Photo of Mercury Lounge in New York, NY, US
Photo of Mercury Lounge in New York, NY, US
Photo of Mercury Lounge in New York, NY, US
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Mercury Lounge


Mercury Lounge34.5
stage • acts • katz

217 E Houston St Frnt A
New York, NY 10002, US
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  • Photo of Raja H
    2 years ago
    Saw Tacocat play here with Ron, Ez, and Laura. Such a very good show. "This next song is called 'You can't fire me, I quit'. It's a breakup ballad". Mercury Lounge is a pretty dive-y music venue. Didn't expect that
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  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    Come to this intimate space for your indie-rock fix. Bands like the Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Interpol have all gotten their starts here; today, catch shows by the likes of Dylan LeBlanc, Julien Baker and Phil Cook.
  • Photo of Travel + Leisure
    2 years ago
    Originally the living quarters for the Astor family's servants, the Mercury Lounge was once connected by underground tunnels to the fabled Astor mansion. It has since become an indie music stomping ground; a venue known for showcasing young talent and as the launching point for countless contemporary musicians, such as the Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  • Photo of Leo B
    a year ago
    I had always heard about the Mercury Lounge and the bands. Took my son and wasn't disappointed. Great Indie Bands - Waiting on Henry and Wormburner. Every night there are different bands so check on who's playing. Located next to Katz Deli on Houston and walking distance to Bleeker street with other music venues like Terra Blues - Another of my favorites.
  • Photo of Elitefreak
    2 years ago
    Loved our late night stop to listen to some random bands (both of which were quite good including Gold, a group of all-girls, and A Deer A Horse, excellent especially the talented drummer. Took me back to my youth in NY going to see live cover bands (the acts were all in the New Wave genre the night we were there).
  • Photo of Ron T
    2 years ago
    We came to see Corrine Bailey Rae and loved this venue. Small and intimate with the sound level the best I have heard at a club. It's SRO, but we got in line early and snagged a seat on the bench on the side. During the show we all stood on the bench with a great view of the show. Go easy on the drinks though, a bit on the pricey side.
  • Photo of drftr09
    2 years ago
    I went to the Mercury Lounge for the first time to see a band. I got there before the doors were open so I hit a few watering holes across the street. I highy recommend this trick so you can prime the pump for what you're about to experience. When it was time to check out the Mercury Lounge I was ready to hear some live music. This place is a classic "dive" bar for Rock & Roll. The band I saw was first class and the perfect venue to see them or any band that comes to town. It's up close and personal if you choose to hang out by the stage. There may be a spilled beer or two at the end of the night but for me, it adds to the ambience. If you hang back you may not have the sticky floor like up front. Over all I loved this place and I"m already checking out their website to make plans for a return trip.
  • Photo of MsDolly07
    2 years ago
    Whenever I am in NYC I am always attending a show at the Mercury Lounge. It's a small venue so you have the chance to meet with the musicians. I have always really enjoyed the musicians I picked. I can only highly recommend this place!
  • Photo of VitoriaFood
    3 years ago
    Was here to shoot some pictures of a concert. Stayed on after for some bands and to have a beer or two. Some good local brews on tap amd the atmosphere was buzzing with good music and a young trendy crowd.
  • Photo of NoShortsTownie
    3 years ago
    The Mercury Lounge is one of the best venues to see up and coming bands, or bands who are already well known elsewhere, but not in NYC. The stage is low but wide enough where everyone can actually see what's going on. The band has to walk through the crowd to get to the stage, so it's really low key and almost always feels like you're seeing friends onstage. The bar is really narrow to pass through tho get to the stage room, but it's a small price to pay and if the band's rubbish, you can sit at the bar. The staff are great and quite frankly it's a miracle that the venue is still there with all the glossy high rise garbage going up around it for the people who thankfully don't frequent it. Long may it reign.
  • Photo of sassyjordo
    3 years ago
    I went there recently to see my favorite musician, Noah Gundersen, at a sold out show. It's a small place, but I never felt too crowded or uncomfortable. The sound was excellent and we were right up front! The only real downside to my visit was that the band mentioned that they were pressured to leave the venue directly after the show because there was another show after they were done, which meant they had no time to meet and greet with the crowd. They also had to cut a song from the set list. The time crunch was just a bit of a downer. We showed up about an hour before doors opened and were first in line. Not too far away, we got food at Two Boots pizza, which I also recommend!
  • Photo of carlinda6665
    3 years ago
    Got a chance to hear a few bands at this venue. They were good bands and the lounge had good sound. The cover was reasonable and it was a cool place. Close to Katz deli and the F line of the subway. Check it out.
  • Photo of BromleyJules
    4 years ago
    Great room, got to see 3 local New York bands neither of them overly grabbed me but enjoyed the experience. Would definitely go back to see more when back in NYC again
  • Photo of Va9nessa
    4 years ago
    Saw a band here I didn't know of last minute with some newly minted friends. The venue isn't that large but we didn't feel claustrophobic at this show but I could imagine it getting bad at a more crowded time. Drinks are $9 for vodka soda so surprisingly expensive for this type of place. Just get beer I guess.
  • Photo of Dennis70
    4 years ago
    This is the first, and smallest, of the now ubiquitous Bowery Presents venues. Great sound system, and a really intimate space. I always make it a point to take out-of-towners here if there is a band we want to see. Tip: Order your drinks from the small 'window' inside the music space for faster service.
  • Photo of JohanZetterlund
    5 years ago
    Visited here in 2013. We bought tickets online and went here for a concert with Half Moon Run. The place was pretty small but they had everything we needed. A lot of beer brand, a small-sized stage with gread audio-setup. Will definitely viset here again if they have a another great band playing here!
  • Photo of Wandering_Freee
    5 years ago
    This is a small venue so if there is a band you like playing it will be a very intimate show. There is nothing special to this place it is a bar with a stage. The stage is low to the ground and you could get right on the stage. There is no back stage area so the bands walk down the side of the crowd to get to the stage.
  • Photo of TOSAMAMAE
    5 years ago
    Went to see the band Jeff the Brotherhood, and by my surprise this crazy chick rocked the opening for them. Mosh pit,
  • Photo of JimWPPA
    5 years ago
    Caught a great Heavy Metal show at the Mercury Lounge, late March. Exactly what you expect from a rock club from dirty walls to nice acoustics and mean looking, kind hearted bouncers. Like catching acts at the Lounge.
  • Photo of K D
    5 years ago
    Attended Craic Fest to hear Julie Feeney and other Irish musicians but wasn't wild about the venue, which is just a bar with a large open area in front of the stage. The only place to sit is along two benches on each side of the room but you won't be able to see the bands for all of the people standing in the middle. The bar in the front is very noisy and the singers were struggling to overcome the noise. So, if you don't mind standing for many hours and don't care too much about the quality of the acoustics, its a great place to mingle with a young hip crowd.
  • Photo of NYfishes
    5 years ago
    WOW - we saw Randy Houser here last night and it was amazing. Just had his first Number One hit so we will never have an opportunity to see him in such a tiny venue. The sound was fantastic. We were like 20 feet away. SO glad we went. Yeehaw !
  • Photo of Mike S
    5 years ago
    When you see a group, you want to see them in the right place. That's the right size. That has the right sound. The Mercury Lounge is that place. It's probably as long as CBGB's was, but twice as wide. Maybe three times as wide as CB's was pretty narrow. Even better, there's a bar up front with a curtain/door to the stage area so there is some separation. I like that as sometimes you want a little space to back away. And this way folks who want to talk with their friends can do so at the bar, not in the band area. I wish that was the case the night I went as a bunch of bar hoppers was yapping away while a solo singer with a guitar was playing. He mentioned that he could play softer if he was getting in the way of their conversation so they got the message a little. Makes you long for the days of the old hardcore shows when folks like that would have been handled more appropriately!?!? Good size. Good location. Good bands. Reasonable drink prices. The East Village used to have lots of places like this, the Mercury Lounge is maybe the last holdout. God Bless 'Em!! If there's somebody you like - go see 'em. If you're looking to try something new, give it a go.
  • Photo of TakeMeAway44
    5 years ago
    We recently enjoyed seeing Truth & Salvage at this intimate venue. Acoustics are very good. There was a promotion going on and we got a few free drinks and a T-shirt. Cover was $12.00 pp, which is reasonable for NYC. Standing room with a few seats on the side. Easily accessed from the subway. Will be back.

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