Photo of Petrossian Boutique & Cafe in New York, NY, US
Photo of Petrossian Boutique & Cafe in New York, NY, US
Photo of Petrossian Boutique & Cafe in New York, NY, US
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Petrossian Boutique & Cafe


Petrossian Boutique & Cafe14.5
brunch • caviar • almond croissant • cookies

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  • Photo of Serious Eats
    4 years ago
    Their croissants, one of our favorites in the city, are characterized by a particularly flaky dough. Eat their perfect plain croissant with some berry preserves for best results.
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  • Photo of Maria Rosaria D
    5 months ago
    Since our hotel service didn't provide any breakfast , in the morning we went out to have something and the best solution Was this place where we could enjoy wounderful puffy croissants French stile , the almond one is a must try, delicate cooked breskfast, excellent caviarand salmon , matched with an original cheese roll.... and the service is refined and accurate. You will é njoy it
  • Photo of Susan39564
    5 months ago
    My daughter and I had wanted to eat at the gorgeous restaurant, but it was not open when we were there so we ate at the cafe. It was a small cafe, but the service and food were fabulous. The salmon was perfection and I my mouth is watering just thinking about it. We can hardly wait to go back for breakfast again!
  • Photo of BonnieBoard
    6 months ago
    All I can say is...get the salmon on a baguette - loved it. It's a retail store with a small somewhat cramped seating area. Not really conducive for a private business meeting. I thought the service was great. The AC was broken but the staff did a good job to make our stay pleasant.
  • Photo of Taek-Ho K
    8 months ago
    Went and bought some crab salad, pate, bread, and pastries. Perfectly situated next to the park so you can design your own picnic. The food is top notch. The service is exceptional and friendly instead of imposing. The prices are a bit high but as long as you understand you are buying top quality ingredients you won't mind the sting on the wallet.
  • Photo of CarolinaBecky
    8 months ago
    This is one of the best breakfasts in New York: croissants to go from Petrossian. They are freshly made, with very crisp, flaky outer crust, slightly sweet and moist interior, high and guaranteed to leave lovely crispy flakes in your lap. When you get two or three to go, they are carefully boxed so they are just as perfect when you arrive at the park bench or spot to eat them. Why eat at a greasy diner when you can have a perfect buttery croissant with a cup of coffee --a continental breakfast of far greater value and quality than the one in your hotel. The midtown location is very convenient to many hotels.
  • Photo of Allen W
    8 months ago
    The savoury french toast is incredible! We stopped by here for a quick breakfast and were pleasantly surprised. The space is small (less than 10 tables) but worth trying. They also have several smoked salmon dishes that looked good too.
  • Photo of LakotaVirginia
    a year ago
    Whenever we stay at the Essex House, we slip out the back door to get morning pastries at Petrossian. Love it!
  • Photo of ojnyc
    a year ago
    I've been eating all kinds of foie gras since my childhood in France -- goose and duck, Alsace and Perigord, cold and warm, with and without truffles. In New York, I've tasted some excellent foie gras dishes at places such as Jean-Georges, Gabriel Kreuther, Daniel, and Le Perigord. Every Christmas, I used to purchase a marble of duck foie gras with truffles at Petrossian Boutique & Cafe, where the product had always been of exquisite taste and freshness. This year, I bought my usual 0.75 lb marble at the same place again (for $253.48), but unfortunately, this year I was in for a huge disappointment. The delicacy -- "made in the USA and prepared for Petrossian in Long Island City, NY" according to the packaging -- was so SALTY that I could not believe it. It made me fall off my chair and ruined the whole Christmas dinner. The treat was simply inedible, and it followed no other destiny than a non-stop trip to the Chanel thrash can. Where will Petrossian's foie gras be made next year?
  • Photo of Travel-lady03
    a year ago
    What a charming bakery with delicious food. We enjoyed a Croque Madame and a wonderful almond croissant. The tables in the back are secluded and amenable to intimate conversation. Lovely atmosphere for a memorable breakfast.
  • Photo of RR22RR
    a year ago
    The cafe is beautiful and the bakery items are delicious. The staff is asleep in the morning - last visit, I walked in and there was no one in the cafe - despite this I had to ask 4 different people to help me. Finally I was acknowledged and the barista made a room temp cappuccino which took a long time - long time... It would have been nice to have the pastries heated but they would not do that. Super expensive - but not worth the hassle.
  • Photo of Suzanne M
    a year ago
    The reviews are correct, you could walk right by this and miss it. It is a charming French bakery with tables in the back. It was quiet and not crowded. We had an amazing breakfast! It was perfect.
  • Photo of robcurtross
    a year ago
    It's excellent, of course, and if you love it, this is the temple for every type of roe. But the chocolate cookies are superb, some of the best I've ever eaten. As the "Cheap Eats" feature of "New York" magazine has it: "crisp edged with a tender yielding interior, ample but not overwhelming chip coverage, and a judicious helping of pecans." Baked well done and crisp and absolute perfection.
  • Photo of queue18
    a year ago
    Popped in here for a quick lunch. The front of the cafe is a pastry shop with a few small tables in the back (don't bring a large group here!) The service was friendly and the food was solid, but what made this a 5 star visit for us was the dessert and the amazing cookies we got to do. I don't recall what the actual dessert was that we picked out from the case, but it was some awesome chocolatey-cake thing. Our server recommended it and who am I to turn down chocolate cake! What the real surprise was though, were the cookies that we got to go as a snack for later. OMG - the chocolate chip cookie was pretty amazing. I can't even tell you what made it so amazing, but it was, and I've tried alot of chocolate chip cookies in my life. Stop in if you're near by and be sure to pick out a dessert or pastry - I don't think you can go wrong!
  • Photo of Annegret v
    a year ago
    The Cafe is great for Brunch or Lunch. Very friendly . Delicious, Chocolat, Salmon, Cakes, Great coffee, The Building with all the decoration is Amazing.
  • Photo of Michael P
    a year ago
    The Petrossian Cafe has only a few tables above the steps in the boutique, and the atmosphere is quiet, hushed. You also get a superb breakfast with fresh baked rolls and a choice of granola, cereal, or eggs, with excellent coffee or tea. Expensive but worth it.
  • Photo of Mike R
    a year ago
    Stopped by on a recent visit to NYC, just looking for some quick desserts. The desserts here were amazing. We sat inside and the service was a little slower than we were expecting, but it was a very hot day and cool inside - normally I would've dropped a star for slow service, but the food was so good, I'm overlooking it (and they were still very friendly). The prices were very reasonable based on the location. Will definitely stop back when we are in the area again.
  • Photo of Paulsarkadi
    a year ago
    Very good in house made pastries, we had salmon benedict, foie gras w/salami & toast, salmon baguette sandwich were all very good & not TO pricey $15 - $18 You can also buy to go everything in the cafe.
  • Photo of evec1001
    a year ago
    A surprise getaway. Very European and peaceful. Wonderful soup! Convenient to Carnegie Hall. Fast and reasonable
  • Photo of BelJB
    a year ago
    I ran past this on route to central park, and then went back once i'd freshened up. I had been searching for a breakfast spot that would serve classic pastries with somewhere to sit too. This place was a great find. It's pretty much empty, so it needs you to go in, it's reasonably priced, the tea is loose leaf and the service is wonderful too. I recommend the raspberry and almost pastry, as well as just the classic croissant, and of course Earl grey tea!
  • Photo of Tootser0803
    2 years ago
    I used to travel to midtown frequently for business and often stopped into this great cafe. Am happy they are still there and serving lovely treats. Will do my best to return this August while on a short vacation in the midtown area.

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