Photo of Pepe Rosso in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Pepe Rosso in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Pepe Rosso in New York City, NY, US
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Pepe Rosso

Italian Restaurant

pasta • italian food • hole in the wall • soho

149 Sullivan St
New York City, NY 10012, US
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  • Photo of gogodiscover
    a year ago
    Wow, this is truly a gem tucked away along the charming streets of SoHo. While the size of this place is small, the taste of their pasta is HUGE. They serve no nonsense, delicious, authentic Italian dishes. Built primarily for takeout, if you so choose and are lucky, you can also try to eat in! They have seating for maybe around 10 people max. This place is definitely worth a visit. I asked for spaghetti aglio e olio (off menu) and it was splendid! Go hungry!
  • Photo of NYCEater10019
    a year ago
    Small, cozy Italian restaurant. Nothing fancy, but the food is incredible. Been eating here since 1997, and was never disappointed. Take out or eat in (seats max 10 people!). Trust me the pasta is incredible! The eggplant parm is delicious! Highly recommend! 5*
  • Photo of Ashlea P
    a year ago
    Small little Italian place good to drop by for dinner or if you are working pasta. Good pasta or pizza and very reasonably priced
  • Photo of Kim P
    a year ago
    We passed this place while walking up one of NY's side streets in Soho. We turned around and went back to give it a try. There are 5 tables of 2 all lined up against one wall. You have to push one table aside so that you can get in to sit in your seat. It's tight. Such a small space but there's lots to choose from on the menu. Place your order at the counter and sit down. The food is fresh, good, and reasonably priced. Ask for a glass of red wine with your meal. It's served Italian style - no fancy wine glass..just the way it's supposed to be! Buon Appetito!
  • Photo of katherine f
    2 years ago
    This take out restaurant is very small and looks like nothing special, but what a pleasant surprise. There are only 2 small tables inside to eat at. We had eggplant parmigiana that was one of the best I have ever had. Owners are from Italy and everything is prepared fresh daily. You will not be disappointed.
  • Photo of horca17
    2 years ago
    You will enjoy the best Italian food, on Sullivan Rd next to SoHo, a nice walk, great food and better price is a must you do need to enjoy while in NYC, Pepe my friend you are the best, regards from Argentina.
  • Photo of Mitrufa
    2 years ago
    Hide place you'll be surprise, quiet atmosphere, good house wine, but pasta was amazing, don't feel attracted to crowded places, my only advice they should play Italian music to complement atmosphere
  • Photo of sarahmrainey
    2 years ago
    Delicious and cozy. Been there many times. The staff is friendly and the posters are hilarious. Good mid-price menu for a nice dinner!
  • Photo of Doreen G
    2 years ago
    Tiny establishment serving good, hearty Italian food. Take out is quick, fresh and hot. I enjoyed my Gnocchi with Bolognese sauce. Others enjoyed Chicken Parm and Penne. Sauce (Gravy) is very good. Would definitely stop by for take out again if driving thru SoHo. 15 minute seating for 10 people.
  • Photo of Marcelliott
    2 years ago
    I lived across from this place for 2 years and it was my "go to" for quick cheap Italian food when I was working late (which was often). Nobody's idea of fine dining or gourmet food, but fine for a meal in a hurry.
  • Photo of Wtzo
    3 years ago
    Excellent take-out Italian food in NYC, Tiny seating area, but customers can only eat for 15-20 minutes.
  • Photo of sgllrt
    3 years ago
    Fantastic Italian food from antipasti to sweets! Lobster salad, jumbo shrimps, tagliolini with Maine lobster and sea fruits, accompanied by very good wine. Panna cotta and cheesecake to end the dinner. Last but not least: I felt at home! To be visited!
  • Photo of KKua
    3 years ago
    With only 5 tables for 10 people, this place is truly the hover-over your desired seat as you get your dinner. Their pasta and meat dishes are solid standouts. Often, they can customize their offerings according to taste and dietary restrictions. Of note: gnocchi specials. They do it right. No solid undercooked core with overcooked exteriors. They are thoroughly and evenly cooked before it's sauteed in sauce. Adjust your timing and only order food when you see people with only a few bites left on their plate. That way you will have a seat as your food is about to be picked up from the counter. In the summer months, you can order food and drink your beverages streetside while waiting for a table.
  • Photo of tudela1130
    3 years ago
    Rustic southern Italian dishes, this bread-box sized restaurant is a great place to stop by for lunch if you happen to spend the afternoon in SoHo. It won't tax your wallet, as the main courses don't exceed $15 and dishes are served up quickly. Satisfying sauces & terrific appetizers, you'll get to know the diners at the next table very well as they are but inches away.
  • Photo of borna78
    3 years ago
    It looks like a film set of the ultimate charming Italian spot in Soho. Comfort food supreme. So small that you lean over from the few tiny tables to take your piping hot order from the counter. Very popular with Italians (the actual ones from Italy) in NY. Regulars pack this place in search of very reasonably priced, quality pasta in Soho.
  • Photo of Katrin S
    3 years ago
    Peppe Rosso serves traditional Italian dishes and is located on a side street in Soho. Always busy at night as they offer very good food at average $10-12 a dish. The pesto pasta is very good as is the broiled salmon with vegetables. Service is fast too.
  • Photo of PaulOfMaine
    3 years ago
    Ordered dinner via Seamless and the delivery was prompt, the food was hot, and the presentation was above average. The food looked great! Unfortunately, the taste was bland and dinner was a bust. Caprese, Mozzarella Di Bufala, Tomato & Basil was the star of the night. This salad included a few olives, roasted peppers, fresh herbs, and was really delicious. When I ordered Pappardelle with Sausage in Spicy Tomato Sauce, it was with an expectation of a bit of spice. The dish looked great, with a generous amount of ground meat in the sauce. But the sauce was bland to the point of tasteless. Very disappointing. The side dish of Broccoli in Garlic Oil did include some sliced garlic. It was hot, and the Broccoli was cooked perfectly, but without a hint of the bite of garlic that one expects of this simple dish. It appeared to have been boiled or blanched, instead of sautéed garlic and oil. Great broccoli. In fact, above average broccoli, but a slightly disappointing lack of flavor. The Tiramisú was simply not edible. Rather than espresso or even coffee, the cake layers appeared to have been soaked in dark colored water. The amount of liquid and watery flavor was simply too much to deal with, and the Tiramisú was tossed in the rubbish after the second bite. By now the experience was more than disappointing.
  • Photo of Eric B
    4 years ago
    Pepe Rosso on Sullivan Street just can't be held back. Its simple business model is take the time to make the best damn pasta and humble Italian mains possible as quickly as possible. Everybody queues up, orders and then must wait their damn turn. Good food takes 10 minutes. No we do not have semi cooked pasta, sitting in a colander waiting to be dropped into starchy boiling water like other places. We do not plate in three minutes. Good food has its own timetable. Suggestion: If the pasta dishes put you over your carb count for the day, try the lemon chicken and spinach. It is to die for.
  • Photo of Anil79
    4 years ago
    Don't judge a book by its cover certainly applies for Pepe Rosso. It is a tiny tiny spot, very easy to miss if you are just passing by. The open kitchen is larger than the restaurant itself. You help yourself to get water from a plastic box. However the atmosphere of the place was very cozy, the owners were very friendly, the food was great, especially the pastas were so fresh, so delicious. If you are around the Soho area, I would definitely recommend Pepe Rosso for a quick break and great Italian food.
  • Photo of dinamoore
    4 years ago
    I love Pepe Rosso to go. It is the size of a shoe box, and people are always waiting to get in. Even though it is primarily a take out and delivery place, it is so much fun to smoosh in and eat in the restaurant. Everything is delicious. The gnocchi, the spaghetti with pesto, potatoes and green beans, are so authentically Italian. They also make the best soups! The cauliflower is my absolute favorite. Just an amazing slice of New York. Don't miss it.

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