Photo of Ice & Vice in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Ice & Vice in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Ice & Vice in New York City, NY, US
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Ice & Vice


Ice & Vice55
ice cream • raspberry coulis • stracciatella • donuts

221 East Broadway
New York City, NY 10002, US
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  • Photo of Tanuja Kulkarni
    9 months ago
    Cool desserts ice cream
  • Photo of Cheryl Feig
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    The new ice cream hotness worth the hike for crazy creative flavors. Three little pigs was delicious: salted caramel ice cream, bacon butter, bacon praline.
  • Photo of Janel Parker
    2 years ago
    Smoked chocolate 👌
  • Photo of Raja H
    2 years ago
    Discovered my new favorite: Creme Fraiche w/ Rose Petal Jam swirls. Light but complex, and smells wonderful. Ask for a cup and cone. Came back later for the Tea Dance (pictured): tea leaf, lemon charcoal, salted caramel. Weird in a great way
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  • Photo of Jvalliant
    5 months ago
    OH. MY. GOD. This ice cream is unreal. My husband and I popped in during a bike ride and we were SO HAPPY we did. They have unique and interesting flavor combination, some of which change seasonally. we tried a few and I settled on a scoop of Yellow and a Scoop of Milk Money. Yellow has buckwheat honey, turmeric, sunflower seeds, and butterscotch. Milk and Honey has toasted milk, sea salt, and chocolate ganache. The flavor combinations were absolutely incredible and I couldn't get enough of this ice cream. My husband got the shade which is smoked dark chocolate and caramel iced white chocolate ganache. It was so interesting! Great chocolate flavor with a smoker undertone. So good. The ice cream was super Ricoh with flavor and creamy and delicious. I feel like that's my biggest complaint of ice cream typically: the flavor just isn't rich enough. This just wasn't the case with this ice cream. It may be some of the best in the city. It's off the beaten path a bit but 100% worth going to. Run, don't walk here. Immediately. What are you doing? Stop reading this and go!
  • Photo of Virginie M
    5 months ago
    Being a huge fan of ice cream, I could not resist trying the unique flavours available at Ice and Vice. I got the Green (cucumber, verbena and ginger basil seeds), which is really good.
  • Photo of MJ H
    6 months ago
    it was so hard to choose what to order since all flavors look so interesting. The shop also has the special cones with different ingredients. Really worthwhile to try each and every different flavor.
  • Photo of TwinsFan13
    6 months ago
    Found this place while on vacation in NYC, unique flavors and cones. Not hard to get to via bus or subway. It was clean, friendly, they had seating, and the ice cream was great.
  • Photo of elizafogel
    7 months ago
    Great ice cream with inventive flavors and no lines. Hard to come by in NYC. Would recommend the cookie sandwich. Loved all the flavors and the great location
  • Photo of Autumn M
    7 months ago
    They have such unique flavors. They have several different kinds of cone flavors. My favorite was the birthday cake. They also have pies they put on top of the ice cream. I had the peanut butter one delicious.
  • Photo of Aelleee
    9 months ago
    I stumbled upon this ice cream shop and thought I'd give it a try since it had really good reviews. They only had about 8 flavors and none of them had a "WOW" factor. I ended up getting the "Pineapples of the Caribbean" flavor. It was average. I wish they had more of a variety.
  • Photo of Travelling_Terp27
    10 months ago
    We visited this place after looking it up online. The quality is definitely home made. There is seating available, but do know its a small location. In our group we got the milk&money (vanilla/chocolate combo), ice cream sandwich (Mexican brownies with vanilla ice cream), and the Pina Colada ice cream (with alcohol so you do get carded for this option). Overall taste was great! Just a bit pricey since you pay about 4 bucks for one scoop and 6 for two scoops.
  • Photo of Cordelia S
    a year ago
    The most innovative and delicious ice cream ever!!! The vanilla is the absolute BEST!! And the ice cream pie with fruity pebbles is delicious!! The macaroon cone is also incredible! Highly recommended!!
  • Photo of Kait_De
    a year ago
    I went into to Ice & Vice full of skepticism. Oh boy, I thought, another hipster ice cream place charging $5 for a teeny serving of ice cream laced with Siracha or whatever. But no. Ice & Vice is seriously amazing. Yes, it's pricey, but the flavors are absolutely delicious, and while unusual, they were good to someone like me with an admittedly less than adventurous palate. The scoop was also larger than I was expecting. Staff was really friendly about letting you sample (trust me, you want to sample). Lovely atmosphere. Would definitely go back! Try the "shade" and "tea dance" flavors!
  • Photo of challeste
    a year ago
    Love that a new place opened in our hood. Great ice cream and interesting flavors. They will also let you try each to see which you like.
  • Photo of mocoeng
    a year ago
    We had to walk a ways to find this but it was worth it! Such good ice cream and fun atmosphere! I would recommend this place!
  • Photo of A K
    a year ago
    soooooooo.....i came here on a cheat day. so i may have made a three course ice cream experience.... but, I only did that bc this place is and probably will always be dope. here are the flavors I tried. some are always there, some are seasonal, and some even only for the day. heres goes nothing: pink guava with lime chili plantain chips-YASSS. that is all. this is incredible. refreshing and complex, worth every single bite. vanilla w black lava sea salt- another perfectly balanced ice cream, enough sweet and salt to keep u satisfied for all your cravings. lavender pine stracciatella - didn't love it. too fragrance like, and the white choice was too waxy for me (it always is, so i normally stay away) black rice horchata, coconut cream, and saigon cinnamon-pretty great. pales in comparison to the first two listed, but only bc it was a little heavy on the cinnamon. concord grape, donut soil, rainbow sprinkles, and raspberry coulis-this is literally the craziest ice cream ever. so much is going on. its pretty good, but only get it, by itself. toasted milk, sea salt dark choc ganache - this is one of their more popular scoops, and rightfully so. anyone could handle this, wether u taste its nuance and character, or if u don't. just good all around. now, for the star of this whole experience....The ice cream sandwich. Every say, they go and make a different sandwich. sometimes two different ones I've been told. but tis day, what was left was an incredible masterpiece, and frankly something that tied together my childhood with my adult life, and blew my mind. it was a glorious piece, with black and white cookies as the cookie, a plain, probably vanilla scoop in the center, rolled in everything bagel seasoning. wow. super sweet frosting gets cut by the everything bagel. the number of textures playing in your mouth at the same time, yet all in harmony, is outstanding and truly truly worth the bite. see if there are any sandwiches left. if there are, get it before u go and get 6 other scoops lol
  • Photo of amrisab
    a year ago
    The flavors here really kill it. Tea dance is just about the best thing ever. The service is friendly, the choices are incredible and the owner himself, lovely. I gladly go out of my way to come here for a double scoop.
  • Photo of A_OKD
    2 years ago
    Hands down, one of the best ice cream that I have ever tasted. I have tasted great ice cream in various locales around the world on my travels and Ice & Vice ranks as one of the best. Ironically, I came upon it by accident since I was early for my reservation at Mission Chinese Food and decided to check out East Broadway street. After my meal at Mission I hurried back to Ice & Vice and had a scoop of the Tea Dance in a cup (note that Ice & Vice offers speciality cones for a dollar or two extra). Man oh man what flavours. Tea Dance is comprised of Nilgiri Tea Leaf, Lemon Charcoal and Salted Caramel. The flavours are deep and full. I tasted everything in each bite. Ice & Vice offers really exotic and different flavour combinations. If you are a fan of ice cream and are bored with what is out there then I would recommend that you try Ice & Vice. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family and would return in the future.
  • Photo of NYCityslicker
    2 years ago
    Worth a visit, to be sure, if you LOVE ice cream, or creative flavor combos, with rich, deep flavors. You can tell immediately, as soon as you taste the ice cream, that the ice cream creators use fresh, high quality ingredients. Pure deliciousness in every bite. I went in May 2016, specifically to try the FoodBabyNyc flavor created by a food blogger/great reviewer, (too!) who has photos on Instagram. It was a flavor contest between food bloggers. I hope his FoodBaby flavor won, b/c it was delicious! Altho the ice cream was strawberry pink in color, it was a yummy CONCORD GRAPE FLAVOR, not overpowering at all, & it had RADPBERRY COULIS swirled in--that made the ice cream pink in color, & the rainbow sprinkles were swirled in & gave the ice cream an amazing crunch!!!! The sprinkles were never soggy! Amazing flavor. I'd go back for that! Of course, since I had made the trip to the store, I had to try at least one additional flavor, right?! I had "Shade", a rich, chocolatey, smokey flavor--both were great! In brief: GO!!
  • Photo of Sabrina V
    2 years ago
    Amazing, quirky ice cream flavours to tickle your taste buds. If you are as much of a foodie and ice cream lover as I am, you need to try this place out. I had the 'Tea Dance' - fun and interesting flavours & 'Food Baby' - sweet and delicious, served in a 'Birthday Cake' cone. The staff were so lovely and patient with us and let us try the different flavours before picking out our orders.
  • Photo of Brittany D
    2 years ago
    I've wanted to try their ice cream for a long time and it's finally warm enough! I had the Tea Dance (nilgiri tea leaf, lemon charcoal, salted caramel) in a specialty Conery cone flavored with lime and mint. Both were great. I also tried the Food Baby (grape, donut soil, rainbow sprinkles, raspberry coulis) and Opium Den (white sesame, toasted poppy seed, lemon bread crouton -- kind of like a Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin) but both were a little too sweet for me. My boyfriend got the Ice Cream Sandwich (malted vanilla ice cream, Mexican chocolate brownie, Fruity Pebble dust). The vanilla ice cream was great, but the brownie was a little too rich for me. He enjoyed it. I'll definitely go back and try another of their unique flavors.
  • Photo of 99tigers
    2 years ago
    Fun little serving really interesting ice cream flavors! If you are afraid to try something daring go with the Mexican Vanilla. You've never had Vanilla so good!
  • Photo of plummerh
    2 years ago
    Another on my list of Ice Cream Shops to visit in NY, this had to be one of the wackiest for it's flavours - think Lavender and Pine Stracciatella, just to name one of them. The ice cream itself was delicious and service was good. My only criticism is that compared to the other places, it's more expensive. One scoop, for which they only let you have one flavour (many places allow multiple), costs about the same as other places, a bit over $4, but it isn't as big as in some of the places, and if you want two it jumps up to somewhere over $6. I don't know why exactly but it just felt that for what I was getting it was more expensive. Still very good though.

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