and these boozy cupcakes were perfect! They're not too sweet, bite sized, adorable, AND you can taste the booze. The Pretzels & Beer is ridiculous. It sounded weird, but I'm so glad I tried it. They're kind of out of the way, but they deliver so there's no excuses!
  • Photo of cafegirl1957
    3 years ago
    I strolled over to this little hole in the wall place while we were waiting for a table across the street at Clintons. The cupcake was really good!
  • Photo of CoachGina
    5 years ago
    Cupcakes are everywhere now but finding unique flavors are still a bit hard. My boyfriend and I passed by this place after breakfast and decided to stop in because their sign made me laugh. Prohibition Bakery has some awesome boozy mini cupcakes which are actually made with alcohol. We picked out a few like sangria, car bomb and beer and pretzel. The best one was beer and pretzel. Weird huh but it works. They're bite size so you can choose one of each flavor and not feel guilty!

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