Photo of Joe's Pub in New York, NY, US
Photo of Joe's Pub in New York, NY, US
Photo of Joe's Pub in New York, NY, US
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Joe's Pub


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fries • public theater • malbec • institution

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  • Photo of Nicole Regan
    9 months ago
    Hidden speakeasy on the second floor, really cool space
  • Photo of Raja H
    a year ago
    Came here with Tina and Ben to see Gad Elmaleh perform to a very diverse crowd of Americans, Moroccans, and Frenchies. Apparently it's a normal thing to yell at the performers and interrupt his jokes. He handled it very well.
  • Photo of Raja H
    2 years ago
    Watched Lily & Madeline perform here. With Ben, Ron, Laura. Excellent venue if you don't mind the $12 minimum for food/drink (very reasonable)
  • Photo of Anne Mohren
    2 years ago
    Live music. Big Hall
  • Photo of Lynda Lee
    2 years ago
    Nice space - sit in banquettes; saw Gad Elmaleh
  • Photo of Christen Clifford
    Cabaret and more. Look for New York's next favorites here, and celebs in the audience.
  • Photo of Elliot Cohen
    4 years ago
    The 2nd floor of joe's has a hidden speak easy. One of the coolest rooms I've been to in a while
  • Photo of sradmd
    4 months ago
    My girlfriend and I attended a show featuring a Nigerian singer. The venue is small and intimate as each seat is at a table within twenty to thirty feet of the stage. The entertainer, Floxy Bee, was quite good. If one does not order food there is a two drink minimum and needless to say, the pricing is quite expensive but after all, it is Manhattan. I had attended another show at this venue and was quite satisfied that time also. We were fortunate and were able to get a parking space right across the street. Parking can be a concern otherwise.
  • Photo of dg2727
    8 months ago
    Joe's is great place to see a show, but only an OK place to have dinner. Very limited menu options and not especially cheap considering what you get.
  • Photo of Gene S
    2 years ago
    Congenial spot where we were supremely entertained by the talented French comedian, Gad Elmaleh. Unfortunately, the food could not come anywhere near the quality of his talent. Go for the artists who appear there, but plan on having dinner somewhere else.
  • Photo of tracingthings
    2 years ago
    Great place if you're looking for a "lounge / club" feel. They have some very good entertainment. The food and the drinks were surprisingly good. Limited menu.
  • Photo of Carol K
    2 years ago
    We went to Joe's Pub in the Public Theater (excellent institution) where we saw a performance by several groups of dancers while we ate dinner. We had to sign up to eat while seeing the program, with a $12 per person minimum. There's almost nothing less than $14 on the menu. We had salads---large quantity of greens, some kind of wafer, 2 wedges of tomato---for $14 each, then spaghetti for one of us, and Joe's burger with fries for the other person. One person had a glass of Malbec. Somehow it all came to $100 with tax and tip. Definitely not worth it. Also, there are tables for four that should be for two adults and two toddlers, because two average-weight and two slender adults were too crowded. During a performance, you are likely to share a table with strangers, which could be okay since this is an informal place. Our seating partners minded their own business, as we did, so there was no difficulty in having them join us, but some diners wouldn't like that and you are so close to the other people that you can hear their conversation easily, and they can hear yours. This is not a dining experience that everyone will enjoy but if you want to attend a certain performance, you have to eat something. The food was good, especially the very thin fried potatoes although like most, they were served with too much salt. The high prices probably subsidize the entertainment facility, but you have to buy tickets, too.
  • Photo of Richard B
    2 years ago
    "Communal tables" like other small venues. $89 ticket price for Julia Fordham + $12 minimum per person. Many orders of French fries @ $8. 3 artisan cheeses w/ nut bread, honey and purple grapes for $14. Elevator to 2nd floor out of order. J. Fordham's 2nd show for 11:30pm cancelled as toilet overflowed. "This is not a review." Shows @ 7:30 pm, 9:30pm. Show up 1/2 before show time. Near 6th and 7th Streets in Greenwich Village.
  • Photo of bookpublisher
    3 years ago
    If you want Manhattan in all of its cultural glory, please check out Joe's Pub. And in particular the SUPERLATIVE show we saw there last night called JOSEPHINE AND I which runs until April 5th. This one woman show starring CUSH JUMBO blew our socks off. She takes us back and forth through her own life beginning with her childhood obsession with the legendary African American performer who married at age 13-- and many times thereafter-- and her conflicts as a modern day woman wannabe superstar in Hollywood. Costumes, Dancing, Singing, Crying, Laughing-- you name it... she's got it. Best of all, you can eat and drink and the show lasts only 90 minutes with no intermission.
  • Photo of Jim W
    3 years ago
    First a clarification of nycmom22's review: Joe's is NOT "aka Library". The Library is the Public's restaurant on the second floor. Joe's is on the main floor, and if you're there for a show (''Josephine and I" currently), think of Joe's as a night club with a fixed start and end time. And that pretty much applies to the menu as well. Order early so your dishes are out of the way before the show starts. Food is surprisingly good, notably the calamari, the shrimp tacos, the Orata, and the fries. (Bacon on the burger was under-cooked.) Loved the apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Drinks are over-priced, but, hey, this is NYC! And, yes, they do cram people in. Keep in mind that the checks all come at once when the show ends, so you may have to wait a while. That applies to the coat check as well. Btw, Joe's is not short for Josephine, but both are lots of fun!
  • Photo of burnsinny
    3 years ago
    We went for dinner and a show at Joe's Pub. It a terrific venue for both! Comfortable. Initimate. Good service. One of the better burgers in NYC. Good, cold beer. Good sight-lines (except for 1 or 2 places where you might be behind a post ...worth asking about beforehand). Well done!
  • Photo of JNWSuisse
    3 years ago
    Happening hip place with a large stage. Really this is a music venue club with food but the food was surprisingly good. Tables are pretty cramped together. The fish dish Orata was delicious with an unusual selection of diced vegetables. Glass of Malbec $14 which is high for an inexpensive red wine. $80 for two mains and two glasses of wine.
  • Photo of nycmom22
    3 years ago
    Well if you can see Hamilton, run don't walk. On a wintry night, this was handy for dinner 6:15 or 6:30 before. Reasonable prix fixe for $38 - three courses. Shrimp taco appetizer was best. All other apps and entrees have too many ingredients going on. Fries are GREAT. Desserts playful.
  • Photo of Dorit_Ben
    3 years ago
    Came for the music not for the food. The music was great. Recommend to check whats showing there an as mentioned- cannot vouch for the food
  • Photo of Heather S
    3 years ago
    Had a great night out at Joe's Pub earlier this month. A lovely live music lineup with tasty snacks and drinks. Definitely a locals spot. A village institution.
  • Photo of TravelFan48105
    3 years ago
    Dropped in late for a quick snack after a performance at the Public Theatre. Was impressed by the ambiance, comfortable seating and relaxed atmosphere. Had the shrimp taco appetizer which was top notch - very tasty and made me want to come back soon to sample more extensively from the interesting menu. A slightly weak point was the service which was not at all attentive - perhaps because I had explained in advance that I was just ordering one small plate.
  • Photo of Josephus212
    3 years ago
    attended a New Yorker Big Story event there- nice place attended a New Yorker Big Story event there- nice place attended a New Yorker Big Story event there- nice place
  • Photo of MeloPeach
    4 years ago
    We had an opportunity to see Amanda Martinez. We originally saw her at the Montreal Jazz Festival years ago. The option to purchase food was great as we were coming in straight from work. We ordered the fried calamari and the pulled pork sandwich. The calamari was really good and so were the fries that came with the pulled pork sandwich. However, the pulled pork was sooooo salty - probably meant to do that so you would order more drinks - and the bun was soggy. We were disappointed in that aspect. The seating was a bit uncomfortable, we were the last table by the door where the wait staff come and go. We were facing that way and shared a table with another couple - we didn't know - who chose the seating looking at the stage. We couldn't turn our chairs because the table behind us - well they were right behind us. So I said sideways with no back. The fact that we were there to see Amanda Martinez made it all worthwhile. Not sure if I'd go back though. And if I did, I probably would choose one of the tables further back. No view was bad in my opinion - just awkward, cramped seating.
  • Photo of Stone S
    4 years ago
    This place was recommended by a friend for an evening out in New York, good nightclub, music was awesome and we had a good time
  • Photo of Steve K
    4 years ago
    Joe's Pub showcases established performers and fringe newcomers alike. You may be entertained, thrilled, outraged, shocked, titillated or infuriated depending on the acts on the schedule. Reasonable pub food and drinks add to the ambience. As night clubs go, it's a throwback. A place where the original experimental spirit of Greenwich Village is alive and well.
  • Photo of Randye F
    4 years ago
    They have a captured audience-who want to see theater and who have limited food choices in the area---go for it--the food is not up to the theater experience or the updated Public.
  • Photo of MABM917
    4 years ago
    Went here for her show which was appallingly ignorant. Food was fine- Brussels sprouts and shrimp tacos - at a shared table. Her act was an embarrassment to anyone who considers him/herself part of any anything. Omg . She should be put out to pasture .

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