Photo of New York Theater Workshop in New York, NY, US
Photo of New York Theater Workshop in New York, NY, US
Photo of New York Theater Workshop in New York, NY, US
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New York Theater Workshop

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New York Theater Workshop15
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  • Photo of Christen Clifford
    New, mostly American plays and musicals. This is the place where "Rent" got its start.
  • Photo of Riddoch88
    a year ago
    First time at this theatre and we couldn't have been more impressed. The setting was so intimate, sitting with our feet on the "stage" we were enthralled by the entire cast's performance including of course Oyelowo in the title role and Craig's Iago. The theatre itself was a real find and we certainly plan to keep an eye on what is on when we're next in NYC.
  • Photo of VKMc
    a year ago
    Ever seen one of those actors who completely disappears into her roles? NEW YORK THEATER WORKSHOP does that. It’s given actors & directors for, at least 30 years, space to experiment & audiences a place at the conversation table. And every time I go to NYTW, it’s a radical theatre absorption experience into the dramatic text—like the recent “Nat Turner in Jerusalem,” where we waited in his jail cell on the last night of his life. So, now comes hot-ticket “OTHELLO” with James Bond’s Daniel Craig. Get ready for major machismo & electric acting. Sam Gold’s whip-smart production of “Othello” at NEW YORK THEATER WORKSHOP deploys modern-day camouflage in a Cypress army barracks set. Celebrity actors bring disturbing clarity & humanity to Shakespeare’s magnificent text. We are intimately embedded (are we ever!) with a dynamo cast of hyper-buff soldier-actors armed for bear with no one to kill, since the enemy was lost at sea. Poised for violence, they idle away the tense hours with hard rock, hand weights & wrestling. Also illuminated in David Oyelowo & Daniel Craig’s interpretation is a harsh reversal of the kind of class distinction usually on view in Othello productions with only one Black actor to represent the entire issue of race. Here among a diverse cast, Oyelowo’s squared-away Othello speaks like African royalty, while Daniel Craig’s scruffy ensign Iago is presented as a hot-head blue-collar chump, glowering “at ease” with barely contained hostility. This magnificent duo is locked in a visceral struggle of machismo, ambition, jealousy & betrayal, slugging it out in truly brilliant line-readings of the exacting Shakespearean verse. And we are locked into their fresh-cut wood barracks space with them, often eavesdropping on them in the darkness, or blinding glare with clever use of camp lights, in a space of such claustrophobic intimacy that we are implicated in our very infatuation with the characters—Iago in the early Acts & Othello in the last two. In an after-preview chat, director Sam Gold reminded us that “Othello” is a definitive landmine for cultural hot-button stigmas & it provides an opportunity to explore not only Islamophobia & abuse against women, but also PTSD from war in the Middle East. The play left me jazzed & restless, ready to wrestle the boys & write poetry.
  • Photo of Peter B
    a year ago
    With a small stage in the round, and not a bad seat in the house, a great place to watch a show. It must be trendy since the beer at the makeshift bar was Narragansatt. The show (Hadestown) was very professional and enjoyable. A nice alternative to Broadway, but not cheap.
  • Photo of GailDP-LosAngeles
    Just saw "Hadestown" here last week, a dynamic retelling of a classic tale. An outstanding production with remarkable talent in the cast, the musical ensemble and the creative parties. The wrap-around seating brings immediacy to the presentation and makes it an immersive experience. This play is one of the top two plays I saw in a 6 plays in 6 nights marathon. Two of the others were "Hamilton" and "the Humans". The theatre conveniently serves drinks - hard and soft pre and mid performance and is located just doors away from a great ice cream shop where - if you're swift enough - you can visit at intermission.
  • Photo of mnbnyc
    2 years ago
    The theater can always be counted on for way above average shows, but the current show - Hadestown - WOW. All I'll say is if you can't get tickets to Hamilton, try Hadestown - a modern adaptation of Orpheus and Eurydice, done with country music (Johnny Cash style), great acting, and a song to end the first act that will have you jumping out of your seat. The more amazing piece of trivia? - it was written 10 years ago! Don't miss this show - you'll pay much, much more when it goes to Broadway.
  • Photo of Joey613
    2 years ago
    I had a wonderful experience here. I came to see a late showing of Red Speedo on a Saturday night, and quite frankly, I was blown away. The call window ticket counter where I picked up my ticket from was easy and quick, and the staff was very nice and friendly. Washrooms just outside the play room and comfortable seats to enjoy the show.... It was just a wonderful experience overall and I will certainly be coming back a lot more now that I found this hidden gem, which isn't too hidden amongst older and more knowledgeable theatre people in NYC.
  • Photo of PelleasPhiladelphia
    One of my favorite theaters in NYC, located in a great area of the east village with many good meal options. The theater here is always daring, innovative and risky, but with a premium placed on the highest quality off-Broadway acting. Come here for exciting contemporary work!
  • Photo of Len S
    2 years ago
    A small, intimate theatre in the East Village/Bowery neighbourhood, with just under 200 seats. I was very fortunate to see a performance of "Lazarus" at the NYTW last week-end. Lots of neighbourhood bars & restaurants in the area for pre/post theatre dinner/drinks.
  • Photo of Julie C
    2 years ago
    I recently visited to see Lazarus. The performance was excellent, as was the venue. The staff were really helpful, and the theatre is quite intimate, with the front row very close to the stage for this production. The bathrooms were clean, and the seats in the theatre were very spacious (I had been shopping on the way and there was plenty of room for me and my bags). The only downsides were the theatre was a little cold while I was there, and the foyer is very small, so when everyone is waiting for the theatre doors to open it is quite crushed.
  • Photo of HuntleyNewYork
    2 years ago
    We'd been there a few years ago for a wonderful work in progress event, and were taken with talent and the small venue. This latest visit, we were fortunate to get tickets to Lazarus, which was full of creative excellence at every turn. We loved the show. The theater holds about 200 people. Very intimate. And its location in the East Village is ideal for finding innovative dining before hand. Strongly recommend.
  • Photo of Ben B
    2 years ago
    The New York Theatre Workshop is a nice cozy, small venue for local plays and performances. My wife and I saw an excellent reading of a play called 'Greenwood: An American Dream Destroyed'. The seats in the theatre were very comfortable and they did a good job with the lighting and sound!
  • Photo of Richard K
    3 years ago
    Just saw this drama, ironically after visiting the 9/11 museum. The first 2/3 of the play were well done, the ending is a bit too much unicorns and rainbows for my liking. The set design was awesome, the theater warm and friendly. Great off Broadway experience.
  • Photo of berniemcg29
    3 years ago
    Today we saw "Scenes from a Marriage" in a new production by the New York Theater Workshop and were amazed by the wonderful and talented troupe of actors in a fresh, new presentation of the Bergman classic from the 1970's. The play was riveting, the emotions raw, and the lessons heartbreaking. NYTW consistently produces quality theater.
  • Photo of Dana C
    3 years ago
    I recently saw "Scenes from a Marriage". As another reviewer pointed out, the staging was unusual, but in my eyes, it completely worked with the amazing cast that brought the play to life. Even 2 weeks after, when I describe this play, the performers and the set, I still feel all the raw emotions and power of the words and I am again moved. Thank you New York Theater Workshop and I look forward to "The Invisible Hand".
  • Photo of CJunker
    3 years ago
    We saw Ivo Van Hove's reworking of Scenes From a Marriage. The production was not without flaws but it was done and a rather interesting way that made us want to go back and see more of what this Off Broadway theater whose mission is to put on relatively new productions has to offer.
  • Photo of TAHKA
    4 years ago
    Encouraged by an 83 yr. old friend to attend what I thought was going "to be older folks coaching kids about older folks"...turns out to be a Playwriting workshop exposing over 60's and budding talented teens...thus the title "Mind the Gap". The Educational Director Bryn is a true professional with great wisdom and poise-she openly shares her knowledge and experience;making learning a joy;all the associates in this Not for Profit Org.special As Dr. Seuss wrote "o Oh! The Places You'll Go! There are many discount Off B'way theater opportunties as a also took me out of my neighborhood to the not so new and up and coming East Village.
  • Photo of Thomas K
    4 years ago
    My wife and I went to the NYTW for the first time last night to see Bacharach Reimagined. The show was tremendous, and the theater even better. What a cool intimate place. Every seat is like sitting in the best seat in the house. A small warm place, with a very pleasant staff. Sorry this is the first time we have been there. We will definitely return to see their future productions. Definitely give it a try.
  • Photo of Judea123
    4 years ago
    The Saturday matinee on December 21, 2013 was excellent; Kyle Riabko and the cast had the perfect presence and voices for the creative rearranging of Bacharach's wonderful music; the production had gentleness and softness and emotional quality as well as the energetic interpretation of some of the songs - the lighting and scene production was great. Bacharach music is STILL excellent music!!
  • Photo of NickFLewis
    4 years ago
    I am a big fan of the New York Theater Workshop. The theater is tiny and the productions are often new and/or experimental. The acting is always top notch and the intimate surroundings make it a special experience. Many of their shows go on to Broadway runs ("Rent", "Once", "Peter and the Starcatchers" for example), where you get to pay a lot more to sit further away.
  • Photo of vcantante
    6 years ago
    Saw "Once the Musical" at the New York Theater Workshop, a show now moving to Broadway. The theater itself is tucked away in the East Village and casts a great show. Can't wait to see this one again when it opens next month!

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