Photo of Grand Sichuan in New York, NY, US
Photo of Grand Sichuan in New York, NY, US
Photo of Grand Sichuan in New York, NY, US
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Grand Sichuan

Chinese Restaurant

Grand Sichuan13.5
soup dumplings • chicken • green peppers • dan dan noodles

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  • Photo of Ruth Reichl
    3 years ago
    When you bite into the fragile wrappers, a mouthful of the richly concentrated soup explodes into your mouth, and the flavor keeps echoing long after you have swallowed.
  • Photo of Shengjie T
    3 months ago
    My friend and I were looking for a quick bite on the last day we were in New York - the speed of serving food is amazingly quick. The food quality is excellent too. We ordered a dumpling and the Dan Dan noodle. Definitely worth the price. I would very much like to visit again if I am in NYC again.
  • Photo of macktheforchette
    3 months ago
    A hidden gem in Chelsea near the Highline, beats anything in Chinatown with delicious rich flavor, bright presentation, fast service and great variety. The best pork soup dumplings. Try anything with garlic sauce, especially eggplant, and the Szechuan specialties.
  • Photo of alleleven
    4 months ago
    Since we live nearby, we eat at the Grand Sichuan about 1x/mo. (last visit, July 5th). I always look forward to going, because I can get my favorite appetizer, "Dan Dan noodles, not spicy, please." This comes with spinach, lightly blanched. It's fresh and very good. The meat in this dish is pork, but if you cannot eat pork, fine, tell the waitress and the kitchen will make it with a different meat. Because the prices are a tad higher than those of similar Chinese restaurants, and because we're not ravenous eaters, my dining companion and I generally share the appetizer and one entree. Among our faves are the Gourmet Garden (one of the so-called "Diet" dishes), and Four precious jewels. Each of these dishes offers a "sampler" of seafood along with beef and tofu -- as well as several vegetables. Service is business-like and perfunctory -- no different from other Chinese restaurants we've eaten at. One hint: it gets crowded at the "fashionable" dinner hour, namely around 7-7:30. We always try to get there around 6, or earlier, so we'll be able to carry on a conversation without yelling.
  • Photo of Richard S
    9 months ago
    Sichuan cabbage was tired and tasteless, broad beans & scallions overcooked to almost mush, hunan chicken, was not like chicken I had tasted before, it was almost slimy in the mouth, with absolutely no texture. I left almost all of everything, paid the bill and left for Chinatown. Even the jasmine tea was tepid and tasteless. The beer was cold though. This place needs a real wake up call
  • Photo of Warren F
    10 months ago
    Went here for lunch after reading about the "soup dumplings." When we were across the street, we noticed that the restaurant seemed like any other Chinese restaurant--nothing special. But, when we walked in the door, we saw that almost every table was taken: a good sign. We were seated at a table in the rear, next to a couple of Asian ladies who were snipping off the ends of strings beans that were piled about three feet high. Same thing happened to me in San Francisco and the meal we were served then was excellent. Perhaps this was a good sign. We ordered the "pork soup dumplings" that were delivered to our table, large and pipping hot. What is unusual about these dumplings is that, as the name suggests, are filled with soup. One bite into the dumpling and it explodes pork soup! They were quite good. What is also a little different about Grand Szechuan is that there are options besides the typical Chinese-American dishes. I urge you to give those consideration. You can always eat pork fried rice and Lo Mein. Try something different for a change like Smoked Tea Duck or Aui Zhou Spicy Shrimp, Squid with Kung Bao Suace or Fish Head Casserole! I had a dish called "Grasp at Good Look" which was comprised of shredded chicken with carrots, snow peas, soft bean curd, bean sprouts, cellophane noodles and I got it with black bean sauce. The dish is rather bland without the sauce, but, once you add the sauce, it takes on a whole new dimension! It was served with rice (brown or white). My wife had a pork with spicy green pepper dish. Both were delicious and I ate more than I should have! Prices are very reasonable, even if the decor is rather simple. All meals were served with hot tea. Other beverages are available.
  • Photo of Kevin M
    a year ago
    When in NYC, your first instinct for Chinese food would be China town but, grasshopper, you are wrong. Go to the Chelsea neighborhood and try this restaurant. The restaurant is unpretentious and is designed to feed you comfortably. The service is impeccable and some of the wait staff is down right cheeky which heightens the experience if you like sarcasm (which I do). Great starters include scallion pancakes, vegetable spring rolls, pork potstickers or Sichuan hot and sour soup. I would encourage family style dining for your entrees so you get to taste a little of everything. We loved the chicken with spicy green peppers. Other dishes included vegetable fried rice, King Boa chicken and sesame chicken. We resisted licking the plates. Stop reading and go.
  • Photo of 571bradp
    a year ago
    Some of the best Sichuan food in the city...this unassuming Chinese restaurant in Chelsea has some spicy dishes in store for you. Kung Bao Chicken, dry sauteed string beans, baked hum bao, and crispy spring rolls are all top notch. Fresh ingredients, thoughtfully prepared and priced agreeably. That's what makes this my favorite in Chelsea.
  • Photo of Devonta W
    a year ago
    The Grand Sichuan is not really fancy but the food and the service made up for the decor. We ordered the General Tso Chicken (not really spicy), Sichuan Shrimp (not really spicy either) with chicken friend rice. Everything was pretty delicious and flavorful. I was full by the end of the night. The waitress was very friendly, sassy and funny. Which I really loved about her. The pricing is pretty good for the area.
  • Photo of johnC_9
    a year ago
    Good food, good service. very fast and efficient. As soon as a table is finished, they have it set for the next diners. Had the shrimp toast which was lovely.
  • Photo of 12trvlgirl
    a year ago
    The food is still good and reasonably priced. But the service required steady management on our part - please bring menus, please bring hot tea not tepid, please bring chopsticks, please bring place settings, and so on. Utensils had little bits of something stuck to them, and the fold down edges of the table had a lot of unwashed off food particles. I probably won't go back even though it's down the street from my friend's place and used to be a good, quick "local eatery."
  • Photo of zhangshinyi
    a year ago
    Skip all of the non-Sichuan style dishes (i.e., don't bother with soup dumplings or American Chinese dishes). Try dishes like Guizhou (spelled Aui Zhou on the menu) Chicken, Dan Dan noodles, or 水煮牛 (spelled shui zhu niu; don't know what the translation in English would be).
  • Photo of Athansor27
    a year ago
    As a native New Yorker I lament the fact that the Asheville, NC area - while a culinary destination - is sorely lacking in first rate Chinese food of any variety. That's why when I am in NYC most of the meals I eat are Chinese and my go-to place outside Chinatown for Szechuan cooking is the Grand Sichuan in Chelsea. They don't hold back on the spices so if you are not a fan of hot dishes this is not the place for you but this is the place where I was introduced to Szechuan Soup Dumplings and many other dishes I regularly order each year when I return. These include spicy Szechuan wonton in red oil, Aui Zhou Spicy Shrimp and Aui Zhou Spicy Chicken. The restaurant also features Shanghai and Cantonese dishes for people whose palates prefer milder food.
  • Photo of AugustoMonteverdi
    This is our go-to restaurant for an easy and familiar dinner--in other words, comfort food--when we don't feel like cooking dinner ourselves. We usually order take-out so as to minimize having to put up with the surly service. My favorite: Spicy Sauteed Chinese Broccoli; Gui Zhou Spicy Chicken (it's written incorrectly in the menu as "Aui Zhou Spicy Chicken); Braised Beef Fillets with Chili Sauce (authentically Sichuan-spicy!); Sauteed Pea Shoots with Fresh Garlic; Double Cooked Pork with Sweet Bean Sauce; Sauteed Shredded Potatoes. For the appetizer, we usually get the Sichuan Wonton with Red Oil, Sichuan Cold Noodle, or Ox Tongue & Tripe with Hot Pepper Sauce. Occasionally, the flavor of the dishes can be inconsistent, most likely depending on who cooks them on that day. But there are many more "good days" than "bad days", so it's not enough to stop us from coming back.
  • Photo of YaYa4_VA
    2 years ago
    We went to this restaurant after seeing some good reviews and decided to try it. We were extremely hungry so ordered dumplings. They were very good. My daughter was not quite ready to order when the other three of us were but placed her order fairly quickly after us. She ordered Chicken Lo Mein - my husband had ordered pork Lo Mein so the server repeated the order just to make sure "2 orders lo Mein right?" Three of us got our food and figured the fourth would be followed close behind. After a long wait, we asked when the chicken Lo Mein would be out. Our waitress apparently left so the "new" waitress said "you didn't order it". She wanted to know if we still wanted it and we said we did (My daughter had nibbled on our food but was hungry for what she ordered) , yes we would like it she said they would be able to bring it quickly. When she came back to fill our water she did acknowledge the mistake that we had ordered it and they did not put it in. Well after what we thought was too long, they brought out SHIRMP Lo Mein, she said the chef made a mistake did we still want it. My daughter was REALLY hungry at that point so said yes. After we were all done, I asked for the bill and said "I assume that Lo Mein will not be on the bill. She said she could not take ti off and anyone that was authorized was gone, which we did not believe. So we left no tip - that was about the price of the bill but during the entire visit , the people we very unfriendly and I think it would have been reasonable and most restaurant would not have charged us for the Lo Mein after the series of mistakes. It was a terrible experience and the only reason I gave 2 stars was because the dumpling were good and the rest of the food just OK.
  • Photo of beardocnj
    2 years ago
    Visited friends in NYC for the NY Time Travel Show and agreed on Chinese food for dinner. Disappointed to learn that so many of the Chinese restaurants in the West Village, including some of our favorites, closed the past few years, but agreed on Grand Sichuan. Huge disappointment in the vegetarian department. The scallion pancaked were obviously reheated and mushy with a strange green tinge. The stir-fried eggplant was way overcooked and falling apart on the plate bathed in a bitter tasting and overcooked sauce. Finally, the Kung Pao tofu and peanuts had some strange spices which overwhelmed the dish (cardamom?) and was overly laden with celery. We'll keep it off our list in the future.
  • Photo of Cleomissy
    2 years ago
    I love trying new foods and really enjoyed the variety of dishes that were ordered! Our 3 appetizers were delivered in succession, permitting us to enjoy each one before the remaining dishes arrived. Tasty, tangy, and plentiful - more than enough for our large group.
  • Photo of Monica88_10
    2 years ago
    This is one of the oldest authentic Sichuan restaurants in Manhattan. The food is still as good and the prices as reasonable as twenty years ago. We ordered the whole steamed fish, spicy chicken, lamb and vegetable dishes plus fried rice. All came to only $67, very inexpensive for Manhattan. My parents, who lived in China for many years, agreed it was one of the best Chinese food experiences they had had. No credit cards which probably helps keep prices down.
  • Photo of ColoradoVirginia
    2 years ago
    The food was so good. We had pork soup dumplings and they were the best we have ever had. Generous filling and no gristle! We also had the eggplant with garlic sauce and pork. Amazing sauce, dark and thick and so good! Yes, the staff is not very friendly but so what. The food came in a very timely fashion and the entire bill with tax came to $20.
  • Photo of Mark L
    2 years ago
    This was the fastest service that I've ever experience in any restaurant anywhere...quality level very high and the waiters/waitresses were very friendly...I highly recommend if you are in the area.
  • Photo of wowcafe-shanghai
    2 years ago
    Nothing special , just another Chinese restaurant on a good location, our duck and lamp where overly fried and dried! They even forgot one of our dishes till we finished and removed from our bill with hesitation, The waitress weren't friendly or caring at all, and for this type of lousy service we decided they don't deserve the proper amount of tip. And guess what ! they actually confronted us and demanded more tips! We will not go back for sure!

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