Photo of Orwasher's Handmade Bread in New York, NY, US
Photo of Orwasher's Handmade Bread in New York, NY, US
Photo of Orwasher's Handmade Bread in New York, NY, US
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Orwasher's Handmade Bread


Orwasher's Handmade Bread34.5
bread • challah • donuts • pastry

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  • Photo of Raja H
    3 years ago
    Jelly doughnut for $4.25 isn't worth it. Even at $1.25, I'll pass. The one interesting thing about them is that they use a "jelly gun" to fill them up when you order. If you're impressed by that, Taco Bell has a nacho cheese machine you will love
  • Photo of Paul Newman
    3 years ago
    Best baguette of 2013
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  • Photo of Seth Fiegerman
    5 years ago
    For $6, you'll get the best pb&j of your life
  • Photo of Allan S
    9 months ago
    Love their stuff but they do not offer the corn rye that I loved a few years ago, still they have excellent bread and limited but. Very good. Sweet. Choices. That are kids favorites. They have expanded into some non baked items with the new owners that make them more complete. Good choice. For. Breakfast
  • Photo of robcurtross
    a year ago
    Orwashers is only two blocks away from my apartment building, located on 78th Street and always a pleasant stop on my rambles. Their soda bread was even better than my last example tasted on a wonderful trip to Ireland a year ago last January. Orwashers has been an institution in Yorkville for many years and has become an institution in my life.
  • Photo of Jon S
    a year ago
    Orwashers is a small, highly respected bakery on the Upper East Side. All the breads are excellent. Try the spelt bread in the morning with a smear of creme fraishe or honey (or both) and a baguette in the evening with your own spread of picholines, garlic and olive oil.
  • Photo of MyThoughts_10
    a year ago
    Thinking about this place makes me smile. That's probably because there are days when a good crusty bread and/or baked goodies hit the spot. I tried a new kind of bread that resembles ciabatta and I did not regret it at all. I am used to these kinds of breads only lasting a few days before they become hard as a rock, but this loaf lasted quite a bit longer than that. I don't know if it is because of the way they make the bread itself or because I kept it in a cloth, but regardless, the bread was really yummy. They sliced the loaf for me, and it definitely does not hurt that it was reasonably priced. I couldn't help by try a few other things - the most notable of which is the sugar donut. I thought it such a good idea that they inject the donut with the flavor of jam that you want on the spot. This means that they will always have your preferred jam donut available (assuming they always have your favorite jam in stock). It was really quite worth the calories.
  • Photo of shozgirl
    a year ago
    Bread made the old fashioned way. There are truly hardly any bakeries left with bread or cakes.... fantastic options all delicious.
  • Photo of Paul S
    a year ago
    There is an authentic slice of New York tradition in every slice of their delicious bread. Orwasher's baked good are honest & delicious . Great to see this quality continue as it has for generation upon generation, The focus is on breads-- many varieties. But there are also some sweets like buttery Danish-type pastries and iconic NY black and white cookies. As I was getting ready to leave I saw some packets of sugar and therefore realized they also serve coffee -- so I got some coffee to go (there is no seating at this spot). The breads are reasonably priced while the pastries are more on par with upscale NY City
  • Photo of robcurtross
    a year ago
    Orwarsher recently opened an outlet on the Upper West Side a couple of blocks from Zabars, much smaller than the ancient and still superb flagship, but exporting some great rye bread to that hot bed of rye bread eaters. As an East Sider, this is still my go to bakery -- really nothing compares week after week with its consistent quality.
  • Photo of swagne34
    a year ago
    This bakery is my favorite spot in the city to grab a pastry and a coffee for a walk to Central Park. Each evening they donate the extra bread to food banks/pantries. It has Kosher items as well as a variety of speciality spreads and nut butters. I just love it!
  • Photo of VitalSpring
    a year ago
    This review is for the new Orwasher's on 81st on the upper west side. I was visiting, staying down the street from here, and I came here at least once a day, sometimes twice. By the end of my visit, they knew me. I loved the lox bagel, the tuna sandwich and the chocolate almond croissants. I had a lot of these three items over a few days. I think about them all the time.
  • Photo of Virginia M
    a year ago
    Morning buns are extraordinarily. At 8am they are just out of the oven. Warm the baked apples inside are perfect touch. The flour of their baguette is imported from France. You can buy 1/2 of a baguette!!!! Best bread I ever taste. My kids favorite is Cinnamon raisin bread. If you need something that keep you satisfied for the whole morning , try slice Spelt bread. Toasted with peanut butter and honey. Awesome. Sandwiches for lunch are ready as early 10:30So you can pick up and go. My favorite is roasted veggies. Because has Harissa mayo.
  • Photo of zenborzoi
    a year ago
    We loved the quality of breed here and can't wait to go back to try different items. Everything we tried was great!
  • Photo of Jvalliant
    a year ago
    Oh my quest to find amazing bread in the city, I came across Orwashers. This has been an institution on the upper east side and recently they opened a store front on the Upper West Side. I settled on a sourdough boule. I was not disappointed. My husband and I shared it with dinner and were thrilled. The bread was crusty on the outside and soft inside with incredible sourdough flavor. It was an truly excellent bread. Sweet pastries are offered as well in addition to numerous bread choices. The price is amazing for NYC. My boule cost $4! I couldn't believe it! especially for the UES. So refreshing. I can't recommend this bakery enough.
  • Photo of Fabio_NY
    2 years ago
    I visited this bakery seeing the good reviews and as I was close by for work reasons. Honestly I didn't find anything special in the two items I ate. Components not that rich, "topping" not generous. Didn't please me also that the personnel decided to serve before me a customer arrived after me, just because she was a returning customer/friend. Food average, service less than average.
  • Photo of Lollisad
    2 years ago
    Although I had heard about the famous jelly-filled doughnuts, I wanted to try other doughnut offerings. I wasn't disappointed. The chocolate doughnut and the vanilla iced doughnut were each delicious.
  • Photo of emme45
    2 years ago
    Yet another cute shop in the upper east side. They are 100 years old, wow. The Levain locale bread and strudel were gone immediately upon arrival; looking forward to trying more goodies. Very friendly service too.
  • Photo of Kathy B
    2 years ago
    Amazing scones. Super light but still creamy. Had both the blueberry and cranberry ones. Loved that they have cranberry scones that don't have orange in them!
  • Photo of Veri K
    2 years ago
    Thank god we still have some Real New York places that are authentic and special like Orwashers! Love the authenticity of the fresh baked breads and goodies in this charming bake shop that's been in the neighborhood for generations.
  • Photo of SuzeyQ101
    2 years ago
    I braved the subway 5 stops in the wrong direction from work in rush hour just to try this bakery and it did not disappoint! I had read an article about their hand filled doughnuts but I was also met with an impressive range of breads and rolls which I wasn't expecting. After much deliberation, I settled for a cinnamon and raison sour dough roll, a mini seeded rye loaf (I think!) and a raspberry doughnut. Everything tasted really fresh and well made, with the doughnut stealing the show with it's delicious jam and soft pillowy texture. The lady who served me patiently answered any questions and helpfully recommended the raspberry jam (good call!). I only wished there were more of these bakeries around!!!
  • Photo of Michael G
    2 years ago
    Get ready - they make their jelly filled donuts right in front of you - you pick out the donut the filling and you end up shoving it in your mouth even before you pay for it ! There breads are KILLER. The Black and Whites - best I ever had not that mass produced in a basement in NYC. These are the real deal. Bring lots of money the selection the smells the ambiance if s bakery can have one is a step back to how local stores should all still be. This is worth the trip !! Sorry DD had to steal both your marketing lines !
  • Photo of robcurtross
    2 years ago
    Raisin pumpernickel best anywhere. This bakery has endured for decades in a very competitive marketplace and in a very demanding area of the city. I enjoy stopping by just to smell the wonderful aromas and buy a sample to eat on the street.

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