Photo of Flight 151 in New York, NY, US
Photo of Flight 151 in New York, NY, US
Photo of Flight 151 in New York, NY, US
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Flight 151

American Restaurant

Flight 15113.5
mozzarella sticks • great service

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  • Photo of Lindsay Kaplan
    4 years ago
    Trivia night? I will ruin you.
  • Photo of Annette M
    a year ago
    We are regulars at Flight and love this spot. Our birthday guy wanted to come here for his birthday. Our servers, Molly and Leoni, were fantastic as usual. The food, including the mozzarella sticks, wings, and mashed potatoes with bacon, was delicious. We arrived early to get things ready including where to place the balloons. While my fiancé was talking to the bar tender to figure out what to do with the balloon bouquet, a woman we didn't know was standing directly behind her and curtly asked, "Can I help you?" My fiancé turned around and asked politely, "I'm sorry- am I in your way?" The woman again replied curtly, "I'm the manager." To which my fiancé explained the situation and it was resolved. I understand if the manager was concerned that maybe a guest was complaining or had a concern that would cause the manager to be defensive. Yet approach a guest in such a rude manner is beyond baffling. Im a manager in the hospitality industry, in fact our entire party works in the industry, and none of us would ever speak to a guest in that manner. I would have given Flight a 5 star review had it not been for this particular manager. I contemplated making it even lower but the servers and the restaurant deserve 4 to 5 stars. The manager was an older woman with very dark hair, wearing a plaid wool coat, dark pants, and walks with a limp.
  • Photo of Jim H
    a year ago
    I just placed an order here for a home delivery for myself and some of my neighbors, who are visiting at my apartment tonight. It's a good night to stay home and order in. I just requested three appetizers, four entrées, four beverages and four desserts. I was told that salads come with each entrée and what dressing would I like. I asked if I could have three salads and one soup substitution. Unfortunately, I was told that it's not allowed to make substitutions because the computer can't take it in the system. This was the reason I was given and so I politely asked the person who was taking the order, "I'm spending over $100 and you can't substitute one salad for a soup?" She was nice and asked me to hold the phone for a moment. I could hear her asking a manager and the answer was "Absolutely not." I was disappointed and I've been a customer here for 24 years. I'm not one of those people who believes that the customer is always right either. But, sometimes you know when the restaurant is just all wrong in their approach toward a customer's simple request. Plus, there's just too many restaurant options in Manhattan for a paying guest to be treated as though their business is not appreciated. By us choosing to order-in from Flight 151 tonight, we clearly hit a dead end. I decided that I needed to make a quick U-turn and cancel the entire order. We gave our business to another restaurant in the neighborhood and they were happy to offer us either soup or salad with our four entrées. Tonight this restaurant lost the business of three separate households in their neighborhood, who could've become loyal customers -as I have been for 24 years. They lost me too and I'm fine with it because the food was never anything special. But it was a quick and reliable meal a few times a year. I just thought I'd write this review to let others know this place really does not want to care for their customers. The food is average and sometimes the fried foods are fried too long in the grease. It's really just substandard bar food here and to add bad customer service to the mix, just doesn't blend well.
  • Photo of TryppAdams
    a year ago
    Flight 151 is an affordable spot to grab a beer in New York City, but the service is mediocre and the two times I visited the arrogance of the bartender made it difficult to enjoy my beer. He belittled the servers and shunned them for ordering drinks for their tables, then explained how everyone came to this bar to see him...then he would walk down to a few people at the end of the bar and continue his arrogant banter with them. With so many fun affordable options just down in the west village, I would skip this stop. It does have a fun theme and the announcements in the bathroom are kind of funny and perhaps if there was just a different bartender, my experience would have been different.
  • Photo of Matt G
    a year ago
    Cool little place to grab a beer. Lots of good TV on small screens. Good service. The neighbourhood is awesome!
  • Photo of Chef O
    a year ago
    Stopped in for a drink and got such a cold welcome I don't think it ever happen tp me before... The bartender, who seemed as he had been there forever, must really hate his work or just had a bad day. We left after one drink and went to spend our money somewhere else that wanted it.
  • Photo of Classact10
    2 years ago
    Bartender Michelle was so nice and great service. Food ok and drinks are nice. Atmosphere very nice also. Will go again if I'm down in area.
  • Photo of Morninchile
    2 years ago
    Wanted a few drinks to watch the world go by. Perfect for people watching in NY, as people use the front window as a mirror sometimes. Sat there about 3 hours listening to some great music and well priced drinks. Didn't eat there, but perfect for a time out. Owner opened main front to let the air in. A few TVs for sports also.
  • Photo of Philc2020
    2 years ago
    Burger was ok chicken sandwich was ok very dark inside. Will not be back. Sevice was unfriendly at first but than the bartender warmed up
  • Photo of MichaelinZwolle
    2 years ago
    Some friends and I found this place while in Chelsea one evening. It looked interesting, with an airplane theme (complete with plane parts on the walls and "interesting" names for their drinks). When looking through the menu, we noticed a lot of different style hot dogs. I'm always one for trying new things so we got a couple of hot dogs and shared them around. They were great! The food was good (even my friend who ordered a salad liked it) and the place is well-decorated and nicely designed. Just about the only issue was our waitress, who had a bit of an attitude and obviously did not want to be there.
  • Photo of KillerRabbit
    2 years ago
    Amazing food. Better Mexican than many restaurants around here. Order anything, you won't be disappointed. Great drink specials. Rowdy sports fans, but not deafening. Great juke box turns up the bass. I love everything here.
  • Photo of wolfynapoli
    2 years ago
    The food is good but not spectacular. The saloon is a little bit dark , the bench are old and not very comfortable. The waitress only want to sell new beverages during the lunch , take care if she propose a new coke ,she'll put on the bill it :-( Another point is the presence of a non smily boss , she's just act as a supervisor
  • Photo of Maxwell R
    2 years ago
    They do a good steak and I like the random trivia questions they throw out. First one to answer correctly gets a free drink of whatever they're on at the time. Bar staff not overly friendly but still professional.
  • Photo of Sonia M
    3 years ago
    Great service and recommended for a neighborhood hangout. The food is really good, but super greasy. The mixed drinks are very weak so its preferred to get wine or beer so you know what you are paying for.
  • Photo of ps258
    3 years ago
    I live close by and hang out here occasionally. No frills, salty and fun bartenders, and surprisingly good bar food! They make their mozzarella sticks in house, for example, and they're HUGE. I love trivia night too! If You want an unpretentious, old school joint, this is the place to be. They've been open for a LONG time, even by normal (non-NYC) standards They also own the pizza joint across the street (which I also reviewed!).
  • Photo of JudyMetroNYCarea
    3 years ago
    Went here late one night, full of locals, all basically drinking, not a lot of food being served. We had the chips and salsa - average at best, nothing fancy and the fish and chips and a burger. The fish and fries were greasy. We left them and didn't finish. When we asked what kind of fish, 2 waitresses didn't know the answer. They had to ask the kitchen and then mumbled something when they came back. The burger was average. The bun was soggy. It was very dark inside. It may have been a good thing because cleaning didn't look like it was high on the list. The wait staff seemed to care less about us. Won't be going back here.
  • Photo of Seth J
    4 years ago
    From what I could gather while there this is the place where people who work in the neighborhood go after their shifts to hang out. It is a dive bar with an aeronautical theme that offers an OK selection of food. I can't really say it was a cheap place since I only drank beer ($7 each), but I got one on the house after drinking four of them. Bartenders are friendly, as well as the crowd.
  • Photo of NYTim
    4 years ago
    Well it is a bar filled with guys and gals watching sports. The place is great for what it offers, cheap beer and food.
  • Photo of Artchur
    4 years ago
    We went here after seeing a show at Gotham. We ordered some mixed drinks which tasted like the bartender forgot the alcohol so we switched to doubles, no change. We ordered some nachos which were pretty poor and only had toppings on the top layer. We then switched to wings which were ok but nothing special. Good as a last resort, otherwise avoid.
  • Photo of KAREN S
    4 years ago
    Flight 151 in the Chelsea neighborhood offers a great bar & a varied menu, including the Polish favorite, piroghi in three different fillings. Traditional bar, booths, tables, medium-loud music, sports on TV. A pleasant hangout for any age or style. Good happy hour specials, friendly staff.
  • Photo of giblet22
    5 years ago
    I met with a friend here one night to catch up as we haven't seen each other in two years. It just happened to be Tuesday, where the bar does a Flip Night (flip a coin, if you guess correctly, your drink is free). A local bar where we had gone to college also did a flip night, so it certainly brought back some memories. The staff here was wonderful and great to talk to. Plenty of TVs so we could watch playoff basketball and playoff hockey. The front had a garage door opening so we were sitting right by the side walk, a good way to enjoy the wonderful weather. The nachos we ordered were good and the wings and fries that people around us ordered smelled delicious! If I lived in the city, I would certainly be here more often. Good find.

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