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Dragon Land Bakery

Chinese Restaurant

pastry • dessert • chinatown • ny

125 Walker St
New York, NY 10013, US
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  • Photo of CarolineSandiego
    5 months ago
    Love sweets? Here's the greatest place to have breakfast before you go shopping down Chinatown. Went there many times as their service, prices and quality are GREAT. Sweet buns really tasty and cakes...well...delicious!!
  • Photo of Dawidzie
    6 months ago
    No soy un experto, pero los dulces que probé en el Dragon Land me gustaron y los precios eran asequibles. Muy bueno para sentarse después de caminar y recargar fuerzas.
  • Photo of blairkk25
    2 years ago
    I stopped here for dessert in January 2016. It is a nice little Chinese bakery. A lady helps you select your pastry. I chose a Chinese apple pie. I also got some soy milk. It cost only $2.70. There are a few seats and I had a nice conversation with a Chinese lady who spoke excellent English. I would recommend this bakery for those who have just had lunch or dinner and want to have dessert elsewhere.
  • Photo of RiBa_100
    2 years ago
    This is the best Chinese bakery in Chinatown NY. The pastries are amazing and the prices are surprisingly lower than other bakeries in the neighborhood.
  • Photo of mafeg73
    3 years ago
    Es un sitio casi que obligado cuando visitamos China Town. Tenemos nuestros bollos favoritos, el golden bun que tiene una cobertura azucarada y con rico sabor a mantequilla y el de manzana. Sin sabores más "occidentales" por que no me gustan los rellenos de frijoles o cerdo ya que tienen un dulzor que no me termina de convencer. Hay sillas adentro para comer si lo deseas, pero prefiero llevarlo para comer fuera. No se te permite tomar las cosas directamente, hay dos muchachas que se encargan de guardarte en unas bolsas lo que les vas señalando. No necesitas hablarles en inglés, de hecho muchas personas no hablan inglés. No es costoso y muy ricos para acompañar el café.
  • Photo of Heidi D
    3 years ago
    We have been to many Chinese bakeries in Chinatowns in NY and Philadelphia and they are always an interesting experience and a place to relax from the bustle and buy some inexpensive eats. Dragon Land is an experience if you've never been to this style of place. The pastries up front are there for your selection and women place them on plastic cafeteria style trays for you (in the day, you did that yourself). There are a variety of sweet and savory choices, including steamed buns with many fillings (my daughter loves the red bean ones). My husband pronounced his apple bun "just ok," with good filling (but not homemade) but a dull, Pillsbury-like crust. Same for the almond cookies, not bad, not great. There are teas and bubble drinks and some tables that you can relax -- although the friendly sign warns you that your limit is 30 min.
  • Photo of Justin W
    3 years ago
    I like stopping in to Dragon Land Bakery when I am in Chinatown. It is a great place for a quick snack, a small dessert and a nice meal to walk around with for the afternoon of touring. Their pork buns are really good as is their crème cake. Buy a couple and sit in the park down the road and watch the families in action. It is a nice afternoon after a long day.
  • Photo of McWarden
    3 years ago
    I stopped in this little Chinese bakery for some breakfast. I was unfamiliar with a lot of the offerings, which is exciting for me! I bought a steamed pork roll and then two different custard buns. They were all really tasty (my travel companions will agree), as was the coffee. All told, it cost me less than $5! (Just be warned: they don't accept credit cards. I had to run to the ATM.)
  • Photo of raecation
    3 years ago
    Who doesn't love dessert? This is so much more...its different, its authentic, the selections are endless. I brought family here from out of town and we are italian. With endless booths and bakeries of gelato and cannoli right around the corner this is my favorite spot. The pastries are huge, fresh and delicious. I recommend the coconut bun, its to die for, and every pastry is $1. Make the trip impress your guests.
  • Photo of EW1967
    3 years ago
    Came here with friends and family for sponge cakes. My friend bought a dozen and was refused to have a box. They just squashed the whole thing into a bag. I got some bottled iced tea and asked for a plastic cup for my kids. "No cups"! Was the reply. You can have a plastic cup for a dollar each, no less. This was my last time in this place. Even if you have the best cakes in the whole world, no one should get such lousy service. They have a sign there, saying that the seats are limited for half an hour, would you believe that!
  • Photo of Mike E
    4 years ago
    Nice selection of items on the menu. I would recommend the roast pork bun or the sweetened buns if you are not a meat eater. There are other buns that you can select but I usually stick to these varieties. The place is usually crowded during mornings and sometimes the service can be a little rude, but the place is very affordable and cakes and buns will are always fresh. It would not be a place I would recommend to sit down as it can also get very loud during busy periods.
  • Photo of crystallee76
    4 years ago
    Every moning on the wsy to subway we alwsys made our stop at dragon land. Very easy in and out! The place is always busy! The sweetbreads are alway fresh and consistent.
  • Photo of bdib
    5 years ago
    We love to come here and get some baked pork buns (Char Siu Bao). They have an assortment of other types of buns which we will need to try but we never get past just ordering these. You can also get them steamed but we like the baked. Place is crowded & service is rushed but they have 2 women to get your selection and then you proceed to the counter to pay.
  • Photo of WaiPRUSA
    6 years ago
    First things first. The service is not as good as I would like, but I have to say that chinese people are not the most welcoming or amicable. And believe me I'm half chinese! But, the most important thing here is the pastry and baking goods. They have a large assortment of cakes, buns, pastry, fried or baked. There are other places here in China Town that are better and have better prices, but the good thing about this place is that it is right in the middle of Canal St. and you don't have to deviate too far from it. I would recommend my all time favorite "egg tart". I just love 'em! And the pork sweet buns among other things.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Awesome Chinese pastry items.
  • Photo of Eizaburo D
    10 years ago
    i don't appreciate their service.

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