Photo of International Center of Photography in New York, NY, US
Photo of International Center of Photography in New York, NY, US
Photo of International Center of Photography in New York, NY, US
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International Center of Photography


International Center of Photography53.5
small museum • display area • bryant park • great photos

1133 Avenue Of The Americas Frnt 1A
New York, NY 10036, US
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  • Photo of The Gri
    a year ago
  • Photo of Julia Lane
    2 years ago
    Usually has some great works on display. Free on Friday afternoons too.  Thanks @raja for the tip!
  • Photo of Raja H
    3 years ago
    Free on Fridays, 5-8pm
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  • Photo of Citymaps NYC
    3 years ago
    A must for any photography lovers, the collection on display here spans two floors and hosts some of the best modern photography in the world. The gift shop is one of the best in NYC and is a great place to pick up prints, books, and magazines.
  • Photo of Gansevoort
    4 years ago
    Check out A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial, May 17th – Sept. 22nd.
  • Photo of orrdin
    7 months ago
    This is not truly a photography exhibit in the artistic sense more like a political display and also there's no standing exhibition so things change regularly. Best to check what your going to see before you pay to go in.
  • Photo of Scifibooknut
    8 months ago
    So we set out with the trusty guide book that sent us up near the MoMa which is totally the wrong direction so we headed for the school who gave us the actual address. It's only two floors but very thought-provoking stuff. The exhibition we went to was more moving image than stills but still makes you really think. It was certainly interesting.
  • Photo of mprp3k
    8 months ago
    We went with three teenagers, some of which were not exited to go... but the exhibit was engaging for them. They even thanked us for taking them there, haha. We were there for about less than two hours. The exhibit does not have only photographs but also videos. There was a small cafe with very good looking quiches, nutella brownies and cakes. We tried to go to Katz after the visit (which is very close) but the lines were so long that we ended in a nice Greek restaurant nearby.
  • Photo of Dmitri K
    9 months ago
    This museum is hard to rate since it does not appear to have a permanent exhibition. Fact is, this is not a museum of photography per se. A relatively small space, which is used for temporary exhibitions. The value of the current privacy, public, something or rather exhibit is a matter of taste. I did find it pretentious and not interesting. Other people seem to like it. The exhibition goes beyond sheer photography and you need to read a lot of text that provides explanation of what each artist is trying to express.
  • Photo of jeffrey k
    9 months ago
    this is one of my favorite museums. they were on 6th ave, but they lost the lease, so they moved to the Bowery. now that neighborhood is in a renaissance (which in some ways is unfortunate -- can never be the same once a Whole Foods moves in!). but they have had cutting-edge and provocative exhibits, as is the case right now. current one is on subject of public, private, secret. makes one think about just what should be shared, and how there is so little privacy now. it is a small museum, but worth the visit....and you can get a shared admission with the New Museum across the street. do go, but understand that this museum often has exhibits that are not for the faint of heart.
  • Photo of gboi77
    9 months ago
    ​ It's not a place you go to stare at and be dazzled by visually-pleasing, well-crafted photos, although some of them can be described that way. The photo installations (and some videos) offer insights on popular culture and socio-political issues, past and present. I found myself enjoying the commentary as much as the photos. Pay-as-you-wish every Thursday evening.
  • Photo of lpal
    10 months ago
    We have enjoyed wonderful exhibits at the former location but this visit to the new museum was depressing. In addition to entering through the food area, the show "Public, Private, Secret" was in a much smaller display area than was used at the former site. We did not enjoy this somewhat chaotic show but do understand that the museum wanted to open with an exhibit designed to be provocative and perhaps titillate a new audience in this part of the city. Hopefully, there will be future exhibits showcasing more of the wonderful photography in the museum's archives. The bookstore has been decimated and is basically now in a closet. What a loss. I am glad I read Trip Advisor reviews before visiting as I warned my family what to expect.
  • Photo of JoeHouston52
    10 months ago
    This museum did not click with us. Very modern and largely video based. There were about 6 artists featured - only one got our interest. Tickets are $14.
  • Photo of JSR-70
    10 months ago
    There's nothing interesting to see here but morden rubish and pretensious art. I paid 14 usd expecting to see something original and unique, but there was nothing like that at this place. I'm used to visit the MEP (Maison Européenne de la Photographie), in Paris, twice a year, and that's allways a really nice place to go, with nice exibitions. This ICP is nothing comparing with the MEP. Don't waist your time going there.
  • Photo of axw7
    10 months ago
    I am all for pushing the envelop in photography, but the current exhibit, "Public, Private, Secret," just doesn't work. It's cutting edge in terms of using social media imagery to reflect contemporary changes in the boundaries of public and private, but those images lack any aesthetic value. I was hoping that the museum was more than just the current exhibit and was very disappointed when I learned at this was all there was.
  • Photo of robcurtross
    10 months ago
    “Public, Private, Secret” (through January 8, 2017), artists try to make sense of the torrent of images unleashed by YouTube, social media, surveillance cameras and more, as older works from the 36-exposure era stand in contrast. It was very unsettling to see Kim Kardashian’s selfies between works by Andy Warhol and Cindy Sherman, for example. But that is the point of the exhibit, I suppose.
  • Photo of Barbara B
    a year ago
    I was expecting some great photography but was extremely disappointed in the current exhibits. Instead, there are video clips that seemed to have little meaning and photographs that seemed to have no connection as part of one exhibit. It was a waste of money.
  • Photo of lmolnon
    a year ago
    Considering NYC is one of the world capitols for photography, the exhibits here are worthy of middle school students. Very nice space, but some of the most worthless art I've seen. Do not recommend and will not be returning.
  • Photo of winesnobNy
    a year ago
    I can't believe anyone would find this interesting enough to pay for. We have visited ICP on quite a few occasions and enjoyed most of the shows. This particular one titled "Public, Private, Secret" was one of the worst exhibits I have seen anywhere. Its images and videos from various social media sites. ICP must be desperate for material.
  • Photo of peter k
    a year ago
    I was a longtime member of ICP, used to take classes and attend exhibits at the old 5th Ave space, 1130 5th/Willard Straight mansion and then at the 1133 6th Ave space. 6th Ave had great gallery space and a wonderful bookstore. I know they lost that space (to Steinway). I was excited when ICP finally opened in the E Village. The new space is a huge disappointment; small & claustrophobic (mostly basement); the best space, on the ground floor is mostly dedicated to a cafe & seating! What a waste of limited space. The onetime great bookstore is now outsourced to a Pittsburgh outfit; very limited. The initial exhibit is more video than photography. It is very odd and may indicate a desire to forgo photography for a hipper downtown feel to match then new neighborhood? We went with our 9 year old and were warned that a few pieces were inappropriate for those under 14. it was a lot more than a fe. My guess is that Cornell Capa is turning in his grave. There is not much real gallery space which begs the question, where will the permanent collection be? all at Mana in Jersey City? Very sorry experience When ICP sold Willard Straight they received $17MM; has that all been squandered?
  • Photo of Jean S
    a year ago
    I was extremely disappointed with the ICP in its new location and the present exhibit, which was concerned with the topic of surveillance and voyeurism.
  • Photo of CeeSzar
    a year ago
    I expected more. The exhibit space was limited. Surprisingly very little photography. Maybe I am not hip enough to get it. But I think it is a case of the emperor has no clothes.
  • Photo of Shifo13
    a year ago
    Stupidly, a waste of money and time. You pay 14 USD to see photos and videos without any logic. Some photos include nudity so teenagers might not be convenient with it. Just save your time and go elsewhere
  • Photo of obsoperator
    a year ago
    Since they moved from midtown (near Bryant Park) to The Bowery (diagonally across from the New Museum), their display space has decreased from 17,000 square feet to 11,000 square feet. The current show has a vast amount of computer-assisted art, as well as a substantial amount of video. I preferred the archaic, prints on paper exhibitions at the old museum. (I'm 65.) The current show, "Public, Private, Secret", will certainly attract those who live on their cell phones. But I hope they will give traditional photo exhibitions in the future. I happen to like "video art", as shown in private art galleries. But half the videos in this show were "crowd sourced" from lousy video found on the internet, and I didn't care for the results. There were a few old-style photos, but even the single Weegee piece shown was vastly blown up and pasted around a corner. Although I got a discount for age, from $14 down to $12, I thought the space was so much smaller than the old one that it wasn't a "good value." But the museum does good work. (Their school remains in midtown, but their storage has moved to Jersey City, where there will be a very small gallery within Mana Art.) It didn't bother me, but there was some "explicit" video.
  • Photo of peppersmommy
    a year ago
    As a photographer I always look forward to visiting ICP when in New York and I've been looking forward to seeing the new facility. Last week I was able to do this. Unfortunately it was a disappointing visit. The new space seems small and cold. The largest and most welcoming space is the lobby and cafe. The amazing bookstore, which was a great resource and always well stocked with old and new items, is gone. ICP has always been a place to see important shows from master photographers such as Weegee, Salgado,Capa, etc as well as new work and work by international artists. This show, "Public Private Secret" is interesting (for awhile) but in my opinion not worthy of being the opening exhibit in the new space. Personally I miss the old space, even though the area was not nearly as interesting as Soho.

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