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Grandpa's Brick Oven Pizza

Italian Restaurant

Grandpa's Brick Oven Pizza23.5
great crust • sauce

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  • Photo of Bob Matsuoka
    4 years ago
    Good uptown brick oven style.
  • Photo of Bob Matsuoka
    4 years ago
    Good local thin crust.
  • Photo of Gurgelx
    a year ago
    Visited it with my girlfriend. Maybe not the most fancy place. But the (Santa Lucia) pasta was real good. So good that my gf made me eat it again as dinner the same day.
  • Photo of Carol Sue G
    a year ago
    I love the crust on a brick oven pizza and this one was really good. Nice and thin with the right amount of char to it. Pizza was well balanced with not too much sauce and just the right amount of cheese so nothing over powered anything else. New go to place when visiting my daughter in New York.
  • Photo of Ashley R
    a year ago
    When we first walked in, it was extremely confusing. You order at the counter, but you don't pay at that time? We also were ignored while the cashier chatted with a female friend and fixed her makeup. The wait for our food was ridiculously long as well. The chicken in the Alfredo I ordered was chewy, almost gristly. Their brick oven pizza, however, was AWESOME. It almost made everything else about our experience better. Almost.
  • Photo of Hollyssg
    a year ago
    Grabbed a slice for lunch to check out the local pizza.I had a special Margarita slice and my husband had the regular. I liked his better.Reminded me of pizza I grew up with. Moist, good sauce, great crust. Only not so atmospheric inside so a sit down dinner isn't in our future but I predict a lot of pizzas will be.The rating is for the food.
  • Photo of droolytabooly
    2 years ago
    The pizza is just ok. Delivery takes forever. The slices are very small in size, but did enjoy the thin crust. Prices are expensive and just not a great bang for the buck. There are many other options in the area.
  • Photo of Steven H
    3 years ago
    I heard the former owners were great. However, this is not genuine brick-oven pizza. The pizza is thin-crust and a bit overpriced. The sausage rolls are very good at $6/each. Best to take out or get delivery--there's no atmosphere at this place and the workers are snarly. Still, a better choice than their competitors in this area.
  • Photo of ChristinaKK
    3 years ago
    I knew I could get some spectacular pizza in NYC and Grandpa's did not disappoint. They have a large menu for a pizzeria, which you can access online. We ordered plain and white with ricotta. The order came faster than promised. I wasn't fond of how they dolloped the ricotta on the white pie but it was still good. The plain pizza was DELICIOUS! Within minutes, I knew we would need more because it was so good. It had a thin crust with no bubbles that had a great taste. The sauce and cheese also tasted great. They tasted perfect together. I liked that they include mini souffle cups with toppings like red pepper flakes. I was not thrilled with the delivery guy. Both times he acted very put off. The second delivery he seemed to have scammed my children for extra tip money. I also thought it was overkill to get my credit card info over the phone (which they run through) then take an imprint of the card, leaving me multiple papers to sign and longer delivery process.
  • Photo of vbfcpa
    3 years ago
    More expensive than I would expect for pizza. The pie we had delivered was nothing more special than other pizzerias in the city.
  • Photo of libvermont
    5 years ago
    Expect and get a great slice. Great neighborhood pizza place and as good as you will get anywhere else in the city.
  • Photo of trymahjong
    6 years ago
    Everything is served fresh.! The Mozarella and large leaf Basil is superb! Don't let the "B" at door stop you. Pick one up if you're watching baseball or soccer at Inwood Park. Eat at sidewalk tables and watch how bussling Northen Manhattan is.

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