Photo of NBC Experience Store in New York, NY, US
Photo of NBC Experience Store in New York, NY, US
Photo of NBC Experience Store in New York, NY, US
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NBC Experience Store

Tourist Attraction

jimmy fallon • favorite shows • fun store • cool stuff

30 Rockefeller Plz Ste 270E
New York, NY 10112, US
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  • Photo of Nicole B
    3 months ago
    Love The Shop at NBC Studios. I visit every time I visit NBC and earmark cash to spend on NBC merch. Was all geared up to get Late Night with Seth Meyers merch....and there was not much! Booo! Did get a cute shirt though! And the SNL stuff was amazing! Loved it! Disappointed there wasn't any Superstore stuff but I realize the show is just starting to take off.
  • Photo of Jamesinthe405
    3 months ago
    they are remodeling so it was a bit of a mess. But the shops where very cool. Almost got to go on to Jimmy Fallon Bummer.
  • Photo of Manuel M
    4 months ago
    You've seen them on TV and you've laughed at jokes and enjoyed their stories. Here is the chance to experience their studios and their merchandise. Nice boutique with lots of stuff to buy if ur a fan of Jimmy Fallon and all those NBC studio stars. If u get the chance take the tour also, unfortunately we were running out of time and had no luck however, the boutique was a great addition
  • Photo of Liz H
    5 months ago
    We called in this shop to look for souvenirs. There is a mock up of the Good Morning studio and a chair from "The Voice", where you could press the button on the desk. Merchandise available from many famous shows, such as Friends, The Office etc.
  • Photo of kjtravelingmomof2
    5 months ago
    Get a picture in "the Voice" Chair or behind the "NBC desk" with coffee cups in between shopping for your favorite NBC show items past and present. Everything from "Friends" to "Friday Night Lights" to "SNL" to the "TODAY Show" is represented with mugs, shirts and other swag. While there my inlaws were asked if they wanted to watch Seth Meyers practice monologue later in the day to see what jokes he would use in his show later that evening. They signed up, went and had a blast. This is a great store!
  • Photo of hobozoo
    5 months ago
    Tours for the NBC studios start in the back of the store. Nice store with souvenirs for all the great NBC shows. Sit in a coach chair from the Voice or Hoda and Kathy Lee's desk. We were asked if we wanted to see Seth Meyers monologue rehearsal. We received 4 tickets and saw the 3:30 rehearsal..
  • Photo of wisd0m4life
    5 months ago
    Poorly made American Ninja Warrior t-shirts I purchased for my sons birthday. The shirts where so thin you can literally see through them. The sizes were not accurate a large is really a small etc. I am very disappointed with the NBC/ANW brand for this. I bought some ANW shirts during taping in Daytona and the shirts were of better quality.
  • Photo of Andrew S
    6 months ago
    The shop itself is large and well organized. It's cool to check out NBC and the Shop if you're a fan of the network, various talk shows, and shows they aired such as The Office. The products were pretty basic: shirts, mugs, and other memorabilia. Overall, nice to check out for a few moments but nothing to go crazy about.
  • Photo of Veoma A
    6 months ago
    First of all, I have to admit that I'm a broadcast fanatic. So to even look at the pictures on the wall which depict the journey of the Studio was awesome for me. But be able to purchase the memorabilia and all the cool stuff?!? Let's just say it was icing on the cake!!!
  • Photo of Colleen C
    6 months ago
    We didn't do a tour or anything- but did the TODAY show you have to get there like at 6 am and the crew doesn't come out until 8:30 but if you want to see them you the 2 hr is what you have to do--- the producers there were interactive and very nice!!
  • Photo of GeorgiaStarry
    7 months ago
    Too pricey for the limited selection. You get a 10% off coupon if you attend a recording or rehearsal.
  • Photo of JL0203
    8 months ago
    Had to take a few minutes and check out the NBC shop. Lots of Jimmy Fallon stuff, which is what I was after in the first place. But didn't realize there would be so much stuff for SNL, Friends, the Office, etc. Totally fun store! But it's a little pricey which I suppose is a bit expected for a NYC store. Worth a stop if you are into any of these shows. 15 minutes tops.
  • Photo of Sharon S
    9 months ago
    I have a teenager who really likes Friends so I needed to stop in. Not too many options if you want something with the characters. Just plan on spending above average prices. And the things are mostly the stick on letters rather than higher quality embroidery
  • Photo of Bonnie B C
    10 months ago
    We had a lot of fun looking through the Friends items. We stayed for quite a long time - didn't buy anything, but we still enjoyed ourselves.
  • Photo of Travis L
    10 months ago
    If you're a fan of NBCs shows, there are some good finds in the gift shop here. We visited right after watching the Today show from Rockefeller plaza, and got some Today show merchandise. Quite pricey, but that's NYC for you.
  • Photo of tshep42
    10 months ago
    This isn't so much a tourist attraction as a shop. If there is a particular NBC show you like, you can get some merchandise/souvenir of the show. That's about it. They do have a The Voice judge chair you can sit in. It's not a huge store.
  • Photo of Rehsinup19
    10 months ago
    This store was fun to see. The prices aren't great but there is a cool selection of merchandise related to NBC shows to view.
  • Photo of Lynn220
    a year ago
    Whilst shopping in the store, my husband asked about the opportunity to attend a live recording. The staff were more than helpful advising us of the standby process. This involves getting up early and waiting in line, but really worth it if you get in! All the team really dedicated to creating a great show and you feel completely part of it. Afterwards you get a voucher to spend in the gift shop- already well overpriced!
  • Photo of Aliemy1160
    a year ago
    We stopped in on the spur of the moment and was pleasantly surprised. Tons of fun t-shirts and other items from favorite shows. You can get tickets for The Tonight Show, Seth Myers and SNL. It's worth the time to stop here when in NYC.
  • Photo of BuildThisLove
    a year ago
    Great shop with a good selection of various merchandise relating to NBC shows current and past - has some cool Friends stuff for example - lost one star as it's on the pricey side!!

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