Photo of Playwrights Horizons in New York, NY, US
Photo of Playwrights Horizons in New York, NY, US
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Playwrights Horizons


Playwrights Horizons14.5
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  • Photo of Christen Clifford
    This is the place that started the revitalization of 42nd Street back in the 80's. Always good work, a beautiful new building, new American plays by some of the finest young talent. Go!
  • Photo of Devorah33851
    3 months ago
    For the incomparable Kathleen Chalfont alone, this play is well worth seeing. She captivates from beginning to end, makes a delightful Peter Pan in the third part. The entire cast is excellent, Sarah Ruhl's writing has every word in its place. The first part is a bit slow in parts, but stick with it, you will be rewarded. Read the playwright's notes before you see the play, you will understand the motivation so much better.
  • Photo of Nancy S
    9 months ago
    Every year, a friend and I get a theater subscription so that we get out to see plays regularly. This is the first time we've tried Playwrights Horizons and just went to our second play (The Light Years.) While the venue is nice - smaller and so more intimate - the plays themselves have been disappointing, both in content and acting.
  • Photo of Devorah33851
    a year ago
    "Aubergine," the current Playwrights Horizons production, is moving, touching, and sometimes funny even though it deals with death. It involves a Korean family but you don't have to be Korean or Asian to relate to the play, its ideas are universal. Highly recommended for the theatergoer who is looking for a serious play that leaves you with a good feeling.
  • Photo of Bernardo F
    a year ago
    A nice smaller multi theater space. Decent seating arrangement, pretty much all good seats. Nice sound systems. Clean and comfortable.
  • Photo of LWL3333
    a year ago
    This group of theaters serves as an incubator for the works of relatively unknown playwrights and gives them and young inexperienced actors an opportunity to strut their stuff. The specific theater where this play is showing at present is known as the Peter Jay Sharp Theater and is on the 4th floor. Other theaters are on other floors of the same building. We had seats in the center of the first row which is as close as we could be to the action without actually being on the stage. The show now playing, "Men in Boats", despite its name has an all female cast acting as all men, and is a comic retelling of the story of Major Powell's journey through the Grand Canyon in 1869. My wife and I actually did the same rafting trip down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon in the summer of 1982, and we found that the trip was nearly as wild as when Powell and his band ran the rapids so long ago. My wife laughed a lot at the lines, but I didn't find anything about this show to be funny in the least. These men risked their lives at the behest of the US government to explore and map previously unknown territory, and some actually gave their lives during this expedition. This is not a laughing matter to me. Although small, the theater seemed full and most folks agreed with my wife, judging by all the laughter we heard during the show. If you are interested is seeing live theater up close and personal at a price that won't break the bank, give this attraction a try.
  • Photo of Divakind
    2 years ago
    Playwrights Horizons is an acclaimed off-Broadway theatre dedicated to supporting playwrights, composers, & lyricists and also to producing their work. A number of acclaimed shows, including six Pulitzer Prize winners for Drama, have been produced here. Needless to say, if you're willing to be a friend of new theatre, this is definitely a place you need to visit! We saw the second performance of "Familiar," a new play written by Danai Guirira of "Walking Dead" fame. While her previous plays--"In The Continuum," "The Convert," and "Eclipsed"--are set in Africa, "Familiar" focuses on a Zimbabwean couple who have immigrated to the US & assimilated into a fine & comfortable upper middle class lifestyle in Minnesota. When a relative from Zimbabwe shows up to perform a roora (a pre-nuptual ritual of the Shona culture) before the oldest daughter's wedding, all hell breaks loose. While depicting a culture that may be alien to you, this show will ring--dare I say it?--familiar. It's a family drama with deft comic touches, performed by a top-notch ensemble cast. Ms. Guirira has a keen sense of dialogue & has crafted relatable characters in this story about family, family secrets, & most of all, juggling the balance of dual cultures. "Familiar" is playing in a limited run ending 3/27/16. It's an amazing show (seating tip: try to sit a few rows back in order to take in the full impact of Clint Ramos' incredible two-story set) that will hopefully go on to have a long life belong PH. And if you can't make it to see this one, there's always plenty of good stuff going on at Playwrights Horizons. It's a great venue, run by friendly staff who clearly love what they're doing.
  • Photo of Ruth C
    2 years ago
    Just saw a most wonderful and amazing play at Playwrights Horizons about memory, loss and how we become more human. The cast is superb and includes Noah Bean, Lisa Emery, Stephen Root and Lois Smith. I left the play feeling like I wanted to see it again and again. Don't miss this.
  • Photo of Herbert F
    2 years ago
    A new American play about the lives of people when the are aging and their memory of their early life is not there. The playwright creates a hologram to converse with the elder Marjorie to keep alive all the poignant memories of her husband and child. It is eloquent and compelling, The end is just to emotional to discuss - just see it.
  • Photo of Marie D
    2 years ago
    I saw these two plays and they couldn't be more different from each thing in common....GREAT. It is off-Broadway, but not by much. Plan to attend a play in October 2016 as well.
  • Photo of pestman
    2 years ago
    Playwrights Horizons offers some of the most exciting and edgy productions in New York. The most recent show we saw, The Qualms, is an explicit sex comedy, which was thought provoking and truly hilarious. Seating is comfortable but tight, and the smaller space provides a more intimate theatergoing experience. There is a small bar in the lobby with a few seats.
  • Photo of QOTUSudbury
    3 years ago
    Loved it. Go see it. Zany, absurd, hilarious, and there's a pony. What more could you want? (Not sure how many bigamists live in Iowa, or Ohio, for that matter, but who cares?!)
  • Photo of victor g
    3 years ago
    Saw Booty Candy here. Nice intimate theater. Good size. Seats are a little close for a tell person. Good site lines to the stage.
  • Photo of Marlene D
    3 years ago
    Four characters in a soup kitchen battling with ideas of integrity, mental illness and religion. Excellent play, superb casting and very provocative ideas were brought up in this very tight play. I loved it from beginning to end. The staging is so authentic that you believe you are there in the soup kitchen. Recommended.
  • Photo of QueenoftheHighways
    We saw Booty Candy here, to sum up this play with several different acts (some unrelated), it would be..."If Seinfeld was gay and black living in New York City." The actors were all extremely talented, I give them credit for their performances. The writer used urban stereotypes for the laughs which worked very effectively. However, there were some acts that used shock value where I felt it wasn't necessary. It only distracted the audience from the story's message and the actors performances. Overall, I think the play was too long at over two hours, some of the transitions were awkward and had little value to add to the show. There were senior citizens in the audience and at over two hours, it was just too long, plain and simple. I felt that almost all the acts could have shaved off at least five minutes and still maintained their artistic integrity. Also, the theater itself was very hot and people were fanning themselves on this 90 degree hot and humid day in the city. There was one intermission. I don't think it will make it to Broadway since the subject matter is not main stream enough. I do hope that the African American community will support this play and others like it while having a good laugh.
  • Photo of ghl878
    3 years ago
    Words cannot describe this theater (small and intimate) and the play we saw. We thought about the play for days. We even got on Playwright's web page to see and read about the play again, and watch interviews. I know this play will receive awards and accolades for years. I feel so fortunate to have been at PH and experienced it. My children ages 23 and 25 both walked away from the theater raving about points in the play. See it before it leaves.
  • Photo of mike m
    4 years ago
    very imaginative play in an intimate setting. the theater seats only about 140 or so and there's not a bad seat in the house.
  • Photo of fennerjames
    5 years ago
    been here a number of times a great bar tucked away off time square,excellent food as well.give it a try

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