Photo of Pouring Ribbons in New York, NY, US
Photo of Pouring Ribbons in New York, NY, US
Photo of Pouring Ribbons in New York, NY, US
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Pouring Ribbons


Pouring Ribbons74.5
great cocktails • craft cocktails • cocktail place • east village

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  • Photo of Aaron Pearson
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Ali Pappas
    2 years ago
    Fun (pricey) cocktails - speak easy
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  • Photo of Travel + Leisure
    2 years ago
    Set on an unremarkable stretch of Avenue B, this East Village bar has no gimmick: no secret entryway, no password, no noir-ish decor. 
  • Photo of Cécile Boucheron
    Hidden cocktail gem. The Yellow King is to die for.
  • Photo of Mary Banas
    4 years ago
    Moscow Mules!
  • Photo of Russell Alexander
    Awesome cocktails and awesome bartenders.
  • Photo of Margot Mazur
    4 years ago
    When I asked those in the know where I should imbibe in NYC, Pouring Ribbons was on the top of everyone’s list. After all, it’s the creation of guys who worked at Death & Company and The Violet Hour.
  • Photo of Veritas12345
    10 months ago
    This place was a great find. I took my skeptical NYC friends here who never heard of the place and we all had some of the best cocktails I've ever enjoyed. Creative , tasty and balanced, this place reminds me of the Experimental cocktail club (sadly no longer in NYC) hype just good well thought out cocktails. Only downer is could be a tad more comfortable (seats) but who cares when you're sipping delicious nectar, right?
  • Photo of RiderofTrees
    a year ago
    I've explored all of the cocktail and speak easy establishments in NYC. My friend and I have gone once a week for the past 3 years, to check them out. We try to arrive just as they open, so we can sit at the bar, talk to the bartenders, and watch the magic. Far and away, Pouring Ribbons is our favorite, and the one we return to most often. I even brought a large group of friends to celebrate NYE this year! There are other great ones, obviously. Some have cool entrances or great interior design. And most of them will make a great drink. But Pouring Ribbons is the artists artist. Joaquin crafts a new menu every few months, based around a theme, and each drink is a masterpiece. And the staff is exceptional. The vast majority not only have the skills to recreate the highest standards every time, they also have the creativity to input to the menu, and create on the fly. This second floor establishment isn't about the bells and whistles, it's about the palate. Truly the best of the best, in my humble opinion.
  • Photo of Alex_C55555
    a year ago
    Not a bad little cocktail bar. Nice drinks and nice ambience. Certainly nothing special compared to some places but was fun!
  • Photo of steven_wilkinson
    This is one of those tricky to find places. A plain blue door at street level - not much to give away what is behind it. Up the stairs and you find yourself in a modern and tasteful lounge with a large and well stocked bar. Plenty of seating (but I suspect it could fill up easily). We ordered cocktails. We went specifically for a cocktail that one of us had ordered previously - only to find that the menu had changed - and does so frequently. What we had was ok - but not what we went for - and it was expensive. I would come here again without a plan or a particular drink in mind. It is worth a visit (even though it was quiet and some of the staff seemed more interested in their phones than the few customers in their establishment).
  • Photo of br0ersm
    a year ago
    Attended this bar with some American friends, and had a great time, owner was friendly, batman and other staff were great and and an awesome cocktail list. Definitely a good spot to start or end your night.
  • Photo of jules78160
    a year ago
    Friendly staff, inventive cocktails. Quite busy when we visited on a Tuesday evening after 9pm so had a good atmosphere. Try the chartreuse-an interesting liquor which provided a fun tasting session
  • Photo of Andrew B
    2 years ago
    Mostly quiet when I went, but the staff was great and I had a good time. I get the feeling it use to be busier, but I liked the vibe and it's definitely worth stopping in for a drink.
  • Photo of Justin T
    2 years ago
    Kayla is awesome! Works Friday and Sunday. Low key yet awesome cocktail bar where you can get a solid cocktail. Pouring ribbons filler filler filler
  • Photo of Flip247
    2 years ago
    Very nice place, tucked away in a unsuspecting area. It was a specially themed night, so the drinks were very creative.
  • Photo of lplsally
    2 years ago
    While in NYC we did a self-designed craft cocktail pub crawl in the East Village, the mecca for craft cocktails in NYC. So glad we tried this one. Drinks are fashioned after stops along Route 66. Not only are the drinks inventive and interesting, exactly what I want in a craft cocktail, but they are creatively and unexpectedly presented. We each tried just one (several stops were planned) but we wanted to try more. Unlike the more "hipster" stops we had on our crawl, Pouring Ribbons, was inventive without trying too hard. It didn't take itself quite so seriously, and as a result, stood out. LOVED the bar nuts (a menu item) which apparently changes often. Cannot wait to go back and try more.
  • Photo of Alicia C
    2 years ago
    Aside from great cocktails, the ambiance of this place just works. A lot of other speakeasy style cocktail bars can be so dark you can't even see who you're with, or you squashed at a table or seat at the bar and basically breathing down everyone's necks. This place had both dimly lit lighting that aired on the side of inviting and able to see your companions, as well as spacious enough that you felt comfortable the whole time. Note though: the bar stools could be a bit more comfy. After two cocktails I felt like I had been out on my road bike for several laps around central park. If I had to choose again, I would have opted for a table, out of sheer butt comfort. All that being said...I really liked my two drinks. Best Thing Since Sliced bread was a winner. It reminded me of the butternut old fashioned from J Bird (RIP), that I loved so much. Great peanut flavor on the front end and a nice full bodied bourbon to round it out. Our bartender was great. When my friend didn't love one of her cocktails he actually just picked it up on the tab. He wanted us to be happy about what we got so he took it upon himself to make sure we were happy. I would definitely recommend coming here if you enjoy carefully crafted libations. Oh and the music was on point. Really good mix of today's hits mixed with hip hop favs like Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Biggie, Drake, Rihanna, and Missy Elliott. Deal Seeking Diva tip: Pick up your motel key on Sunday or Mondays and try each of Route 66 cocktails before they change the menu in April (doesn't have to be in one visit), and you'll receive an Old Fashioned travel kit. Will have to get on this myself!
  • Photo of burnsinny
    2 years ago
    Worth a visit. Inventive Cocktails. A lot I thought put behind themes and presentation. Friendly team, ready to engage. ...I do hope that they put some money into ambiance over time. 5-star rating would follow.
  • Photo of NickellFamilyTravel
    We found it, went upstairs, and it felt like a morgue. The music was weird, the people were weird, the drinks were weird. I say time to revamp. Might have been good in its heyday, but it is over.
  • Photo of OldBob27
    2 years ago
    I was lucky enough to encounter this bar last week whilst in New York, Nothing flashy, but really great atmosphere. The girls serving were really good and the cocktails were some of the best, This place is worth a visit................
  • Photo of Galande_Dre
    3 years ago
    Was told to stop by here by the guys at Death & Co. and I am so glad I did. The team I met gave fantastic service and phenomenal drinks. Dimario and the guys helped me out with other great bars to visit and even got a heads up and invitation on a new bar just opened(Thank you lena). Will definitely be back. Thank you again
  • Photo of Ndalence
    3 years ago
    After stopping at 2 other trendy bars in this area, and they didn't work out, Pouring ribbons was just right for us. The first bar was way too small and the other other was a speak easy, no tables. This bar had a good vibe, people of various ages, plenty of seating yet an interesting feel. The craft cocktails were great and fun to explore. Waitress couldn't really explain why it has that name, though.
  • Photo of inkkakaka
    3 years ago
    Worth finding this place. If I lived in the neighbourhood could see myself visiting this place a lot. Great spot for a date, or with a group of friends. Very knowledgeable staff and very delicious cocktails!
  • Photo of Lindsey S
    3 years ago
    I am kicking myself for not writing a review of Pouring Ribbons earlier. I have been there a handful of times since they opened a couple of years ago. Having recently gone back for some incredible cocktails, it is high time they get the praise they deserve. The space is larger than you would expect and laid out in an intimate, 2-4 person tables some against walls or room dividers. The long, angled bar seats about 10 people - and is always my preferred place to sit. You might have walked by their "entrance" as it is just a door on Ave B with a doorman standing outside. The space itself is located one floor up. My friend and I sat at one end of the bar - they weren't too crowded on a Thursday evening - and I started to peruse their famously shiny menu pages. Though their drinks list is extensive and extremely inventive, nothing jumped out as what I was in the mood for. And then it hit me, how about ordering off menu a classic cocktail and see just how well the bartender could make it? I ordered a pisco sour - pisco being something not every bar stocks - and the bartender's eyes lit up. Why of course we have pisco - would I like it classic? or with a twist? Now that I knew he knew exactly what he was doing (why wouldn't he - turns out he is the manager) I started with the classic form to see just how perfectly he would craft it. My friend swears by their old fashioneds and tonight was no different. Off he went to mix away. When he returned, he gave me probably the best pisco sour I have ever tasted. Not to mention the beautiful treatment of the Angostura bitters in a ring on top of the egg white foam. It was a work of art. From there, my friend stuck to her old fashioneds while I had the bartender/manager (Joaquin) continue with the pisco theme but make his own twist on it. One of the next two drinks I had was a riff on a pisco sour and from one of their earlier menus (if my memory serves me correctly) and was called Death & Taxes...the only things certain in life. Each of the two spin off cocktails were tremendous in their own right - but my heart was clamoring for one more of the perfect pisco sours. So I ended on a high note (is 4 drinks a high note or a low note?) and went back to basics. He did not disappoint and yet again the blissful egg white foam topped cocktail was presented with perfection. Thank you Joaquin (and your partners) for making such a great establishment that respects all types of liquors and mixtures. Obviously you are a master at your craft as it shows through in what you create. May Pouring Ribbons continue its success for many years to come! I already can't wait to have an excuse to go back.
  • Photo of Alex F
    4 years ago
    Great place for a small group of friends. Friendly doorman who is very cordial. Nice atmosphere and layout as well as great drinks!
  • Photo of Sadosky
    4 years ago
    Creative menu that helps you identify what you want. Drinks were well made, well thought out. Easy walk from most of the East village

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