Photo of Majestic Theatre - Phantom of the Opera in New York, NY, US
Photo of Majestic Theatre - Phantom of the Opera in New York, NY, US
Photo of Majestic Theatre - Phantom of the Opera in New York, NY, US
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Majestic Theatre - Phantom of the Opera


Majestic Theatre - Phantom of the Opera24.5
phantom of the opera • longest running musical • upper balcony • third row

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  • Photo of Alice Bragg
    2 years ago
    Phantom of the opera
  • Photo of Farzana Ravjani
    4 years ago
    I've heard great things about this!!! I can't wait!!
  • Photo of Bruce C
    a month ago
    We saw The Phantom of the Opera on our visit to the Majestic. It’s a classic old theatre but a quite a bit smaller than I expected. We were there on the Saturday of a holiday weekend and it was a crush inside the foyer and long lines to the toilets at interval. We thoroughly enjoyed the show but would not recommend such a busy night.
  • Photo of tonyw612015
    2 months ago
    Great Phantom experience but poor service for a person with a walking stick, being asked to go and wait downstairs and stand up and then be asked to go up the same steep stairs to go in to the theater and then being sent to the wrong entrance and stupid women who then sent us all the way back to another set of stairs to go up and back down to come out exactly where we we seated 5 rows from the entrance we went in the first time. VERY POOR EFFORT.
  • Photo of Anne A
    2 months ago
    Seeing a Broadway show has been on my bucket list since before bucket lists were invented, and on our first trip to the States, I had to go. Now, my husband hates musicals (he slept through most of the Lion King in London), but he agreed to give Phantom a whirl. We arrived at the theatre after a stressful day of arrival, immigration and late luggage. Within minutes, we were thoroughly relaxed because (unlike most British theatres) we were able to take a large drink in a spill-proof cup to our seats and relax. The seats were comfortable enough and from what I could see, almost all of the seats would have good sight-lines to the stage. We were in row D of the Stalls (or ‘Orchestra’ as they call it in America), and had both a superb view and an ideal distance from the sound system. Leaving aside the story and concentrating on the production, I can say that this is theatre at its very peak. The quality of acting, playing from the pit and set/costumes was of the very highest, and the cast gave it their all. That’s what you get for your money on Broadway. Not only did my husband stay awake, he actually enjoyed it.
  • Photo of Dominique D
    2 months ago
    This play was amazing. Def one of my all time favorites now. The venue was way too warm they should have cranked up the air but other then that it was amazing! The cast was fabulous. I would love to come see it again. So much fun!!
  • Photo of Manuel M
    2 months ago
    I had expected that the theater where the Phantom of the Opera is playing would be more majestic and elegant. I believe, the inside is a bit worn off and needs a major uplift. That being said, while ur enjoying the show you would realize that the theatre is as is in order to complement the plot and the era it is describing. Theater is super huge, chairs not too comfy however, from wherever ur seated u have a good view to the stage
  • Photo of BurgerPilot
    2 months ago
    One of the all time long running classics. If you are into opera and want the full experience, see this show. You don't need a French to English translation book, but you might want to book ahead with a Visa. There are snacks & drinks. Seats are comfortable, but not large. Someone with long legs may want to try to get a seat by an aisle. Be in the line at least 45 minutes before doors. A well executed play. This Burger Pilot was hoping to recruit the Phantom.
  • Photo of Kristen O
    2 months ago
    I'm a huge fan of the show and got to check it off my bucket list seeing it on Broadway! The show was fantastic, however, the theater is a bit outdated. On the upper level there are only 3 stalls in the women's restroom making is almost impossible to get back to your seat in time before intermission ends. The stairs are a bit steep and there are no handrails or lights to help you. Room between your knees and the seat in front of you is scarce but adds to the experience in a way.
  • Photo of JohnsGirl87
    2 months ago
    Just being honest in my opinion - don't hate. I've seen Phantom of the Opera several times and this one was disappointing. There was no chemistry between the three leads and the vocals left much to be desired. The theatre was too warm in the balcony and the audience lacked good theatre etiquette.
  • Photo of ClayF2
    3 months ago
    And of course we enjoyed the Phantom of the Opera. We were first-time visitors to NYC and thus wanted to see Phantom of the Opera. Conveniently, the Majestic Theatre is across the street from the Intercontinental Hotel we stayed. We went to a 2 pm show on a Saturday (and then went directly to a 5 pm show of the 1984 play a 5-minute walk down the street at the Hudson Theatre). The seating at Majestic was comfortable. We were on the 4th row from the stage. I had an aisle seat which I always prefer. We were feeling sleepy so at intermission, we got coffee at concessions.
  • Photo of Jacqui H
    3 months ago
    Seen this show in London but blown away by the theatre and stage production at this theatre. Even after 28 years on Broadway this show sells out every night and ticket prices really hold up. Got 2 front row seats on our first night mid centre and was that close we could appreciate the costumes and facial expressions of the actors, but without cracking our necks at all. Every seat in this theatre offers a great view so don't be put off by anything saying partially obstructed view. Was shocked at first when we paid $10 for a soda but then realised free refills throughout and got to keep a pretty good sealed cup, so quite a good deal! Highly recommend this show.
  • Photo of Mozzie12
    3 months ago
    Went to the Majestic Theatre to take in the musical to which all musicals are compared - Phantom of the Opera. Needless to say, the entire experience was nothing short of magical! From the advice of some friends, got in line at TKTS in Time Square to buy discounted (30%) tickets the afternoon of the desired evening to see the show and were fortunate enough to get 4 seats in the front mezzanine. Arrived a half hour before the show and from the moment you are standing outside the classic Majestic theatre, you know you are in for a special evening. Once inside the building, the decor is as expected - a throw back in time to an era when this was THE entertainment people clammored for. Of course their are Phantom souveniers for purchase that you walk by heading to your seats but once inside the seating area, you'll take in the architecture and overall atmosphere which is phenomenal. Friendly ushers and the staff providing refreshments are a welcome addition. The show itself was unbelievable, to the point that words truly cannot describe it accurately nor give it justice. I'll simply sum it up by stating that every aspect from the amazing singing, incredible utilization of the stage and surrounding area spaces, exemplary costumes, set changes that will leave you wondering how the things they do could ever be done will leave you understanding why Phantom of the Opera is that to which all musicals are compared.
  • Photo of Robert W
    3 months ago
    I brought my wife here for an anniversary gift. She love the Phantom of the Opera, so I wanted to give her the Broadway experience. We sat in row BB. We could look down into the orchestra pit, which was great! I could tap the conductor on his shoulder, that's how close we were! The play was great and I have to give major props to the set designers and all the stage hands. It was just an amazing set and flawless. I still never know how they can move stuff around in the dark!
  • Photo of Heidrun K
    4 months ago
    It was my adult son's dream to see the Phantom at the original theatre so for his 44th birthday I bought two tickets near the fron centre. He was very happy both with the trip to NYC and the performance, a matinee. We recommend the show and theatre.
  • Photo of veer2808
    4 months ago
    We were visiting our niece in New York for only 2 days and wanted to experience a Broadway play - what better than The Phantom of the Opera, since we loved the movie and the legendary sound-track. We were lucky to get Orchestra 4 th row tickets and, apart from the long and disorganized queues for entry and ticket pick-ups, our first-time Broadway theater experience was truly majestic! We were transported to another realm on the wings of melody and color. The magical appearances and disappearances of the iconic Phantom, the brilliant choreography and mesmerizing special effects bear testimony to the lasting appeal of this - the longest running Broadway show which has been enthralling audiences for 20 years. Once you experience it, you will definitely feel that "the Phantom of the Opera is there inside your mind!"
  • Photo of Ren1971
    4 months ago
    Went with my 16 year old and mom and met up with aunt from Long Island. Wonderful venue. Wonderful show. Love the theater and will absolutely return soon. Saw this show over 20 years ago and it still is impressive.
  • Photo of Emily M
    4 months ago
    When we planned our vacation to the city we had agreed we weren't going to spend the money on tickets for Broadway. Well our second day here and we ended up booking the tickets last minute (don't suggest prices do go up). However, the theater is gorgeous but needs bigger bathrooms upstairs. During the intermission, I went to the women's room and the line was all the way down the hall. We didn't even get through the line before the show started back so we went and used the men's while no one else was! We saw Phantom of the Oprah and it was amazing! We loved it and will definitely see another broadway show next time and plan further ahead!
  • Photo of Patti B
    4 months ago
    Fabulous theater to see Phantom of the Opera! Best seats are front mezzanine--any section! Caution-steps are STEEP and leg room minimal in mezzanine. Show was incredible from start to finish! My first trip to NYC and Phantom was a top priority--it didn't disappoint! Be sure to get a beverage at the bar and Phantom souvenirs!
  • Photo of Rebecca R
    5 months ago
    We loved the theater. It was beautiful and the show was fabulous. We were able to get the playbill after the show! My daughter will treasure this for years as a great memory.
  • Photo of DebraSanford
    5 months ago
    My daughter and I both wanted to see Phantom of the Opera and it did not disappoint. We were thrilled with the performance!!! The talent was magnificent! The orchestra was awesome. The theater was beautiful. The seats did lack leg room, and the bathrooms were overcrowded. But the experience would never be forgotten. The is a MUST SEE while in NYC.
  • Photo of Morgan K
    6 months ago
    The Opera was wonderful!! The only thing you may want to pay attention to is your choice of times to go. If you have kids and want to go, hit the matinee. We went on Thursday at 2 and it was full of kids from area schools. The kids were respectful and did not disturb the performance.

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