Photo of Donguri in New York, NY, US
Photo of Donguri in New York, NY, US
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  • Photo of Summer Kamigaki
    2 years ago
    Chef's recommendation is that you sit and order one or two dishes at a time. Ask for assorted sashimi, and cross your fingers that the day's special is oysters.
  • Photo of Eater
    4 years ago
    The lobster miso soup is a must-try dish.
  • Photo of perfessa
    4 months ago
    Donguri is the essence of Japanese food; simple elegance, great ingredients and wonderful presentation in a simple and quiet atmosphere. It only seats about 20 so definitely make a reservation. The price is fair and the food is more than equal to Japanese restaurants twice the price in Manhattan.
  • Photo of Allan S
    4 months ago
    The food is superior and each dish is prepared to a high degree of Unami. Food is top notch and so is the service. It is a bit tight inside which is the only detriment but a fabulous upper east side place. They have some nice sakis to try to complete your meal. Top notch place
  • Photo of joserodriguez2016
    7 months ago
    Donguri offer good quality food. Sashimi is really good and tempura was also nice. It is a small restaurant with few seats available and the atmosphere was charming. Service was also good. And what about the sakes. At least the ones we tried were spectacular. However I think that the quantity of food is limited so it is the space in the tables. But since the food is really good I would recommend this Japanese restaurant.
  • Photo of FlaPoll
    2 years ago
    Atmosfera quasi rituale. Pochi tavoli, accuratissimo il servizio. Ti senti coccolato, puoi sentire e vivere il tuo pasto in armonia con il cibo, con i tuoi commensali, e lo stesso chef interviene, illustrandone piatti e simbolismi. Come vivere in un lussuoso, ma amichevole documentario sulla cucina orientale d'eccellenza. Davvero un'esperienza da non perdere.
  • Photo of Tiger1198
    2 years ago
    友人と二人で平日の7時頃に訪問。アパートの1階に在り知らなければ入らないかも。店内はテーブル席のみで20人も入れば一杯になるくらい。全体的に小ぶりな造りながら、温かい感じのインテリアで寛げます。ウェイトレスもシェフも日本人で日本に居るのと変わりない感じ。 料理は海鮮系の素材を生かした料理が多いと感じるが、肉料理もあります。サイズは小ぶりながら値段はそこそこなので、あれこれと頼んでいるとそれなりのお会計となります。ただ、アメリカできちんとした刺身、ウニ、湯葉などの日本食を食べていると思えば高いと感じることはありません。 少し高めですが、日本食が恋しい時、友達と寛いで過ごしたい時などにお勧めです。なお。5歳以下の子供はお断りなようなので、ご家族で利用されたいときはご注意ください。
  • Photo of Dad527
    2 years ago
    New ownership seems to have impacted the quality while the prices seem to have gone up. Was one of my favorites and now would not go back. Too bad.
  • Photo of cruisingfast
    3 years ago
    We came to dine in on a weeknight. The restaurant was half empty, but the waiter and chef decided that we cannot be seated with a child, regardless of the fact that we have dined there with a child before. Inconsistent and very rude. Would never recommend to anyone.
  • Photo of MILKONY
    3 years ago
    Last night was the third time in two months. Current ownership is the third as long as my family and I have been coming here over the years. It reopened recently. It is a very small place (20 seats?) but it made a big impression of my palate. Menu has a nice variety of raw and cooked dishes. Every one I have tried were delicately delicious. I love the freshly-homemade tofu -- soft, delicate and subtle. I'm glad they still have the tempura sweet corn on the menu -- crispy and flavorful (previous visit). The oshitashi (cold cooked spinach) was refreshing and excellent starter. The sashimi is among the very best in NYC. I had the usuzukri (thinly sliced raw fluke) was very fresh and delicate. The simmered yellowtail with daikon was tender, flavorful and a nice size special-of-the-day dish. On the previous visit, I had the grilled fish collar, lightly salted (also a special on the menu) and grilled to perfection. The next table had the wagyu beef special -- it looked really well-prepared. I finished last night's meal with hot soba noodle soup with a side of a single shrimp tempura -- their soba was green in color instead of the usual brown; the soba was more cooked than I like but still very good. The soup was delicious -- right balance of flavors. The decor is plain (I'm glad they spent the money on the food and service) but the atmosphere is intimate, friendly and cozy. Service is attentive, friendly and superb. Quiet and conducive to having stressless conversations with your companion diner. I highly recommend this as one of the best Japanese restaurants.
  • Photo of Sophie1717
    3 years ago
    小さなお店だがいつも賑わっている。 家庭的な日本食が食べられるので日本人にもアメリカ人にも人気。 店はカジュアルな雰囲気だがお値段は割と高め。
  • Photo of Cdnskier
    4 years ago
    Excellent Japanese cuisine. This is not a sushi bar. Tiny, unassuming spot. maybe 6 tables. entered on a Sunday night to a full rom. very warm greeting. We had sashimi. Maybe the best ever. My daughter had toured Japan with her aunt on a foodie trip an she said this was as good as anything in Japan. My main was a slow cooked chicken dish, Breast stuffed with ground chicken, mushrooms and herbs. so good. Daughter loves ramen and she was very pleased. Food so good i couldn't resist ordering soft shell crab sautéed in curry. Wow. This place is ridiculously good.
  • Photo of NinaNewYorkCity
    5 years ago
    Stumbled upon Donguri in our never ending quest for wonderful sashimi that won't break the bank. While not inexpensive, this restaurant has exceptional and unusual sashimi at prices less than other top Japanese restaurants. Bluefin tuna, uni, giant clam and more on the special sashimi for two (30 pieces). A delightful composed salad of lobster, uni and asparagus. Sweet corn fritters are very popular and delicately prepared. Very nice saki selection. This is a tiny hole-in-the-wall neighborhood place and very, very low key and casual in ambience. The food is exquisite. A major find for us!
  • Photo of Wanderlust1921
    5 years ago
    this restaurant is small and unassuming, no table cloths and mismatched chairs, and it is one of the best restaurants on the upper east side. daily specials are fresh and delicately prepared, and the presentation is nothing short of spectacular. each dish made with love and attention to detail. We tried the lobster, sea urchin over shaved tomatoes and asparagus. the tastes mixed beautifully with a light sauce that tasted almost like rose water. try the miso soup with little button top mushrooms, the seared tuna, and the sweet corn tempura is not to be missed! Eating experience that is out of this world!
  • Photo of Tubulosity
    5 years ago
    We have been going to Donguri for about ten years, generally for special occasions as it is quite expensive (but definitely worth the money). The transition a few years ago, from the founders (Shuji & Michiko, who returned to Japan where they opened another Donguri) to the present owners, was more or less seamless and the new owners have stayed true to the original concept, which is genuine Japanese food. This is not sushi place. In fact, there is no sushi at all on the menu – although there are several excellent sashimi choices; nor is it a teppanyaki grill place or any other category into which Japanese restaurants outside Japan generally like to place themselves. Donguri is almost unique in that it does not specialize but instead offers a range of different types of dish prepared in a traditional manner. Once you have made your choice from the menu, the rest of your dining experience is best described as like going to dinner at a Japanese home where your host is a brilliant cook who buys the very best ingredients. The tiny dining area also reinforces the feeling that you are a guest in someone’s house and not in a restaurant. The staff are all very attentive and welcoming, making the whole experience wonderful – which is why Donguri is our top-choice in Manhattan for special occasions.
  • Photo of RickNewY0rk
    6 years ago
    The food is authentic and sublime. I ate perhaps the best eggplant I've ever had - nice and smoky in a rich sesame sauce. The squid was juicy and divine. The kurobuta pork was fatty but flavorful. The service is thoughtful, and my glass was constantly being filled. The only drawback is the small space and rather plain surroundings. But it's a jewel in New York. You'll eat things there that you can't find in some other restaurants. It's a tad pricey but worth it. So many things there are homemade, including, I'm sure the azuki beans I had for dessert. One friend told me she thought she could never get food as good as she had had in Tokyo ... until I took her to Donguri.
  • Photo of SeanNomad
    6 years ago
    Donguri Restaurant is located at 83rd and 2nd Avenue UES. Donguri is simply a MUST visit, whether you live in or near Manhattan, or are traveling to the city. If you have only one restaurant choice to make, make it Donguri. We started with Hamachi (yellow tail) sashimi. The dish arrived on a bed of shaved ice, delicately decorated with a sprig of green. The fish was simply spectacular. Sliced thin like carpaccio, firm, and fresh, this was the perfect introduction to our dining experience. We then had the tempura sesame tofu in broth. I mean, "are you kidding me!!" The tofu had the texture of cream cheese, with a delicate tempura texture. Shaped in semi-round, the tofu literally melted in my mouth. Incredible. My main course was beef tongue. My colleague had the udon noodles. Both dishes were absolutely spectacular. The beef was so tender, and melt not unlike the tofu dish. The udon noodles were presented in a deep bowl, and were perfectly seasoned. With 30 years of sushi consumption I can honestly say Donguri is one of my top 3 restaurants. Quaint and quiet, delicious and delightful, with welcoming staff, this Japanese restaurant is the most incredible gem.
  • Photo of Larchmont70
    6 years ago
    My wife and I keep coming back to this all time favorite. It is unlike any other Japanese restaurant we've ever been to: no sushi, but a selection of diverse and delicious options. We loved the sea bas cooked to perfection in an amazing broth, served with mushrooms, rice and vegetables. The sea food risotto was excellent. The appetizers were delicious too, in particular the white asparagus with sesame dressing. Every dish was a culinary discovery. Service is delightful, from the hot towels when you sit down to the attentive but discreet attention from the waiting staff. The decor is warm and cozy. Judging by the many Japanese patrons, this is an authentic home away from home Japanese experience. To top it all, it is great value. Our check was $80 for two, with three courses each and a shared dessert. Hard to beat for this quality of food and experience.
  • Photo of Tito9980
    9 years ago
    great small dishes, love the corn tempura
  • Photo of global-normads
    10 years ago
    exquisite quality but Lilliputian portion...
  • Photo of unbiasedadvisor
    10 years ago
    If you want to experience authentic Japnese food, this is the place to go. Unlike Per Se or other newly emerged fusion style restaurants in Manhattan, Donguri offers traditional and simple Japanese food that Japanese people usually eat in Japan. The restaurant is very small with only about 7 tables, so don't forget to make a reservation.

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