Photo of Ground Central Coffee Company in New York, NY, US
Photo of Ground Central Coffee Company in New York, NY, US
Photo of Ground Central Coffee Company in New York, NY, US
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Ground Central Coffee Company


Ground Central Coffee Company24.5
donuts • almond croissant • great coffee • great vibe

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  • Photo of CUPS
    2 years ago
    Coolest New York Centric Design: We love the play off GCS on Grand – whoops, GROUND Central’s cups.
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  • Photo of Scott Slater
    4 years ago
    One of the better midtown coffee places. Dim, cozy, comfortable seating.
  • Photo of mellotrip
    6 months ago
    Ground Central's macchiato is one of my favourite in the city. I had it twice while in the city for a week on business. It was consistently good, with plenty of character, to match the location of this distinctive coffee shop with its dimly lit cosy library space in the back and its earthy feel up front where all the furniture is heavy wood including a communal table that provides a co-working space for several people on laptops. The staff were pretty business like in their approach - I've definitely had warmer service elsewhere, but the barrista was genuinely gratified when I told him how great the macchiato was and I was rewarded with a huge smile.
  • Photo of Sandymdd007
    6 months ago
    I got a cappuccino and my husband got a house blend coffee. We both really enjoyed it, and there was a nice hang out room in the back of the shop. I would definitely come back.
  • Photo of Leland S
    7 months ago
    My son and I were on the hunt Sunday morning for the wive's perfect latte. Found it at Ground Central Coffee. I had a single origin drip which was mild and smooth. The staff were attentive and more than accommodating with my son's order. Pastries were fresh and tasty. Inside is dark and cozy. When we were in there, the music was young and rocking. We were headed for Bluestone Lane but that was closed as it was insight an office building. Glad it worked out as it did.
  • Photo of Victoria R
    9 months ago
    I wish I could take this place home with me. The coffee was great, the inside was a great place to sit down for a bit and get some work done. I loved the inside and if I could have stayed there the entire day, I would have!
  • Photo of Rolf L
    10 months ago
    I had an appointment in the neighborhood and met a friend for coffee around 730. The baristas were very friendly, the coffee was good and there was plenty of room in the library in the back and at the communal table up front. By 8am, the place was jammed with a variety of different types. There were businessmen in the back having meetings and student-y types up front. This cafe is very interesting and unique for this area. If I lived or worked near here, I would go more often. As it is, I will probably return at some point.
  • Photo of Claire E
    10 months ago
    I was meeting a longtime friend for a catch-up and had travel bags with me. The coffee and treats were delicious and we felt we were welcome to stay and chat as long as we liked. So we did! The were armchairs and loveseats and table tops to choose from. The place was quiet and safe for my bags. Good location.
  • Photo of UNpeacekeeper
    a year ago
    This is a tiny cafe but they have a lot to offer inside. I like their hot apple cider. They also have nice coffee including the speciality ones like pumpkin spice latte, hot chocolate and peppermint hot cocoa, tea, small snack sized sandwiches with frittata or prosciutto and brie inside, pastries and cookies, yogurt, various soft drinks etc. They give you a delicious chai cookie with your hot chocolate and let you take more cookies if you want. The chai cookie is like a ginger snap but with tea inside. The staff is very cheerful and friendly.
  • Photo of sailaway777
    a year ago
    After passing several Starbucks with 25 or more people in line and not wanting to wait 30 mins for coffee, I found this gem of a coffee shop amidst the hustle of NYC. A short walk fro Rockefeller and Times Sq. No wait at 8:00 AM! Terrific latte. I had a large with an extra shot ~$5.90 USD). Great velvet foam and robust coffee. Stand up tables in the front and a cozy area in the back with comfy overstuff chairs and tables. Great for conference calls, working on laptop or enjoying a book. They have plenty of books on the back shelf if you want to grab one. I frequent Seattle and Portland and I can say this place measures up.
  • Photo of Joey613
    a year ago
    I found this to be a strange place. I came by in the afternoon on a weekday for a coffee. The baristas, setting and music was hip. Good sitting area and nice chairs. Yet, the customers were all business men and fancy looking Wall Street people for the most part. I reckon this is a business-y area but I found it kind of strange still, because trying to find a free seat, I asked a Wall Street looking gentleman if I could use the open chair next to him and he told me, "no, it's taken". And so I said, "is it?" And he said, "yeah, by my jacket". I'm sure if I was dressed in a suit he would've been nicer. But.... So the vibe I wasn't cool with but I couldn't necessarily blame that on the coffee shop. The coffee was good and if you earn yourself a seat here, I'm sure it'd be cool.
  • Photo of Sandra L
    a year ago
    Excellent coffee, nice place to hang out, 80's music ( if that is your thing). They have records! Staff is friendly, courteous and helpful. Wonderful location
  • Photo of Monica_la_noruega
    Been struggeling to find a nice coffee shop in New York. The chains are all over, so when Google led me here, I was very happy. Bar tables in front part, sofas and a small "library" in the back. It's quite dark, but the coffee is good and the place has a great vibe. The music is too night club-ish for me, but it's not very loud.
  • Photo of weaverleo
    a year ago
    Yeah don't come here if you want to just chill because they play their music like it's a bloody pregame or something it's insane. There's also clearly not enough room for a Christmas tree so thanks for that and the lack of electrical outputs. Definitely don't need those ever unless you want to light up that unnecessary tree you got mate
  • Photo of Dan B
    a year ago
    Nice mix of cozy and industrial design aesthetics. Has warm touches like tucked away lounge area in the back with bookshelves but also an efficient main floor that has become the norm in the city, particularly near high flow areas. My favorite individual touch here is definitely the generous and rather unique lounge. It has a private feel compared to the front half and is the perfect spot to have a conversation or read a good book. All the seats I've been in are comfortable, which in this city is rare! There are even love seats to cozy up with your significant other. I discovered this through the Cups app and you can use code "yyskl" to have $10 to spend here with no other obligation, which I appreciated. My tip with the app is to make sure the item you want is listed the same way. Its even local (Brooklyn) made from what I could tell.
  • Photo of LaSherm16
    a year ago
    I had a great cup of coffee. The staff made suggestions and were quite helpful. I look forward to returning for more delicious coffee delivered with a smile. The vibe is very good.
  • Photo of Sophia D
    a year ago
    Found this just walking from our hotel. Loved the concept. Its a coffee shop at the front, with everything New York themed. If you walk towards the back its a library/study open space with couches. It was neat. I had a cappuccino and it is one of the best I've ever had. Highly recommend this place!
  • Photo of Vyacheslav S
    a year ago
    Good coffee at this location as well as in Dowtown. There is a good space in the back, library style but crowded.
  • Photo of smd744
    a year ago
    I go here frequently and love the ambience in the rear 'library' where you can chill with your magazine, or online device, and sip great quality coffee. I like the way you order here - and then watch while the barista takes the time to really get it right. personally I would like my cappuccino slightly hotter, it always is this way here, so maybe I should start asking of course. But its only a slight niggle. Great place. Very cool. Nice clientele.
  • Photo of Tammy B
    a year ago
    Nice large open room in the back to sip coffee with friends, or sit back with your laptop. Mocha with coconut milk was very good. Pain au chocolat was o.k.
  • Photo of Autumn M
    a year ago
    I went here for the Gilmore Girls pop up. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the coffee was. The place was packed because of the event. I would go back to try something different
  • Photo of Martinezman1025
    a year ago
    Afternoon pick me up...we popped in for an afternoon boost and enjoyed a fresh cup and a cold "nitro" brew. We sat outside and enjoyed the parade of folks.

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