Photo of Ground Support Cafe in New York, NY, US
Photo of Ground Support Cafe in New York, NY, US
Photo of Ground Support Cafe in New York, NY, US
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Ground Support Cafe


Ground Support Cafe34.5
sandwich • grilled cheese • salads • chai

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  • Photo of Casey Tayor
    2 years ago
    Great ginger cookies for an afternoon sugar craving.
  • Photo of Emily Lepore
    3 years ago
    Slow WiFi // Loud
  • Photo of Veronica Cooper
    5 years ago
    Soho meets
  • Photo of Renee S
    5 months ago
    I like Ground Support a lot. I recommend the Turmeric Latte and the Iced Matcha Latte. Both are consistently very good. However, I'm not sure that it's a great idea to have the bagels in a basket on the counter directly under money changing hands. It seems...not so sanitary. Today, a dude hoisted his kid onto the counter directly next to the basket of bagels while he fished around in his pants for his credit card. I would not want to eat food that had been exposed to the elements in this way. So I don't order food there. Just coffee,
  • Photo of kholbyk
    8 months ago
    I'm not sure if it's a New York thing, a taste that takes time to adjust to, or if it was the rude barista behind the bar, but my turmeric latte was absolutely undrinkable. The cashier was a super kind guy, making sure I got the best experience out of my latte by getting it hot and not iced so I ordered and walked over to wait for my new drink. The barista who made it asked if I'd like the beet powder on top and I said, "heck yea!" It looked so cool, I'd never had a turmeric latte so the clash between the cantaloupe yellow of the frothed milk and the deep purple of the beet powder was something I wanted to remember and show to my friends and family when I got home. Immediately after I sat down I could hear a second barista loudly complaining and berating me for taking a photo of my latte! Maybe it's the Minnesota nice in me, or the fact that I don't spend time in a lot of big cities, but dang did that seem rude to me. As for the latte, after it cooled down I tried it and it was incredibly spicy. I thought it may have just been the foam, but nope. It was like that through and through. I thought turmeric would be an interesting flavor to accompany my usual espresso and milk but instead I left with a bitter taste in my mouth and a distaste for Ground Support Coffee.
  • Photo of carrisi
    9 months ago
    Cool inside. Benches and tables. Recharge your phone. Still can't find proper strength coffee in NY though.
  • Photo of RobertE704
    9 months ago
    Killer Joe. Fun baristas. Excellent pastries. Intelligencia beans. Delicious. Fun, witty, hip, smart staff. And when I left my pen and keys on a table, one of the workers ran down the street with my belongings.
  • Photo of Sarah M
    a year ago
    Came here to meet my sister for breakfast. Really funky vibe and the most delicious everything bagel with cream cheese I think I've had in a long while. Coffee is great and the staff behind the counter are fun, funky and really efficient. Great little cafe right in the heart of Soho. Well worth visiting.
  • Photo of webklan
    a year ago
    What makes a café great? I believe it's the love, and this place has a foundation of love and peace. Coffee made with love makes a great coffee. A room with people working there who are kind and loving make a place great. I needed help in finding a shop in the area and the guy working the counter took the time to help me and knew exactly which shop I was trying to find and could tell me how to get there. Love & Peace ground Support - you rock!
  • Photo of Ruddy_Was_Here
    a year ago
    Weekend people watching in SoHo would not be the same without the little coffee shop gem that is Ground Support. Grab a cappuccino and a pastry, then sit back to enjoy all of the fashionable New Yorker’s that walk on West Broadway. AMAZING ginger cookies as well!
  • Photo of Luis O
    a year ago
    Best Grilled Cheese, love the location, the staff, good wi fi and you will love the dogs outside, its a pet friendly business.
  • Photo of visitall50
    a year ago
    The lattes are very good. The seating is primarily wooden benches and wooden tables-- with scattered outlets (mostly in use) for those needing to charge. There's even a bench facing the plate glass window to sit and watch the world walking by. Good pausing place while wandering SoHo.
  • Photo of Lawrence Y
    a year ago
    So nice to have a sandwich without the massive fillings and oversized portions. Coffee was better than most other places we visited but still a far cry from the beverage on offer in Sydney or Melbourne coffee shops. Nice food and funky atmosphere.
  • Photo of Aarti M
    a year ago
    I came here every morning when I was working in the city this summer, it really is the best coffee in the area and had a very cool vibe.
  • Photo of bristolkevin
    a year ago
    They are lucky the sandwiches are so good here as the rest let's itself down. Coffee very weak and underwhelming. Staff are so "cool" they struggle to actually function with getting order wrong, surly kitchen staff and all around not great service
  • Photo of gabrielnet10
    2 years ago
    Place with great `ambience`,in the middle of Soho,where every worker of the Ground Support,adds something to the scene! Great coffees of different good quality and the sandwiches have great variety and quality too,fresh and aromatic,with imaginative mix. You can stay on the benches and work with your PC or take a phone call without being overwhelmed by the noise. Don t miss it,customers are mostly nice people,too!!!
  • Photo of Ben W
    2 years ago
    Really enjoyed the cold brew and iced coffees. Just want my wife and I needed. A cool little stop, free wifi and great cookies. An ace little cafe.
  • Photo of Jacob M
    2 years ago
    Stopped in for a coffee while walking around Soho. Ground Support is in a great location and is very cute. It has no real outdoor seating but does have a few benches here and there. A lot of the indoor seating has been taken up by people working on their computers and not drinking coffee. While the service was slow, the coffee was good (I ordered a cappuccino) and appropriately priced for NYC.
  • Photo of Asaflew
    2 years ago
    A great place to sit and relax on a cup of coffee, toast, sandwich or salad. We stop here for a quick coffee while walking in Soho, and found ourselves sitting here for an hour.
  • Photo of Amos_Fett
    2 years ago
    Tagged along with a friend to meet a friend of hers for breakfast and coffee, it turned out to be Ground Support — one of the cafes I had wanted to visit. The cafe is large, spacious and feels comfortable to be in. The staff were not exceptionally friendly, but helpful enough with their service. The highlight was definitely their sandwiches, of which I tried two — the Cuban and the grilled cheese. The latter being the crowd favourite; the former being my favourite. That said, both sandwiches were nice and toasty and tasted really good. The soy latte that I had to go with my breakfast was also pretty good. It is definitely a cafe that I would recommend and would visit again when I am back in the city and around the neighbourhood.
  • Photo of DrKat S
    2 years ago
    I like this little coffee shop. They were personable, quick and the quality of the coffee and the preparation was great. They have a Black cat (?) roasted bean coffee that purchased to take home.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    I might be a doofus for ordering a chai latte at a coffee place, but if it's not good, why put it on your menu? Tasted like milk lemonade, very sweet, almost impossible to retrace a spice. The macchiato was great according to my brother, so not a bad experience overall. Quick serve, friendly personnel.
  • Photo of privaaaaate
    2 years ago
    Does just what a coffee place should. Good coffee, free wifi, good light food, really nice laid back atmosphere. Every box ticked.

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