Photo of Pegu Club in New York, NY, US
Photo of Pegu Club in New York, NY, US
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  • Photo of Ira Gerlich
    2 years ago
    The Pegu Cocktail and the Jamaican Firefly.
  • Photo of Raja H
    3 years ago
    Great drinks w/ Hodes
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  • Photo of Oliver Duncan
    4 years ago
    Worth checking out if not only for the Whiskey Smash!
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  • Photo of Dawn Michelson
    4 years ago
    Amazing craft cocktails!
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  • Photo of Blair Frödelius
    4 years ago
    Amazing bar with even better drinks!
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  • Photo of JimmyJazz99
    a year ago
    This cocktail bar has been around for what seems like ever. As I recall it, it was one of the first lounges downtown that really focused on making great cocktails. I still like it. It was fairly crowded on Saturday night around midnight, and it took me awhile to get a bartender to acknowledge me. My friend wanted a Prosecco but they didn’t have any. The only bubbly they had was a rose Champagne – for $20 per glass! Ouch. I ordered a Bourbon cocktail which I enjoyed. We only stayed for one round, opting to head outside for a walk around SoHo in the pleasant autumn air.
  • Photo of Jenine K
    a year ago
    So just to start off 'tidy' in UK English doesn't just mean neat and clean (although it was all those things) but instead can also mean a very put together, respectable, decent place. This bar had great service, excellent cocktails,and not lets put something in a tiki cup or a shoe and everyone will think it is great cocktails but well thought out, complimentary and extremely delicious cocktails. It is upmarket but is still very welcoming I think they expect you not to be 'too' scruffy and to behave appropriately, i.e. it is a bar to enjoy a drink but not for overindulging. Would definitely recommend and would definitely go again.
  • Photo of RonanJordi
    2 years ago
    We stumbled upon this place and came in for cocktails ... Very cool place to unwind and have great cocktails but that's New York City a place where every bar is amazing ...
  • Photo of k102988
    3 years ago
    What's there not to like, I ask you? Top of the shelf bartenders creating perfect libations from bygone eras of creature comforts!
  • Photo of Stacy C
    4 years ago
    I've been here more times than I can count and it's a great place to catch up with girlfriends over drinks. Love the ambiance at Pegu club! It's also a great drink spot for a group of friends, if you have more than 8 make a reservation for a table. Their earl grey martini and pisco punch are a must! Tip: Make sure to make reservations in advance as it gets busy on weekends.
  • Photo of Notlegallyblonde
    4 years ago
    Seriously, a fabulous drink club that does it right! The atmosphere is dark and sensual. The drinks are amazing - creative, tasty and custom when you need it. Talk to the servers - they will recommend based upon preferences and requirements. We didn't want to leave and head to dinner!
  • Photo of K L
    4 years ago
    Heard about Pegu from friends. I would say if you're visiting the city as a tourist, great little place to stop by and get a drink. Now we went around 5 pm for pre-dinner drinks, so I'm assuming it's different later at night. At that time there was ample seating. We are picky about our mixed cocktails and what we and our friends ordered were all really good. I would say it was a bit on the pricey side seeing that they offer no complimentary nuts or snacks etc. But if you're in the city looking for a quaint cocktail bar, you should stop in to Pegu Club.
  • Photo of Jack N
    4 years ago
    Quick New York Weekendtripper: Can you recite a correct definition for the term, ‘mixologist’? Too late. According to the Douglas Harper’s etymology dictionary, the term ‘mixologist’ dates back to 1856, and was used as jocular slang for ‘mix’; ending from the sciences. The 19th century definition still rings true today, being the term used to define barkeeps known as, ‘mixologists’: individuals who intensely study the craft of drink making. In other words, mixologists are the mix-master-bar gods of the alcohol universe, studying ancient mixing techniques and recipes as doctors. So, if you’re in New York and yearning for social experimentation; looking to experiment with new hangouts; new mixologists (of course); new crowds, Weekendtrips highlights the Pegu Club: a must-try mixology bar in New York City. Identity Known as the ‘gatekeepers’ of classic cocktail culture, and the end of the day relish in the fine art of making drinks, Pegu Club was founded by Audrey Saunders, the brainchild behind Bemelmans Bar’s drink list. Saunders built the Pegu Club in effort to bring back ‘the art of a well-made drink’; taking pride in doing the little things well. Pegu Club was voted one of the best bars in Manhattan in 2007 by New York magazine. Drinks All drinks are made with fresh ingredients – just the way every mixology bar should make them. Expect to see Pegu Club use and squeeze fresh lemons, limes, grapefruits, to just name a few by hand, into your cocktail — ooh la la. You’ll find everything from drinks like that of the Gin-Gin Mule, spiced with home-made beer, all the way down to the Old Cuban, a champagne mojito, along with the traditional Tantris Sidecar, multi-layered with cognac and the list goes on. As per price range: Cocktails go for an average of $14; champagne drinks go for an average of $18. Location Located in 77 West Houston Street in Greenwich Village, a boho neighborhood famous for seeding the city’s top artists, Pegu Club takes after a 1940s speakeasy. The entrance is subtle and you’ll have to walk up a flight of stairs to reach your destination. Lounge hours are from Sunday – Wednesday 5pm – 2am; Thursday – Saturday 5pm – 4am. Who Should Go? Pegu Club offers an exclusive ambience reminiscent to the 1800s onwards up to the Nixon era. You know, the time when the best bars were found in New York City hotels. It’s a great option for first or last dates (if you catch my drift); offering a world-class a drink menu. And of course, if you’re a serious cocktail drinker, this is a must-notch for the old belt. For more information and to book a reservation visit the Pegu Club website today. Cheers!
  • Photo of Anna_K_Amendolare
    I visited early, around 9pm, on a Saturday night. My friend and I had no issue gaining entrance nor finding seats. It was rather dark inside, but I suspect that is part of the 'atmosphere'. We each had 1 $14 cocktail. The drink was tasty and strong enough, but still -- $14? We stayed for a bit, chatted, and left as the noise and the crowd started to pick up. It was alright, but I don't know that I'd recommend it or return.
  • Photo of Jalu47
    5 years ago
    I went here in May 2013 for a few cocktails. Nice atmosphere but service wasn't great. However, the most worrying thing was my credit card was cloned whilst in NYC. I only used it in 3 places - the others were in shops Lord & Taylor and Duane Reade so am pretty convinced the details were taken here as it was taken away to be processed. Keep sight of your card and don't let the staff take it away!!
  • Photo of SandBAtlanta
    5 years ago
    We were really looking forward to having pre-dinner cocktails at Pegu Club. We got there around 6:30 and had no trouble grabbing seats at the bar. This was on a Friday - we expected it to be slammed, but it was only an average size crowd. We ordered two rounds of drinks that were good, but nothing spectacular. There's really not much of an atmosphere. It's dark and I agree with the previous poster who said the furniture looked old and outdated. The bartenders did not engage in conversation with us at all. In fact, I'm not sure they spoke English. It was strange - you're having drinks and you sort of expect the people who work there to have a fun, upbeat personality, but they looked kinda sad? I don't know - it was just weird. Definitely not going back, definitely not going to recommend it to anyone. BTW - if you want a great cocktail in NYC, go see the folks at The Wayland in Alphabet City. They blow Pegu Club outta the water.
  • Photo of Carole2073
    5 years ago
    3 years ago, when I first visited this bar, the atmosphere and cocktails transported you back to a bygone era. The staff were polite and behind the scenes ensuring that your experience was a good one, in addition to serving awesome cocktails. We were so much looking forward to revisiting the Club. On arrival we were met with furniture that needed replacing years ago. The service was rather poor and the staff appeared to been keen on chatting near the bar instead of attending to the customers. I also felt that the cocktails has lost of bit of their 'cocktail'.
  • Photo of Pharm214
    5 years ago
    My boyfriend and I were invited here for a friend's birthday celebration. Like the previous reviewer, we had trouble getting in (even when giving my friend's name who had made the reservations), but the "more attractive" patrons arriving at the same time had no trouble entering, even without a reservation. Once we made it upstairs, we discovered that the table reserved for fifteen guests on seated eight, so many of us were forced to stand awkwardly above the low table. We placed our drink orders with the clearly overworked waitress and ended up waiting 20-25 minutes before we received them. All of our friends also had the same issue. After one round of drinks, we decided that we had enough of Pegu Club and asked the waitress for the bill. Our two $14 drinks ended up costing us $36 thanks to a lovely $8 "service charge." Needless to say, the entire birthday group had no regrets immediately relocating to a different bar for the remainder of the night.
  • Photo of Rochelle G
    5 years ago
    I was invited to attend the birthday party of a dear friend, held on Saturday, December 8th, 2012, at the Pegu Club. The invitation was emailed to me, and I replied that I would love to come. I invited my dear friend "S", who was also a friend of the Birthday Lady, "B". We arrived at approximately 11:00pm, and gave the doorman the name of our friend, "B", and told him that we were there for her party on the 2nd floor. The doorman asked us for the name of the person hosting the party, and I gave both "B's" name, as well as the person who sent out the invites, "I". This was still insufficient to get us inside the front door. In the meantime, we were made to stand outside, in the rain. I pulled up the email, and showed it to the doorman, who still refused to admit us. I was told that the club was at maximum capacity, and he was not allowed to admit any additional patrons without his boss's permission. While I called my friend "B" to confirm that she was indeed upstairs, I observed many patrons being admitted. I also observed an interesting detail that I may have omitted in this description. My friend "S" and I are both African-American women in our 50's. The patrons being admitted were not. They all appeared to be young Caucasian folk, I'm sure looking to enjoy their Saturday evening, as were we. I reached my friend "B", told her of our difficulties gaining admission, and gave the phone to the doorman. He asked her to please ask any of the staff to inform his boss of our situation, and to come downstairs in order to allow us entry. My dear friend "S" and I are still waiting outside in the rain... did I mention that "S" was using a cane to assist her in walking? I again asked the doorman if his boss had come down yet. As many other patrons were being admitted, I demanded that we be allowed to wait inside out of the rain. Once inside, I saw "B" and her friend "I" come downstairs to meet us, and assist in guiding us to the party. The doorman, henceforth referred to as "the doorman/bouncer/idiot on a power trip", told "S" and I that we would have to wait until two people left before we could come up, despite the presence of the party hosts informing him of the ridiculous nature of his stubborn refusal. He then says "one person just left, so one of you can go up." I looked at him as if he had two heads, and rejected his stupid and inane reasoning. At this point, the birthday lady "B" announced to him that SHE would stay downstairs until another person exited, so we could go up together. We went upstairs, and joined the party, determined to enjoy our friend's celebration, despite the rude, hostile, and quite frankly racist treatment that we had just been subjected to. Oh, did I mention that the "doorman/bouncer/idiot on a power trip" was also African-American? Sometimes people with a little power allow it to go to their pointy little heads. Shortly after we entered the party, "S" and I saw him upstairs, as if he was needed to prevent us from ..... I'm not sure. Maybe inciting a riot? Attacking patrons with a walking cane? I will never visit Pegu Club again. I will inform my friends of the treatment we received, and hopefully they too will avoid this club. I will post this review on any and every review website I can locate, as well as sending it to the owners of Pegu Club. Rochelle
  • Photo of BSG771
    5 years ago
    The bartenders are true mixologists at Pegu Club. Actually, they are more like cocktail ninjas! They make perfectly mixed concoctions with the freshest ingredients with utmost care and precision. I had the best old-fashioned I can remember. The place was crowed but the vibe was very laid back. I would certainly visit again!
  • Photo of jocelynlee
    6 years ago
    We went on a slow Thursday night (and it was past midnight), so it was fairly empty I had the Earl Grey MarTEAni- it was absolutely fabulous! Probably the yummiest drink i've had in NYC My friends (fairly big group of 13) loved their drinks too...i'm thinking i'll come back here again! Edit Remove
  • Photo of wc4572
    6 years ago
    The most important thing is to sit at the bar. This way, you can talk to the bartender and ask questions (and they can ask you questions). The cocktail menu has plenty of inventive choices or you can tell the bartender what you like by naming spirits or other other cocktails you like and they will make one for you. I believe the name of my bartender was Scott (longish hair, glasses) and he was extremely helpful to both my wife and myself. All three drinks were great and he was very patient with all of my questions. The cocktails and bartenders are just as good here as at Death and Company, but I felt more relaxed here.
  • Photo of SuitNflipflops
    8 years ago
    Come here, chill, and enjoy a heck of a good libation (clearly, don't order a captain and diet but try something "real" - bartenders are really helpful and will walk you through finding the perfect drink for your taste). Place itself is beautiful with a great vibe perhaps even better now that the big crowds have thinned.
  • Photo of LightFeather51
    9 years ago
    A cosy wood bar/lounge with sophisticated atmosphere. A great place for couples or business people socializing. They make nice cocktails. Be ready to sample a few of them. The bar tenders are knowledgable & the waitresses are attentive. They have tasty small plates as well.
  • Photo of CaliforniaLew
    9 years ago
    This is an old school style cocktail lounge. They make all their own mixers, use fresh juices, and specialize in gin and rye cocktails. But they are not overly snooty about it. If you order a manhattan, they'll ask you what kind of rye and bitters you'd like, and if you're clueless they are happy to help. We went their twice for cocktails and enjoyed it very much both times. The room is great, low key and classy. The drinks are not cheap (about $13 each), but they are made by true practitioners of the bartending arts. They also have small plates food, but we didn't get a chance to have any. I guess we'll just have to go back!

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