Photo of Magnolia Bakery in New York, NY, US
Photo of Magnolia Bakery in New York, NY, US
Photo of Magnolia Bakery in New York, NY, US
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Magnolia Bakery


Magnolia Bakery34.5
cakes • banana pudding • cookies • red velvet cupcake

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  • Photo of hello sitter
    2 years ago
    Pick up a sweet treat here.
  • Photo of Owen Minde
    2 years ago
    Banana pudding
  • Photo of Alex Piton
    3 years ago
    Café da manhã
  • Photo of qwerty2027
    4 months ago
    The best banana pudding ever! This place is always full and for a reason. It had delicious desserts, friendly staff. Its kids friendly and big enough for people with strollers. There are not many cafes like this around.
  • Photo of Sarushkaya
    5 months ago
    I recently visited again after a few years lapse. I remember the atmosphere like an old European Pastry Shop, still the same. The glass case with the variety of cup cakes,cookies,and other sweets is delightful and a torturous choice. Which cupcake should I eat? Once the selection is made and take your plate to the next counter where the liquids are dispensed, and the cashier is located. The cupcakes are the right size, neither to small nor big. The consistency of melt in your mouth buttery flavors. I also got an iced tea that was a berry flavor delicious as well and very refreshing on a very hot day. Small tables are arranged against the glass windows to leave space in the middle to browse and pick up goodies. The staff is very friendly. Gets crowded.
  • Photo of David L
    6 months ago
    We visited July 31st 2017 at 4 pm. The girl who attended us did not want to explain us any of the cakes. She first said "I do not see them from here" when I pointed them out, then "I do not know" when I kindly said bottom row left. She was talking to us careless and without even looking at us. We ordered two blueberry cakes, a cappuccino, and water, that we never received. That is, after just waiting 15 min in front of the cashier watching how the girl who 'served' us and two coworkers were just chit chatting and laughing, we inquired politely about our order. She just stopped laughing, looked at us with a mad look, and the answer was 'we have been calling you guys and we just trashed your food!'. They just stared at me and my pregnant wife defiantly, who was resting at the table right in front of the cashier. No solution was proposed and, while the three of them still looked at us defiantly, we just stepped outside. The tourist who were in the bakery while we were waiting were not treated well either. The three girls were also rude with two couples of Argentinian tourists. We are locals and live in the neighborhood. We have never had such an extremely disappointing experience!
  • Photo of NYCinATL
    6 months ago
    I am a New Yorker, but long-time Atlanta resident. I traveled to NYC for business with a co-worker. After our meetings were over I offered to take her out for a birthday cupcake. In-person and on-line reviews encouraged us to Walk about 1/2 Mike to Magnolia Bakery. They have a wide selection of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and bars. We went for the cupcakes and banana pudding. The cupcakes were not visually appealing so I opted for a slice of devil's food cake which I got to go so I could share it with family. I also got the banana pudding for my coworker (I don't have her review of that yet). We all agreed that the cake was dry and the icing very basic. I would say not worth the calories and definitely not up to par with the Hershey's cake recipe from the powdered chocolate box. Also no where near comparable to Southern Sweets cakes in the Decatur suburb of Atlanta. If you are cake or cupcake hunting I suggest hunting a little more - find something either tasty or fun to look at and eat or maybe both.
  • Photo of BostonKata
    6 months ago
    Old-fashioned banana pudding like my mum used to make, with fresh banana slices. Beautiful, sunny atmosphere. Well worth a visit!
  • Photo of DJKTraveler
    7 months ago
    If you want to eat a sugar-bomb pastry and be served by incompetent coffee baristas at a totally disorganized excuse for a "business," then this is the place for you. Otherwise, there are dozens of places in Manhattan to get better pastries at better prices, and much better coffee, and much better service.
  • Photo of Patricia B
    8 months ago
    For all the hype that was Magnolia Bakery in the late 1990's (they opened in the West Village in 1996)...21 years later, this has become old and somewhat boring. The Columbus Ave store is filthy. I wanted to write: dirty, but the truth is, we found it beyond dirty. It was 5pm so that may explain why...yet, there is no excuse. The tables were dirty, the floor was filthy and so was the bathroom. No A/C meant that only one door was open: very stuffy inside. The staff was not courteous, and rather miffed by my questions, they just wanted me to order and move along. Caveat: most of the year we live overseas since I may be one of the only New Yorkers to have never set a foot inside this bakery!...frankly, I did like the cupcakes but I've tasted better. Regardless, I'll try it again as my daughter loves cupcakes as long as it has a flower in them! To the owners: please keep a tight ship! You owe it to yourselves and your customers!
  • Photo of Alicia P
    8 months ago
    My family and I actually ended up going here twice in one day! The first time, we just stopped in so I could get some banana pudding which was amazing. The pound cake chunks in it were awesome. We ended up meeting up with friends for dinner in the same area and our 3 year old wanted some dessert. She had a chocolate chip cookie and I had the hummingbird cupcake, both were very good. It was nice to go to a Magnolia location that wasn't overflowing with pushy tourists.
  • Photo of b d
    8 months ago
    Loaded up with a variety of items on this trip - all but cupcakes. Took home a mini banana cream pie ($10), a vanilla bean cheesecake (($7.50), a lemon bar ($3.50), and a peanut butter and chocolate bar ($2.75). First time to try the banana cream pie - a variation of their pudding - the vanilla wafers are used to make the crumb crust. Tasty. The cheesecake always pretty great and the PB chocolate bar (smaller) was really incredible.
  • Photo of MizPMusic
    8 months ago
    Stopped in on a recent weekend trip to see what the hype was all about. The store has a lovely atmosphere. It smells dreamy and is colorful but easy on the eyes. Purchased some cute mother's day themed cupcakes with flower icing for mom and several pastries for the family. Can I just say the lime cheesecake ones are heavenly and the lemon bars were also a big hit. Next time I'm in the area I'll probably go back to try a slice of one of their many gorgeous cakes. From previous reviews, I suppose the service is hit or miss however the staff was friendly and helpful to all customers who were there during my visit.
  • Photo of Ashraf M
    9 months ago
    Beautiful. If you order a cake slice just get 1 small 1. Enough for 2 people. Don't be wasteful. Great cupcakes too
  • Photo of savvysolo
    9 months ago
    Sometimes a line, but that's a good sign. At a time when some are cutting calories, there always seems to be a room for their lime cheesecake cup cake. You know what to expect and aren't disappointed. Generally, it's a take-out, as there is not much seating space. A guilty pleasure...
  • Photo of Maaike N
    10 months ago
    The cupcake was really good, I like the smooth frosting and texture of the cake. The place is very cute. I would have given it 5 stars if the employees would have been nice, they were very uninterested and not nice, it's a shame cause that would make the experience so great.
  • Photo of Monica S
    a year ago
    Trying to keep my new year's resolution to post my experiences since I've relied on people's reviews to make my selections of businesses. Regarding Magnolia, as a born-n-bred NYer, always weary about eateries that are overly hyped. Enjoy my hole-in-the-wall locations as long as there is no actual hole in the wall. Anywaaaaaay, long story short, BANANA PUDDING!!!! Tried the red velvet cake (really good) and the banana cake (it was ok but not that awesome like people raved about). My daughter tried the vanilla cupcake and she loooved it. She's a HUGE icing buff (she tosses the actual cake) and she thought the icing was awesome (her words). My partner tried the cakes as well and he thought they were good but the banana pudding...BANANA PUDDING! The prices are insane given that you can make your own cakes/cupcakes at home for less than $3 which is less than what is charged for one itty bitty cupcake. But the banana pudding was really, really good, like REALLY good and worth the price and time you wait on line. So if anything else, minimally try the banana pudding, especially if you're a banana lover. BANANA PUDDING!!!
  • Photo of Jan P
    a year ago
    A friend and I happened to stop into this bakery because it started to rain - what a great place to seek shelter! We ordered coffees and scones and sat a small table near the window. Before we left we took a look at all the amazing baked items: cakes, cupcakes, puddings, bars, etc. If you're looking for a sugar high, this is your place.
  • Photo of Edgar O
    a year ago
    You must try the Hummingbird Cake....made with Banana, Pineapple and Pecan...and topped with Cream Cheese Icing. Little slice of Heaven.
  • Photo of DieforShoes
    a year ago
    Stopped in with my teen daughter while on a "stay-cation" in NYC. The aroma is beyond amazing and you have seemingly endless choices of delicious confections to choose from. While my teen went with a classic red velvet cupcake, I tried a snickers icebox bar- pure delight if you are a peanut butter/chocolate lover! We enjoyed sitting at one of the tables, looking out onto the street, people watching and rehashing our adventures from that day. Definitely lives up to expectations, with great customer service and reasonable pricing.
  • Photo of CT T
    a year ago
    A local person recommended magnolia bakery and it was great. Chocolate cake banana pudding, and key lime pie bar were awesome! They serve hot beverages too and their teas are Harney and Sons, a well known tea maker.
  • Photo of ramdam75
    a year ago
    There is no need to say a lot about this place: the choice in pastries is extensive, they are very good and the prices are reasonable. We had delicious pumpkin and pecan pies for christmas eve. A few seats are available, in a very comforting atmosphere, reminding the good old days of yore.
  • Photo of Grant S
    a year ago
    This bakery was near our accommodation so dropped in a few times for morning or afternoon tea. Busy store but plenty of servers to get your selections did slow a bit at the register. Better value for money if you buy a slice of cake rather than a cupcake. Could easily share a slice of cake. Flavours the same as the cupcakes. Our favourite was vanilla. The coffee was not their speciality and took a little while to serve, did allow time for a table to free up.

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