Photo of Doughnuttery in New York, NY, US
Photo of Doughnuttery in New York, NY, US
Photo of Doughnuttery in New York, NY, US
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  • Photo of Untapped Cities
    3 years ago
    These uniquely sugared, mouth watering morsels more then hold their own in a sea of baked goods at Chelsea Market.
  • Photo of Guest Of A Guest
    4 years ago
    This Chelsea hotspot is home to the most uniquely sugared doughnuts this city has ever seen. Doughnuttery offers insanely creative doughnut flavors ranging from Green Tea Buzz to Pumpkin Pie Brûlée.
  • Photo of bwco
    3 months ago
    This was a nice unexpected find in the Chelsea Market. My wife and I split 6 of them. I had the coconut coffee donuts and she had the cardamon donuts. The flavor was unusual in both and we loved it. We can't wait to go back.
  • Photo of MeekaGurl94
    3 months ago
    Fresh, Warm and bite size doughnuts. So delicious you can't stop eating them. Loved the vanilla glaze and coco monkey. This is one of our much stops at Chelsea Market
  • Photo of Galina N
    3 months ago
    Overpriced funnel cake - very oily. I grew up working in our family donut shop for 10 years so I *know*donuts. There is so much more than just flavored sugars. They all taste similar depending on the flavor of sugar they douse them in. They are $1 each for a size of an oily munchkin. Plaza food hall rip off but what else would you expect?
  • Photo of Dnique241
    4 months ago
    Cute doughnuts with interesting flavors. I'm glad I tried it.The orange creamsicle flavor was bright and delightful. It's worth checking out and trying.
  • Photo of Christopher B
    4 months ago
    Nice little doughnut shop in Chelsea Market. They make little doughnuts and you can pick your topping/flavors. We went with 6 cinnamon sugar. They were just OK and pretty expensive.
  • Photo of oyyveyy
    5 months ago
    Small dounuts, and you can choose your flavors. Small walk-up stand in the Chelsea Market. We ordered cinnamon sugar and sprinkles.
  • Photo of Kaysonwel
    5 months ago
    I was in search of something sweet at the end of my time of Chelsea Market. Doughnuts? I'm totally there. I could smell the fresh doughnuts and ended up ordering half a dozen. Each donut was warm and fluffy. The flavor choices seemed pretty great, and I settled for: Cinnamon - Basic flavors, but they are generous with it Mulled Apple Cider - The apple flavor surprisingly came through. Pleasantly surprised! The only thing that I didn't like was the price-- they come out to about $1 each which seems unreasonable. Super overpriced. Yes they're tasty, but for that price you could probably get a full sized donut.
  • Photo of BoroBandit
    7 months ago
    amazing fresh donuts... small tasty and you can have them covered with almost any type of topping... been here twice and plan to come again
  • Photo of OloapNitsuj
    7 months ago
    The donuts were nice and soft, chewy which was good. The flavors were a bit off and was not really a happy eat for me. Not gonna recommend if you really like donuts.
  • Photo of JL0203
    7 months ago
    Kinda spendy but oh so tasty. Lots of different and interesting flavors. These are tiny donuts...about $1 each. They serve them hot and that makes them melt in your mouth. Nice little treats!
  • Photo of Danielle G
    7 months ago
    Saw this place on instagram. Soooo many flavors, we got pumpkin, sprinkles, lemon, and fruity pebbles. Would go back again
  • Photo of Funky_travel_junky
    7 months ago
    4 weeks on I'm still remembering these gorgeous little mouthfuls of warm doughnut which are cooked to order and sugared in front of you at Chelsea Market. We ordered 12 - there was three of us so we got to try 4 flavours....cinammon sugar, cocoaboy, Paris Time (lavender sugar) and rainbow sprinkles. We loved these and I'd happily go back and taste my way through their menu - it may not be glamorous but wandering the HighLine whilst stuffing my face with warm sugary and uniquely flavoured doughnuts is already on my Do list for my next trip to NYC. Go!
  • Photo of Evelyn C
    8 months ago
    These little gems were so tasty. As they come out of the hot grease, the servers dips them in your choice of flavorings (powdered sugar, cinnamon, peanut butter, sprinkles, etc.). Each one is just a bite but they are so yummy! The price is $6 for 6.
  • Photo of NeilD1810
    8 months ago
    Freshly made mini doughnuts covered with a variety of sugary flavours. A little expensive for what they are but they are good quality.
  • Photo of Crystal W
    8 months ago
    Super soft delicious little bites! We tried the Vanilla Glazed and Urban Monkey donuts and we both agree....the Urban Monkey donuts were absolutely delicious! I wish we would have been more hungry to try more flavors, but there were just so many good places to try at Chelsea Market.
  • Photo of B_in_Penfield
    9 months ago
    I actually tried these doughnuts at the Plaza Hotel location. They tiny little one bite donuts, covered in flavored sugars of your choice and cost almost a $1 a piece. Nothing special at all. Too expensive. While I love the idea of mini donuts, between high cost and sugar coating, not worth it. There are much better donuts around. On the plus side, their hot cocoa was great.
  • Photo of RnWP
    9 months ago
    We went to the Chelsea Market on our way to the Highline and it really is worth a visit. Here we found the Doughnuttery another meaning for the saying 'little bundles of joy', without doubt the best doughnuts that we have ever tasted.
  • Photo of SAnandha
    9 months ago
    Freshly prepared doughnuts right in front of you. Tiny, airy bites of heaven!! You've a selection of toppings to choose from. You can choose from a a minimum of 6 mini doughnuts. I had the powdered sugar and vanilla - they were delicious! Definitely worth a visit if you're in Chelsea market.
  • Photo of Mastachiw
    a year ago
    When we saw the automatic doughnut machine running we knew we had to try this. The donuts are deforest miniatures of their larger cousins. You can order them in lots of 6 -- and with 6 you can get 2 flavors. We had the chocolate and the purple pig. The tastes were subtle but very good and the bar donuts were light and fluffy.
  • Photo of Innerhousewife
    a year ago
    Found this in the Chelsea Market while looking for another restaurant-so glad I did! The donuts come in varied sizes with optional toppings. (The more you buy, the more options you get to choose.) 6 mini donuts were $6 with 2 choices. I got the vanilla glaze and cinnamon sugar. These were delicious little balls of goodness! While they are on the small side of portion size, I think that's a good thing-I would have eaten too many of them and then felt guilty. The small size lets you try a couple flavor options and still pick another food stall to eat at. Very friendly counter help, and made fresh in front of you. You watch the donuts come out of the fryer and then they top them with your choices. I saved a couple for a snack later in the day, and they held up well. Just as delicious-so good that I came back the next day for another helping. Definitely worth a visit if you like donuts.

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