Photo of Madam Zhu's Kitchen in New York, NY, US
Photo of Madam Zhu's Kitchen in New York, NY, US
Photo of Madam Zhu's Kitchen in New York, NY, US
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Madam Zhu's Kitchen

Szechuan Restaurant

Madam Zhu's Kitchen14.5

401 Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY 10014, US
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  • Photo of Nic Brown
    2 years ago
    Hao Noodle is a West Village Chinese restaurant that looks like an Anthropologie store. It's an extremely nice (and well air-conditioned) place to sit, and the food also happens to be pretty awesome. The food is fancy in a sense, but it's also quite casual - no need to feel bad about showing up sweaty. Go for the Claypot Dumplings, the beef ribs, and the mung bean jelly.
  • Photo of Ellen F
    5 months ago
    I was invited by my friend Mel to experience something a little "unique" for dinner. Mel is an awesome RN who travels the world with her team from Doctor's Without Borders, so when she likes a place... I go. Hao Noodle and Tea was delightful! Soft and airy atmosphere with gentle lighting, open and private tables. Best to make reservation for a private table. The crowd was a cool and casual mix of locals, students and foodies. The menu changes with seasons, in August we had the summer menu, cold noodles with spicy shredded chicken, sauteed spinach with ginger, pan seared pork dumplings, and the best crispy eight spice tofu I've ever had! Food was light, flavorful, and perfect for a warm summer's evening. Dessert was excellent, watermelon balls in iced brandy tea. I highly recommend Hao's when you want something a little different, not too expensive and delicious. Prices were reasonable too. Bar is beer, wine and soft drink. Staff is friendly and professional. My only regret was not meeting Madam Zhu in person, as she was traveling that night. We were told madam Zhu has 10 restaurants in China... even still, you could see and taste her cuisine style and seasonal grace in her absence. Good for her to know the staff were all doing their jobs well! I can't wait to go back and try the clay pot dumplings and Autumn menu. Thank you Mdam Zhu for your vision, great assistant and staff... and of course the Chef!
  • Photo of Runnerny2244
    5 months ago
    We found this place through Open Table and tried Lunch. The pork dumplings were absolute perfection. I had the pork ribs from the seasonal menu and it was amazing. Everything was just fantastic!
  • Photo of daggertravel
    6 months ago
    Possibly the best noodle cuisine in NYC. Dan dan noodles are outstanding. Fresh spinach dish excellent. Rosewater jelly seasonal dessert excellent. Szechuan chicken very good although mostly chilis. Vegetable spring roll & sauce very good. Very nice menu variety. We have returned many times and highly recommend it.
  • Photo of L S
    6 months ago
    We were pleasantly surprised by our experience here. We were brought by family who had been wanting to try it. We sampled a lot of dishes and most were outstanding. The Spicy Cold Noodles with Shredded Chicken had the most delicious sauce and we were wishing we had something to sop it up with! We also had Dan Dan Noodles (nice), Noodles Mixed with Clams, Garlic & Scallion Sauce (think Linguine with Clam Sauce, Chinese style), Seafood Fried Rice (great), Multigrain Rainbow Salad (excellent and nutritious - I'd eat this for lunch regularly if I lived in NYC), Clay Pot Dumplings, Eight Spice Crisy Tofu (EXCELLENT - like melted cheese with a delightful spiced light crunch - best tofu I've had in a long time), Vegetable Spring Rolls (yum!), and Sticky Rice Bacon Siu Mai (our least favorite - the sweetness was a little odd). There were five of us and I thought we'd ordered too much, but everything was modestly presented and we devoured all of it. Such a nice change of pace to average, oily, "Americanized" Chinese food. Would definitely eat here again.
  • Photo of walter f
    8 months ago
    Picky when it comes to Chinese food. This place is just spot on. They have a dish, Dan Dan noodles which has something like 31 ingredients - I could eat it every day for lunch. My wife said the tofu dish was fantastic. Jasmine rice pudding was very good too. The place is roomy and there is lots of street parking within the neighboring blocks. Josh was our server and his recommendations were perfect.
  • Photo of Lewas
    8 months ago
    This is real gourmet chinese food. Chinese food that is elegant, different, and delicous. Really good but not really expensive. I wish it was where I lived and not in NY
  • Photo of Sean H
    9 months ago
    I went to Hao Noodle last week and had a wonderful lunch tasting dishes I had never had before. Staff extremely helpful with menu and I cannot wait to return.
  • Photo of Chuang004
    9 months ago
    Hao Noodle and Tea好 located at Greenwich Village, has a few famous dishes. And we were here to taste it. The name of the restaurant Hao (好, i.e., good) may imply it is a “good” restaurant or present a warm “welcome”. The setting of the restaurant was simple, decent, and clean. Service, good. Foods? Well-presented but tasted a little bit overwhelmed. We ordered: Fish Fritters (苔条魚柳, $12, crispy and tasty), Madam Zhu Spicy Fish Stew (双椒魚片, too spicy, which masked the flavor of fish filet; and salty; $25), Le Shan Chicken (乐山钵钵雞, another spicy dish, good for going along with rice, if you like rice, $10), Spicy Chick Pea Noodle Soup (碗杂 面, spicy…spicy, it’s so called “dry noodle”, there’s no real “soup”, $12), and Chinese Chives with Clams (春韭拌蛤蜊, tasted good, but too small a plate, $10). We enjoyed the dinner. Nevertheless, appreciate more of the dishes’ exhibition than their savor.
  • Photo of wabitop
    10 months ago
    Visited for lunch and was very pleased with my choices of the Dan Dan Noodles and Pork Dumplings along with Jasmine Tea. The tea was way too expensive but the food was not and it was delicious. I even ordered a dish that turned out to be not what I was expecting and then returned it with no charge which was exceptionally nice. The setting is lovely though loud and I sat at the communal table and it was too tight. Not a place to linger.
  • Photo of Nathan S
    10 months ago
    Enjoyed every single dish, tastes and flavours were different with all the dishes. Just the right amount of portions. Amazing deco and good service
  • Photo of TravelFan48105
    a year ago
    This restaurant draws you in with its sparkly lights and warm, inviting atmosphere. The food did not disappoint. We shared a warm sauted mushroom appetizer (very tasty) and a vegetable dish of roasted sweet potato and avocado. The sweet potatoes were fantastic but the avocado could have been riper and softer. Our main dish to share was a noodle bowl with delicious broad, chewy noodles in a flavorful broth with potatoes and green beans. The service was good and the food arrived at just the right times. My Chardonnay was a generous glass chilled to the perfect temperature. We departed feeling satisfied and planning to return to try other dishes next time.
  • Photo of Mawifo
    a year ago
    I was rather pleasantly surprised by the quality and diversity of the food served here. However, the service is - as others have pointed out - completely lacking. There was no logic to when dishes were served; we had appetizers served long after the first appetizers had arrived. For the main course, one entrée arrived approximately 30 minutes (!) after the other entrées, just as the others were finishing up their meals. The waiter seemed confused and only offered a meek apology after our third inquiry about when the dish would arrive. Quite disappointing. One positive, however, would be the desserts, which were far better than what one might come to expect from a Chinese restaurant.
  • Photo of Nick S
    a year ago
    I'm so used to eating Chinese food for Sunday lunch in London (at the superb Royal China Club) that when I'm in New York I get terrible withdrawal symptoms. I can't say that there is a single restaurant in New York with that level of finesse but Hao Noodle is very very good. It's also very different as it's not Cantonese. I'm not a sufficient expert in Chinese regional cuisine to know where all these dishes are from but we ate very well nonetheless. The restaurant itself is bright and modern , very well appointed with well spaced tables . The service is polite and to the point and frankly management at half the fancy places in New York should pay a visit just to see how it should be done. We ate ten or so dishes from the winter menu and they were all good. Some great like the spicy fried shrimp with crispy chilies. It was also edible without the heavy handed, mouth numbing spice that I've experienced in some Sichuan restaurants here. We tried two noodle dishes , Dan-dan and with minced pork. Both very good. The food seems obviously homemade , and unformulaic. The only exception were the siu long bau or soup dumplings. I have never eaten decent ones in the US for some reason . The dumplings are just a little heavy and the soup just doesn't taste quite as good as it could. I'm not going to give up trying but Royal China ones are in totally different league. Tea which is part of the title of this place is just about ok. I like tea. I suppose people here just don't drink enough to warrant importing the good stuff or knowing how to brew it properly. Enough negative comments. The bill was 150$ for three and we thoroughly stuffed ourselves. I've eaten in all the usual spots here and I can safely say that this is the best along with Red Farm and Decoy. However the food here is quite different and the other two are really better for dinner. This is a great restaurant.
  • Photo of Jeff B
    a year ago
    The best Chinese I have had in quite some time. The clay pit dumplings, Dan Dan noodles, sticky rice bacon siu mai and roasted Cantonese chicken were stunning.
  • Photo of cindela
    a year ago
    I went to Hao noodle and tea with a few of my friends to celebrate a birthday- there were 5 of us total. The decor is wonderful and I find the place to be very charming. The servers were also attentive and friendly. Our server listed a few of his favorite dishes and suggested 2 plates per person at the table. We went with his recommendation but I don't feel it was enough. The plates were pretty small and because there were 5 of us, many items needed to be cut in half (have you ever tried splitting a soup dumpling??) which I feel he should have warned us against. The food was tasty but I wouldn't say gourmet. I also found a lot of the dishes to be pretty oily, which is not usual for upscale Asian, and the oily food was really hard to grasp with the smooth, lacquered chopsticks. What with 10 plates, birthday dessert, and some drinks the bill certainly wasn't cheap and we still left pretty unsatisfied. If you go, I'd recommend surveying the hunger level at the table and also making sure there are enough items per dish per person (ie if there are 6 of you, order 2 plates of dumplings). Also, although there are no plates categorized as "sides" or "appetizers", recognize that vegetable and dumpling plates should not be counted the same as main plates- the chicken dish we got was certainly bigger and more substantial than the veg dish.
  • Photo of Antionio10
    a year ago
    This is a modern spin on Chinese food, though not a very successful effort. Dishes are simple, service is slow and the tables are cramped. Oddly enough the noodle's or the tea are not anything special. The restaurant looks like you are in a plant shop and lighting store, both at the same time. It is a little strange..
  • Photo of maris235
    a year ago
    From the moment you enter this place charms you. The decor di furniture is very fancy but at the same time cozy. We order dumplings to share and a noodle pork soup. We arrived at 8:45 for our reservation and received food at 9:15. After 10 minutes they told us that they were taking last calls and prompted us to order dessert in case we wanted it. So we ordered but I didn't think they would bring it to us while we were still eating the main course! I understand that start dinner at 8:45 can be considered late, but don't take a reservation if you cannot deal with the timing. The food was really good but it was aweful to feel so hurried from the waiter who rushed with the check while we were still chewing the dessert. Over all I enjoyed our dinner even if we were kicked out not even an hour after we got there. Food is good but maybe go there earlier...
  • Photo of KBNYC
    a year ago
    Beautiful decor and excellent service. Very average and inconsistently flavored food. Terribly spicy beef appetizer, tasteless seafood stew, flavorless pumpkin rice cake dessert. Well made smoked fish entrée and dumpling dim sum. Would not visit again.
  • Photo of loveoffun
    a year ago
    Lovely Decor..Great detailed sittings. we arrived for lunch for this lovely new place. the variety of staff dictated from the beginning , not your usual asian restaurant ! creative menu with photographs in a high end look! a bit modern..i do not recall who said ..i never in a restaurant where there are pictures in the menu ! a great lesson. we ordered Spicy Shrimp Sauté, crispy dried red peppers ,peanuts sesame seeds extra cripy with a few battered shrimps mixed in a red pepper spicy sauce. served as is. $18. when i was waiting for rice or side dish to arrive ..i was told in and orderly tone ..madam zhu decided this dish to be served as is !!! dried as hell but tasty.. i am so glad i had ordered some southern to wash it down.! i called it chex shrimp. SEAFOOD PANCAKE$8 was missing seafood but the bail was a great touch ! ROASTED CANTONESE CHICKEN $20 was served in a hot pot. lovely flavored. no rice nor anything else. as is. lovely but consider ordering a side dish or ordering white rice , if you dare ! fyi there are two menus .summer or spring even though we are fall ! uber need an extra assistant help for this meal.. we ordered chicken noodle was soup for $20. then for desert we had some kind of dumpling. had flavor.. ! i recommend this lovely place for first date as one is inhibited to eat any ways. uber high end chinese food that must order many dishes to make a balanced meal (lunch for one consider about $75-80 if you like to eat properly ! a meal. you will not be disappointed for the flavors..yum. enjoy..
  • Photo of piaHongKong
    a year ago
    Some traditional Chinese food are re-interpreted in a new way. For example the Dan Dan noodle, besides pepper sauce, they put chestnut paste in it. In general, the food are yummy. Service is good too. Interior decoration is very attractive to non Chinese. It's a good place for business.

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