Photo of Grand Central Terminal in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Grand Central Terminal in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Grand Central Terminal in New York City, NY, US
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Grand Central Terminal

Monument / Landmark

Grand Central Terminal54.5
oyster bar • main hall • beautiful building • apple store

89 E 42nd Street
New York City, NY 10017, US
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  • Photo of Club Quarters Hotels
    The historic Grand Central Terminal encompasses shops, fine restaurants such as The Oyster Bar, the swank Campbell Apartments for cocktails, a dining concourse, and gourmet food emporium - all in addition  to being a major transportation hub for New York City and beyond.
  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Murray's Cheese is inside, as well as Penzeys Spices
  • Photo of Rachel West
    3 years ago
    Well we got here at 3 am, and they were closed but at least we saw the beautiful marble lobby entrance!
  • Photo of Mavi Palacios
    4 years ago
  • Photo of Kevin Gong
    4 years ago
    A classic hub. The huge main concourse is breathtaking, and there's even a hidden yet publicly accessible tennis court.
  • Photo of mrsdg2017
    3 months ago
    Several people I know that have already visited NYC recommended we go to Grand Central Terminal. Well I have to say what a great disappointment it is. I was expecting hustle and bustle and some grandour but it was nothing like that and its tiny. Coming from the UK, you can find far more interesting train stations in the smallest of towns and any one of the main stations in London is stellar compared to here. Movie camera angles give a grossly over inflated impression.
  • Photo of Samantha J
    3 months ago
    Well worth a look, building is amazing. Worth taking the walk to see the design of the ceiling, how high they are.
  • Photo of rene c
    3 months ago
    Iconic, as so many movies were shot in the terminal. Clean, busy Excellent, informative service. Also attached is a exquisite market,
  • Photo of sid_2001
    3 months ago
    worth seeing the architecture including the central clock and the ceiling. centrally located in new york city
  • Photo of AroundtheWorld61
    3 months ago
    When in NY this is a Must. Visit this station which was the location of different movies and you enter in a fairy time zone. The lights, the huge clock everything is related to the last century with a great atmosphere. And there are also a quantity of cafès and restaurant inside .... why do not try a glass of bubbling Champagne and some fresh oysters???
  • Photo of Agata S
    3 months ago
    Is a amazing architecture building, very historical. Looks so posh with all chandelier and marble everywhere. Massive place.
  • Photo of wynn74
    3 months ago
    This terminal a must see! The architecture is classic and there is so much to explore. Love the central grocery and the restaurant options too!
  • Photo of PHE22
    3 months ago
    What a building that stands out amongst the high rise that surround it a bit of New York's building style. The Grand is Grand
  • Photo of Gaetano A
    3 months ago
    We were amazed at this Terminal. This Terminal, with its outstanding vaulted sky ceiling and 60-ft arched windows, is one of the busiest and most beautiful train stations in the world. In 1913, Cornelius Vanderbilt created a colossal , 49-acre "city within a city" called The Grand Central Terminal. In 1998 this terminal was restored to its former glory. Outside is one of a kind with splendid architecture and inside is outstanding and unbelievable. Everywhere was covered in granite and marble with great chandeliers and large arched windows. Over 750,000 persons pass through this Terminal on a daily basis. We were given a self-guided audio tour of this Terminal to understand its extravagant building with its excellent and diverse services offered. A MUST-SEE while in New York.
  • Photo of Kathleen757
    3 months ago
    We have been there years ago but this was our 1st time by ourselves.We have had a great time in NYC and everyone was friendly and helpful as I'm sure they knew we were lost.
  • Photo of Lorraine H
    3 months ago
    I can't describe how incredible this place is. You have to go there. I love Art Deco architecture but even if you are not a fan I still think you will marvel at the sight.
  • Photo of Elena257
    3 months ago
    I missed this place place first time I went to NY and it was top of my list for the second time. So classy, so beautiful, you can see the Jackie O lounge and the beautifully decorated ceiling.
  • Photo of richard o
    3 months ago
    Great experience, love the walk into the main room and the ceiling just opens up to a gorgeous art work! Great feel about the place and plant of little place to get a bite on the move !
  • Photo of Susan V
    3 months ago
    Crowded with hurried people trying to get to their platforms. The information desk and other personnel were very helpful. Lots of eateries and shops!
  • Photo of Molly M
    3 months ago
    Lots of movies filmed in here. This was great to see, clean and great service. Would definatly reccomend checking it out.
  • Photo of QSM42
    3 months ago
    A beautiful and impressive train station steeped in history. As well as the main concourse make sure you take a look in the market and food courts. It is however worth noting that the grand appearance doesn't continue down to the platforms.
  • Photo of WeBvacations
    3 months ago
    We loved the visit and enjoyed learning about the history behind grand central. It's the largest train station in the world and it's absolutely gorgeous.
  • Photo of KarthikBalan
    3 months ago
    We visited the station as part of our trip to NY. What an entrance! As soon as you get in, there is a small TV where the history of the station is scrolling. You can learn quite a lot from it. There is a conducted tour of the station at 1230 everyday. However, as we had come early, we did not take it. Its really nice standing in the main hall and soaking in the experience. When we came out, it was raining and we were trying to take a taxi near the entrance portico. But its not allowed to stop there and there is a taxi stand a little away. A cop helped us there.
  • Photo of markhenders0n
    3 months ago
    We went out of our way to transfer here because I wanted to see the terminal. I'm glad we did! It's beautiful and impressive, and I wish we had spent more time to enjoy it.
  • Photo of Philip L
    3 months ago
    Wonderful soaring architecture and amazing restauarnats - as well as a station of course. Great experience.

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