Photo of Empellon in New York, NY, US
Photo of Empellon in New York, NY, US
Photo of Empellon in New York, NY, US
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Mexican Restaurant

tacos • guacamole • lamb • brussel sprouts

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  • Photo of Richard Perkal
    a year ago
    Short rib tacos and fish tacos
  • Photo of Sophie L
    a year ago
    Mexican tacos, good deal lunch prix fixe
  • Photo of Mia Rasmussen
    3 years ago
  • Photo of We Heart New York We Heart New York
    A temple to tacos in the West Village helmed by Alex Stupak, a well-regarded pastry chef turned award-winning Mexican chef. A high-end take riff on Mexico's best street food.
  • Photo of nicki marksteiner
  • Photo of Pedro G
    5 months ago
    Been here 3 times and always have a great time with family and friends! Tip: Be sure to arrive early because the place gets crowded. For drinks, we ordered the Pink Grapefruit Margarita and the ¿Por que no? Margarita both were delicious. For tacos, we ordered a little bit of everything (as you can see on the pictures I posted). This is a place to get together with your friends or family before going out as I mentioned before so I didn't pay attention to the service. Overall, I always have a great experience. Highly recommended!
  • Photo of Richarocks
    7 months ago
    loved the place that came highly recommended by freinds. Def have the spicy cucumber margereita. the seabass taco, grilled shrimp were amaazing. Love the diff flavors of salsa. Service is awesome and the place has a great vibe,
  • Photo of SirCohiba
    7 months ago
    We started with guacamole and drinks at the bar. This was a very good experience so we decided to also have dinner there. The place is neatly designed and we thought if the food is like the place looks, then this could be a very good evening. Unfortunately the opposite was the experience. Every plate we ordered was hardly eatable... only the wine (we ordered a bottle) was good, the rest you can forget... and for the value we got the price was far to high.
  • Photo of Rula A
    8 months ago
    Loved this vibrant Mexican. Guacamole and chips are a great start withmany choices of salsas- comes with 2 but you can order all 7! Tacos were also great! Environment and service also good. Fun location to walk around afterwards.
  • Photo of homezgr8t
    8 months ago
    Walked up to this place randomly. What a nice find. The spicy cucumber Margarita is a go to drink. The guacamole and salsas are excellent, although next time we'll stick to just the two, my favorite salsa habenara. the fluke with habanero and apple wasn't what I expected but it was ok. the tacos are perfect size and taste. Highly recommend the skirt state, the lamb. Can't wait to get back to NYC for another taste at this restaurant. Beautiful wall painting all around the room.
  • Photo of loveoffun
    8 months ago
    Over crowded , pushed together seats, load and super Trendy makes this local popular eatery a busy destination. centered in the posh section of the West village on the shi shi restaurant row with locals and tourists who come on high paid local tours to find out how the other half could live , this eatery wins the badge for creating beyond precipices. starts with a $35 bottle of tequilla set forced on your tiny small table. Make sure you do not seat on the path of servers as you poked, drop drinks all over you and hit by the feet on your chair with even acknowledging you . we started with drinks. yes , the drinks are nice but new. nothing traditional. in case you want to be safe order beer. i lovely server screams over the noise to ask for your oder..Guacamole With Two Salsas (smoked cashew, salsa roja)15.Fluke with Habanero and Apples.19. very small portion. not enough to share.Meatballs with Tinga Poblana.9.created by a pastry chef so it is in sweet corn cup Trumpet Mushrooms, Guaje Seeds.14. different but nice served with soft dipped in oil tortillas. lovely and beyond but not mexican but served as like the quesadilla !Fish Tempura with Cabbage and Lime Mayonnaise.24.Lobster with Sweet Corn and Epazote.39. and another sea food dish i do not recall but it was like grilled and mixed with sauce and topped with seeds. and many drinks later on my clothes and in our tommies later ..we still hungry that we had to go eat big gay ice cream around the corner. oh it was four of us decide it the portions are enough..and i must say it was UNCOMFORTABLE to taste any one's plate as it was so small ! have fun and expand your palette.. AND NO MATTER WHAT ENJOY !
  • Photo of roseglobe
    8 months ago
    If you like Mex cuisine you will have to try. Definitely Mex but with a fusion touch, tasty but not too spicy, Very New Yorker. Pleasant location and display, very informative service.
  • Photo of Melanie T
    9 months ago
    Empellón Taqueria = fancy Mexican. It's a nice place to take a date if you want to impress him/her, and you're craving some Mexican food. My boyfriend claims that this place serves the best tacos that he has ever eaten in his life (even though he has been to LA and Mexico). We're both meat eaters but get this - his best taco is the BRUSSEL SPROUTS taco. So naturally when he brought me here to eat that, I was pretty skeptical. We came in a little before 8 pm on a Wednesday and the place was poppin'. The wait for a table would have been 45 minutes. But since we didn't mind if we didn't sit down at a table, we just ordered drinks and tacos by the bar. First thing's first. The drinks. He says cocktails are pretty good. But I ended up getting the michelada since I love beer and bloody marys, so it's kind of an in between. The tomato juice had this smoky taste to it that I didn't really care for but overall, it was a good michelada. We also decided to do some tequilia, and the bartender was super knowledgeable, and didn't, try to G us. We told him that we wanted a smooth, sippable tequila, but didn't want to break the bank. So he recommended a smooth one (at $12 a shot, which came with a shot of that smoky tomato-y mix) which wasn't too bad. Mind you, I never drink tequila, especially not after my college days. But this one wasn't TOO terrible. On to the tacos - it's $16+ for two tacos, so I don't really think it was that worth it. I guess I just have this idea in my head that really good tacos can also be really inexpensive. It was good, don't get me wrong, but it was probably more of a splurge for me. While I wouldn't crown this place as the best taco ever, as my boyfriend has, it is still pretty good. But if I'm craving some tacos, Empellón wouldn't be at the top of my list.
  • Photo of hhammerman
    10 months ago
    Monday was another perfect weather day — low humidity, with temperatures in the the high 70s. And we hoped we would have another perfect lunch on our third visit to Empellón Taqueria in the West Village. We were seated at one of the many unoccupied wooden tables and ordered yummy mezcal margaritas. On our previous visit, we had enjoyed a wonderful hamachi ceviche, so we selected a halibut ceviche starter to share and then three of Empellón Taqueria's inventive taco offerings. The ceviche was beautifully presented. The halibut, sushi grade and tender, was subtly complimented by sweet strawberries and not-too-hot habanero. It was a wonderful dish. Empellón Taqueria's tacos are incredible. The flour tortillas are thin and unobtrusive, the perfect wrapper for the stuffed tacos. This time around we had sea bass, lobster and pork. The tender grilled sea bass, with its roasted tomato and green chili salsa, was perfect. The sweet lobster and sweet corn contrasted beautifully with the pungent epazote. The red chili pork, with its salsa roja, was a nice departure from the typical sweet barbecue sauce based pulled pork. All three were fresh and delicious. We've fallen in love with Empellón Taqueria. We will definitely return.
  • Photo of greenstOat24
    a year ago
    This is a busy place, and we were lucky to get a table one cold March evening. We started with margaritas which were as good as we have had. Moved on to corn chips with a selection of dips, graduating from very mild to a hot habanero salsa. We then went on to tortillas, ranging from crabcake (the daily special), through to vegetables and pork. The food is well made, nicely presented and supremely tasty. Depending on how spicy you like it, wine may not be the best option, though we had a pinot noir that seemed to handle a mix of flavours and heat well. Service was prompt and cheerful. Seating is a little tight, largely due to a bar extending the length of one wall in the front dining area. It is not the place for intimate conversation!
  • Photo of Kevin H
    a year ago
    Not sure about other reviews on staff and issues. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. In fact, since it was my wife's birthday they gave us a few free drinks. This restaurant strikes the right balance of formal sit down dinner and happy hour spot for a quick drink (buy one get one margarita before 6:30 when we were there) The menu has great options for those who love meat and for those who don't. The salsas and guac (the guac is amazing) to start are a must! Everyone has a favorite style of salsa so I won't recommend one (I had tomatillo chipotle and it was pretty good). Overall a solid option in the West Village.
  • Photo of Oksana C
    a year ago
    After spending a little over an hour at the restaurant, and upon ordering more food on a Friday night, the waitress refused to serve us because we exceeded our time at the table. When the manager was called, she explained that the next party was waiting for a table and we would need to free our seats and move to the bar, which had absolutely no spots available. Living in NYC, and visiting many restaurants here, this is something we have never experienced before. The food was not nothing special and not worth being thrown out for. This kind of treatment is unacceptable and I would not recommend coming here ever!
  • Photo of Richard V
    a year ago
    We hadn't been here in 3 years, but couldn't wait to get back. This place never lets us down. The have good drinks, wine and food. The staff is great and the NY vibe is the best. The Guacamole is excellent, the 7 salsas are great and the crazy soft tacos are always great. You should never miss this place!
  • Photo of Jvalliant
    a year ago
    My husband and I met some friends here for dinner about a week ago. It was a Saturday night at 7PM and it was packed! I highly recommend making a reservation if you can. A lot of people who didn't have a res were waiting for a table when we arrived and even more when we left. Some of my friends had some wine and some got margaritas. They had a very interesting cocktail and margarita menu. Lots of choices. We all split guacamole to start and our waitress hooked us up with a few dipping sauces since we got 2 orders. We also got queso with shishito peppers. The guac was pretty good and the dipping sauces were amazing that came with it. Each with their own unique flavor that paired beautifully with the guac. The queso and peppers were great! They came with corn tortillas but I enjoyed with just on their own. They had a lot of options for tacos and a couple of different ones for vegetarians, which I was pleased with. I wasn't stuck with the requisite peppers and onions in a taco with beans. I ordered the brussels sprout tacos, my husband got the special of the day: duck tacos, and people also got the chicken and carnitas tacos. You can get 2 or 3 and we all went for 3 but when they came out, they were much bigger than we anticipated and I think I would have been happy with just 2. You also can not mix and match in your order so our server suggested sharing with others at the table so you can try many kinds. The flavor of the brussels sprout tacos was amazing. I couldn't get enough of them. Truly delicious. My husband LOVED his duck tacos. He raved about them for a while. Everyone seemed to really enjoy their food. We didn't order dessert. There were only 2 choices and neither of them interested us. This was a great taco place! I would definitely come again. Our server was incredible. She was so enthusiastic and helpful and friendly. Really loved her.
  • Photo of pxyzyzygy
    a year ago
    So we heard of this place on Netflix's Chef's Table, and, being rather in love with Mexican food of late we booked, as we were off to NYC a few days later. And we were very glad we did. Starters of little black bean soup and quails egg sopes were just divine, served in little massa tarts, alongside a plate of beautiful spicy cauliflower, grape and sesame salad. The mains, lobster and mushroom tacos, were amazing too, intelligently spiced and flavoured. The ambience was great, lively and cheerful, the service (I'm pretty sure his name was David, and he so knew his stuff) was spot on, and the chipotle-y cocktails we had as an aperitif rocked. And yes, we loved it so much we booked for three nights later, this time bringing a friend who also loved the place. Superb!
  • Photo of NYCViking
    a year ago
    Wonderful place and wonderful service. Great bartender with good and creative takes on tequila. We really enjoyed the appetizers, could have continued with a selection of those for the whole meal. The tacos sounded better on the menu than they really were, but by all means they were good, just a little disappointing after those great appetizers. Have the desert - fabulous!
  • Photo of dctrentster
    a year ago
    If great margaritas, unique small plate tacos, and eating in a hip, cozy place look no further. Be aware, other than the chips this place is not kid friendly and the small plates and drinks can add up to a pricey meal. One surprise: the queso. This is the real deal and way tasty.
  • Photo of whmurray
    a year ago
    Good food, lots of surprises. Bar scene, young downtown crowd. Champagne served in a coupe, have not seen that for a while. Service good, but not personal. We were there as a family scoping it out as a venue for a wedding rehearsal supper. Had three modern children with us. They all found something they liked but I would have found nothing that I recognized when I was their age.
  • Photo of TravelingFoodie319
    We selected Empellon for a group of 6 for lunch on a Saturday and couldn't have been more pleased. The excellent guacamole got us started, then we moved to flights of tacos to be shared. Service was outstanding and friendly. There was not a single dish that the whole table didn't enjoy. A keeper!
  • Photo of Ita49
    a year ago
    Started with the guacamole, and the chorizo, very good. Enjoyed two salsas, especially the cashew. Followed by fish, duck, bacon and steak tacos, excellent. Finished with the chocolate flan and passion fruit. With wine and tip $50.00 for 2. Yes, will be back.

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