Photo of Jane in New York, NY, US
Photo of Jane in New York, NY, US
Photo of Jane in New York, NY, US
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brunch • gnocchi • fries • burger

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  • Photo of Gregory DelGenio
    2 years ago
    Eggs Johnny
  • Photo of Vickie Caride
    2 years ago
    Christian this is where we are eating gnocchi!
  • Photo of RightFing Now
    2 years ago
    Cinnamon Bun Pancakes exist. And they're at the Jane RFN. ($17, 212-677-8741)
  • Photo of Thrillist NYC
    4 years ago
    Jane's Bloody Mary wins points for being the spiciest in town, which is achieved by mixing it up with house-made vinegar that’s been infused with habaneros to give it that extra kick.
  • Photo of JenninOhio
    4 months ago
    Great breakfast, very flavorful. Though there were a lot of people waiting for a table, they did their best to seat you quickly. Regardless we had mimosas and bloody marys at the bar - very good! Definitely recommend Jane eggs benedict.
  • Photo of Ace J
    4 months ago
    Jane is in Soho at 100 Houston Street. We made a reservation for 7 for Sunday brunch (others waited a long time for a table). We took a cab there and had no trouble hailing one to go to Penn Station.The packed place helped us stow our luggage, and the people were very nice - not New Yorky at all. Sunday brunch consists of off the menu selections of mostly high-calorie omelettes and pancakes. It is not a buffet. Each omelette cost about $20. My party raved about them . I can't eat so much at brunch and ordered a simple side of bacon, which was perfect. With each entry came a drink - we ordered bloody Marys. They did not push us to leave, but there were people waiting for tables so we didn't linger. It was so crowded we had to almost push our way out. So visit this classic place for brunch if you are ready to consume a days worth of calories at one setting. Just don't make a habit of it!
  • Photo of kristina s
    5 months ago
    Restaurant is extremely noisy and packed. We were seated, and drink orders taken. The drinks were brought back quickly. One glass had a lipstick mark on it. After that, it took forever for someone to come back to get our food orders. We actually waved down a different server than we had just to place our orders. During this, our server happened to walk by and gave a scornful look towards us. We had to almost yell to get our orders to be heard over the level of noise... it's packed like sardines in there. When the people next to us got up, they had to move their table out of the way just to squeeze out. If you moved your arm wrong, you'd hit the people at the table next to you. I ordered the burger and my fiance ordered their french toast. My burger was supposed to come with pickled tomatoes and some sort of jalapano spread. The jalapano spread was missing, and there was just plain sliced tomatoes on it (making it a normal bacon cheeseburger). The burger tasted good, as did his french toast, but it was nothing special. The burger was $17 and the french toast the same, and they were both the quality you could make at home for a quarter of the price or get at another restaurant for half the price. After we finished, we waited 15 minutes and ultimately had to wave down a server for our bill. $53 for a hamburger and french toast and one non alcoholic lemonade.
  • Photo of Neal P
    5 months ago
    Saturday Brunch is a great move, especially when you go to Jane's on Houston Street in New York. We planned on doing some shopping, hit the Farmers Market on 14 street and Sur La Table. So we checked in at Jane's around 11:30 a.m. People were waiting outside, inside we could see a few Four Tops available. So I politely asked could you make it happen, "bam"...we seated in a comfy cozy spot. The vibe was felt good to be back. Our server RAVEN was exceptional, Menu savvy, & up-selling...she has her game on. We settled on a Shareable Appetizer, Tuna Tartare served in a Taro Chip with Avocado, Sweet Chili and Kirby Cucumber. Definitely a must have. My wife ordered Classic Eggs Benedict, and I had a Popover Platter, a Montage of Smoked Ham, Gruyere Cheese scrambled together with a side of Frisee Greens topped with what resembled a Yorkshire Pudding type of Bread. One word: Fabulous We enjoyed Brunch, even though we had a slight snafu with my wife's entree, which the Manager Sydney, simply comped. We've eaten here three times, the food is still great and just gets better. Overall Jane Reigns Supreme. See you soon. Chef Edwin Padilla
  • Photo of innaz1
    6 months ago
    I ordered salmon Eggs Benedict. Eggs were cooked perfectly. However the salad that came with it was nothing special. You get free cocktails on Sunday. And they put a lot of alcohol in them. However choice of other drinks is limited. I ordered a latte and got coffee instead. I don't know if it's the service or they simply don't have it. Our waiter was very nice but he missed few things. The noise level is high and there were crowds of people walking around and standing by our table while we ate.
  • Photo of LukiLukeGO
    6 months ago
    I had a nice evening at Jane's. The menu is often changing, so my recommendations are rather generalized: I liked the steak and the chocolate dessert. Restaurant is a short walk from the subway stop.
  • Photo of Dawn U
    6 months ago
    This is a fabulous spot if you want delicious and out of the ordinary. The classic benedict and French toast are great options. You cannot go wrong!!
  • Photo of murray2864
    6 months ago
    We go to Jane about once a month and this was the worst experience we've had. When we arrived there were two other tables seated and it took ten minutes for someone to come take our drink order. We ordered two cucumber mules and it took the bartender 15 minutes to make them even though there was no one at the bar and no other drink orders. When they arrived, they were not what we ordered. The manager took the drinks back and two new ones were made. The new drinks then came out the same time as our food. One was good and the other did not taste right. After our waitress took our order we did not see her the rest of the meal. We love Jane but after tonight, I don't know if we'll be going back anytime soon.
  • Photo of JKM007JKM
    6 months ago
    Visited the location on Atlantic in Brooklyn. Great calamari and steak frites. Cooked just the way I asked for. Try the milk and cookies for desert. Excellent
  • Photo of Queensguy730
    6 months ago
    Four of us had our reserved table waiting on a busy Sunday. The drinks, there is a choice of four, are included in the mai course, which is terrifi.Three different drinks were ordered and there were only satisfaction, for the Bloody Marry, 2 Blinis, and a mixed concoction. Three omelettes and an egg and kale dish was ordered. The mushroom and "yesterday" tomatoe omelette was very good, in part because all omelettes were light and fluffy, the way they should be. The coffee was literally endless, even if only partly empty, more hot coffee was poured. Most importantly, when we asked for time, we were not rushed, despite the crowd waiting. I added to the tip. As it was a first time visit, we learned the hard way that the pastry basket was way overpriced. Four small items, and we had ordered two! Me bad. Absolutely not worth it. But we know now and will definetly come back because the brunch was otherwise excellent.
  • Photo of TeddyDove
    7 months ago
    Dropped in for dinner. Was very quiet but we were early. Very nice waitstaff. The setting. is quite pleasant. Felt vintage but clean. Lots of enticing things on the menu. We shared tuna tartare tacos, which were amazing and my wife devoured, and the crispy calamari, which were good but average. My wife went with the lamb gyros special. It wasn't quite spicy enough. Lacked punch. It was light and fresh, though. I tried it and really like it. I went with the New York strip with mushrooms. It was an excellent steak. My wife really liked the mushroom part (although it was a bit much for me). The steak sat on a bed of mushroom puree with fried crispy mushrooms to the side. The steak was cooked perfectly. So, a real winner. Overall, a very good outing. Will definitely return.
  • Photo of yuhoo7
    7 months ago
    We made reservations for 7 people and were seated quickly. The service was a bit on the slow side but the appetizers were pretty good. Fried calamari was light and crisp. The charred octopus had great flavor and the right amount of char. The oysters were good too. We also ordered NY Strip steaks, seafood cobb salad, and lobster roll. Those ended up being ok. One of the steaks came out well done even though we'd ordered medium. The cobb salad, one didn't get any dressing. But food was good overall. The cocktails were delicious. Ordered their version of the moscow mule, which had cucumber in it. Pretty refreshing. I see a lot of reviews praising their brunch menu, so may need to come back for brunch.
  • Photo of Dr_N_Fraggio
    7 months ago
    Went for dinner expecting the same good food & service we've had in the past. Maybe just an off night, but the server was grumpy, service generally not so good, food mediocre (everyone's food, both appetizers & mains) & my draft beer was flat. I give them the benefit of the doubt as past experiences were good. Hope this was just one bad day & look forward to a return to previous level of food & service.
  • Photo of Olivier C
    8 months ago
    Sat at the bar for brunch - the place was packed and lively on a Sunday! Great service - and engaged in friendly conversation with my bar neighbours! Had the Jane Benedict (when in Rome...) - excellent! Definitely recommend the place, for the atmosphere, for the friendliness of their service ad for the quality of their meals!
  • Photo of meenakshi_agg
    8 months ago
    We went for our welcome dinner and we were about 10 people. Service was pretty good and prompt. Since I asked for a vegetarian dish, the server made sure to serve the dish as requested. We had dark chocolate cake dessert in the end which was mind blowing :)
  • Photo of FlaToCarolina
    9 months ago
    Everything about Jane was great! We were seated for our reservation on time, service was great and food was fabulous! We had the salmon, snapper and Brussels sprouts. Staff was super helpful and friendly. If I lived in NY I would visit Jane often.
  • Photo of captaingr
    9 months ago
    Gnocchi is the bomb! Brunch menu has many delicious choices! The included cocktail is a nice touch. Service is great! Waitress was very helpful & friendly. Make a reservation.
  • Photo of JetSetJessa
    9 months ago
    Visited Jane with my family last week . Me and my husband used to eat here at least once a week and it used to be fabulous. Our recent visit wasn't like we remembered . Our server was missing for the first 30 minutes ... didn't even bring our drinks - then apps came out and I had to remind them we still hadn't gotten our wine . We got the Salmon and we were disappointed and had to send it back. The gnocchi was still fabulous but the overall experience was horrible. Half way through the meal the manager Laura came and spoke with us and took care of us for the rest of the meal . She was awesome ! She went out of her way to make sure we were happy as well as my two toddlers . Our initial experience wasn't good but we left happy and as long as Laura is there we will be back . It's a great restaurant and for us it was just a bad night . Laura was phenomenal and I definitely recommend it. I hope I don't regret that 🤔
  • Photo of Jodi D
    9 months ago
    After much research on the web for a place to eat Easter brunch while in New York for a day, we selected this restaurant with great reviews. While the cocktails at the bar were delicious, the experience with the meal went downhill. We were seated by our 12:15 reservation and had completed the meal, not by choice, by 12.35. We were quickly asked if we wanted dessert, which I replied no, but I would not leave so quickly to turn the table. I finished my cocktail and was given a check before asking if I wanted another drink. I would have received a hotter meal and more individual service at McDonald's. Food came out in less than 10 minutes, which leads me to believe that it was already prepared sitting in the back. The only thing they accomplished was getting a huge amount of people through in the least amount of time. Would never recommend this restaurant. It was all about the money not the experience.
  • Photo of Cindy T
    9 months ago
    Six of us were stumbling down W. Houston Street, after our annual New York City Bus Trip tour. Kevin had done some advance research and suggested "Jane" for our dinner. We all agreed and went in. It was only 6:00 p.m. (Saturday night), but the restaurant was starting to get crowded. I wanted to try something different so as an appetizer I got the Farro and Kale salad. It was gigantic - could have been a meal. And scrumptious. The kale was lightly shredded so it didn't taste bitter or get stuck in my teeth. It was wonderfully blended with farro and nuts and cheese and dressing. Awesome! I shared it with my friends. For my entrée I ordered the Mushroom Tortelloni. Again, different and delicious. The service was superb and the ambiance was NYC all the way. We had a wonderful time. Thank you, Jane - we will be back!

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