Photo of Hudson Eats in New York, NY, US
Photo of Hudson Eats in New York, NY, US
Photo of Hudson Eats in New York, NY, US
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Hudson Eats

Japanese Restaurant

Hudson Eats74.5
bagels • cupcakes • sushi • burger

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  • Photo of Crystal Warner
    5 months ago
    Great food court with lots of options, good ambiance, and free wifi. Avoid lunch time during the week because it gets super crowded with long lines and no seats.
  • Photo of Michael Nigro
    2 years ago
    Umami Burger, Mighty Quinn's, Blue Ribbon, Dos Toros, or Num Pang
  • Photo of Travel + Leisure
    2 years ago
    A food court that redefines the genre, Hudson Eats is a sleek, sweeping hall in Battery Park City's Brookfield Place
  • Photo of Urban Adventures
    3 years ago
    A food court w great options.
  • Photo of NY Post
    3 years ago
    Dive into a bacon, fried egg and Muenster cheese sandwich from Little Muenster or ribs from Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque. End with a toasted-marshmallow-topped key lime cupcake from Sprinkles, but save room for the next day.
  • Photo of Ayesha Ahmad
    3 years ago
    Great selection of restaurants. A wonderful addition to the 'hood
  • Photo of Citymaps
    3 years ago
    The much awaited Hudson Eats food court is finally open! Catch the best, and most up and coming NYC fare, including Umami Burger, Black Seed Bagels, Dig Inn, Skinny Pizza, and Sprinkles!
  • Photo of L9320VTmichaelh
    6 months ago
    Great food hall which will send your sense wild with the fabulous smells of the great selection of food and drink, you can pick up food to go or select something that you fancy and they will cook it for you. Great view looking out over the Hudson river, a must do in New York
  • Photo of Craig C
    7 months ago
    Probably the nicest mall food court that I've been to. Located on the second floor of Brookfield Place, Hudson Eats sticks to the luxurious, modern feel of the shopping center while offering a wide variety of food at not-too-cheap prices. The selection of places to eat is what shines here. Salads, tacos, BBQ, burgers, bagels, grilled cheese sandwiches, sushi, Chinese, Cambodian just for starters. You'll find something you want here. The prices match the upscale vibe and are not what you'd expect to pay at a regular mall food court. That being said, this really isn't a regular mall food court. With clean tables that are regularly looked after and huge windows overlooking the Hudson River and Jersey City skyline, it's not your average mall at all. Expect at least $14 for a burger, and around $10 for a breakfast sandwich. It gets absolutely packed around meal times - you may not be able to find a table. Because of the prices and the crowds, it's not really a place I think I'd find myself eating at regularly, but the sheer selection of food as well as the atmosphere make it a place definitely worth checking out.
  • Photo of Dave C
    8 months ago
    It was a cold December evening, so needed a place to be warm and enjoy our friends while getting a bite to eat. Having lots of choices allowed everyone to have what they liked. We had seats that overlooked the Hudson River, as well as the open Mall area below. It was also easy access to the subway system to both the City and to New Jersey. If we had the time we might of even tried the view from the top of WTC 1 building. This was so convenient and a very pleasant experience, but is was a mall food court. The food was excellent, but a little more pricey than the average mall food court, but not unreasonable. Will go again for sure.
  • Photo of A&BWestbrook
    9 months ago
    Unexpected affordability in such a high-end location and fantastic choice even for the pickiest palate.
  • Photo of 35805Katie
    9 months ago
    Fantastic food court near the 911 Memorial. Gorgeous view overlooking the Hudson, great atmosphere and a fantastic selection of food options. Sushi, Umami Burger, noodle was tough to decide what to order. (I ended up with the interesting and insanely delicious Spicy New Mexico Ceasar Salad from Chop't)The only thing I would suggest is some sort of time limit for diners during peak times. We watched a near altercation over a newly-available table. There were lots of folks on their phones long after they'd finished eating - and many more trying to find a place to sit down with their lunch.
  • Photo of niagarariverfatman
    9 months ago
    My wife and I visited the 9/11 memorial and we had lunch at Chopt inside Hudson Eats. Hudson Eats is a short walk from the memorial. We both had salads and were very pleased. Prepared fresh and very tasty. Does get crowded around lunch time, but the line moves quickly. Gluten free was not a problem. There are several other dinning choices inside Hudson Eats
  • Photo of Anthony H
    9 months ago
    Nothing too special here, just a typical food court that's convenient for folks working in the area. The place can get very crowded during weekday lunch time. If you do not like waiting on long lines, try to get here before 11:30am.
  • Photo of Bushra U
    10 months ago
    I went there for dinner. The place was clean but did not have enough variety. The prices were little high compared to the taste. My son wanted a plain cheese burger but did not find one.I would not recommend it.
  • Photo of WorkHardPlayHard2008
    It's a good place to meet up with friends. First of all, it is a food court, meaning that you can sit there for hours! Then, there are great varieties of food and drinks. Plus, the great view of the Hudson river... It's really a good place to hangout with friends instead of dining in a restaurant. Food wise, I agree with some reviewers, they are not the best! But I have no complaint. So far, I have tried the Japanese Chicken Wings from Umami Burger and I really want to eat again... so special and delicious. Then I have tried the Skinny Pizza, freshly made. And the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar, which is not as special as the previous 2. It's definitely a good place to hangout with your lover and friends!
  • Photo of conjuror88
    a year ago
    Hudson eats is a food court located on Brookfield place. They have creative, sushi, black seed, chop t salads, mighty Quinn's barbecue, northern tiger (Chinese),Olives, skinny pizza, sprinkles (cupcakes not fresh, I have been to the original one in Chicago), num pang sandwich shop and others. Tried Quinn's Barbecue brisket $9.95 on a (must try) bun,baked beans with pork burnt ends $3.95 also with sweet potato casserole with pecans, both sides quite good, pulled pork naked $ 9.95 with mayo slaw and cucumber, ribs $9.98 not that great, strong smoke taste. Homemade iced tea, tasteless, just ask for water. They ran out of chicken, a 12:30 which is peak time for offices and eating their lunch. Tried the num pang sandwich-Vietnamese style sandwiches like the "bahn mi" baguette style, with meat, Vietnamese vegetables like pickled carrots and daikon, served also with cold cuts, seafood, and others. Hoisin meatball $8.95 meat was not cooked, just dumped it. Vermicelli noodle bowl with grilled pork $10.50 again a poor representation of the original ones. The sandwiches, vermicelli bowl, salads and rice bowls have all been americanized,not original. Nice food court, lots of tables, with the Hudson River view.
  • Photo of Ealgian
    a year ago
    I was going to give it 4 stars because the food here honestly isn't as good as it gets. However, compared to the options that used to exist here... Hudson Eats is a gift from heaven. My favorites are Dig Inn for tasty and healthy salad options which go beyond chopped raw vegetables, Umami Burger if I'm feeling really calorie-tastic, desserts from Financier or Le District, and Mighty Quinn's for passable barbeque. Brookfield Place / Hudson Eats have seriously raised the quality of life standards in FiDi.
  • Photo of Max D
    a year ago
    I come here from time to time when I'm not sure where to go for a bite. But there is nothing really good here. Dig Inn has healthy non-greasy food but the food tastes so bland and in some cases, quite dry. Lack of interesting beverages. The pizza place is ok and you can get pasta as well but make sure to not come near closing time because then its pizza only. A safe place if you're in the mood for pizza but not the most amazing pizza. I've been going to Dos Toros a lot because there is just a lack of good food here. The burritos and tacos here are similar style to Chipotle but I feel taste a bit different and for the time being, better. I used to go to Mighty Quinn's a lot but the food here are all lackluster. On a good day, maybe the wings are good, but on a bad day, they are dry just like the rest of their food. Northern Tiger has some interesting Chinese food but just taste horrible. I love dumplings and noodle soup but they make them awful here. Unami Burger is a love/hate place. They have some rave reviews around the web but I frequent the best burger places and they just do not cut it for me. I wanted a burger with just tomatoes and lettuce and they will not make one for me. And forget the fries or onion rings because they are just horrible. Blue Ribbon Sushi is just overpriced fake Chinese sushi so I would avoid at all costs. There is a sandwich place all the way at the end but nothing special. I never tried the Asian sandwich place or the salad place because I am never in the mood for either one. Bon Appetit!
  • Photo of Pat H
    a year ago
    The server was friendly,efficient and responsive. Our lunch was brought in a timely manner We did not have desserts but they looked great.
  • Photo of Peggy F
    a year ago
    Hudson Eats inside Brookfield Place is my favourite casual dining place in lower Manhattan. If you are lucky, you can get a table by the big glass window, enjoying the view of the waterfront like eating in a 5 stars restaurant.
  • Photo of dsm_99
    a year ago
    A very upscale food court, with an amazing array of restaurants and cuisines. Lots of shops in the area too. (Don't miss the French bakery on the ground floor!) You can select the type of food you want, and after waiting in a short queue, pick a table, most of which had good views of the Hudson and Battery Park City. It's the perfect place to eat when you don't know what you want or your group can't all agree on what they want. Too many types to list, but I had Mexican (superb), and the others had Japanese (excellent). As others have pointed out, it is a great little oasis to retreat to one a hot and muggy NYC summer day. Or a rainy day.
  • Photo of David B
    a year ago
    Not the easiest place to find, and not what you might expect from the outside, but once inside this bustling area has some of the tastiest food in N.Y.C!! Very busy, with business people on their lunches, but the fastest most efficient servers I have ever witnessed ease you through the rush. We chose Dos Toros and enjoyed simply the biggest and best burritos EVER....
  • Photo of WisconsinProf
    a year ago
    Waiting for our hotel room to be ready, we stumble upon this place. Lots of groceries, shops, eateries. Sat outside by musical swings (temporary exhibit, I think) and watch the river....
  • Photo of Jude602
    a year ago
    Headed for tacos - chose a chicken and a beef with guacamole - avacadis taste better in the US. Quick Diet Coke sitting looking over at New Jersey and the boats on the river.
  • Photo of Mike O
    a year ago
    Hudson Eats is a terrific food court located on the second floor of Brookfield Place. The selection of dining options is very impressive. From a simple cup of coffee or cupcake to a full BBQ dinner it's here. I wandered for quite a while trying to choose Mexican, Chinese, Deli sandwich... I chose Mexican we found a seat which there was plenty of, and enjoyed nice meal in an air conditioned area on a hot NYC summer day.
  • Photo of leah w
    a year ago
    Hudson Eats is on the 2nd floor of the mall Brookfield Place. There are several different restaurants to choose from. They have Mexican food, salads, and barbeque to name a few. Restaurants are usually so crowded in NYC, but Hudson Eats has plenty of seating.

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