Photo of Mama Mia Musical Broadway in New York, NY, US
Photo of Mama Mia Musical Broadway in New York, NY, US
Photo of Mama Mia Musical Broadway in New York, NY, US
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Mama Mia Musical Broadway


miss trunchbull • roald dahl • child actors • tim minchin

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  • Photo of Angelina R
    4 months ago
    It was amazing...Mimi, the lovely girl acts Matilda. She is so good, so confident and excellent! I am so happy we chose this over *** of the opera. I love it.
  • Photo of cloughiesgreenjumper
    I hate musicals. I can't stand them. I only went because my wife wanted to go. And you know what? I bloody loved it. A fantastic, entertaining night out. Great cast, great sets and a lovely old theatre.
  • Photo of Gary H
    9 months ago
    I have been attending Broadway shows for 30 years. This is the WORST show I have ever attended. Couldn't wait for intermission to leave.
  • Photo of Daniel O
    10 months ago
    Matilda the musical was a spectacular show!! I'm very sad to announce that the show has left broadway about a couple months ago😭 But anyway the show had a amazing story that was filled with comedy, great singing, amazing dance numbers along with actors!! The set pieces were really unique as well wich was cool to see!! Of course there were some heart warming moments as well❤ The show even had some pretty mind blowing tricks that will make you think twice about any magic you have seen before!!
  • Photo of Alikchi
    a year ago
    I attended with my wife and children, aged 7-21, and we absolutely loved this musical, which was performed flawlessly and produced brilliantly, relatively true to the book. The special effects were used very effectively and the venue is perfectly suited for the genre. I would easily go see it again. Well worth the ticket price! There are no bad seats in this theater! Don't be afraid to save some money and get the cheap seats way up top, because you won't miss a thing. You are still right on top of the action, because the theater is laid out so well. You also don't need to worry about buying t-shirts or alcohol because they set up on every floor! What you DO have to worry about is using the restroom. There is ONE men's restroom on the 2nd floor and I think one women's on the first. Imagine the lines! Get there early and go fast!
  • Photo of Shannon R
    a year ago
    This was a fun Broadway show. The props were great and the tunes were catchy. Children would absolutely love this, but personally I didn't think the performers were as good as I have seen in other musicals.
  • Photo of Hozyr
    a year ago
    This is a must go with young kids. Have a 9 yr old and she enjoyed every minute of it. Having read the book helped it even more just mind blowing how these kids had so much talent. Tip - if you are someone who takes a chance of getting last minute deals it's definitely worth it. We just happened to walk in 5 mins before the start and we got really cheap discounted tickets. This was a pleasant surprise.
  • Photo of BuildThisLove
    a year ago
    Go see it. Maybe not in New York though where it unfortunately just closed!! Fabulous show and cast!!
  • Photo of Deadgrass
    a year ago
    An adorable show with a wonderfully talented young cast. We thought we would like the show but it was even better than expected. The kids are still singing all the songs from the show.
  • Photo of catskill2016
    a year ago
    We enjoyed Matilda - my 8 year old daughter proclaimed it her favorite. I had been warned it was too dark, but it was not. It was true to the essential story line of the original novel. Content, while serious in nature, was well presented to make the audience laugh and engage in the story. Show ends January 1 - we were lucky to see the show before it goes dark. Make way to say Hello Dolly with Bette Milder next at the Schubert in the spring.
  • Photo of CR7_Whit
    a year ago
    This was the 2nd show in as many days for our 4 day stopover in New York. The theatre itself was situated towards the back of our hotel so was perfect. The theatre itself was very small but ideal for the show. We were situated front row right next to the steps where some of the action takes place as I found out later!!!!! Perfect seats, right on top of the action. It was the actor playing Matilda's Broadway debut but you wouldn't have known. Overall 5🌟 family fun I would 100% recommend this show for anyone & was surprisingly better than the British version I had watched a few months prior.
  • Photo of TiMEtraveler95
    a year ago
    Anywhere besides Broadway this would be a 5+ star attraction. That said, it was excellent, and the kids loved the story and performances. The one and only drawback is, in comparison to other shows on Broadway, it just isn't exceptionally better than the others.
  • Photo of lovethebeach11229
    This is the children's story by Raold Dahl. Not our favorite. Sets were simple yet nice, though there was a malfunction near the end. Cast was amazing. Story not believable. Does not quite follow the real story.
  • Photo of Mark N
    a year ago
    We have just walked out at the interval from a quite dreadful production of Matilda. There was not a single redeeming feature about the experience from a poor sound system, not a single acceptable performance by the cast, poor orchestration and a distinct lack of rest rooms, particularly for the ladies. The very talented Tim Minchem should be appalled by what has happened to his very good show - no wonder it closes in March. All this at a cost of $119 for a back row seat at mezzanine level. By far the worst Broadway experience ever.
  • Photo of DavieeH
    a year ago
    Show was ok the lack of customer service & respect from the so called bar manager Jaime was disgusting. Bought our soft drinks on the lower floor although we were sitting on the upper tier 3rd floor area the barman said we can get free refills up their...OH NO YOU CANT. I had to go down several flights of stairs then queue for ages before my cups were refilled...Why when there was a bar upstairs less than 2 meters from where I was sitting..This is why(Jamies response)..... (1)-Its a complimentary service we do not have to give you a refill if we dont want too (2)-There are no machines upstairs to do refills(Thats not a customers fault) (3)-Its been like that for years were not going to change it just for you This so called Jamie was shouting this across other customers he was serving..I found him arrogant & a disgusting disgrace to the other staff including the house manager whom I found respectful & sympathetic....Shame on you Jaime for giving a first time vistor to this wonderful theatre a horrible experience I shall never forget....Lets hope the house manager has given you some customer service training...or fired you!
  • Photo of 808louiseg
    a year ago
    Our family of six (husband, 20,17,10,9 and myself) absolutely loved the show. The theatre was extremely clean and the stage set up was fantastic! The kids did a super job acting. The best show we've seen in a while!
  • Photo of FaFamily
    a year ago
    Before visiting NYC at the beginnign of December, I bought tix to Matilda. We had wonderful seats in the middle Orchestra section. The scenery was so well done and the cast was fantastic. Those kids are soooooooooo talented! Loved the silly girl, Lavender! The adults in the play were wonderful as well, especially The Trunchbull! I loved the small theater and woudl highly recommend this play!
  • Photo of Maria G
    a year ago
    Planned, paid for very expensive orchestra seats for myself & daughters, 30, 28, 26 yrs and 2 grandsons 6 & 4. My girls know of the movie and book since they were small and we adore it. Now my grandsons are loving it as well, that is until we went to see the play on broadway, 12/14/16 @ 2pm. This show, train, lunch, dinner and incidentals was my christmas gift to them all. We were so psyched to see this show and what a disappointment it was. Garbled british accents made comprehension of storyline impossible. The entire show from start to finish was not a match with the book or movie, thereby it was boring & incomprehensible for us all. It was painful to stay awake and I am very upset and feeling taken advantage of. This was not the Matilda we know in the USA and my gift for my family was a flop. I lodged a complaint with my credit card and will be writing to the theater and director as well. Ive seen plenty of broadway shows over my lifespan and have never even been close to being this disapointed with anything like this massacre of a great story. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS! PS; Its closing on January 1st 2017...hmmm its no wonder why.
  • Photo of Karl K
    a year ago
    We were in NY for a few days and it was a last minute decision to go and see Matilda. The theatre is wonderful and the show was outstanding. Unfortunately the show closed early January 2017 so go and see it whilst you can!
  • Photo of Ally_D8
    a year ago
    Just go, you won't regret it! Great stage, actors and songs - it's entertaining from start to finish. We got our tickets discounted on the day from tkts down in south east manhattan.

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