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Hampton Chutney Co.

Indian Restaurant

Hampton Chutney Co.64
dosas • crepes • chicken • potatoes

464 Amsterdam Ave Frnt 1
New York, NY 10024, US
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Hampton Chutney Co. has 26 Tips

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  • Photo of Aaron Rudenstine
    2 years ago
    Our go-to lunch and dinner spot with Skye where he holds court, knows everyone, and packs in at least 1 dosa every sitting.
  • Photo of Andrea Miller
    2 years ago
    Cup of jo rec. #21 with avocado mozzarella and tomato
  • Photo of Olivia Greer
    3 years ago
    Tons of kids and strollers so it can get overwhelming at times, but no one bats an eye if you whip out a boob or change a diaper at the table. For older kids there's a big shelf of books and a cozy window seat to read in.
  • Photo of Erin Smith
    4 years ago
    Gluten-free dosas and uttapams
  • Photo of Olivia Greer
    4 years ago
    Dosas & chai. So good.
  • Photo of Olivia Greer
    5 years ago
  • Photo of Marc L
    6 months ago
    Light late lunch on a lazy Friday afternoon, walking around Central Park and UWS with spouse. Happen by this place, looks interesting. We know zip from dosas, crispy crepe sandwiches. We ask for recommendations from the counter girl. I get a corn-avocado- red pepper dosa, spouse gets a tuna-avocado-arugula dosa. I get tomato chutney, she gets mango. Everything delicious, and friendly service. Sat outside on a lovely day.
  • Photo of BigoBoca
    6 months ago
    This was our firtime at this restaurant and it was a nice experience. The choice of interesting items was very good. The teas etc. made for a nice lunch.
  • Photo of NC R
    7 months ago
    This is a New York fave. We love the chicken , avacado and veggie samosa. Everything is fresh and delicious . Soups and drinks are yummy too. Also in Amagansett.
  • Photo of Lake915
    a year ago
    I have always eaten the traditional dosa, however it was interesting to see the different kind of filling offered with different choice of chutney.. The food is made to order so it's fresh and hot! They offer good vegetarian options. We will definitely be back.
  • Photo of debralynn108
    2 years ago
    The flavor of the dosas are good. However they cannot seem to avoid soggy bottom syndrome AND the rude service is so bad, I would NEVER return to a restaurant who treats customers (I was here before the nasty manager) as though they are doing them a favor Half the restaurant was about to walk out when they saw how the manager was speaking to me. AND they will attest that I simply asked to taste something. Something they use to do all the time
  • Photo of glacierqueen
    2 years ago
    I ordered #21 -- Avocado/Mozzarella Sandwich with Cucumber, Tomato & Romaine Lettuce with Tomato-Basil Dressing on Whole Grain Bread. It was one of the most delicious and fresh sandwiches I've ever had. A vegetarian's dream. Generous portions, perfect veggies, creamy cheese and super delicious fresh bread. Heavenly lunch. Next time we'll try the dosas and uttapams --- they looked amazingly delicious. The sidewalk diners' meals definitely drew us in. Nice staff. Friendly and helpful. We'll definitely be back.
  • Photo of katrinangel2
    2 years ago
    You can trick the kids into eating a healthy giant "grilled cheese". I always love the Seasonal Dosa but my daughter just gets cheese, she thinks it's bread. The dosa tastes a lot like parmesan cheese but is better for you! Don't forget to grab a cardamom coffee!
  • Photo of NC R
    2 years ago
    I love these sandwiches more like large thin crepes with delicious fillings like avacado, chicken, lettuce, chutney, cheese. Different combinations that are just fresh and delicious. The place is tiny with some seating. We usually take out.
  • Photo of Mich7500
    2 years ago
    I ordered a dosa which resembles a burrito, but on a crepe-like wrap. I do not remember exactly which dosa I ordered, but I do remember it had spicy potatoes in it. The dosa comes with one serving of your choice of chutney. I loved the dosa, but didn't care for the chutney. I think most people feel differently and love the chutney.
  • Photo of SCR-ATL
    2 years ago
    I understand what they serve here is considered more like Indian "street food" - primarily the gosa, which is a large crepe made of potato, filled with many choices of veggies, cheese, and/or meat. Topped off by choice of among several of their own chutney sauces. Really crowded on a weekend with lots of kids, be prepared ot wait. I had opted for a "plain" grilled cheese sandwich, which came with grilled chicken and avocado. Perfectly grilled, hearty. Recommend this place for something decidedly different for lunch
  • Photo of NYCBizCoach
    2 years ago
    Was not sure what to expect from this casual place. Indian? We'll sort of. Indian-influenced. Roll up or pizza style or sandwiches with Indian inspired fillings and toppings. Spicy but good!
  • Photo of JG-Bayern
    2 years ago
    We happened to walk past this little restaurant on Amsterdam Ave, close to the Museum of Natural History and quite liked it. The serve all kinds of interesting Indian foods on "Dosas" (=large wraps). Depending on how busy they are, you might have to stand in line a bit and then hope a table is free ... but that's just a sign that many people like it.
  • Photo of emmyFortLauderdale
    SLOw service. the Indian style health food are large pancake like wraps filled with a variety of ingredients such as avocado, chutneys, chicken. filling yes. Good no. the owners believe in ashrams where they do yoga. I went home and made scrambled eggs. Not good
  • Photo of Jackie B
    3 years ago
    I'm gluten free, so Hampton Chutney is great for me since the dosas are all gluten free. I also love the thali special, especially since it comes with soup, and they make some great ones! On a summer day, the mango, peach, or strawberry lassi is a great treat!
  • Photo of Fernando D
    3 years ago
    This is one of the few places outside India (Kerala) where you can find authentic dosas. Excellent quality of ingredients and fine indian cooking
  • Photo of Nancy O
    3 years ago
    My niece was in New York while I was visiting. She brought me to this place and told me this was their 3rd time. When I saw how big the Dosa was I thought No way I can eat that! but I ordered a delicious selection with tomatoes avacados chicken and was so yummy! you need to try one...I had never heard of one before but will be sure to look for one again! hope they have them in California!
  • Photo of eheyman
    3 years ago
    Stumbled on this in a guide book and had to check it out; glad I did. Excellent fast, 'hole in the wall' type Indian deli with a wide variety of fillings & chutneys for dosas; beverages & desserts; both meat and veggie options. Sit down or carry out. Great for families, couples, loners looking for something different from the usual!
  • Photo of lisafromny
    3 years ago
    If you've never had a dosa, have one here. Dosas are paper thin crepes, and Hampton Chutney makes them to perfection. They are huge (a foot and half long!) and are filled with a multitude of options. The prices are great, and the place itself feels easy and laid back. Easy to bring kids to, and often strollers are parked there.
  • Photo of dancinggoats
    3 years ago
    Had never had a dosa before, but was pleased with my first experience. Suffice it to say it is a very large crepe but more crispy, and then filled with all kinds of yummy stuff, enough that my daughter and I were able to share one and feel full after having an amazing cup of carrot and ginger soup. Service was actually quite quick despite the busy lunch hour when we went. We had the chicken curry and it was excellent, but there were a bunch of choices that sounded really good. Only negative is that the place is really small and there tend to be a bunch of strollers trying to get in and out, so there tends to be a lot of shuffling and people having to interrupt their lunch to allow people to get past.
  • Photo of Joseph S
    4 years ago
    I had a very unrewarding lunch is this establishment. There was a paucity of filling in the dosa and what was there was raw and wet. The part of the dosa which was crisp had no taste. There are too many places in that area to bother with this one. I wish I had a slice of pizza. I gave it a two because the cucumber yogurt soup was fair. At least it was properly chilled.

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