Photo of North End Grill in New York, NY, US
Photo of North End Grill in New York, NY, US
Photo of North End Grill in New York, NY, US
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North End Grill

American Restaurant

North End Grill34.5
brunch • steak • oysters • salad

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  • Photo of Coral I
    2 years ago
    Amazing food and super good service
  • Photo of Shawn Gunn
    4 years ago
    Awesome clams and monk fish
  • Photo of Sonya Oliver
    4 years ago
    Love Danny Meyer restos
  • Photo of Pittsburgh_cyclist
    6 months ago
    I love the idea that this is a "hospitality included" restaurant and the customer service was first class - friendly, professional, knowledgeable. The food was certainly good but I was a little disappointed given the price. Starter of tarte flambé was tasty and enjoyable. Main of duck confit had a good flavour but was lukewarm, though the skin was deliciously crispy. Dessert was a disappointment : apple galette had apples cooked so lightly that they were almost raw. Even if this was intended, I didn't enjoy it. Overall, I loved the atmosphere and the service, but at these prices the food should have been superb, and it wasn't.
  • Photo of Rona M
    6 months ago
    The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. The place was busy but the staff found time to help and advise (I asked about a wine, it was suggested that there was a better choice to go with my meal, both were brought for me to try. He was right, his suggestion was better). We shared the tarte flambe (too much for one; we have had something similar in Alsace). I had the chicken, moist and tasty with a nice balance of herbs, my husband had the duck, which he thought tasty and well cooked but could have been warmer (as could my veg). We decided on a dessert - we don't usually as helpings are too big - these were fine. I had ice-creams (they were happy to substitute one for something elsewhere on the menu), my husband had the galette which he thought very good too. Friendly knowledgable staff - and no tipping which we, as Europeans, find quite intimidating. We'd love to go back if we're in the area again.
  • Photo of etnbanker
    6 months ago
    Attended a business lunch found the food to be ordinary and overpriced. The bread was barely edible and the food was uninspiring.
  • Photo of dpsaz
    6 months ago
    I sat at the bar for Happy Hour. Short Rib burger, duck fat fries and an awesome cab (I think it was Shafer). $1 oysters and awesome bread pudding. Outstanding scotch selection. Danny Meyer knows what he's doing!
  • Photo of Jon S
    7 months ago
    My wife and I had dinner here on a Friday evening. I had an excellent lobster roll as an entree. It was very fresh. My wife had a panko-grilled skate served with capers and blood oranges in a blood orange reduction. Both were fantastic.
  • Photo of le5691
    7 months ago
    The food is amazing - the service was perfect. The water glasses seem to fill themselves, when people left their napkins were folded for them.
  • Photo of Maria F F
    8 months ago
    Although the service was a little slow at time , though it was understandable as the restaurant was full. We had steak which just melted in your mouth. The wine was great to.
  • Photo of Maxmillian_8
    8 months ago
    We were there for their "pop up" northern France menu. That means very limited offerings. The only fish on the menu were skate and trout, and they were out of trout although we arrived relatively early (8:15) on a Friday night. Spinach was great, skate so so.
  • Photo of N F
    8 months ago
    We attended this restaurant for a business networking dinner in December. Relative to that purpose, this restaurant is perfect. Good food, spacious and professional atmosphere, excellent staff, large, well-stocked bar and excellent wine list. What I can't get past here is the name. This isn't really a "grill" restaurant, in the sense that grilled meats do not really dominate the menu, either in selection or as the best dishes. In fact, our group was much more impressed with the seafood and other items than with any of the more traditional "grill" offerings. That said, the seafood was truly excellent. I had the second-best sea bass I'd ever tasted. My wife had a truly exceptional homemade "gnocchi" (now billed as "malfatti", which is probably more accurate) that impressed the whole table. The selection of raw mussles and oysters was very nice as well. And there are several wonderfully good deserts that we tried. All in all, those of us who went the seafood and Italian route were much more satisfied than those who stuck to the "grill" menu. I would have rated this restaurant a bit higher, but for a couple of factors. First, relative to top-rated New York City restaurants, it has a bit of a "big box" feel - there is no real romance or uniqueness to the atmosphere. Second, there seems to be a bit of a lack of direction and identity in the menu. I would have described the best dishes as classic French or Italian in essence, but there seems to be a bit of a nod towards a "steakhouse" style, which I do not think is in fact the strength of the menu. Last, and this is not a major complaint because it is a high end New York City restaurant, it is fairly pricey. Some of the dishes would be well worth the premium, but I would question the price of the "steakhouse" style dishes relative to the creativity and quality. All that said, the food here is wonderful, and we enjoyed our meal immensely.
  • Photo of BillOPhilaelphiaPA
    8 months ago
    A beautiful modern, open, spacious restaurant that at times serves French and at times Italian food, Quite large with an open kitchen and great looking bar. The noise level, even on a totally full Saturday night was quite moderate. The service was exceptional. The whole staff was very knowledgeable about the food and its preparation. They were also very friendly and helpful. Always available, but never intrusive. The food was outstanding. Very fresh and very well prepared. All the dishes 4 of had were nice size. Not too small and not too large. My wife and I had oysters, a salad, and then shared an entrée. We ate there on the French night. Should note that this is an expensive restaurant; $18 for a martini; oysters $4, appetizers around, $18 -22, entrees around $36-46, but the good news is there is no tipping.
  • Photo of Terry S
    8 months ago
    I read all the reviews before going and was very surprised when we got there, not by the lack of people in the restaurant for a Friday night, but they changed their menu to French! Basically the same but all slightly different. The food was very good, but not a lot and very expensive! I had 1 glass of Pinot Grigio for $19. Not even a full glass. I understand that they include the taxes and tips in the prices, but dinner for 2, 4 little neck clam app ($12), 1 cocktail each, no dessert, total came to $150 -- seems high. And, we were still hungry when we left. We stay at the Conrad all the time when we visit the city (which we love), probably will not be returning here due to expensive and small portions.
  • Photo of 763worldwidetraveler
    The best thing about this grill is: the perfect service and well trained employees! They know very well what they serve!
  • Photo of scottmC4038ZR
    9 months ago
    Very competent bartenders. Nice setting. Crowded on Thursdays like most NYC bars. Apps incredible. Only one annoyance, wine glasses are warm as if just washed. Especially the stems. Think it is due to a Thursday crowd. But they should prepare better given the prices here. Overall would recommend.
  • Photo of Izzy D
    9 months ago
    Most recently, they basically took away taxes and tips and provided an all inclusive price. I think that is a great idea and raises the level of the restaurant. They still have a great wine list and seasonally fresh menu along with the staff favorites (short rib burger rocks). No tipping the front desk either - its all about a team environment and i hope it drives the right behavior - love the place
  • Photo of EsBu
    9 months ago
    We were invited here for a birthday dinner and honestly, I wasn't too excited about the idea of going to a meat grill as I am more of a fish lover. But, was I wrong! They have a great selection of fine foods, prepared to perfection.I loved the patato soup with truffel butter.
  • Photo of ThorntonF
    10 months ago
    The service at North End Grill was 2nd to none. We were treated like royalty. All of our meals were perfectly cooked & dessert was a work of art. It's a must try when visiting NYC.
  • Photo of Mike S
    10 months ago
    We went to the North End Grill as I was looking forward to a steak all week. Set expectations as this is not a Chain style restaurant but nor is it fine dining. Started with Champagne, a shared started and a dozen oysters. All good. Then the Steaks came. Mmmm when the steak sauce is contaminated with the Red steak jus you know the steak hasn't been rested properly. Fundamental error, should never occur or be served to a customer in this condition. Still the steak tasted ok, if a little unsightly. I ended with a fig tart dessert accompanied with a port ice cream. Now that was special. Wrapped it up with a 18 year old Speyside Malt whisky. The waiter we had was attentive and friendly. Tables against the wall meant he often had to lean across the table or sometimes ask for a plate to be passed to him. Really need to address this if they want to raise the bar with this restaurant. Also very surprised to see a member of staff eating a take away in the restaurant whilst paying customers where still in situ, albeit on a spare table at the end of the room. All in all a reasonable experience, reasonable food and reasonable value for money. With the right amount of attention I could see easy improvements that can be made to make the experience better. It did, however, meet expectations.
  • Photo of Florian P
    10 months ago
    The charcuterie plates contain tiny slices of pate, and the charred bread tends to overpower them. We received a complimentary egg with hollandaise sauce - a rather surprising dish for a high end restaurant, is this some kind of new trend for the jaded New York patron who's tired of foie gras? This is also the first time I'm served deep fried rillettes with mayo, and it's just as fatty as it sounds. The steaks are quite good.
  • Photo of Dioc
    10 months ago
    Sunday brunch was fantastic. The pancakes were the best I have ever eaten as was the Benedict, Country Ham, Hollandaise. The service was spectacular and every time I needed a drink refill of had a question the waiters were there. I would go back every time I visit NYC.
  • Photo of shuba8
    10 months ago
    If you are anticipating ordering a bottle of wine with your meal, you might want to think about the restaurant's gracious corkage policy which is $25 a bottle. If you hit the low end of their wine list which is mostly in the $70 range ("Todo, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore") you will be getting a wine that probably retails for $20-25. You would be better served buying a $40-50 bottle and bringing it to the restaurant. You'd be drinking much better. The math works!

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