Photo of Porchetta in New York, NY, US
Photo of Porchetta in New York, NY, US
Photo of Porchetta in New York, NY, US
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Italian Restaurant

porchetta sandwich • sandwiches • pork • flavored meat

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  • Photo of Mario Batali
    2 years ago
    "There's one menu item—porchetta (stuffed roast pork loin). It comes between bread or on a plate. When I need my mojo worked out, I go here."
  • Photo of Louis Solmonson
    3 years ago
    Stop in here for a damn sandwich please
  • Photo of Refinery 29
    4 years ago
    "Love the Porchetta sandwich at Porchetta in the East Village. It’s super simple — just the pork, which has been slow roasted with spices, and a ciabatta roll. But, they put some of the crispy skin bits on it." - Justin Sedor, wellness assistant
  • Photo of Brian Boerman
    4 years ago
    Porch extra sandwich.
  • Photo of Margot Mazur
    4 years ago
    Chef Sarah Jenkins sells what’s easily one of New York’s best sandwiches out of this tiny storefront, and it’s porcine perfection: slow-roasted pork belly-wrapped pork loin, basted with herbs and tucked into fresh bread.
  • Photo of Navlyn Wang
    4 years ago
    Casual. Yummy roast pig
  • Photo of Ana B.
    4 years ago
  • Photo of Alphonse D
    5 months ago
    I have enjoyed Porchetta in Souther Italy from the road side vendors that are the same as our hotdog trucks and it was just amazing! Porchetta restaurant was very good and maybe I'm not being fair since they probably dont get the same turnover as the " Porchetta wagons" in Italy. If your not going to experience this delicacy in Italy then you must try it here in NY . Ask for a small piece of the crisp pig skin .... an Italian version of a potato chip!!
  • Photo of Zhenyfehr
    a year ago
    Going to NYC for us always consists of a pitstop at these following eateries: - Porchetta for the sandwich - Takashi - Magnolia for the banana pudding I'll write separate reviews for the other 2 places so back to Porchetta: TRY IT!!!! Even having the sandwich the next day whether toasted or not is still yummsters and be sure to ask for extra crispy skin. We not only had the sandwich this time but also tried the Porchetta cubano which was just as wonderful when we toasted it later that evening. The photo shows the normal Porchetta sanwich (left) and the Cuban sandwich (right).
  • Photo of Angelos_Christou
    I had a Mediterranean one and it was of the best sandwiches i had. It was 7.75 the big one, and filled my stomach better than a Mcdonalds meal on the same price. The materials used were fresh, and it was an excellent veggie choice. The staff was very polite and helpful. Hope to see them again sometime. The only problem is the limited amount of tables.
  • Photo of LarchFoodie
    2 years ago
    I love, love, love porchetta and had been looking forward to trying out this well regarded spot. Despite reviews suggesting that the porchetta cubano is better than the plain porchetta sandwich, I wanted to try it plain to get the real flavor of the meat. I ordered half a sandwich - contrary to other reviews, I found it to be a generous portion for $7. The meat was tender and tasty and I enjoyed the crunchy cracklings. But I found the meat a little dry and lacking in flavor. Unfortunately, it did not compare to my absolute favorite porchetta sandwich - from San Francisco's RoliRoti, which is truly worth the journey, with its meltingly tender, rosemary-flavored meat. I would return though to try the porchetta cubano sandwich! In the meantime will continue to search for a NYC version as good as RoliRoti !
  • Photo of brasilboy
    2 years ago
    ...a hole in the wall. only 4-5 stools to eat at, but it's a must. the sandwiches are delish. Beautiful slow cooked pork with the fixings.
  • Photo of Sasha M
    2 years ago
    I used to live near NYC and fell in love with Porchetta. I couldnt believe how much flavour was in every bite. Simply delicious! I have sinced moved to Italy (and realized I have been pronoucing Porchetta wrong :P) and am on the search for one as good as this place and have not even come close yet. Cant wait for my next visit to fill up on more Porchetta sandwhiches.
  • Photo of Lynn273
    2 years ago
    As much as I love this little place and as much as I long for a Porchetta sandwich when in New York or Italy I have to say I was a little disappointed this time but still very good. Will try again next time. Maybe not enough olive oil on the sandwich if that is what they usually put. Will still try again next time.
  • Photo of Lindancor
    2 years ago
    Got the Porchetta sandwich and split it...flavor country! We visited around 2:30 pm on a Friday, and sat on the benches outside- it was a relaxed and cool atmosphere.
  • Photo of Noodlequeen
    2 years ago
    The pork is as delicious as ever but the size of their sandwiches have been downsized! Used to be a generously filled sandwich, now just barely filled the also smaller sized roll. The pork skin is also so hard that it will crack your tooth. Didn't eat that. Disappointed! We love to go to this little shop and enjoy the food but $13 for a small sandwich is a little too much.
  • Photo of nyctravelguy1
    2 years ago
    Porchetta has high quality pork for their sandwiches. I've eaten there several times and used to enjoy their Banh-mi sandwich. Unfortunately, it appears that they have cut back on their portions so much that what you now get for $10 is a largely vegetarian (read carrots, jicama and sauce) sandwich with 'hint' of pork. I was told that 3 oz is the standard portion of meat for that sandwich. While 3 oz seems quite a conservative sum for a restaurant with pork in the name, I highly doubt that this sandwich contained more than trace amounts of what was rather tough leftovers of pork. Sad. The place used to be so good.
  • Photo of Michel V
    2 years ago
    Awesome little find in the east village for a quick authentic and real food snack. Packed with taste, try the porchetta carnitas, boom !
  • Photo of carmielovs
    2 years ago
    Best porchetta in nyc <3 I always make sure to stop by if I'm in the area....Multiple times. I have never been disappointed
  • Photo of TheFiveTs
    2 years ago
    Fast service and great sizes. Get the full size porchetta sandwich - the half is more of a snack, Only suggestion - sell water.
  • Photo of Markonyx
    2 years ago
    Best Porchetta rolls. Clean, no fuss just delicious food. The fennel and little bit of crackling makes this roll a winner. Can't believe they don't deliver to Sydney!
  • Photo of JOEL S
    3 years ago
    Great porchetta, great bun. What more is there to say? it's mostly a carryout place, with very little seating. That's about it.
  • Photo of lysanderdeng
    3 years ago
    Pros: -Good flavor -Nice bun Cons: -Laughable portion size. The porchetta sandwich was $12 and incredibly small! -As I mentioned the price is not justified Overall, you can go to many different places in Italy and get the real thing for a few euros and the portion sizes are massive.
  • Photo of ShadowTours
    3 years ago
    Lovely fennel flavoured porchetta served simply in a cantata roll. I Had the potatoes and burnt ends too. The ends succulent and chewyand were as good as any I've had in Italy. Meat was dripping in fat either. Bought half sandwiches because we have small appetites but could eAsily have eaten more. A delicious aT to spend lunchtime in a city park.
  • Photo of emilyg14
    3 years ago
    Finding this sliver of a restaurant in this huge city was rewarding. The banh mi sandwich is fabulous, the potatoes and burnt ends were a epicurian delight. Porchetta is classic italian street food akin to hot dog carts in NYC and this establishment gets it right.
  • Photo of Springergabel
    3 years ago
    Small shop, which offers excellent pork sandwiches. Liked the Vietnamese variation in particular. Not cheap, but high quality for a on-the-go snack.
  • Photo of Rrules
    3 years ago
    My wife and I heard about this place on the Food Network. We decided to walk across town for a late lunch. All I can say is wow! The Pork melts in your mouth. I had a PorkSlap beer with my sandwich...which was a fun pairing. This place is a tiny little hole in the wall that is really fun. Worth stopping in for a memorable Porchetta sandwich!

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