Photo of Gagosian Gallery in New York, NY, US
Photo of Gagosian Gallery in New York, NY, US
Photo of Gagosian Gallery in New York, NY, US
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Gagosian Gallery

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Gagosian Gallery44.5
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  • Photo of Travel + Leisure
    2 years ago
    A visit to Chelsea's galleries would be incomplete without a trip to Gagosian, one of the top power players in the art world.
  • Photo of Citymaps NYC
    3 years ago
    One of the few galleries in the world that is able to put on museum quality shows. The gallery is closed on Sundays year round and Mondays and Saturdays depending on the time of year so make sure to visit mid week.
  • Photo of Gansevoort
    5 years ago
    Gagosian Gallery is a contemporary art sanctuary with ambitious exhibitions by the world's most acclaimed living artists.
  • Photo of Gansevoort
    5 years ago
    Inez & Vinoodh: Beverly Hills, through Aug. 23.
  • Photo of gl0betr0tterny
    7 months ago
    This gallery showcases artists that have already made themselves a huge name. Jeff Koons, Richard Sarah, Damian Hirst and others. It usually showcases large pieces of art. Interactive with the audience. Closed on Mondays.
  • Photo of PaoloRiccardoCarrara
    Nel nostro giro di gallerie d'arte che abitualmente facciamo ad ogni nostra venuta a New York non può certo mancare Gagosian che insieme alla Matthew Marks Gallery sono le migliori in città per quanto riguarda l'arte contemporanea. Non trovo mai nessun "viaggiatore" italiano in posti simili solo ogni tanto qualche addetto ai lavori. Peccato che New York non riesca a stimolare con qualcosa di diverso parecchie persone.
  • Photo of Tomek K
    2 years ago
    Different from other Chelsea galleries Gagosian doesn't shy away from large works of art and hosts interesting installations. Worth seeing!
  • Photo of ipennylane
    2 years ago
    이 곳 말고도 어퍼 이스트 쪽에도 있는데 그 곳은 검색이 안 되네요. 그 곳으로 린다 매카트니&매리 매카트니 공동 사진전을 보러갔다 왔습니다. 입구에는 책들과 기타 기념품들을 팔고 있었구요. 사진전 내용이 워낙 훌륭해서 감동적이었습니다. 그런 좋은 작품들을 무료로 볼 수 있었다는 것에 감사했습니다. 앞으로도 또 좋은 전시회가 있으면 찾아가보고 싶습니다.
  • Photo of Kametaro5555
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Emmy P
    2 years ago
    The Gagosian gallery is located in the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea. If you enjoy seeing great contemporary art exhibits, then visit this gallery. There are also other good ones near by so taking a stroll around might be rewarding.
  • Photo of Federico B
    2 years ago
    luego de toda la expectativa de ser unas de las galería más lindas llegamos y estaba cerrada mientras que en tripadvisor decía que estaba abierto decepcionante deberían tener la info actualizada
  • Photo of Allan S
    2 years ago
    This place is one of the finer galleries in the city. They may have some edgy artists but always put on a good exhibition. One day when I have some more money aI may be able to afford the pieces that I love to see here.
  • Photo of Doris S
    3 years ago
    If you are into contemporary art, skip high admissions and crowds at museums and go to Gagosian instead. Great large pieces of well-known artists with enough space to let the art breathe. When in Chelsea take a walk through the other galleries in the district as well like Andrea Rosen, Hoerle-Guggenheim and Unyx. Also visit the Gagosian at 980 Madison Avenue. It's located at fifth floor.
  • Photo of tabitabio
    3 years ago
  • Photo of cytjld
    3 years ago
    Wanna feel super cool? Make this a must on your trip to New York. Blooming international artists at the top of the art buzz are featured here and come with the pleasant atmosphere of not insanely pretentious staff like many other galleries. Check out their shop on the UES- it's worth it for sure.
  • Photo of eab405
    3 years ago
    I decided to look at galleries rather than museums this trip. The gallery was very well done and people were friendly (although they have a lot of security!). I really enjoyed my visit here.
  • Photo of TheFiveTs
    3 years ago
    On a tour of about 8 Chelsea galleries, we visited the Takashi exhibit and loved it. The exhibit is very popular and was very busy but the room still felt open and airy and was a great place to view the art. We did not have to give up our bags as mentioned in an earlier review but it was also a different artist being shown so that might depend on the exhibit.
  • Photo of romey79
    3 years ago
    I came here on my day off and absolutely love Takashi paintings. His paintings are so colorful,fun, and beautiful. His sculptures are incredibly big. Beautiful exhibit.
  • Photo of 6_6Sandi6_6
    3 years ago
    以前から興味のあったガゴシアンギャラリーで私の滞在中に、村上隆展が開催されていることを知り土曜日の朝イチで行ってきました。10:00オープンでしたが少し前に到着し、カナダから来た村上隆ファンと話ながら入口があくのを待ちました。入口があき中に入ると、素晴らしいの一言につきます!美術館にあっても不思議ではない作品を、無料で楽しめて感激です! 写真撮影もオッケーとの事でした。
  • Photo of Marlene D
    3 years ago
    When you walk in be prepared to give up your bag, yes, your pocketbook or backpack but you will retrieve it when you leave the exhibit which was more than fabulous. The photographs give Picasso's work and life a new context. It is wonderful seeing the real photos of his life and work juxtaposed so you may get a sense of how he thought and how he approached the work. One work in particular was a photo of an octopus which he used as inspiration for one of his paintings of one of his women on the beach, looking very much like the octopus. You got such a clear sense of his life and circle of friends. Fantastic and must see.
  • Photo of GugliaC
    5 years ago
    Sometimes people get intimidated by entering an art gallery: well, Gagosian in NY is the closest thing to a museum but without the massive crowd. The space is huge, the exhibitions monumental, with famous artistis showing brand new, enormous artworks. It's contemporary art making history at his most.
  • Photo of MelWacks
    5 years ago
    I like the famous balloon rabbit by Koons, Michael Jackson and his chimpanzee, and Koons' other sculptures in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. But when I viewed his new work at the Gagosian my only thought that he is running out of good ideas. The paintings featuring classical sculpture were unappealing and the self-imposed graffiti did not help. The new sculptures based on balloon art looked like poor works done by copycats of his famous rabbit. There were plenty of guards in the gallery, but they needn't worry--I wouldn't have any of the pieces in my home even if they were free.
  • Photo of Mike L
    5 years ago
    Wow. It was excellent. This gallery is very large and in a district with tons of other art galleries. It's on 21st street, towards the downtown area. This show will be over soon, but I was very impressed with the gallery area in general.
  • Photo of pgrace01
    6 years ago
    My sister calls him "the greatest living painter." Now I know why. Some wall-sized works of exuberant colors, with smaller pieces, a few of which reminded me of John Marin's work. The show was in two large rooms, with ample room to stand back or get close. What a way to see an exhibit -- only two others there with us. If you're not familiar with "Sir Howard," look at his most complete web site.

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