Photo of Her Name Is Han in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Her Name Is Han in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Her Name Is Han in New York City, NY, US
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Her Name Is Han

Asian Restaurant

Her Name Is Han34.5
dumplings • bulgogi • pork • rice

17 East 31st 1st
New York City, NY 10016, US
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Her Name Is Han has 23 Tips

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  • Photo of Sophie L
    a year ago
    Excellent Korean food, cocktails. Good for a quick bite or a longer meals.
  • Photo of Sophie L
    a year ago
    Highly rated 'home style' Korean
  • Photo of Sean Conlon
    a year ago
    Home cook Korean...
  • Photo of Natalie L
    4 months ago
    We enjoyed our dinner at HER NAME IS HAN very much. It was one food-related highlight during our NYC Trip. The dumplings and the Soja pork were excellent! I appreciated the normal Temperatur as well, 'cause everywhere else it was freezing cold due to the aircondition. Also the interior is great, very stylish! I definitely recommend it!
  • Photo of Vagabond T
    4 months ago
    The restaurant is super cute with industrial style and very good design yet they put this horrible music and it is so loud that it completely ruins the evening. The food was so so : the BBQ veggies were good and the octopus was soft but didn't like the sauce. The giant soup (35$!) contained all sorts of unidentified pieces ( sausages, cakes, etc) that tasted chewy and a bit gross. They seafood in it was too big and not very inviting. I would not go again !
  • Photo of FDLondon
    5 months ago
    Really enjoyed our dinner at Her Name is Han. Great flavours, super presentation. Our kids loved the food aged 5 & 7. Hot rice with veg was a surprising highlight as was the BBQ beef.
  • Photo of Analuosl
    5 months ago
    We had to wait like 30 minutes but they offer lemonade while you wait. The service was great and the food pretty good too!
  • Photo of Sarah C
    6 months ago
    After living in Korea for a year, this is the best Korean food I've had Stateside. We ate the bibimbap, pork belly, veggies, and spicy pork. The service was great and the atmosphere was intimate. A little pricy, but worth it. Can't wait to return!
  • Photo of artemisAntwerp
    6 months ago
    Very nice experience. First time I ate korean food, we couldn't have picked a better place. Very nicely presented, really refined and very tasteful! Quiet and authentic atmosphere! I really recommend this place.
  • Photo of dmiuw
    7 months ago
    Her Name is Han is wonderful. It was a pleasant surprise - charming and adorable, but modern and not in a fussy way. The space is small, we sat a converted sewing table. We had four people (given that two were kiddies) and our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, but thanks to the staff there, they kindly told us so. The Country Fried Chicken had just the right amount of batter and the spicy salt and sauce to give it an oomph. We also had the Three Kinds of Ham, Rice Cake, Kimchi, Noodles in Beef Broth. It reminds me of Spicy Tofu Soups, but without the tofu. Since we had kiddies, we asked for ours to be mild. It is definitely a place I would return to if I was in NYC once again.
  • Photo of leejero
    7 months ago
    Great Korean food. Clean and food is well presented on the plate. Way different than a mom and pop Korean restaurant. Price is a bit high, but everything was tasty. Good ambiance for a date.
  • Photo of ChoosyTraveler0901
    7 months ago
    I've read great reviews and wanted to try this restaurant since I love Korean food. Although the place looked charming and the dishes looked great, I was very disappointed with the taste. Since I don't like to leave bad reviews, I will only review the dishes I personally tasted to be fair. I had a Lime-Ginger Mojito which didn't really have any taste or alcohol. Dumplings I has as appetizer was okay at best. I also had rice cake, and seafood stew dish (called duk-boki in Korean) which was brought out in a pot and placed on a small box that contained chafing dish fuel which tasted pretty awful. All of the dishes seem like they were prepared in advance and put together to make it look good. Although the dumplings came out on a bamboo steam dish, it was lukewarm. Judging from the texture of the skin and the temperature of the food, I don't think they were steamed fresh. The dinner also left a strange artificial after taste in my mouth which suggests use of MSG or artificial flavorings. Although my water cup was filled multiple time, no one came to check on our table once the order was placed. The place was packed and there was a long line at the door on a Wednesday night. I have to say that this place is not worth waiting in line for.
  • Photo of Cliona D
    7 months ago
    This was my second visit to Her Name Is Han. The food is good, well cooked, reasonably priced and quick to arrive. The place is busy and bustling and they turnover tables quickly. The menu is suitable for vegetarians which is great and they give you some tasters while you're waiting for your meal which is a nice touch. My gripe is the wine. Both time it's been practically undrinkable and arrives in a small water glass. The white wine was warm which didn't help with the taste. I may return for lunch when I wouldn't want to have a drink with my meal.
  • Photo of amyadamy
    8 months ago
    We stopped in here for lunch before heading to the airport. It's quietly tucked into the tall walls of NYC, but otherwise hosts a great meal. My husband and I split a salmon rice bowl and mushroom bowl, and both were yummy. Worth a stop in if you're in Koreatown.
  • Photo of SiobhanLucey1
    8 months ago
    Everyone said this was the place to go and I'm glad they weren't wrong. This restaurant is a little, but busy hole-in-the-wall. Though my family has had Korean food before, we aren't too familiar with the types of dishes. We had our waitress recommend her favorites and believe me, that is an excellent way to go. We shared a seafood soup, a mungbean pancake, a traditional Korean beef dish, and Korean barbecued chicken. Not one dish was bad. They give you yummy little side dishes to go along with the meal. This was one of the best dinners I've had in a while, and I highly recommend this place.
  • Photo of jo0501
    8 months ago
    We ate here after spotting the queue! We were told it would be 40 mins but we were seated after 15.We were helped by the friendly waiter to make our choices which were all fabulous.Octopus,spare ribs, dumplings and a beef pot with rice and pickles.Buzzy but not frenetic vibe and although people were waiting for tables we were not pressured to leave.
  • Photo of WindsorTudor
    8 months ago
    I ordered a crispy chicken platter, which included rice, soup & small salad. This doesn't seem terribly complicated, yet I waited a half hour for it to arrive (during a weekday lunch hour, no less). I didn't even receive my lunch until 2:20pm, only to be told that the restaurant would close (post lunch and pre-dinner, apparently) @ exactly 2:45pm. So not only is the service discombobulated, but the meal itself seemed rather bland; I am by no means an expert in Korean fare, nor is it my favorite kind of cuisine, but I've had much more positive dining experiences in the epicenter of K-Town.
  • Photo of Jinlondon96
    8 months ago
    We came across this place by chance as it was next to our hotel. The queue outside on a Wednesday suggested it was worth the wait, and they were happy for us to leave our name and go to the bar next door for a while. The food was an eye opener to someone whose previous experience of Korean was limited to bibimbap and kimchi. The bulgogi in particular was delicious. Well worth a visit to expand your food horizons, or, judging from the majority of customers, if you want great authentic Korean food.
  • Photo of wmccoske
    8 months ago
    The food is great, very authentic and delicious. Service was also very good and attentive. Small place, and crowded, but no so much that it was unpleasant. Very popular (for good reason), so if you go, be prepared for a little wait - but it's worth it. Will definitely go back, the next time we are in NYC.
  • Photo of alicja_wiktoriaa
    9 months ago
    The restaurant has no reservation and during weekends there are always lines in front to be seated. However, it is recommended to wait for a place and once you are here staff will never forget about you and treat you as great as possible.
  • Photo of Chu_Sam23
    10 months ago
    This restaurant was just beside my hotel. I ordered the seafood in fish stew and sweet and sour chicken fried rice. The fried rice was average but the stew was really good. Very tasty, sweet and flavourful. It was my first time trying rice cakes in stew and it was a pleasant experience! Would highly recommend this restaurant !
  • Photo of sally b
    10 months ago
    This restaurant was next to our hotel, it was 10pm Saturday. The service was slow, but very friendly, once ordered the drinks were quick to come, the food took ages! The staff were very apologetic when they realised they had forgotten the rice & other items but it took a long time for it to appear even after that! The food was ok - not many vegetarian choices - I had the tofu, which was a huge slab, cold & tasteless. My husband enjoyed his dish. I hope the disorganised service was a one-off experience because the staff really were lovely.
  • Photo of TDeelite
    a year ago
    Went there on a weekday evening. The Dumpling starter was tasty, perfectly heated and tasted really great. The main course was Sauteed Spicy Pork w. Chef's G. Sauce with some small siders (which came even before the starters - or was it the kitchen's greeting?) Here I missed the finesse in the sauce and the beef was a bit too al dente although not chewy. It is a clean and shabby-chick place with very kind staff. And again I'm missing the good. But I had to make a choice between very good or less. The main course didn't ring my bell and so I'd vote less than very good.

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