Photo of Majestic Theatre - Phantom of the Opera in New York, NY, US
Photo of Majestic Theatre - Phantom of the Opera in New York, NY, US
Photo of Majestic Theatre - Phantom of the Opera in New York, NY, US
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Majestic Theatre - Phantom of the Opera


Majestic Theatre - Phantom of the Opera24.5
phantom of the opera • longest running musical • upper balcony • third row

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Majestic Theatre - Phantom of the Opera has 22 Tips

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  • Photo of Alice Bragg
    2 years ago
    Phantom of the opera
  • Photo of Farzana Ravjani
    4 years ago
    I've heard great things about this!!! I can't wait!!
  • Photo of MichiganMelissa04
    5 months ago
    If you haven't seen Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, you're missing out. I highly recommend seeing it. The theatre in and of itself is worth the trip -- it's very charming.
  • Photo of Paige B
    6 months ago
    I so love the theatre! I was deeply disappointed to the fact that instead of a live orchestra there was DIGITAL MUSIC!!! It cheapens the production so much it makes you wonder if the performers are lip singing!!! I know the singers work so hard to put on a quality production, what is happening to Broadway!!!!!
  • Photo of LarsAnd
    6 months ago
    This Show is absolutely FABULOUS. I have seen it 6 times and counting in NYC. Good Story - Magnificent Music.
  • Photo of Pam E
    6 months ago
    We saw Phantom here, which was amazing. However, we were with friends who had never been to a Broadway show, and we had to assure them that their experience when entering the theater was not the norm. We arrived at 7:30 for an 8:00 show, and the line was already wrapped well beyond the entrance into the next block. The men who were checking bags outside were loud and rude when we did get near the entrance. They were yelling at people to move (even though there was nowhere to go!) and one even said that the reason we were standing in line was only because we wanted to. What? They definitely left a bad impression before we even got inside. We saw 5 Broadway shows on this trip, and this was the only place that treated us this way. The theater itself is nice enough, but the seats are very cramped. I'd only return there if I really wanted to see the show being offered.
  • Photo of DanChoo
    6 months ago
    Enjoyed watching the phantom. Get the upper mezzanine levels to enjoy the show. Seats are cramp else it's an experience
  • Photo of Ricardo E
    6 months ago
    Was there on a quick weekend getaway, the show was amazing and the theater is beautiful, i really enjoyed and recommend it.
  • Photo of censslen
    7 months ago
    The name Majestic Theater is well titled. This is one of the most beautiful theaters I have ever been to. The seats are comfortable, there is actually decent legroom (for a person 5'5") and even sitting in the very last row, I still had a great view of the stage.
  • Photo of Jonathan T
    7 months ago
    The Phantom of the Opera was an amazing show to see for my first Broadway show! The soundtrack and performers were both stunning, and the sets and effects were amazing!
  • Photo of MAU1967
    7 months ago
    If you like theather and you re in New York ,you need go to browday and you have this famous opera: Phantom of the Opera. We bought the ticket more than one week before, becasue many groups choice this old and famous show. Great show , excelent sound, GOOD.
  • Photo of squealer
    7 months ago
    We all wanted to see a show on Broadway and having been non-plussed by the ticket agent in the hotel we came across the Majestic on the way to eat at Joe's of Times Square. We thought lets see if they had any tickets for the performance the following day and they did for a price much cheaper than at the hotel so we booked them. Arriving the next day we headed downstairs for a quick drink in the bar before heading up to the upper balcony where our seats gave us a great view of the stage. Having seen the show in Southampton several years ago, this performance was truly stunning and excellently performed. One slight quibble was that after the curtain came down the cast then proceeded to try and flog items which seemed a bit bizarre.
  • Photo of Mike S
    8 months ago
    We visited the Majestic Theater to see Phantom of the Opera. One of my biggest dreams came true and the experience was one of the best I ever had in my life. This is definitely a MUST to go. Get the tickets at the ticket counter because you can get much better tickets for a cheaper amount. I was sitting in the 2nd row center (orchestra). JUST PERFECT
  • Photo of Vinicius C
    8 months ago
    Great theater. Amazing opera. Better than expected. Must seen. Stay on ROW NYC just next the theater.
  • Photo of Krebsy724
    8 months ago
    My boys, 15,16 & 22 & I visited the Majestic Theatre on 1/6/17 to see, "Phanthom of the Opera", we had great seats lower Mezz. Section A, 107-110. Show was off the charts amazing & the seats were comfy & sound was great! Love, love, loved it!!
  • Photo of Jamie J
    9 months ago
    I saw Phantom of the Opera here which was brilliant. We got seats in row W which I had understood was orchestra level with good views. We were actually higher up than expected and due to this and tier above us we couldn't see upper parts of stage which are used in some of the best scenes so these seats are actually in a restricted view area. The theatre is lovely but there are (as usual) limited ladies toilets meaning big queues to spend the intermission in and they are on lower level. Didn't bother queuing so didn't get a drink at intermission (more toilets perhaps more bar sales..)
  • Photo of LMVPCDF
    9 months ago
    I surprised my wife with tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera in NYC at the Majestic Theatre for our 8th wedding anniversary! The venue is amazing - a true New York icon in every sense. The staff were all helpful and kept the lines moving quickly. Getting our tickets online was a breeze and they were scanned at the door. Sound inside the theatre was perfection! They also did a very good job of keeping people OFF their cell phones during the show which was very much appreciated! WE look forward to seeing this wonderful production again very soon at the Majestic. BRAVO!
  • Photo of slothsaway
    9 months ago
    Great show and cast. If you're going to see a 29 year running play this is the one to see. Now on to the lines and selfish people. The queuing starts about 45 min prior to the show. Lines run left and right along the side walk. Once the doors open there is no crowed control or staff coordinating the safe and efficient entry into the theater. People that arrive after the line forms go straight to the middle of the two lines, que up in the street and then force themselves into the front of the line with total disregard for societal norms and courtesies...come on people we're better than that. Oh, come on phantom staff get control of the mob and have a orderly method to let your guests in. The experience starts outside and doesn't end until you exit. We went to the Christmas spectacular with twice the crowd and enjoyed a nice and orderly entry into the theater with out all the pushing and cutting in line as experienced at the Majestic theater.
  • Photo of Niloofar K
    9 months ago
    Beautiful old theater. We bought the tickets online. There is a long line to enter but half of the people in the line get separated at the entrance because they have to buy tickets.
  • Photo of Nadia L
    9 months ago
    Phantom of the Opera is Broadways longest running musical for a reason. Phantom has been my favourite musical for years now and upon booking a trip to New York i knew a trip to the Majestic Theatre would be top of my itinerary. The theatre itself is a tier about the rest, its just so sleek and well presented, the Phantom would be pleased. The seats were comfy enough and i had a decent view of the stage from my seat. I wish i didn't wear my contact lenses though! The show was marvellous and rivalled the London production. They are technically the same but there are some ever so small differences which i couldn't help but notice. The cast was absolutely superb and i couldn't believe that they were all principles! I always tend to see the alternates or understudies so i just prepare myself for that now, however i was pleasantly surprised. I sat in the Rear Front Mezzanine, E110 (Row 5, Seat 110). I would have preferred to sit in the Stalls but due to booking late there wasn't many seats available, however the seat i sat in did the job just fine.
  • Photo of Rich334
    9 months ago
    Recently saw the Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic...a very enjoyable experience...the theater, located on West 44th Street and within walking distance of Rockefeller Center, was originally built in 1927 has since been refurbished but still maintains its period charm. The seating provides excellent views of the stage, but be careful not to sit much beyond Row P in the Orchestra as you will be under the upper balcony which could impair your vision of the stage. Pictures, of course are forbidden during the performance, but were allowed after. There is a small lobby with a refreshment stand where show memorabilia is available for purchase. Tip: Buy your tickets on-line and you can go to the front of the ticket line to get your tickets at the box office.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    The phantom of the opera is a great play and that's a fact, the play here is also good the cast was doing a great job but the effects can be better, effects for the same play in London were better. Still it's a must see and tears will be shed at the end weather the effects were brilliant or not.

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