Photo of Great NY Noodletown in New York, NY, US
Photo of Great NY Noodletown in New York, NY, US
Photo of Great NY Noodletown in New York, NY, US
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Great NY Noodletown

Chinese Restaurant

Great NY Noodletown74
roast duck • shrimp • soup • rice

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  • Photo of Shannon Loy
    4 months ago
    Pork lo Mein
  • Photo of Eric Clark
    2 years ago
    Singapore chow fun
  • Photo of Buzzfeed
    2 years ago
    Kind of like the “spaghetti with butter and parmesan” of the Chinese noodle world. Simple, salty, and really good the next day scrambled with eggs for a hangover breakfast. Not that I would know.
  • Photo of Ruth Reichl
    3 years ago
    The noodles are great, the deep-fried crabs are the perfect combination of crunch and brine, and when I'm under the weather a bowl of wonton soup always improves my mood.
  • Photo of USA Today
    3 years ago
    Noodletown regulars (and they are legion) may wonder if this Chinatown classic ever closes. But judging from the many wee-hour patrons slurping steaming bowls of Hong Kong-style noodle soup, they probably don't care.
  • Photo of John Tan
    3 years ago
    My default late night food joint
  • Photo of Erica Kelley
    4 years ago
    The most iconic dish is the Ginger Scallion Noodles.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    We had the pork wonton soup and it was the best we've ever had. Everything was very good. Food came quickly but interaction with service staff was minimal. Bare minimum in terms of helping us select dishes from the extensive menu. Nonetheless would recommend!
  • Photo of distortiongirl
    3 months ago
    Doesn't look like much, but the food is authentic and tasty, and the price is right. 5 of us ate a hearty lunch for less than $40. Service was wonderful and friendly.
  • Photo of MannGlenn
    3 months ago
    This is a no frills place that can feel a little cramped, but it's more than worth the visit. The roast pork is a genuine true delight that will leave you wanting more and more. This is a perfect place for a quick inexpensive meal while you're exploring Chinatown and the surrounding downtown area.
  • Photo of Vedat B
    4 months ago
    The best hand pulled noodle in the world. You must go and taste yourself. Zagat couldn't be mistaken for the past five consecutive years. On the other hand the meal was the cheapest lunch we had in NYC. Value for money, value for yourself and value for your stomach !!! Do not miss
  • Photo of marnieemile_17
    4 months ago
    Good good, good prices and excelent portions. The portion can split for too. Spring roll too greasy, steam dumplings excelent. The service very good, only cash. In front of the restaurant have a atm inside the Bank of America.
  • Photo of njmorin
    4 months ago
    I went there with two hungry teenagers on a late dinner close to our hotel. We didn't regret it! Huge portions for a ridiculous price. The wonton shrimp soup would have been enough for two and was delicious, filled with big chunks of shrimps. My older son took the beef soup and it was also very good. The beef fried rice was one of the best I've had Now, for the price paid (they only take cash, be aware of it), I don't care if the decoration looks cheap and the waiter is busy. They were friendly and answered our questions regarding the extensive choices they have on their menu. Yes, there might be busy times when you'll have to wait, but it's worth it. They don't pretend to be a first class restaurant, don't expect that and you'll be fully satisfied. The whole experience was really fun with my kids. Try it!
  • Photo of Oskar-Brooklyn
    4 months ago
    Place is a dive. Maybe 15-20 tables - have to share larger ones. Cash only We always order to go - crowded area to wait - no where to stand. But the roast pork lo mein is other-worldly Baby bok choi is delicious Cook is right there up front chopping up roast ducks with a clever. This is a new york experience. Authentic. Delicious food. Don't miss
  • Photo of joegrink
    4 months ago
    Everything a Chinatown restaurant should be: smallish, table sharing, noisy with great food and service. Had the Singapore noodles along with shrimp dumpling soup Wonderful!! Cash only.
  • Photo of Joan F
    5 months ago
    Roast duck with noodles is a bargain at 7.50! Don't be put off by the humble environment! So delicious!!!
  • Photo of Huppim
    5 months ago
    Friendly service and good food. Really big portions, both my and my wife's leftovers was enough for a meal the next day. Considering the size the price was really good. Only minus was the handwritten bill, which I couldn't really read, so incase service was included (couldn't really tell), we tipped twice. Even if so, it was still cheap :) It was the​ second best food of our trip. Recommended!
  • Photo of Lgndk11r
    5 months ago
    Didn't think much of this place when we visited, but the food is excellent! Try the shrimp dumplings with noodles and soup, the duck, and the pork strips. Note: it's a tight squeeze at the entrance, especially if you're waiting to be seated. An alternative is to do take out, as you can just line up in the nearby cashier.
  • Photo of Michael G
    5 months ago
    Huge portions, and nicely cooked, if you can plough your way through. Situated in Chinatown, and lots of locals were in - always a good sign.
  • Photo of abc_at_Huntsville
    5 months ago
    When we found out this restaurant was one of the best restaurants in Chinatown, we decided to visit around 4:30pm for an early dinner. It had a Michelin Guide recommendation, and several Zagat accolades. It seemed that it was going to be a good experience. It was far from that. We ordered the "E-Foo" noodle, one with duck, one with crab meat. The portions were very large; two people could easily share one dish. The noodles were very oily, and lacked any spices or flavor, not even scallions or garlic. It was just...oil and salt, essentially. The vegetables in the noodles were 8 inch long stalks that were not sliced, very hard to chew, and once again lacking any flavor (not even salt). The slices of duck in the duck noodle were mainly "end bits" with very little meat on it, and the crab in the crab meat noodle was crumbly and dismal in quantity. Even though we have pretty big appetites, we could not finish the food simply because it tasted so bad. The waiters did not seem to welcome our presence. While they were friendly with other customers, they were very curt with us. When we could not finish the food, the waiter cussed behind our backs, under his breath. We simply left the cash payment on the table and walked out the door, not being able to stand the terrible experience anymore. The many awards and accolades that this restaurant has received made the experience all the more disappointing. I have been to many Chinese restaurants without any awards and had a wonderful experience. Do not visit this place, as you will be very disappointed.
  • Photo of Christy A
    6 months ago
    This was suggested to us by a friend who is a local of New York. Food: Was good, and the portion serving was a decent amount. Customer Service: staff were good and orders came in good time. Very popular and 24hours opening hours was an added bonus.
  • Photo of Fallon R
    6 months ago
    We knew we wanted good Chinese food from Chinatown but did not know where to start. I googled "best Chinese food in Chinatown, NY" and this restaurant came up and so we went. It's a very small restaurant but we were able to get a table quickly. They have a great sanitation score and many rewards throughout the years hanging on the wall. The food was amazing! Portions were large and price was decent!
  • Photo of Denver-Rosie
    6 months ago
    Hotel recommended as Noodletown was 2 blocks down and we arrived late and hungry. Extensive menu - only complaint is that everything looked good and we had no idea what to order. We had crispy noodles and pork among other dishes - very good. Came back two days later for the soft-shell crabs - fantastic! Shrimp rolls - excellent. We will definately go back to Noodletown on our next visit to NYC.
  • Photo of Michael S
    6 months ago
    Don't be fooled by the appearances; this restaurant has great food. All of the noodle soups are excellent; especially the mushroom and chicken. The seafood dishes are also good; especially the shrimp and lobster dishes. Staff is good; not very outgoing but will answer any questions. Don't be surprised if you end up sharing a table, especially if it's with folks that don't speak English.
  • Photo of Selene E
    6 months ago
    Grabbed 2 pounds of Duck to go. Can't really say how the rest of the food was, but when we got home the Duck was decent and was good.
  • Photo of CristianLungu
    6 months ago
    Worst service ever. Disappointing food compared to how the reviews look like. 5 people in the evening. Things moved fairly fast and got a table. Waited more than 10 min to get our order taken. Asked a question about an item on the menu and the waiter answered and walked away before we got the chance to order. Another 5 or more minutes passed before he returned to take our order. One of the dishes (rice and pork) came within 5 minutes from ordering, while for the others (with noodles) we had to wait more than 20 minutes, and this while others, that came in after us, received their food. Overall: crappy food, crappier attitude. First and last visit.
  • Photo of ChucoBearrie
    6 months ago
    I've been coming to this restaurant all my life. Back then it was simply Noodletown. My parents took us here as young kids and it is still the place to go. It's a bucket list thing. Yes the place is small and usually really slammed. That's part of its charm. The food is still pretty good. The service is still just as harried, The wait staff don't have the time to socialize. Please come in, eat, and leave so we can service the next party. They are not rude, no more than usual anyway. With the low prices, they make their money with all the turnarounds. It might be a hole in the wall place but don't judge it because of that. It's jam packed for a reason. I had the wonton noodle soup and an extra side of veggies in oyster sauce. Was not disappointed. Will come back to eat as long as this place is here. Will bring my child here when he really eats.

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