Photo of Hatsuhana Sushi Restaurant in New York, NY, US
Photo of Hatsuhana Sushi Restaurant in New York, NY, US
Photo of Hatsuhana Sushi Restaurant in New York, NY, US
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Hatsuhana Sushi Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant

Hatsuhana Sushi Restaurant24.5
sushi • edamame • rice • seaweed salad

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  • Photo of Ruth Reichl
    3 years ago
    It took me a while to find a sushi chef I wanted to be friends with, but ten years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a gentle chef named Osada at Hatsuhana, and over the years he has enriched my life.
  • Photo of Emily Grimm
    4 years ago
  • Photo of CorgeReyes
    2 months ago
    Not our first time here so whenever I have a special guest who wants Japanese food - Hatsuhana is the place to go. Easy to make a reservation and our table was ready when we got there (as the host assured me when I made the reservation - I said "we're only there for a lunch period". The place was clean, conversation was subdued, our food was fresh, as always. And the caveat ? we got out of there on time.
  • Photo of Lizi7696
    3 months ago
    Great atmosphere and fabulous food make this a must visit destination when in New York. I would particularly recommend the Box of Dreams!
  • Photo of Col A
    3 months ago
    Sushi and sashimi are sublime. Service tops. Reservations a must. Prices fair for top drawer quality. Attractive surroundings and low noise level. Only better place is Roku Roku in Tokyo.
  • Photo of Sandra K
    3 months ago
    Like every year we went to our regular Japanese restaurant in New York City. We have been enjoying Hatsuhana for many many years. We often travel to Japan and are fond of their amazing cuisine. Sadly this late visit was a disappointment. The fish (sushi and sashimi) wasn't so tasty and the rice was too dry. On the other hand, the Miso soup was amazing! And finally the check was really high.
  • Photo of luron
    4 months ago
    I went here for lunch, as my companion and I had decided on Sushi for lunch and we were near Rockefeller Plaza. After bringing up nearby restaurants on a Yelp app, it seemed that this restaurant was well rated, so we decided to go in and have a look at the menu. We intended to look at the menu, but instead were immediately shown to a table. We shared a Bento Box and ordered an extra bowl of miso soup, as we both had a light appetite that day. The miso soup seemed especially bland to my palate, and the tofu was rather soft. The bento box consisted of 6 pieces of sashimi and our choice of two rolls (from a scanty list of about ten rolls to choose from) and one miso soup. The very polite and unobtrusive waiter kindly brought out extra ginger (non-pickled) and wasabi upon our request. There are lovely little soy sauce jars on the table, however this restaurant unfortunately did not offer a low sodium soy sauce option. I hadn't realized how much sodium there seems to be in the regular soy sauce, since I've been using low sodium for many many years, and wow, it was salty! The salty taste dominated the entire meal for me, and as a result, I could barely taste the sushi itself. I guess that's why the miso soup was the way it was. The restaurant itself was quite lovely. Decorations were beautiful and traditional, lovely fountain, wood paneling giving the place a really classy feel to it. The restaurant is generally quiet, but you do feel comfortable to talk. There were chopstick rests on the table, which is a nice touch since many Japanese restaurants have unfortunately decided to forgo them for some reason that puzzles me. Be aware, if you have mobility issues, the bathrooms are upstairs and I am not aware of any elevators. Ultimately, we wouldn't have stayed for lunch if we had had an opportunity to look at the menu, as I was looking for a place to just order a couple of rolls, and their roll selection seemed quite limited to me. I only gave it a rating of two out of five because of the flavor of the miso soup, the fact that they don't have low sodium soy sauce (and what restaurant doesn't in this day and age), and the very limited menu.
  • Photo of susannTheGo
    4 months ago
    I've been coming here for years. Easy to dine as a solo traveler, and it's in a good midtown location. The reception can be gruff, but the service is usually friendly. The best bet is the sushi special for dinner - you get to chose 10 pieces and a roll at a very reasonable price. The food is not remarkable, but it is good and a reasonable value for NY.
  • Photo of Adrian L
    5 months ago
    The sushi chefs are professional and the quality of the sushi speaks volume. While I was not overly impressed with sushi chefs pre-cutting the fish in advance, I understood the lunch rush here in the city. At least the presentation was good. I ordered the "choice" lunch for $40 and got to pick my choices of ten sushis and one roll. If I will go again, I will definitely go with the Chef's choice. I also appreciate if the staffs will take the time to tell you what you are eating. That is impressive. I will definitely come back again!
  • Photo of Jenny P
    6 months ago
    Excellent sushi and friendly service! One of the most authentic Japanese restaurants to have high quality of sushi. The king salmon sashimi and the toro sashimi were fresh delicious and nicely cut. If you are a sushi lover you have to visit.
  • Photo of Yuanxi Z
    6 months ago
    The $30 lunch was amazing. You get 8 sushi plus a roll. My 8 sushi included a toro and a blue fin tuna, as well as other high quality fish. The eel roll was pretty good as well!
  • Photo of adrianloader
    6 months ago
    Delicious, indeed. Actually, the best sushi and sashimi I have eaten outside Japan and a delightful surprise. If there's just two of you I would recommend eating at the bar upstairs as we did, and a reservation is almost certainly required (if you can't get what you want on line just give the restaurant a call as they are helpful). The menu not only covers the usual suspects but may offer them either with options (eg. Japanese or west coast uni/sea urchin, two kinds of miso soup) or with additional variety (eg. the seaweed salad had at least five types of algae). There are four beer choices with Sapporo on tap, and a short but excellent sake list with clear explanations of the four categories as well as of each one. Service is prompt and friendly, especially with Jimmy behind the sushi bar. Though the clientele was largely occidental the night we went the quality of the ingredients and the standard of their preparation is obviously high, reflected by the fact that the restaurant caters for the large parties the Japanese ambassador to the UN twice a year. To cap it all, bearing in mind Manhattan prices, the bill is not unreasonable.
  • Photo of Jansenson
    6 months ago
    Japanese people have a great sense of humor. It's not that easy to find it, because it's hidden behind a face that shows a serious expression. Hatsuhana is a happy restaurant. All the cooks and sushimen are japanese, everybody speaks japanese (even the waiters that are not japanese), and there is a feeling of celebration everywhere in the restaurant. I made my reservation, the seat was waiting for me at the sushi bar, the place was crowded. Since I was alone, I didn't mind being surrounded for some noise (but I don't know if I would have enjoyed it in a romantic date). The sushi was very good. But the presentation wasn't great. I ordered a box of dreams, shown in the picture, because it's the special of the house. I wouldn't recommend to order that menu. Having seen other plates leave the sushi bar, I believe I would have enjoyed ordering from the menu, instead of having the recommended one. All the fish is mounted over rice, it's kind of sloppy put together, and it does not contain the widest selection of their fishes. I would go back, definitely, I have enjoyed the experience very much.
  • Photo of Agusti S
    6 months ago
    The experience in this place was highly disappointing. The fully focus of the restaurant seems to be on the fresh and quality of their product, which you'll get in a tiny, decorated and overpriced crumb. If you have lots of money to waste, this place could be ok, but if you value your money, it's not worthy.
  • Photo of jaauoc
    6 months ago
    The ambiance was simple, elegant yet unpretentious. The wait staff was attentive and friendly but not hovering. The sushi was phenomenal. I didn't expect it to be some of the best sushi I ever had. Each bite had my teeth sinking into a butter-like consistency with an explosion of freshness in each mouthful. I've walked by this place for years but never walked inside until today. Definitely worth a return trip!
  • Photo of StevenRobertson
    7 months ago
    Excellent food. The menu was, for me at least, imaginative and comprehensive. I had to ask what a few things were which was a pleasant thing to have to do. The meals were super and beautifully presented, and what's more, the portion size was unexpectedly generous. We presented ourselves without reservations and the staff were very accommodating, even when we asked to move tables. Not sure we will have time to go back on this trip but revisiting this restaurant is filed away in my "Reasons to revisit NYC" folder.
  • Photo of Yuanxi Z
    7 months ago
    Had one of the best sushi lately at this place. The fish is fresh and the cuts are good. Pick 10 sushi is a great choice. Also the dream box is nice
  • Photo of Nick S
    7 months ago
    Sushi is god but this is a sort of low church version Its hard to criticise the service or the quality of the food which is consistently better than average without producing one morsel that made me go ooooh. ..and thats the problem. Hatsuhana is always full of those New York businessmen who earn a bit more than average ,dress a bit better than average and are quite hapy to eat in a restaurant which is actually in fairness quite a lot better than average. But it's a low bar and i think its dull, dull, dull. The interior is dull too. With this act of iconoclasm i consign this place to the long list of restaurants i would not miss if it closed.
  • Photo of MillionMiler17
    7 months ago
    I keep coming back to this restaurant every time I am in town. Sushi is incredibly fresh and generally have some unique varieties that you don't get at a regular Sushi restaurant. Chef's choice is my favorite for diner while one of the lunch settings are great. it doesn't matter if your are adventurous or not, they have something for you. Strongly recommend reservations for lunch as they normally are sold out. Even for dinner it can be tight. I have waited a few times up to 20 minutes to get in with our reservations but that was just a single seating. Will keep coming back !!
  • Photo of drqtaro
    7 months ago
    Visited this place for dinner and attracted by Michelin guide book. It must be a well established sushi place. The ground floor was small and quiet but the 2nd floor was big and busy. Long sushi chef bar and very busy throughout. Service was excellent but not as genuine as I hoped for. Modernization has changed this place like Benihana. We could never imagine singing birthday song in a Sushi ya. Overall ok but not wow.
  • Photo of pattersondevon
    7 months ago
    I am a typical New Yorker, I like good food and when I am too lazy to cook my go to is usually sushi. A friend of mine saw this on a sushi-instagram account and made instant reservations. I can, without hesitation, say that this was top 3 best sushi meals I've ever had in NYC. Tashi, our server, was awesome - he made great recommendations and was attentive and very friendly. We both got the Box of Dreams and it was just that. It's the perfect selection, portion size & the quality is out of this world. I loved being able to taste each type of fish & bounce around the box from piece to piece. The price point is very reasonable for the quality - $48 for the Box of Dreams & fairly priced sake and booze. Hatsuhana won me over and I will definitely be back... it has also ruined sushi for me everywhere else unfortunately.
  • Photo of taram_ca
    7 months ago
    Simple, quality, excellent service. I sat at the bar and the chefs were efficient and masterful. Constant hand washing an added bonus.

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