Photo of Feast in New York, NY, US
Photo of Feast in New York, NY, US
Photo of Feast in New York, NY, US
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American Restaurant

brunch • tasting menu • seafood • salads

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  • Photo of Elizabeth Burstein
    Delicious :) the tart was so good!
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  • Photo of Elizabeth Burstein
    Awesome rustic vibe. Bomb: Oatmeal cookies, babaganoush Crustini, carrot cake, juice shots. Ok: yogurt. Coffee: needs work, like worse than McDonald's coffee.
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  • Photo of Ali Thorell
    3 years ago
    $24 prix fix. What to order: puff pastry with wild mushrooms, scrambled eggs and chive.
  • Photo of Citymaps
    4 years ago
    Last April, Feast asked a patron to remove her Glass. Glass owners were furious and took to the web, giving Feast terrible reviews on Google
  • Photo of Isabel Ferreras
    4 years ago
  • Photo of Bernardo F
    5 months ago
    It was a nice restaurant downtown. Lots of decent veggie choices, and some nice meat entrees too. The food was very tasty and the service was timed well. Prices were fairly reasonable. The place was clean and cozy.
  • Photo of Marie C
    5 months ago
    Four of us went to Feast on a Tuesday, dinner, for restautant week. It wasn't my choice and was not happy with pick. The place was nice, there was a discrapensie with the table, but the manager handled it to our satisfaction. We made our selections, 3 of us ordered from the restaurant week menu and I ordered from the regular menu. I have to say we were pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious, the combination might have sounded odd, but it worked to perfection. The help was very attentive and the service was impacable. I would go again to try some of the other dishes. The only complain, it's too noisy.
  • Photo of Richard F
    6 months ago
    My wife and I had a nice meal here during summer restaurant week :the restaurant week menu had nice options. I enjoyed my scallop salad appetizer. My wife had an item called a taco appetizer but it was really not taco as it was not a crispy Shell, so that item gets mixed reviews. I had the bass main course which was fine and the duck roasted potatoes were particularly good. Surprisingly the meal could’ve used more salt and there was no salt or pepper on the table to supplement that already placed in the food. My wife had the cheese and pepper Pasta which too could’ve been better as it needed a bit more cheese, more cracked pepper and more salt. The desert was a squiggle of chocolate mousse. It was quite tasty but to me, especially when compared to the other items, a small portion. One negative from my perspective was that small groups were sat at communal tables. We were initially sat at a table with chairs that had no backs so it was pretty uncomfortable. They were able to move us to the basement where the chairs had backs and there was a little more space between customers. If I were to eat here again I would ask to sit in the basement. So all told the flavors were good but they needed a bit more salt and the serving staff were quite pleasant.
  • Photo of KaileeC_13
    7 months ago
    LOVE this place. They have some of the best veggies dishes in the city. The kale ceased salad has the right amount of finely-grated Parmesan cheese, and a small amount of quinoa mixed in. My friend and I are absolutely obsessed with their spaghetti squash with house-made ricotta with edamame, basil and mint. It melts in your mouth it's so delicious. The decor of Feast is rustic but chic, with a long wooden bar and tables, Edison bulbs suspended from branches or antique metal fixtures and other natural decorative items. The service has always been on point and Margaret is an amazing bartender!
  • Photo of CSNY83
    8 months ago
    We ate pre-theater dinner at Feast on a rainy day before a show at the CSC theater around the corner. It's an adorable place with a friendly, efficient staff that seemed genuinely into the menu. The menu is small but very creative, with a tiny bit of Asian fusion mixed with conventional fare. Try the smoked mushrooms side dish as an appetizer!
  • Photo of Shuimao
    9 months ago
    Visiting NYC for a conference we decided to visit Feast for an early dinner. It was a decision that we certainly didn't regret. After a perfect (I.e. stirred, not shaken) rye Manhattan, we opted for the Brussels sprout (aka "green balls of death") salad and the lamb tartar. Both were prepared to perfection. For the main course we had the duck and the pork chop. While the duck was cooked to a precise medium rare, the pork chop was (unbelievably) even better. Instead of being presented as a single, yet tender, chunk of meat, the pork had been sliced across the chop which completely changed the character of the dish. Flavorful and extremely tender. To describe the dish as 'exquisite' wouldn't do it justice. It was pork perfection. That was followed by a dessert that included thinly sliced fresh pineapple; a preparation that we'd never before experienced, but thoroughly enjoyed. The other factor that made the meal so enjoyable was the staff. Attentive and friendly without being obsequious. A truly enjoyable experience. While we don't visit New York very often, be assured that the next time we do the visit will include a meal at Feast.
  • Photo of Royco32
    9 months ago
    So this is a small, trendy restaurant but don't let the looks fool you, the food is awesome! Very original creations along with some unique spin on traditional food and the menu keeps changing. The lamb tartare was very good with just a hint of lamb, not gamey at all. The poached fish was to die for. Crispy chicken skin was very delightful. The linguine with lobster was just outstanding and the pasta, omg. Everything was top notch. We'll be going back soon 👍
  • Photo of TravelerFrance
    a year ago
    This very original and unique menu is filled with unexpected and savory flavors. The staff is friendly and helpful. We ordered several different dishes and each one was delicious. They serve dinner every evening and brunch on Saturday and Sunday only.
  • Photo of Brian M
    a year ago
    Two friends and I ate at Feast one evening last week. The service was good generally although the bar service was a bit slow for our pre-dinner drink. That's probably because there was one bar-tender doing her best to fill orders of exotic drinks for the patrons. Seating is community style but we had the table to ourselves because it was a relatively quiet mid-week evening. I had the tomato soup as a starter and it was excellent, partly because of the cheese toast accompaniment. We shared the deviled eggs which were awesome. I had the port which was good but not stupendous. It's not a cheap place but the food is good and the vibe is friendly and comfy.
  • Photo of LancerX6
    a year ago
    We had dinner at Feast before a show at Webster Hall. We chose their tasting menu, which is a sharing option with one item from each menu category. It is a LOT of food, but everything was fantastic! Their bar is also great. Very inventive house drinks, and a well-stocked bar. Cool, eccentric decor, and very cozy and warm on a winter evening. Lastly, the service was wonderful - everyone was super eager to please, friendly, and interesting. Don't skip on this place!
  • Photo of B3S3
    a year ago
    We found feast on open table; great reviews there and great review here ; food is terrific ; service attentive and prices reasonable ; we would go again
  • Photo of Kdllv19
    a year ago
    Beautiful atmosphere! Cozy, classic yet trendy! DEEEEEEEEELICIOUS FOOD!!!!!!!! I can't stop thinking about it. Attentive staff. Worth a trip!! I'll def be going back!
  • Photo of JWC_54
    a year ago
    OK, so I've been here before but Trip Advisor said I could write another review. I just wanted to let everyone know that on my second trip here I had the most incredible pork chop I have ever eaten in my life. The picture I took does not do it justice. It was the most tender and most flavorful piece of pork I have ever eaten. Gert there quickly while they still have their fall menu.
  • Photo of ellen00007
    a year ago
    cozy, welcoming atmosphere with attentive service (with a smile!) and great food - you can't ask for more. Have been there for dinner (in the downstairs room, which is fine for at night) and most recently for brunch upstairs (which I would request for daylight dining) and enjoyed both a lot. Brunch is a prix fixe menu with lots of little tastes, a cocktail, an entrée of your choice and coffee. it was delicious in every bite. we sat as a party of 5 at the communal table and had a relaxed, lovely brunch; they never rushed us and just kept filling our coffee cups. I would feast at Feast everytime I visit NYC!
  • Photo of Robin B
    a year ago
    We came in for a pre Off Broadway show dinner.W arrived before they actually opened and they went out of their way to open early for just the 2 of us. It has a neighborhood feel with a foodie slice of heaven. our server was incredibly friendly, and made great suggestions. We have every intention of returning with friends.
  • Photo of 12345rover
    a year ago
    This feels like a neighborhood pub but serves five star food. When you walk in you are met by a friendly staff and quickly feel at home. The space is small but the tables are not jammed together so you get to relax and enjoy the meal. They offer an interesting array of specialty cocktails and an equally interesting menu. Our waitress was relaxed and very attentive to us and our timing issue when we told her we needed to make a show. We chose a selection of charcuterie and seafood for the table which were nicely presented and exotic tasting. And the summer salads were fresh and varied. My favorite entree was the black linguine with cuttlefish in a sausage sauce. It was spicy and the pasty was perfectly al dente. The other entrees too were quite good. The price was reasonable and we made it to the show with time to spare.
  • Photo of Elliott B
    a year ago
    Came in early in the evening before an off broadway show. Staff seated us quickly, and were attentive when it came to pointing out what was good. Had their fried chicken with pomme puree (mashed potatoes) along with some of their home made sodas. Chicken was good and most. The skin had the right amount of seasoning. Mashed potatoes had a nice creamy texture, and great gravy. We left feeling well fed, and ready for showtime. The place to go for a high end family style meal.
  • Photo of LovesDessert
    a year ago
    The wait staff is very knowledgeable. We ordered the tasting menu but you can choose a la carte. Most of the tasting menu dishes can be ordered as an entrée. The dishes can be shared among your table. The dishes are seasonal. Décor is very rustic and eclectic so casual attire is fine. They don't rush you at all. They offer a whole hog but there's a minimum of 8 guests and a 5 day advanced booking. Had a wonderful meal. You won't be sorry!
  • Photo of Rachel H
    a year ago
    I went to feast for their prix fixe brunch menu. I was pleasantly surprised by the first course. They have a weekly recipes for their bakery basket, mini yogurt parfaits, and juice shots, and all of it was delicious! For the second course, some of the plates were really delicious and others were a little too salty. The lemon soufflé pancakes were my favorite. It comes out to about $30 per person if you don't get any add ons to your meals, which is good if you have a drink to start, but otherwise, a bit too pricy for what you get.
  • Photo of Barb B
    2 years ago
    Perfect for a quick bite after work - they have some great happy hour deals if you don't mind sitting at the bar. They are better known for their tasting menus, which for me can be just too much food on a regular week day evening. This is a GREAT alternative if you still want their great food, but in lesser quantities. It is also perfect for lunch.

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